Warrior Steals Medieval Princess

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  1. Hi there! This just a random idea I came up with and was wondering if anyone wanted to write it with me. I really don't have any ideas aside from a warrior steals a princess in medieval times. We could change it to be a bit more fantasy -- maybe the princess is a fairy, or someone. This plot would have a lot of sexual contact -- what's a mature RP without that?! ;)
    Looking for someone to play the male, is able to go back and forth quite a bit (I am very active) and can write 1-3 paragraphs.
  2. love the idea...
  3. Odd idea. Most i've ever wirtten was about 2 and a half paragraphs depending on my mood and any current ideas burning into my head.
  4. Does "odd idea" entail you would like to do it, or no? :P And that's fine, 2 1/2 paragraphs is just fine.
  5. intrested
  6. Why yes, it would.