War for Gods and Races

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  1. The man looked up at the sky as the sound of wings moved the air. A dragon the size of a small mountain roared past him across the plateau, glittering blood raining down from thousands of tiny cuts along the great beasts body. Looking back in the direction the dragon had come from fire could be seen at the horizon. The dragon had won against whatever foe it had faced, and destruction was all that was left in its wake.

    Looking down unto the plains below, at the armies tearing each other asunder. The sound of war could be heard as if it had been within an arms-length. Dead bodies littered the ground.
    A great tension suddenly erupted across the skies, and then there were gods among them. Their powers unleashed upon the mortal soil. And their races fought with them with religious fervor.
    The man gazed down upon the plains, only death could be seen. Not even the gods had stood tall until the end, and the lands were soaked in blood. No victory won, no lands conquered.
    Without warning the man turned his eyes around, eyes darker than death.

    "War shall fall!"


    Seers and soothsayers across the world have for months woken up in cold sweat from dreams of war, and now their fears have come true.

    Almost simultaneously, border-towns and defenses in every nation were destroyed over night, all citizens found slaughtered. No nation or god has claimed responsibility and every nations outposts in the central continent are gathering information, trying to figure out the ones responsible. Though they are all bound to retaliate in the direction most profitable.

    For those living in the central continent however, this is no more than a continuation of the same. The skirmishes between the southern alliance of Sohlnert and the northern federation Bhakerdol. Even those not belonging to any of the sides will simply use the current situation as an excuse to get back at rivaling states.

    In a no-name town on the ever changing border between Sohlnerts and Bhakerdols influence are a group of adventurers fated to meet, to begin a journey with the world in the balance...

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    Lothn God of the Parosuln

    He could feel the divine rage coursing through the world, his fellow gods raging at the attacks on their people, and he was no different. All wildlife had fled his presence, even those that would normally embrace a challenge, his wrath seeping out to poison the surrounding lands. Even the dark suln were watchful of him, keeping to his shadow like rats.

    He had known war would come, since the first god-war he had known, but it made it no easier to calm himself when faced with his people dying. And he did still not know the traitor, the one who had finally broke the agreement. How had they entered his lands without alerting him to their presence, who still knew to trick the old gods?

    "Meshak! take word to the Nightmares, tell them to find whoever did this."

    He watched as the great sulns coiled out from behind him to dive into the earth, unnoticed flowing towards their goals. The old man stood up from the fallen tree he had been sitting on, waved a hand above the campfire from the night before, snuffing it out without a sound. He would see for himself the unrest in the world, and devour whoever had awoken his pain once more.

    When he had gone, the animals of the forest slowly returned, curious critters going as far as running across the fallen tree. It was only minutes before they fell down to the ground, newborn suln emerging from their dead bodies.


    The Paln Nation

    Messengers were running in and out of the biggest gathering the lower senate had held for a hundred years, more of the same information arriving all the time, none knew anything.

    "How many dead!" someone shouted, trying to make his voice heard.

    "Which towns did we lose?" an old woman shouted.

    "Where was the army!" agreeing murmurs could be heard from all around.

    The doors to the auditorium slammed open as the war commander of the army walked in clad in shining armor, stilling the sounds and bickering. All eyes turned to her as she approached the podium in the middle of the room, the governor currently standing there stepping down. Clearing her throat she gave a quick look around.

    "There have so far been no survivors!" And we are still getting reports about towns and villages that have been attacked, at least eight ports and three forts have fallen. We need now, more than ever, to act as a single swarm!" Some of her suln appearing on her shoulders to voice their support, a great aldin centipede and a higher wahjin fairy, making all other suln in the room give them unwavering attention. Their paros couldn't do much but follow suit.

    "Who attacked us?" most of the senate added to the question.

    "We still don't know, our best trackers and surveyors are scanning the border and countryside as we speak, leaving no stone unturned. And where is the High senate?" Her gaze turned towards the two attendants present, and the group of priests gathered around them.

    The men and women raised their heads towards her, looking at her with sunken faces, more likely to belong on dead bodies. One of the priests robe flapped around as a high meshak serpent rose up from him, addressing the war commander with a hissing voice, its mouth contorting weirdly around its main eye.

    "Theyyy arrre rrresssting. Asss arrre we, the Towerrr isss not a good placcce to trrread now." the suln finished before coiling back inside his paros robes. The war commander looked at them before speaking again.

