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  1. It is the late 14th century, and the war between Vampires and Werewolves rages on. The Kingdoms have been at war with each other longer than either side can remember. Records of when the war began are long lost, and this point in time is only a small snippet of what generations to come will remember. The war seems everlasting, shying away at the break of dawn, only to burst out at dusk like a beast tearing free from its shackles. The Vampires rise up from the ground, the Wolves tearing themselves from their human bindings deep within the forests. Unknown to humans, who are weak and take shelter in the night, the Kingdoms battle ferociously outside towns and major cities. Occasionally, a group will happen upon a small village, though by morning all that's left is a pile of savaged bodies and blood drained victims. News of mysterious village attacks are spreading, alerting the interests of Hunters within the area. Many already know about the war, while others are oblivious to what happens outside a city's walls in the darkest night. Though soon they shall find out. Soon, the war will take a turn for the worst and a victor will emerge victorious. This is the survival of the fittest and only the strongest race may reign victorious. But which side will win this war? Which Kingdom will watch the other burn and rule over all that is left? You decide...


    This roleplay requires you to play for one of three groups:

    1. The Vampire Brotherhood: Vampires are ruthless beings, draining their victims of all blood when they feed, and using their hypnotic powers remain unseen wherever they go. For years now, these creatures have remained undetected in towns and cities, despite the body count they leave behind them. They become practically invisible at night, merging with the shadows and remaining unseen high in the tops of trees. There downfall however, is sunlight. No sooner will a ray of light hit their skin will they burn and bubble up with blisters. This is extremely painful to them and, although shelter protects them for a short while, prolonged exposure to daylight will cause them to lose their powers and, in rarer cases, even die. They do have ways around this, however. They recruit humans into their ranks, recruit them as half-vampires. Half-vampires are able to wander around during the day with little or no side effects, while still retaining basic Vampire powers (i.e. increased sense of sight and hearing, better strength than a human, greater speed etc...). However, their thirst for blood is even more empowering than a fully fledged Vampire. If they are not fed large amounts of blood on a regular basis, they can become savage and attack anyone in sight. Unless really needed, Vampires tend to stray away from recruiting apprentices, though it's not unknown amongst the more well known.

    2. The Lycanthrope Kingdom: Lycanthropes (More commonly known as Werewolves) possess the ability to transform into a wolf. Contrary to popular belief, this is not ability is not locked to the full moon once a month. Lycanthropes can in fact transform at will, though during the day their powers are limited and they run the risk of easy detection. Like Vampires, their true talents shine at night, when their beastly abilities allow them to roam wild and savage innocent victims and recruit others to their cause. As simple as it sounds, Lycans also face a downfall when it comes to recruiting. Though their wolflings may not become savage beasts when not fed, the disease takes a while to take hold at first. When the Lycanthrope disease does take hold, the victim has very little control over their ability, though with time and practice, this will change. It is not uncommon for werewolves to hunt for extra members, mainly due to the time it takes for the disease to overcome a person, though currently their numbers are the same as Vampires.

    3. Hunters: This group is split into two categories. Vampire, and Werewolf Hunters. If you wish to play as a Hunter, you may only specialise in ONE category.
    • Vampire Hunters remain close to those in the mythological stereotype. Surrounding themselves with garlic, using stakes to dispatch Vampire enemies etc. However, due to recent developments in weaponry, they have recently taken to using crossbows to dispatch enemies, using the long range to keep a decent distance from their prey.
    • Werewolf Hunters are very similar to Vampire Hunters, sharing the crossbow as a weapon and thankful for the long range. However, instead of stakes they arm themselves with swords and daggers and encase their bodies in heavy metal armour to prevent themselves being bitten.
    Hunters recruit new members in a decently quick manner. If they spot someone with a particular skill, they will extend an invitation to join an Academy, training centres dotted around every major city. There, they will be trained to hone their skills, as well as practice new and deadly ways to hunt and kill their prey. If invited to join the academy, it will take roughly 6 months to pass as a fully fledged Hunter. If uninvited, but you enrol yourself, it can take up to one year for you to pass the training course.

    1. NO Godmodding. This is unacceptable behaviour and your character will be removed from the RP immediately, after undergoing an extremley painful and gruesome death.

