Warframe: Return of the Orokin

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  1. Welcome Tenno

    "Tenno, this is the Lotus. Something appears to be interfering with the tele-comm. *BZZZZ* There has been *BZZZ* -amounts of inter- *BZZZZ* -oming from within the Void *BZZZZZZ* I can't trace the signal but..."
    *Warning: Signal Lost*
    *Incoming Signal*

    "Vel karoon. Masasha min' corok tine. A vasta Tenno, hei kel Lotus. Vesto, akama Orokin. Shen."
    *Warning: Signal Lost*

    Recently, a very large amount of energy and interference had been coming from within the Void. It has been wreaking havoc on communications for all factions. The Grinner are in an uproar, the Corpus merchant grid is in shambles, and the Tenno Relay's transmission cloaking is failing. Everything was falling apart... or so we thought. This wasn't even the beginning of it.

    "Operator, I'm picking up some... strange readings. They seem to have a signature similar to Void energy, but there is such massive amounts of it, and something about it is...off."
    "AH!... Operator, something just came out of the Void. Something....big. I'll put it up on your comm."
    *Taken from Satellite orbiting Pluto*

    "...What...What IS that?"

    They had returned. The Orokin.... had returned. The Tenno were supposed to have killed all of them, but, obviously that wasn't the case. Now their back, and those psycho-geneticists are a little more than mad.

    So the question for the rest of us was... what now?
    At first, the Grineer, the Corpus, even the Infested ignored their arrival. Seeing as to how it was the Tenno who had killed their race, it seemed logical they were after just them right?
    The single ship that had shown up was suddenly blazing a trail toward Mercury. And man was that a big torch. First it hit Neptune, seems Pluto got a lucky break. Either way, the Corpus, who actually worship the Orokin, quickly found out that the Orokin are not very kind masters. Suddenly swarms of Bio-Mechanical drones like nobody had ever seen in their advancement were wiping the planet and it's moons clean of life. Almost all of the Corpus on Neptune were exterminated, save for the few who were smart enough to get their asses out of there before the drones arrived.

    Next went Uranus, normally I'd make a joke about the name of this planet, but the situation seems a bit inappropriate. My Grineer cloning labs were up next on the massive ships hit list. All of my research literally went up in flames as the drones were not even deployed. Fire rained from the sky as the ship fired what you might call a Plasma Battery. But not just one, no, The sky turned a golden hue as the atmosphere of Uranus was literally ignited with plasma.
    And don't think the Infested got off scot-free either. It merely took seconds of a Derelict ship drifting within a light-year of that Orokin monstrosity for it to be totally annihilated by the same fate as Uranus.

    Needless to say everyone was pissed. When that ship finally hit Mercury it did the equivalent of docking with a planet, as the huge thing split open and stuck to the planet like a massive weed. I guess that's what you call a quick setup huh? Instant-city...god. For now things have 'quieted down'. If you call everyone losing their minds quiet. Now that the Orokin have shown back up, all the backlash of that one ships actions have made everyone realize something.

    If we don't get our crap together, this single ship could take out everyone.
    So, an alliance, nay a Pact was formed. All the factions, Corpus, Grineer, Hell even the Infested agreed to join with the Tenno to take down the Orokin.... again.

    So, here we are, everyone is preparing for the fight. But my question is... who are you?
    -Tyl Regor Last Known Survivor of Uranus
    [How's that for an intro?]
    Welcome to the Warframe Rp! I'm your host, Zone-Tan. And may I say I cannot wait for this to start! Now, due to the nature of this, I want a pretty good number of people before we start. Let's say.... 6

    Now on to the fun part. RULES:

    1. Try to be at least, somewhat serious. [Hopefully you kind of caught the tone with that intro.]
    2. You may play any character, from any race in the Warframe Universe, that's right, you aren't restricted!
    3. Don't be a dick to other players, if they have a plan set up and you throw a monkey wrench in it, I WILL side with the planned people.
    4. Exemption to the above rule: If the plan involves ignoring characters or overall being very singular, or you had no idea what other action for your character to take without being totally inactive, I will overlook certain situations.
    Now, The CS! Yay!