    "We will hold a new meeting once the High senate can attend, until then I propose we rebuild the towns attacked, and prepare our troops for war! We shall not be surprised again!" The room echoed with approval and cheers long after she had gone. And the only ones left were the guards appointed to the meeting, idly wondering if they should stay there.



    He could feel something was wrong. Dohemd slipped down from the tree he had slept in, going hunting in the woods had seemed such a good idea a week earlier. He took of his shirt and let the suln bath in the morning sun, some of them giving of happy sounds as they flapped their wings, it hurt like hell, but he made sure to give them the respect and freedom they deserved. He then proceeded to walk through the initial steps of the first nerve-form, adding his suln to the movements in the way he had taught them, before he sat down and ate what was left of his kill from some nights hence.

    An hour later the man was walking down an animal path leading towards a wide field of wheat, its town still just a faint shape of grey and brown, some windows catching the light. He was still trying to get his bag straight over his shoulder when he noticed more people walking towards the town, both from his left and from his right, people who didn't look like either merchants or farmers. Interesting. He sped up, keeping himself below the top of wheat.

    The town proved to be somewhat cozy, two taverns and a church, catering to one of the ungodly beliefs they held in these parts, remembering that he was right around the border between the alliance and the federations influence, the former soldier was surprised that he didn't see any mercenaries or swords for hire, though they could of course be inside one of the taverns. He chose the one that seemed to have the best taste, "The lofty Horse" whatever that name had come from. Going inside he found it empty except for the usual drunkards, he sat down at a table by one of the windows facing the road.
    Looking out Dohemd couldn't keep a smile of his face, something was finally happening, he could feel it.
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  2. The scout troop made its way towards the small port city of Angeor.
    “Everyone stop here, Garch and Duuir make your way over to the town and tell me what the situation is.”
    After nodding in acknowledgment to the order, the two scouts started making their way towards the disturbingly silent and dark city.
    It did not take long for the two scouts to return.
    “You need to see this” Said a clearly spooked Garch.
    The troop followed Garch into the city, where they were met with mountains of bodies, slowly dissolving back to their dormant god.
    “Halir light the beacon warn the others, and someone get me in contact with capital!”
    The beacon was lit sending out a pulse, and then started glowing with its dim light.


    “Meanwhile at the capital of the Dreamt ones”
    The city’s warning bells rang loudly waking everyone, with an exception from their god who still laid dormant under the mountain.
    “Gather the council!”
    Of the normally fancy council members few aside from the Sentinel elders, were dressed for a meeting, most of them newly woken, and still in their night wear, stood gathered in the council hall.
    “Spy master Tharak report”
    The spy master stepped forward in his pink bunny slippers and yellow pajamas.
    “Thank you Council elder, one hour ago we got the report that the Magic way gates all around the coast went dark. And every attempt at contacting the gate keepers where fruitless, so we sent scouts to every city that went dark. And now there have been beacons lit, why we do not know yet.”
    “Is that all spy master”
    Tharak looked at the completely pink clad lunatic
    “Yes council member Booam that would be all that we have so far”
    “Booám if I may Spy master!” replied the clearly offended council member.
    The door was thrown up loudly scaring several members of the council. And a Feir came flying in landing next to the spy master and whispered in his ear.
    “Are you sure?” Asked the spy master.
    “Very” replied the Feir.
    The spy master looked around.
    “Council members, we are at war. Every coast city have been annihilated, every single citizen of these towns and cities are with our god now.”
    The council was sent into chaos, shouting and other forms of verbal loudness where excreted.
    “SILENCE!” the High counselor’s voice echoed in the hall.
    “Everyone, we do not have time for this, summon the generals. And let the people know, we are at war”.
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  3. Adventures of Mirra
    A gentle breeze pushed the hair over Mirras face as she slept against the tree on the hill. The sun was warming comfortably on her and she didn't seem like she would wake up anytime soon. But the breeze was persistent causing a strand of hair to tease the tip of her nose making her do funny faces in her sleep.
    The reason the girl could have such a relaxed rest was the four wards placed around her resting place keeping anything with ill intent away. She would have entered town and taken an Inn if she wasn't out of money.

    The Nation and the God.

    "You are certain?" The Necron asked with a dark tone at the nervous vampire.
    "Yes sire all dead, the fortress stands unguarded all inhabitants burned to dust the same with the village near it. There are almost no signs of resistance at all." The vampire hesitated. "As if they where taken by surprise; their defences swept aside like nothing."

    The Necron governing the sector nodded "It is as you hear the same as all the other reports. Empty towns, villages and even border defences. They struck fast and made sure no witnesses remained, even in death."

