War of The Zect (OOC)

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    Fight for Die.

    Mankind fought with itself until the earth was nearly destroyed. With the planet too damaged to hold on for much longer, humanity began colonizing other worlds within the galaxy. Over the next hundred years, humans began dwelling on all the habitable planets in the Milky Way.

    Fast forward some time. Populations boomed, resources began to grow tight again, the greedy wanted more, pirates wanted something, and it seemed mankind was going to repeat the same cycle they've always gone through.

    Until a mysterious star and five planets appeared near the galactic core through inexplicable means. Trying to learn why, scientists created outposts on the one habitable planet in what was dubbed the Flux System. They found ancient ruins of a civilization that surpassed humanity.

    The plan was to steal the superior technology for their own use. Instead, the researchers activated it. Machines began making more machines, and those machines wiped out every human on the planet. Then they began conquering the closest planets, then further and further. The Zect, as they were called, had begun the annihilation of mankind. In only three years, the Zect had conquered over half the galaxy.

    The Coalition of Humanity tried their best to put up a defense, but the Zect possessed superior weapons, shields that could deflect any current energy-based weapons, and larger numbers. The Zect also possessed the technology to gather and use dark matter which powered their ships and gave them weapons capable of creating singularities(black holes) for brief moments of time. The Coalition fleets were forced to fall back after countless defeats, all the while trying to maintain what order in the systems still under Coalition control.

    It has been four years since the start of the war and Humanity is on the brink of extinction.The Coalition of Humanity has pooled its resources to create the Spear Fleet - a fleet using the highest level of technology humans have, including what little was salvaged from the Zect. The call goes out to every man and woman capable of fighting against the Zect. It is now kill or be killed for the entire Galaxy.

    Ok now that we have that nice little intro, time for the rundown of the rules

    1. I am in charge so I get to say what should go should an argument start up. Or something else that would warrant my intervention.
    2. You have free reign of your characters to a degree, but don't make them some Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris combo. Your characters are human after all, not super soldiers.
    3. If you are going to be inactive for a period of more than a day or two, please tell me. I cant tell you how many RP's I've been in where one of the characters went missing for a week only to find out later that they were on vacation or something.

    Ok the specifics for the start of the RP are rather simple. First off, everyone will be in a special forces unit of Spear Fleet. I will let you decide on what specialist you want to be for the unit. The specialties are what you would expect for a special forces unit like medic, engineer, assault, etc.

    Character Sheet:
    Bio(can be long or short)

    I will also be making a bestiary of both Zect and Coalition forces so that people wont have to look through the comments of the IC for what something look like
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  2. Name: Chloe "Skraps" Skarpen
    Age: 19
    Height: 5' 4"
    Specialization: Engineer/Techie
    Bio: Skraps was a college student when all this started. She entered the prestigious Sybak Academy when she was 15 and was well on her way to finishing an eight-year program in only five. She even applied to join the expedition to the Flux System, but was denied because she wasn't a graduate student. She had a pair of friends who did go on it though: her mentor, Silver Knight, and the man she looked up to as a big brother, Jason Lowis. Thanks to those two and some professors who were fond of her, Skraps was one of the earliest people to see some of the technology of the Zect.
    When the entire research team was wiped out, Skraps left before finishing her last year of school to join the Fleet. She has an unrivaled understanding of technology that may prove invaluable, but hasn't had much experience in the field. For example, she could tell you exactly how a gun works, what each part is for, and explain the physics behind it; she has not, however, used one.
    Skraps while at the Academy (open)
  3. Name/nickname: Davy "cutthroat" Peterson
    Height: 6ft, 5in
    Profession(former or current): Current, Special Forces
    Specialty: Close-quarter combat, squad leader
    Bio: Davy got his nickname from his time as a pirate. He always had a special talent with knives and pistols, and so always excelled in boarding ships. Cutthroat built a sinister reputation as being ruthless to those under his command and never tolerated weaklings. That reputation ended up to be his downfall when his crew mutinied on him and left him while he was boarding a Coalition freighter.If it weren't for the sudden assaults by the Zect, Cutthroat would have been executed for his crimes. However, the Coalition became desperate for veteran fighters and Cutthroat was one of the best. Now he is put in charge of a Special Forces squad stationed in Spear Fleet to handle exceptionally dangerous missions. he is kept under constant supervision so that he doesn't step out of line. While Cutthroat is a totalitarian leader, he is very skilled in managing his men and knowing who goes where for the best results.
    (Davy's custom armor http://images6.alphacoders.com/302/302936.jpg )