    2. NO Cybering. This is also unacceptable. If you wish to perform Mature Rated tasks in this RP, take it to the PMs.

    3. If you are inactive and not posting WITHOUT prior warning, your character will be killed off within 1-2 weeks depending on the circumstances. (i.e. If your character is on their own somewhere, the 2 week limit applies. However, if you are locked in conversation or battle with another character, and your inactive posting has led them to be unable to progress in the RP, your character will be removed in 1 week or less)

    4. My word is law. What I say goes. No complaining.

    5. Fighting with other characters is fine, though there is to be NO killing without talking it through with the other player first. PM conversations or OOC posts detailing what you wish to do must be carried out and agreed upon before anyone dies. Please also PM me that you have planned for a character to die so I can plan accordingly. If your character is killed off, feel free to make another.

    6. Character Limit. Each player can have a maximum of FOUR characters. This allows you to have a character play for each team, or all four characters play for the same. If a character dies, you're free to replace it if you wish.

    7. The minimum length for a post is at lease a paragraph (a good 4-5 lines of text), depending on the circumstances. Unless you have reasoning, I expect most posts to follow this rule and be precise with grammar and spelling.

    8. Have fun! Keep cussing to a minimal (every now and again is fine) and please stick to the rules. Respect the other players. Any problems then please PM me.


    The main setting for the war will be in the kingdom of Ro'van. The kingdom is split up into 4 counties, Romilia, Stalior, Chastant and Estrink.

    Map of Ro'van.png
    Red Streak = Known Vampire Territory
    Brown Streak = Known Werewolf Territory
    White Streak = Neutral Territory. Home to the Hunters

    Each county contains 4 cities, each of which contains an Academy for Hunters. Some of these counties still belong to humans, though others may be ruled by creatures of the night. In each case, however, the capital city of each county is untouched, and so Hunters are free to train and have some easy pickings when they graduate.


    Po'run: This city is where the Hunters will begin, though they are free to travel North to Nesterin if they so wish.


    Home to the king's main advisor, this city is well guarded and overrun with Hunters, though none of the citizens are aware of this. The Hunters have slyly hid themselves away, as castle staff or citizens roaming the city. Some have even settled down for a more permanent lifestyle, opening shops and inns for weary travellers. This is all part of the disguise, and behind closed doors, they prepare themselvs for any invasions agaisnt the city.



    The northern most city of Ro'van, the place is renowned for it's bustling criminal network under the city. Here, any item ,whether acquired legally or not, may be sold or swapped for gold and various other trinkets. Some may profess they hold powerful charms to hold back vampires of werewolves, though this is mainly folly and the piece in question is most likely a piece of scrap metal. Nonetheless, the citizens buy these trinkets regardless, hauling in a large profit for the black market.

    Jarlain: ALL Vampires will begin around the surrounding areas of the city, NOT within the city itself.


    This city is bustling with Hunter activity. The Academy is well known around the kingdom, it's high pass rates and exceptional graduates boast its magnificence. Fortunately for the city, and most likely the reason fort he Academy's success, Romilia is overrun with Vampires meaning new graduates are put to the test immediately after leaving the Academy.

    Garlor: ALL Werewolves will begin around the surrounding areas of the city, NOT within the city itself.


    The major port city of the Kingdom, nestled in the rocky banks of the river, near the mouth of the open sea. The county is overrun with Werewolves, and the sewers of the city are filled with the rotten bodies of the dead, Lycans and humans alike. Being a port city, it's shores are constantly guarded, for fear a horde of nightly beings may be hiding aboard an incoming ship. The Academy here is not as successful as the ones further north, probably due to the fact the county is not as rich. Despite the export and import business it has set up, most of the profits go straight to the King's treasury in Po'run, and so the Duke of Garlor has little to spend on the city itself. This leaves them in an easy position to be overrun very quickly.

    Note: The rest of the Kingdom is free to travel (Please stick to the map) Although no other towns are shown, I can assure you there are plenty to be found.

    NOTE: Although only 4 factions are mentioned, you may play as humans if you wish. HOWEVER, you must have at least ONE other character within the above factions. Humans will primarily be used as slaves or apprentices, or lovers if some of you want to implement that. Pets are allowed (Dogs, cats, owls etc. Keep it reasonable) You may create a Half-vampire if you like, though please note that these will not be as powerful as fully grown Vampire. NO Half-breeds please (I.e Half-vamp and Half-Lycan)

    Character Sheet:

    Age: (Remember Vampires are ancient beings and age slower than any other. This means they could look 26, but be over 100. Please record their ACTUAL age rather than what they look like)
    Faction: (Vampire, Lycan, Vampire Hunter or Lycan Hunter?)
    Appearance: (Pictures are preferred for visual purposes, though text is fine. Both is also acceptable)
    Relationships: (Have a lover? Or any family? Put them here)
    Personality: (What's your character like? Short-tempered? Easily befriended?)
    Abilities: (Any special abilities? Pickpocketing, lockpicking etc.)
    History: (Just a paragraph or two detailing your characters' life and how they ended up in the war)

    Accepted Characters

  2. Name:
    Marcus Poacher





    (His clothing more suited to the medieval era) He wears a light brown tunic, matching trousers and a deep black hooded cloak. A sword sheathed at his waist, accompanied by a small dagger and an array of throwing knives, some tipped in deadly poisons.