    "Any word from Hjorn?" another voice asked. A female sighed in response.
    "no sadly he thinks we should figure this one out ourselves. He can't be bothered to babysit apparently"

    The Necron excused the vampire messenger and turned towards the dark oval space behind him where the voices came from. "So he knows but won't speak? Typical" There was sound of frustration and anger in his voice.

    "Mithrandil you know as well as the rest of us that he keeps his interference in our buisness to a minimum and will rarely give aid even if we are in peril." An old and worn voice said. "As he has always done"

    Hjorn listened in for a moment on the councils meeting before rolling his eyes at their bickering on his unwillingness to help them before turning his focus on what he was doing.
    Telling an awesome tale of heroics to a bunch of children while flirting with an undead girl.
  4. Sedianna ran among the trees of the silent forest before stopping at large grove. She gazed around as several deer came out and walked towards her. She smiled and ran a hand across their heads before moving quickly through the grove. Her foot steps silent despite the speed at which she was moving. She stopped among a grouping of trees and held her hands out. "Telen Tez" she said in elvish. A Dark Red orb came floating out of a tree and began to hover in her hands. She tilted her head "So... The woodlands are going to burn.... It seems for the first time in six years I need to go into civilization... Tell me spirit.. where is the nearest town.." She said to the spirit.

    The orb lifted off of her hand and quickly began to take off through the forest branches. Sedianna looked up and began a quick pace behind it and through the tree tops. With each jump she picked up speed before dropping down and landing on her feet near the edge of the forest and the outskirts of a village. She looked around and took a deep breath. She hated being in civilization. It reminded her of being in the Drow Academy and it did not make her feel good. She pushed the thought out of her head and slowly began a walk towards the area the spirit directed her.

    She reached the Inn and looked up to read the sign. She shook her head at its name but entered anyway. It was obvious she stuck out the moment she walked in. She was different from the other elves. Her skin was a darker shade and almost purple and her clothes spoke of someone who was not normally around others due to their more than revealing nature. The bow on her back was something or a legend among those that traveled the woodlands. It was a Ethereal bow by the name of 'T'enzelez-The Advent Star.'. She glanced around and saw several drunken individuals but one who seemed overly happy. She took her time and went to sit in a corner. Though it was dark her glowing orange eyes were easily seen from the darkness.
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  5. Nation

    The Throne Room in the Grand Capital of the Escari Empire laid in silence. There was a moment of quiet prayer for those men, women and children lost to an enemy unknown. However, soon the dead would be forgotten and replaced by new settlers. A minor setback for the Empire's expansion, one of the Ministers mumbled to himself. Perhaps in attempt to justify the act of losing loved ones, for he too had lost family. But the High Emperor felt the same way. This demonic act meant the people's support. It was the perfect excuse to move troops, and while 12 Legions had been lost was hundred others ready to fill the empty spots.

    After the first prayer the Grand Council and High Emperor moved to the private chamber for discussion. The Invoker would continue to talk in the main shrine, but the government had to act. "Our minor outposts along the Foothold and the Land of Dust border have been utterly destroyed, along with every person your Highness". The Imperia Commander was old of age, but his network had helped Syris's control of power. The General of Krona High Constable wasn't as old, but he had a vast experience and asked the right questions, "So, the Dryads finally grew tired of our expansions?" The Minister of Foreign Affair who sat next to him shrugged, "What about the attacks in the north?". The General couldn't hide a smile as he answered, "Animals, no doubt. We knew from the beginning the Land of Dust hold creatures unlike others we have seen". The High Emperor listened to his Council on top his decorated stone throne. High Emperor Syris Krona, the man who had taken control in chaotic times and changed the nation forever. He was a mysterious man, even for his own Council. But he wasn't stupid, like the old Emperor.

    When Syris spoke, there was no doubt of the authority he held. "The Foothold cover fertile and rich forest. But the people who live there are weaklings, and no makers of war. As for the Land of Dust I do not know. This is obvious out of our hands, and should instead be used to justify further expansion. Send a envoy to the Dryad people with a declaration of war and demand of immediately surrender. They shall pay for the death of our people with their land. The General Staff is to assemble in the War Room after the last prayer.". The Emperor's word caused spread mumbling, some in agreement others in disbelief. But they knew better than challenging their Emperor's words.