    Davy- http://images5.alphacoders.com/393/393624.jpg

    Name/nickname: Charles Adamson
    Age:5ft, 0in
    Profession(former or current): (can be anything from pastry chef to mercenary)
    Specialty: Commander of Spear Fleet
    Bio: Adamson came from a long line of strategists and commanders and so continued his lineage by becoming a captain in the Navy and dedicated his life to his men. He was only the captain of a small frigate when the war with the Zect started. He watched in horror as the fleet he was in was decimated trying to defend a planet from the Zect. However, Adamson didn't give up. He managed to get through to all the remaining Coalition ships and coordinate them to stall the enemy fleet until the planet was safely evacuated. Adamson then ordered the remaining ships to retreat while the Zect assaulted the now deserted planet. This astounding feat earned Adamson a promotion to Fleet Commander and, while unable to successfully defeat any Zect assault fleets, managed to keep casualties to a bare minimum for any fleet he was in command of. Now, he has been reassigned to the Spear Fleet since he is the most experienced commander the Coalition has.
    Description/Picture: http://static3.wikia.nocookie.net/__...s/b/b5/TEC.png
  4. Character Sheet:
    Name(nickname): Lyn Korroner
    Age: 25
    Height: 174 cm
    Specialization: Assault, Designated marksman.

    Bio: Lyn is quite average. She grew up on a planet somewhat similar to earth with one exception it has a much higher gravity. There she spent a lot of her time fooling around with her friends. Later got a boyfriend that didn't treat her so well which caused her to leave home and enter military service out of sher frustration. Her parents disliked this one being a doctor and the other a military arms developer. They both thought she should chose a safer career. Some people at times call her lunatic Lyn. This is mostly from her at times getting angry she can forget that not everyone else is from a high gravity world.

    Picture/description: Average height and a healthy well trained body. Lyn's hair colour is blond and reaches down her back if let lose. Her face is quite soft looking with a very calm expression placed on it at most times.
  5. nice characters people. I just hope some other people join as well, but if not we can mange with a small group.
  6. I will be making a character for this. But I'm currently away from my house and on my phone. Once I get home, in a few hours, I'll get working on a character.
  7. Sure thing.
  8. hm, I was hoping for at leatx a few more people. If we dont get any more by friday, then I suppose I will start the RP with what we have. though it will be more fun with a few more people.
  9. Name(nickname): Laura Bonnet
    Age: 20
    Height: 5'5"
    Specialization: Medic
    Being born in one of the planets near the Solar System,Laura grew up with only his father—who was a well-known and skilled doctor—without knowing who her mother was.His father told her that she died right after her labor.Being the only child,she always tailed her father even until she grew up.She liked going with him whenever he has appointpents with someone,and she likes it better when she gets to help him out for first aid in different kinds of emergencies.That's why she followed her dad's footsteps in the medical class and studied Nursing.Somehow she ended up joining the Spear Fleet after hearing that they needed skilled medics—and her school and father claimed that she was one of the best ones around who also has capability in some close-combat(thanks to her ceased grandfather who taught her all he knew when she was just 10) so they insisted that she should join.And she is pretty glad with the decision she made.

    Off Duty[What she's seen wearing often]:
    Show Spoiler


    On-Duty[Medic uniform(hair color is actually as bright as the one in the first image)]:
    Show Spoiler


    ...Okay,to be honest I'm actually not sure if medics are suppose to come along in war or not.So I just said on and off duty... //killed xD
  10. I like her. ^^ But I feel that someone must point this out: it's an all-girl crew except the commander so far. The Cutthroat Harem. >.<
  11. ...Ergersh,you're right.For some reason,this now reminds me of that one anime called Galaxy Angel o3o;

    All hail harems //shot
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  12. Nice character, and yes there are combat medics who go into battle with the troops to perform medical attention on any injured soldiers. And ya I noticed the abundant amonut of female characters a mile away. Seriously, what is it with sci fi and women that people seem to connect with?
  13. I think I like this. Cutthroat is going to be horrified.
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  14. I'll work on a sheet or two later.
  15. Is no one else coming or is it only possible to get someone when I make a post? because it seems to be like that
  16. Threads are sorted based on most recent post. When a thread is bumped to the top, people are more likely to look into it.

    It's also worth saying that if you want to keep an RP alive, you need to have an active OOC. So on that note: can you think of any more girls to invite?
  17. -_- I have said this a thousand times and now I will say it a thousand and one times that this is not a harem. I actually want at least one other guy character here. Come on people. Sci fi isn't all about women. Star Wars didn't have even five main women characters in all six movies. Surely we can get at least one more male in this.

    by the way not being sexist I am just a major fanatic when it comes to keeping things as even as possible.
  18. And I'm being majorly fanatic in trying to keep the genders as off-balance in this one as possible. Every RP balances genders; this can be the one that is different. This isn't a sci-fi=women thing. Star Wars, Star Trek, Galaxy Quest, Battlestar Galactica, Ender's Game, Dorsai--the list goes on and on and women aren't the star in any of them. This is our chance to do a role-play that is different from the norm. Now, who's with me?
  19. *nothing but crickets chirping as far as the eye can see*
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  20. Lean your face over here a moment so I can slap it.
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