    None. His family are all dead and the woman he loved was murdered many years ago.

    Marcus follows the stereotype of most Vampires. Bloodthirsty and heartless, he displays very little emotion as he mkaes light conversation with anyone. He usually keeps himself to himself, though he will socialise with others to become better acquainted. Rarely does he make friends, but he respects the few he has. His tendency to remain alone has caused him to appear to come across as snappy and irritable at first, though this is only due to the fact he is not used to talking to other creatures. His optimistic attitude comes in handy when it comes to feeding, his enthusiasm for the kill keeping his spirits high as he stalks his prey, so as to not let himself get overwhelmed with paranoia of being seen.

    Abilities: He is an excellent pickpocket, having been known to sweep past people in the streets and steal that which is being worn on a fnger, or around a neck. His collection of trinkets is ever growing, and he plans to travel to the city of Nesterin before long, to sell some of what he has acquired over time. Marcus is well known for being unseen, able to slip into shadows and become virtually invisible to any passers-by. His skills in combat are quite weak when it comes to long range, but one-to-one melee is his speciality, providing he can get a good shot at a bare neck.

    History: When Marcus was a human, a mere 16 years of age, his small village in Romilia was sieged by an army of Vampires. The ruthless creatures burnt down every house inthe village, murdering people left, right and center. Amongst those murders, was that of his fathr, William. Thankfully his mother survived the attack, though she abondoned Marcus when she found out he had been bitten the night of the siege. She refused to help him, and ran off into the woods as the sun rose to makr a new day. Vulnerable and left alone, Marcus knew that if he din't seek the company of other Vampires, he would become a savage best that roamed the night, constantly searching for fresh blood.

    He had set off in search for the group that had attacked his village, and after a days journey, they welcomed him with open arms. They told him the Vampire that had bitten him hadn't held for long enough, and that Marcus was a mere Half-Vampire at the moment. They recruited him as a daytime watch, using him as an errand boy, using him for tasks they could not carry out themselves. Before long, his usefulness had worn thin, and the Vampires completed the process of recruitment by biting him once more, making him a fully fledged Vampire.

    Centuries passed, and Marcus eventually split off from the group, deciding he had spent long enough with them. He travelled to the city of Po'run, for there he thought he would be safe. And he was, for many years. News of the war had not yet reached the city and, though his Vampirism stopped him from venturing out during the day, he was still able to visit the Inn when it fell dark. It was here that he first experienced the feeling of love. He'd fallen for the pretty barmaid, Annabel, and he visited the Inn more and more just to have a chance to talk to her. After a few weeks of courting and the sharing of kisses, Annabel told him of her feelings, and let him know that she was willing to get married if he so wished it. The news filled Marcus with joy, and they retired to bed early that night. Though his joy was short lived, for he had been neglecting his urge to feed, and an insatiiable hunger was growing in the pits of his stomach. As he climbed into bed with his lover, he caught sight of her delicate neckline, and was overcome with the urge to feed. Annabel didn't struggle, nor did she scream, probably because Marcus' teeth were already draining her of life before she had the chance. It was just unlucky for Marcus that her father, whom she shared the house with, walked in as he finished feeding. The horrified look on his face told Marcus that he was going to shout for help, and so he savagely stabbed him with a knife, over and over. His bloodstained hands curled into fists as rage overcame him and he roared like a savage beast. He had to flee the city immediately, else he would surely starve in the castle dungeons.

    Centuries more after he murdered his wife and fled Po'run, he settled down in the mountains of Romilia, his home county. Close to the shoreline, he had an easy escape out to see were anyone to come looking for him. And there were certainly people looking for him. Since his lovers murder, posters of his face had been put up all around the city, with a rather large sum as a reward. Fleeing to the mountains was a safe idea, though the Hunters that were out looking for him would surely find him before long. For nobody lasted long when a Hunter was after them.