    "Your Highness, we suggest these actions". The General Staff had moved to the War Room as ordered. In the middle of the room stood a large round table. The entire Empire had been recreated as a map. Cities, the army and fleet was symbolized with their own icon.
    Map (open)

    Emperor Syris slowly nodded thoughtfully, and the Admiral of Krona's Armed Fleet continued, "While the army close in will the half of our Fourth and Fifth Fleet move to surround the country. Our knowledge of their naval power is vague, but a Dryad navy may be nonexistent". The Admiral gave the Emperor a confident expression. "I also suggest that we scout the Land of Dust using a few Frigate from the Second Fleet". The Emperor finally nodded in agreement, "The Dryads should be easy to overpower then, and scouts will speed up actions in the Land of Dust". The Emperor looked back on the General, "How many Legions are you planning to use?" It was not the General, but the Imperia Commander that answered the question. "6 of the 50 Legions in the region was lost. We will send 50 Legions to enforce the grip on the Foothold. We will also send Battle Wizards from the Rytlock Fortress to support the invasion". Emperor Syris took a last look on the map before turning around to leave, "Let me know once we have word from the Dryads".



    Tiger crouched down, his grim expression mirroring the surrounding terrain. Dead body after dead body was all he could see on the border to this Human Kingdom. He had just arrived, hoping to note down a rare plant said to be found around here, but the land was now spoiled by blood and ashes. 'Who could have done this?' He thought to himself. Lily, his familiar, was nowhere to be found. She was not good with this kind of stuff and had refused to come out of the bag with books. After taking a closer look on one of the corpse, Tiger could only raise more questions than he could answer. It was hard to estimate if a battle had taken place or not, but it was clear whoever had done this was long gone. Well, there was no reason to stick around. If he was lucky, the plant would grow anew after passing time. He did feel slightly sorry for the Humans though, but all he could do was go and report it at the local town. "We're leaving" He mumbled, knowing Lily good ears would hear him and know that he was thinking of her. He got up, adjusted his two handed sword Calibur placed on his back and returned to the small path.

    Along the way, the two reached the Inn from where they had first heard the rumors of the plant. Tiger had attempted to hunt wildlife for food by the border, but without luck. 'Scared off, huh?' They would have to resupply before making way for the bigger city. But the current plan was decided when Tiger heard a weak growl from his bag. "Yeah yeah, I get it" he sighed with a small smile and got a rustle from the bag in return. He entered the Inn to see it hadn't changed a tiny bit, with the usual drunken farmers talking loudly together. 'So word haven't reached these people yet?' He thought to himself as he took a look around. Finding nothing of interest other than perhaps a figure in the corner, he moved over to the desk to order food. "Already back, Mister Tiger?" The Inn owner was attending the drunk guest, and was probably more than happy to talk with someone still with sense in their head. "Aye. I was... Not able to locate the flower due to certain circumstances" Tiger gave the man a weak smile. "Oh, I see. Perhaps it wasn't the right season after all? I apologize then, here take this bread. It's on the house" The owner gave Tiger and especially Tiger's bag, a big smile. Tiger accepted the bread, but placed a small silver coin on the desk anyway. "Thank you, but could you prepare us some supplies as well? We will be heading to the nearby town sometime soon" Tiger grabbed the large bread while the man went to prepare more.

    With a yawn, Tiger sat down by the table next to the one in the corner. He lazily threw his bag on the table making it land with a soft bump, causing it to shake violently until a orange creature jumped flying out. "Hey! What the hell are you doing panhead?!" Lily, flying just above the table raised her small fits at Tiger while yelling at him. Tiger just rolled his eyes, made a gesture to the food and leaned back. "Eat and don't disturb the other guests".
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  6. Never in all his life, even in his countless ventures hopping from town to town, has Mithranuil been in a place so worrisome. The obscure town where the fallen prince of the Magia currently resided was in an uproar fuelled by fear of the unknown, for the news had spread itself like wildfire among the people of this humble village. Despite the ceaseless noise coming from the mouths of his neighbours, the tintinnabulation filled the air around his small blacksmith’s forge. He was inside, hammering sheets of molten iron, caring not for whatever has gotten the people so frightened. Upon submerging the still-orange, freshly-struck piece of iron in a barrel of icy water, the self-exiled Magia champion placed the newly formed iron blade on one of his many tables of stone. The forge itself looked like a total mess, with both finished and unfinished weapons and pieces of armours of all kinds. It was time to close shop for an hour, as Mithranuil needed an ice-cold, well-deserved ale and a hot meal from the local inn. He placed a lock on his shop, aptly named 'Siv'ilir’s Silver Works’ and began to pace towards the local inn.

