Warhammer 40,000: DEATHWING

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  1. Since my other 40k thread will be ABOLISHED BY THE POST GODS, let's make a new one.


    And if you don't trust that?


    What a time to be alive.

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  2. SO WAIT

    HOL UP



    IN 40k


    Brb getting my train ticket

    Though the first trailer. The music somehow is so out of left field yet so fitting and I'm not sure how or why.

    Republic Commando.

    With Terminators.

    On a Space Hulk.

    Against Tyranids.


    And... my bruh...



    And I'm right there with you on the music in the first trailer. It's so weird and doesn't fit the setting at all, but along with the actual video? Holy shit, it just works. I love the song. I keep listening to it.

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    OH HELL YES!!!
  5. YES CO-OP.


    I'd probably go classic Power Fist and Storm Bolter. Or Storm Shield and Lightning Claw. Or Dual Lightning Claws. Or Thunderhammer.

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  6. I have this horrible feeling melee will get people killed cause of how much Tyrinads love it. So I'm likely going double chaingun extreme or something. Just spray ALL the bullets. >:3
  7. After finally getting to watch the second video Seiji posted it really reminds me of Vermintide. Which I enjoyed for the single playthrough me and my wife managed before we put it to the back burner. Gear grind is never acceptable.

    Hoping this doesn't do the same. Would've liked to see an enemy other than Genestealers, even though yes, there are variations, it does get sorta stale unless they're going to mix it up a fair bit more rather than following L4D formula of 'one that pins you, another pulls you, and a tanky one'.

    Looks amazing on UE4 though. Hot damn. May need that new GPU sooner than anticipated.

    Also, Shield and POWA' MACE.

    And wondering how it's gonna work in MP since "You play as a Librarian." Only one person gets to be grossly OP at once maybe?
  8. I took the Librarian part as hinting that it's part of the single-player campaign, because, legit, I do NOT want to play a Librarian at all in multiplayer. But it makes sense for single-player: more opportunities to level-up your Librarian. Make him more shooty focused, melee focused, increase your "spell" powers and focus on nukes, or buffs, or whatever. Lots of opportunities for customization in that regard.

    Hm, that said, I now want to be a Terminator Chaplain with a muthafuckin' CROZIUS ARCANUM + WRIST-MOUNTED STORMBOLTER!
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  9. That makes more sense. Doubt anyone will want to have no progression if they play a lot of multiplayer though.

    Would actually prefer if they didn't give much progression beyond finding relics/artifacts/etc around the Hulk. Just because Vermintide left a bad taste in my mouth.

    Leaning towards that heavy flamer though. If it acts in-game like it showed in the trailers sticking to walls and the floor like its supposed to?

    Awwww yis
  10. I think the dude actually said you'd be on multiple, different Hulks.

    That's excite as fuck.
  11. Thought he was talking about space hulks being a massive conglomeration of ships crammed together.

    Multi-Hulks would be pretty based though.
  12. Found some collected nuggets of delicious info to share.

    >Story is co-written by Streum On but Gav changed some things because it was a little somehow too confusing like in E.Y.E
    >Devs are massive fans, they insisted to get Dark Angels instead of the overused Blood Angels as a nod for the old boardgame.
    >game was made with modding in mind (.ini everywhere)
    >maps shown represent a level that you can explore freely (according to interview there is a lot of secrets/lost relics in the levels for those that like exploration)
    >Stealers can run on walls. It's only in some specific (non-scripted) cases, and they'll do it less often than the aliens in AvP2. Reading between the lines, they are lacking in time for AI/animation programming.
    >sprint to charge filthy xenos.
    >termies are supposed to be as fast as unarmored humans, but with a heavier walk.
    >They're testing it with VR helmets
    >you won't be able to play a stealer when you die in coop' (tested, it didn't work well).
    >No other chapters DLCs for now
    >eventually map DLCs/patches, for coop. (EYE got a free DLC)
    >There was a "kick" key ala Duck Nukem, but it was included as a joke and they've removed it.
    >they want to have a good feeling and sound with firearms, like in EYE (but a bit more hardcore, with more recoil)
    >customizable FOV, wide by default, can be reduced (not augmented so it doesn't mess with body awareness)
    >GIven the choice, Streumon would have made a fps/rpg about an Inquisitor, or a Road Rash (bike racing) with Orks
  13. Chainsword is the only acceptable weapon.

  14. Chainfist.

  15. Don't make me break out my fan assortment of chain-items with illustrations..

    • Chainbutterknife
    • Chainboots
    • Chainchain
    • Chainhelmet
    • Chaintank
    • Chainplane
    • Chainorbitalinsertion
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  16. my thoughts are, unless they ensure the bolters dont sound so much like goddamned generic machine guns, and that you can play against more then just nids

  17. Please let there be a mod where we can play as a Space Marine from Aliens fighting Xenomorphs.

    Please let there be an Aliens inspired mod.

    I know it's 40k, but an Aliens mod would be awesome.
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  18. Nope. Just Genestealers too. Lots of variants up to Hybrids that use guns.

    Basically just like Left 4 Dead and Vermintide!
  19. No shit sherlock

    That's boring, is the problem, you can run into a lot more then just nids on a Hulk
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