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  1. OOC Here

    Wanna wipe out nations with a wave of your hand? Wanna move at lightspeed and send enemies plummeting through planets? Or you can just set up a barrier around yourself and laugh as entire fleets of space ships attempt to harm you. But remember, there's always something more overpowered.

    As the title implies, this would be an RP where everyone is obscenely powerful. I will impose a limit so that we still have a story going on and not "Sally erased the omniverse and made a new one," but it can be anywhere from universal, to galactic, to planetary, or even just national-level power. Just depends on what everyone wants.

    Don't have anything super specific in mind but you could be:

    1. Defenders of the planet, universe, nation, whatever.
    2. People struggling to fit in with your weak brethren.
    3. Powerful people trying to conquer the universe, galaxy, etc.
    4. Powerful superhumans developed instead of nuclear weapons. (Credit to @Blind Jane Death )

    Or whatever scenarios anyone comes up with. We could also have characters get more powerful as the RP goes on, if people like that.

    I noticed few to no RPs involve stupidly powerful characters so I thought this could be interesting.
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  2. Interested! :D
  3. Great! Any preferences about the things I mentioned? Gonna keep a mental record of what people want.
  4. I like everything that you mentioned! Sorry, that doesn't give you a lot of information, but I seriously am fine with all of the basic ideas that you set up.
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  5. This sounds like it could be fun! Gonna throw a fourth scenario out there:
    4) Cold War era alternate history where obscenely powerful superhumans were created instead of nuclear weapons.
  6. That's a possibility, though we'd definitely be playing with national-level or lower power there. Which is still pretty obscenely powerful. I'll add human weapons to the list of scenarios.
  7. Or we could do a balanced mix of all or some ideas.


    I figured it would start like this. Some individuals start to look for other people who are just as overpowered as they are 'cause at the start they still seem a rarity.
    and god only knows what will happen when they do meet

    but hey. with a crazy universe like this it could happen any number of ways xD

    so i'll just leave it up to you guys, what will happen
  8. I think that idea could fall under number 2, with the people meeting and trying to still blend in with all the normal people, despite the fact they could destroy the planet on a whim.

    But your idea is more specific and could be cool too.

    Thanks for the interest!
  9. I will support this all day. Every day. Forever.
  10. "POWEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!" *maniacal laughter*

    *Society collapses*

    ...*Doesn't know how to government* "D:"
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  11. So what level of power would you guys like to stick to, and what plot?

    Power levels: Universal, multi-galactic, galactic, solar clusters, solar system, planetary, continental, national

    Plots: Feel free to suggest anything in addition to/to flesh out the 4 in the first post.
  12. Well I was thinking we could start out at the lowest level.

    Maybe not necessarily continental, national will do.
    Or we're like superhumans who can't even last more than a second in combat, always winning easily or somehow being alone at our own levels. (Incidentally, there's a manga I know that's exactly like this. haha)

    We only get stronger and stronger, and along the way we may even find people who are stronger than we are.

    So it turns more insane from here on out haha
  13. I would say that we have a team of national-continental dudes chasing after a planetary level baddie, or something of the sort. Have a sort of team death match or a faction war.
  14. ^ I like this too
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  15. I'd rather the characters be on national-scale power.

    Would our characters have a common enemy or would they be fighting each other?
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  16. Cool, looks like we'll be keeping our adventure on national level then.

    That's up to you guys. Daws suggested having a planetary enemy, so you'd be against a common enemy. Could have events where you guys fight each other too though if you want.
  17. I'm interested as well. Playing a guy like Ultron with a personal army could be ton of fun.
  18. I'm interested as well.
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