    At the sight of him, many civilians backed away as he was both terrifying in appearance, bearing a right, longer arm of metal, glowing pink eyes, legs of metal, no stomach, a large light where his stomach should be, and an ill-bred scowl etched upon his face. Despite the time he had spent there, despite all the customers that have purchased his goods, people still resented him, looked at him with discomfort, and even feared him, which he liked. He would often hear words spoken behind his back but he held in his anger for such trivial things. As he neared, the smell of freshly brewed ale and other drinks filled his nostrils. He awaited the chance to eat, drink, and be a tad bit merry in his inn because his magic reserves were quickly depleting.

    He entered the inn, colouring the place with the light that emanated off of his eyes and body. A drunken, racist fool called him “Aye, ya walkin’ street lamp, get outta’ here! We’re tired of you inhumans walkin’ round here like it’s yer turf!” He shrieked, his companions laughing, looking at him as well as the purple-skinned woman brooding in the corner. “Says the men who buy my tools on a regular basis. I suggest you tone it down, before things get ugly.” He uttered down unto them with his deep, commanding voice, making them sit down albeit scoff at him in their unrestrained drunkenness. He paced, his metallic boots clanging. “Butterscotch ale and a chicken meal, please.” He said, paying the innkeeper with the last hour’s profit. He sat down near the Drow Elf but refraining from any form of interaction. Filled with thoughts of his broken past, the blacksmith pondered again, after many years, on how to defeat an entire race of blood-soaked barbarians. These thoughts were sparked by the farmers’ racial slurs and plagued him internally, despite his external expression hinted calmness instead of brokenness.
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  7. Adventurer

    The moment Lily got her eyes on the fresh bread, Tiger was immediately forgotten as she threw herself over it. Tiger, still leaning back in his seat and eyes closed for a moments rest mumbled a remark to his companion, "Nimbats shouldn't love bread. Don't you eat small animals in the wild?" He made another yawn before opening his eyes to scout the people in the small Inn once more. Main while, Lily was attempting to talk back with her mouth full of bread, "Penhead, it is ow-wajus for you to critize our taste fo foo-!" Getting tired of her blabbering, Tiger grabbed the bread Lily was holding onto with her life. "Don't eat with food in your mouth, it is disturbing to the other guests", and with that he took a big bite of the bread the nimbat refused to let go off. Lily made a huge gasp as she saw a large part of her lovely bread be consumed by the monster right in front of her. However, before she could complain did Tiger send her flying with a rough arm movement. The force made her land on a table by the windows. Lily took little notice of the evil looking man by the table though and quickly got back on her wings. "Hey! How dare you throw a lady and steal her love!" Tiger was about to take another huge bite, but Lily was quick to get it out of his hand and moved to land on the neighbor table in the corner to take refuge."Haha! The bread is all mine! Mine!" She victoriously shouted out while raising the bread in the air with triumph.
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  8. Sedianna watched as people came closer and sat near her. Instinctually as her century old training kicked in she placed her hands on two short swords on her hips. She pushed the thoughts out of her head just as a man who seemed to be filled with Magi-Tech walked in. She tilted her head and watched closely as the man was riticuled. 'This is why I hate civilization.... People are block headed..' She thought to herself just as a small creature came over to the corner. She blinked twice unsure of what to do. She didn't have the heart to turn the creature away so she just extended a hand "I know what you are... I haven't seen one of you in a very long time..." She said out loud. Her accent nearly unknown as the Drow are seldom seen and never speak to those but the Under Dark traders.

    She took somthing out of a small satchet she carrier. It looked like a jeweled peice of amber but was infact hardened sap that was in the shape or a crudely molded candy. She broke it in half and handed one to the very small creature. "Its sweet.. I give them to many of the creatures I find." She said before popping the other half in her mouth.
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  9. Mithranuil escaped the roaring walkways of this humble town into the inn for a hot meal, an icy drink, and most importantly, silence for his weary ears. But lo, even within the walls of this inn, even after the drunkards were shamelessly put down, his patience was tested by this small albeit vociferous creature whose sole desire was to eat bread. The man she was with, however, hindered her from doing so in a playful manner. However, the exiled Magia prince saw no love in what he did, as he was sensitive to the imprudence of humankind to other races, being the subject of oppression. He never got over it, really. Slicing his meat and digging his spoon through some mashed potatoes, Mithranuil slowly albeit surely satisfied his famished body. As he stirred his broth, the man before him sent the puny creature flying towards the space near him and the Drow ranger. His scowl soured at the sight of this, despite the light-heartedness behind it. Mithranuil gazed upon Tiger with scorn in his eyes, softening up as he shifted his sights towards the little Nimbat and the elf. “Is the bad man bothering you? Do you want me to teach him a lesson?” He graciously asked the creature, his deep voice like a loud shouting to her wee little ears.
  10. Lily looked shocked from the Dark Elf to the glowing man, as if she first now realized there was other people. But of the two, the little Nimbat found the Dark Elf the friendliest and quickly moved closer to her. "Is that... Is that a talking lamp, Elf woman?" Lily looked curious on the strange man in the safety of the Elf's outreached hand, ignoring whatever the man had said. She was still holding on to her bread, but lost interest when the smell coming from the sap piece reached her. "Ohhh!" She gave up on the bread, and instead accepted the sap. Barely had she gotten it in her paws before she started licking it cutely. "Finally my prayers have been heard! A friendly, peaceful, loving female like myself" Lily gave the elf a big smile but then made a thoughtful face. "My Master have always told me to return kindness with a gift, but little Lily don't own anything..." That's when she remembered the bread. She pushed the half bread left towards the purple Elf. "Here!"