    Age: [Tenno: [23+] Grineer: 1-40 [Cloning] Corpus: 20+
    Race: [Grineer, Corpus, Infested, Tenno, Etc. Mutalist is also an option]
    Type: [If Tenno, your Warframe, if other, your class. Ex.: Grineer Heavy Gunner]
    Sexuality: [You can't be doing anyone anything in-IC, but you may have all the sexy-times you want in PM. Flirtatious behavior and romance is okay in-IC.]
    Bio: [Background and Personality]

    A player list for the lazy: [Updated 'Regularly']



    IC: Warframe: Return of the Orokin [IC] | IwakuRoleplay.com

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  3. I will likely join to see how this goes.

    @Vivienne Vexx Lay off the whiskey :P
  4. Name: Seiyu Rokuhana
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Race: Tenno
    Type: Mesa
    Sexuality: Uninterested; Bi-sexual
    Bio: Awoken for only a year, Seiyu had already witnessed plenty that had been wrought upon the solar system they'd call home. Namely, the welcoming of their relays - and the soon-coming onslaught that Grineer Councilor Vay Hek tried to bring upon the Tenno with his Baylor Fomorian fleet. Having used very few Warframes, only one proved to be her calling card, Mesa. Along with her personality - Distant, serious, calculating - Mesa proved to help her keep - and make, her marks. Though to some, they wondered if the Warframe helped or hindered her already abrasive personality.

    Appearance & Usual Gear (open)

    (These were done on my Xbox One stuff)




    Out of Suit (open)
    ((Note: The fact that the appearance here is akin to my signature is coincidental. I just find it fitting, that is all.))
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  5. Loving it! I will get right on this! :D
  6. Sounds great. Just going to say this here in case no one knows but Zone won't be back from their trip until the 1st of August. So we may have some waiting to do :P

    (Even though it says it in their signature, still doesn't hurt to let people know upfront :P)
  7. @Detective Zero You may have your tenno look as you please! and yes, I won't be back home for a while, so don't expect too much from me till then
  8. Gotcha. I'll edit in a few more things soon. If you're still here, is my bio alright? Like with the events and all that (Literally those are the only events I can clearly remember taking part in xD)
  10. Welcome back Zone :P
  11. Oh, man, I love Warframe! So happy to find any sort of RP about it! I've tried 1x1ing with one person, the only person I could find that was into Warframe, and it was great!

    I'm going to make a character sheet right away!

    Also, is there a preference of real pictures vs anime pictures?
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  12. Not a one! Though I do love myself some anime [is weeaboo]
  13. [​IMG]
    Name: Kenshi Saisho
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Race: Tenno
    Type: Excalibur
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Bio: Wholly dedicated to the way of the Tenno and the teachings of the Lotus, Kenshi Saisho embodies his lifelong quest to bring balance to the Origin System through his blade. Kenshi first studied under The First Tenno, another Excalibur, in the Ways of Gun and Blade. After mastering the Path of the Sword and the Excalibur Warframe, Kenshi left The First Tenno's dojo in pursuit of Teshin, Master of Combat and Trial. Under Teshin, Kenshi became a master of the battlefield, his sword an extension of himself. This is represented perfectly in Exalted Blade, his preferred ability. He was awoken from cryostasis around the time of the discovery of The Limbo Theorem.
  14. I SHALL JOIN!!!!
    I will have my CS up soon
  15. nice to see some more interest come in, hope we can get enough to start this up, whenever and how much that will be :p
  16. [​IMG]
    Name: Getsuga Shiba
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Race: Tenno
    Warframe: Volt
    Sexuality: Hetero
    Bio: As a young tenno he always had a hard time grasping onto his powers. Though he quickly grasped onto the art of gun an blade.
    Slowly he grasped onto his powers getting. When he had gotten his warframe it became tremendously easier to use and keep control of his power instead of just zapping himself. Whenever he went on missions he prefer using a blade but it didn't fit his skill set at all. Though it didn't match his abilities he did it anyways. Though he does carry a rifle and pistol to be safe.
  17. I am signing up for this ^_^ love Watframe , though it has been a while since I've played.
  18. we can have multiple characters, correct?
  19. Name: Yen
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Race: Tenno
    Warframe: Valkyr
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Bio: Yen was a Tenno that was captured when she was awaken. Her Warframe tampered with and pulled to pieces it was a miracle that she got away. Now a mentally & physically scarred Tenno Yen tends to do missions alone her rage against the one who tormented her still stays with her to this day. Yen understands very well how to fight and how to survive. Though she is still learning to work with others, being the Tenno who was tortured caused some others to judge her.



    Normal Appearance:

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