    Tiger had watched his companion, but placed a hand on his sword when the Magia spoke. He quickly changed his mind though. Calibur was too big for the small Inn, so he would have to rely on his magic. A small smile escaped his lips. 'A living Magia. This is the first time I see one with my own eyes. The studies that could be made..." Tiger rose from his seat and placed both hands on his table and faced the challenger. "Hey lamp, how about I teach you a lesson about what happens when your kind get too cocky? I give you an F for failing to remember what your race is used for".
  11. To be called a lamp was one of the insults Mithranuil shrugged off completely, due the frivolousness of its sound. His cold, crisp lips formed into a slight, arrogant smirk. He refrained from finishing the remaining scraps of his meal, chugging down his ale instead. The exiled prince of such a downtrodden nation erected himself. Mithranuil arose from his seat, his toned physique towering over the wizard’s. He cocked his Artifithrim arm to the side, covering his body with a black mantle. The Magia got a toothpick from the table and stuck it between his teeth, eyeing the Nimbat’s master, paying no heed to his attempt at conveying a threat. “Says a member of one of the most conceited races in all of history! Now back away from me lest you get put to shame, Escarian cur!” Mithranuil bellowed, failing to tame the beast of rage bound within him. His teeth gnashed against one another, his lips quavered by his temper, which can get him to do nonsensical things. The pinkish glow of his eyes darkened into a more, salmon-like tone as the energies of his stomach burned with frenzied energies, sparking with both flames and electric shocks that ran across his silver, skeletal arms with radiant fervor. His human arm motioned backward, unholstering his single-hand shotgun from his utility belt. Both drunken and sober alike exited the premises with fear and worry etched upon their faces, as if the town needed more of such emotions.
  12. A low growling sound came from her stomach when she entered the inn and the smell of food hit her. It smelled delicious beyond imagining. Mirra could feel her mouth watering at the thought of tasting the food. Sadly there seemed to be a disturbance making people vacate the place or simply move to the other side of the room.
    Carefully making her way to the bar to see what she could get for the few coins she had left in her purse the girl spotted the people causing trouble.
    "wow his stomach is really on fire" For a moment the thought of food left the girls mind as she looked with open childish curiosity at the Magia.

    She didn't really know why but she felt this urge to poke his tummy just to find out what would happen. Not that she would, though she did move closer nearing the table with the adorable little creature that had to be a Nimbat, accompanied by a dark elf. And a piece of delicious looking bread. Mirra's stomach made it self reminded again with a drawn out growl and the girl gave the two an apologizing look. "umm?" she started in a lowered tone not to drag attention from the two aggressors "you going to eat that bread?" She asked with a smile and glanced at it. "hehe would be a waste if it was lost when the fight starts"
  13. Sedinna looked at the Nimbat and smiled "Well, I always have a room in my heart for small creatures... Not that you are small but you are... well... Yeah, you are small." she said with a giggle. "I find the company of creatures more like able than imbeciles like those two." She said before gesturing to the two about to fight. "Useless fighting... That is why I left my home... They did nothing but prepare for war. Its very likely that I am the first Drow anyone has ever seen.. they are nothing but slavers and Demon worshipers. It took me so long to get used to light since we lived in massive caves... you should see the Drow army.. its... nothing like they have up here.... Demons.... War machines and magic that could level cities... so many.. each person a warrior. Well, the males are treated horrible and with me being a High Borne I was to be a priestess... I chose otherwise and fled." She said realizing that was the first time she actually spoke for a long period of time to another individual.

    She shook her head as her glowing eyes blinked "They will most likely never see another of my kind... let alone live to tell the tale.." She then looked to the girl that came in "Its not my bread.. I do not eat this kind of food. If you want it.. you can have it." she said before looking down at the Nimbat "Thank you, but... I do not eat this kind of food. I find my own.. I do not like it as I do not trust its purity." She continued on. She was an Elf of the forest. She refused to change her ways for anyone.
  14. Dohemd

    The decision to enter the tavern had turned out more interesting than he had hoped, first a dark-elf with some fancy bow sitting down in the corner. Then a human with some cute pet companion showed up and made the atmosphere a bit lighter while arguing over a piece of bread. Unluckily some Magia with a bad temper, not that it wasn't justified, had to show up and start talking like a drill-officer.
    And the human, an Escarian, had to respond in kind. Which had now turned the tavern into a soon to be fighting-ring, the ordinary farmers and whatnot hurrying out. Dohemd did however notice a young girl that fearlessly walked in and sat down by the elf and the Escarians pet.

    He wasn't particularly interested in getting caught in the crossfire between an Escarian mage and a Magia, he had decided the human had to be a mage as he had stood up placing both hands on the table, and the Magia had put his hand dangerously close to something that looked like a gun of some kind. He would have to avert the fight, the question was if he would instead become the target of them both.

    Murmuring a blessing of change Dohemd stood up from his table, unsheathing a sword with his right hand and letting the right kind of feeling down his left arm, making his suln agitated as they were filled with the power of an aspect. The former soldier suddenly appeared by the Magias side, putting his left hand on the mans glowing shoulder and lifting his sword so it pointed at the Escarian across the table.

    "Calm down, both of you." the Parosuln barely moved his mouth as he spoke, keeping both of the men in sight with his eyes, hoping he wouldn't have to fight. He could already feel the slight churn in his spine from calling upon the blessing, the promise of sweet sweet power, ready to be put to use.
  15. Zarex brought both his axes down in a cross, slamming into both sides of the commander's neck, making his warm blood splash across his face, only widening his manic grin. With a yank with both hands, the axes came free once more. The battle that raged around them seemed to reach a climax, with the battle-cries and the cries of death were the loudest. With a quick step back, he swung the one axe vertically at the commander's neck, severing it cleanly. He slid the other axe into it's place at it's belt, as he grabbed the head by the hair, lifted it above the crowd, and roared in victory, as the slaughter seemed to turn ever more in their favor.


    The redscaled Zar'Che pushed aside the farmers who seemed to be quite eager to get out of the inn. Something was happening inside, to scare them, it would seem. Yet there was most likely warm food in there, which meant cared little about what else was in there. He stepped into the warm building, glancing at the people there, and noting the tension that seemed to be building.

    He felt no need to join in on the fight that could arise, especially as he was still covered in the blood splatters of the last battle, some of which was even still wet, a drop of which fell from the blade of his axe. He walked over to the bar, his rather heavy armor clattering slightly, reached down into one of the pouches of his belt, pulling out a rather fancy gold medallion, which he slammed onto the counter. He paused for a moment, to remember the right words in the local language. "Warm meat. Ale." He growled, before sitting down.
  16. Sedianna stood at all the commotion and shook her head. She looked to the Nimbat "Well... I am going outside.. I cant stand this atmosphere any longer." She stated before crossing the room and walking past the newly arrived individual. She could taste the blood in the air which also pushed her out of the door. She walked out of the Inn and immediately sat down on a bench outside. She put her feet up on the other side and coughed "Such disgusting air... I cant stand it... why am I here..." She mumbled to herself but knew the forest spirit led her here for a reason.

    "I hate civilization.. I hate humans.. I hate people..." She continued to mumble as she felt the indoctrinated hatred of other species pushed onto her by the Drow rise up again. She pushed it down and grumbled. She took the bow off her back and began to mess with its draw string. She leaned her head back and groaned "It smells like feces! Why do all civilizations smell like crap!" She grumbled again. She hated to be out of the forest and hated more to be around others.
  17. After Lily had pushed the bread closer to the Elf, she returned her attention to the sweet tasting sap. But as the female spoke, the Nimbat's ears twisted to listen. Her Master had told her always to take notice when people told her their stories, so she could write them down later for him. "Oh! Lily lived in a cave with her family too! But then Master came and took Lily with him...". The little creature blushed slightly after thinking back, however it was hard for others to see for the fur. She didn't really understand the concept of war, so she stayed away for saying more until the young girl appeared. Lily quickly lighted up though, "Another female! This is like the tea parties Lily have read about! But without the tea... and the cakes... And uhh with men fighting next to us". She gave her new Elf friend a sorrowful look, "This always happen when Master and Lily visit drunken taverns. I don't understand why Master always get into fights".

    "Hey hey! This is your fault, again!" Tiger had for a moment taken his eyes off the Magia to right his companions accusations. However, Tiger's attention was forced back as a third person stepped in and even dared pointing a blade at him. The man didn't look familiar, but it looked like he knew how to handle a sword. 'Curse this' Tiger could barely use a spell without hitting both of them, but that would likely lead to both of them returning the favor. "Tch. This isn't worth my time. Lily, we are leaving." Tiger moved back to a standing position, grabbed his sword and moved over to the corner. "B-but but!" Lily protested but there was no way she could escape his grip as he took hold of her, leaving the bread behind. As Tiger left the two, he made sure to move out of their reach and walked to the desk to get their supplies.
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  18. Before the Muicifitran could push the pompous magus into the wooden walls of this tavern, a third individual arbitrated them, urging the two men to cease beckoning the storm that brewed between them and start a tavern brawl unlike anyone has ever seen before. The man’s words were spoken with an authority unlike that of the hubristic tone of the Escarian’s - his was more respectable, caring only for the safety of the innocent. The trait was admirable to the Magian prince, as his courage stemmed from the man’s integrity, not from his arrogance. It was then, at this very moment, the raw power crackling forth from Mithranuil’s Artifithrim arm receded back into his core with the lights of his eyes dimming slightly in response to the energy-based magic being conserved within him. “If only other humans were as respectful as you, stranger.” He said, returning his firearm back in its leather holster. The metallic man let out a sigh from his crisp lips, eyeing the man he was about to exchange blows with return to his table to leave. He hated such actions, but nevertheless, the Magia spoke words of pardon. “… Forgive my temper. I was simply irritated with all this… hatred in the air. We live in more troubling times, and the unknown is ever upon us.” He nodded to the Parosuln as a draconic adventurer entered the premises, speaking English with great difficulty. Paying this no mind, the Magia cloaked himself with his dark mantle completely. “Hmm… would any of you care to buy my high-quality wares? I deal especially in Artifithrim, if you would like to study its properties, Escarian.” Mithranuil spoke, assuming they were like-minded about the sudden shift in the atmosphere. He took down a mental note to control his anger, next time.
  19. Uzuna gazed over her tower out into the vast emptiness beyond the Dreadmirage. Something was wrong, she could feel it. Suddenly, there was a knock at her door. "You may enter." She said slowly. In stepped her daughter, she looked rather worried. "What is it my dear?" Mistling stepped forward. "Dear mother, two of our Dreadmirages and the people on them have been killed. Uzuna's eyes widened "What?" She said in a very serious tone. "Yes" Mistling replied "They are simply dead and gone, nothing could be salvaged. We are trying to find out how this happened, our clearest suspects are what lies to the Southwest, as both Dreadmirages were close to the border." Uzuna thought a moment. "Send a Reconnasaince squad. Make our presence and displeasure known to whatever lies there. It is time we came out of hiding." Mistling stood in shock a moment, she hadn't expected such drastic action. "Y..Yes, of course mother." And off they went, a team of Darkhound riders, a total of five, heading souhwest to speak to whatever race awaits them.
  20. Dohemd

    When both the Escarian and the Magia had backed down from starting a fight Dohemd could almost allow himself to relax, only now he had an unused blessing coursing through him, and if he didn't use it soon he would not like the results. But he forced himself to listen to whatever the others were saying, as well as taking in the situation in the room. The elf had apparently left, and there sat a big lizard with blood-splatter on his armor by the bar-counter, eating and drinking like other things were unimportant. The Escarian was walking towards the bar-counter as well, carrying his pet by the neck. And the Magia was asking if any of them would buy his wares, probably as a means of apologizing for him almost starting a fight.

    Dohemd simply inclined his head before he sheated his sword, and moved outside. Once there he glanced around him for any other people, not noticing the elf sitting at a bench. When he thought he was alone he let the blessing bloom out primarily from his left arm, ripping open the thread which he used to keep the garment-strips in the shape of a sleeve with. And the arm erupted into tens of shining faceted wings, shooting out from the arm like sharpened blades, some longer than his forearm. The blessing also showed on more of his body as it took on the same oily rainbow-gleam as his arm normally held, his eyes gaining more apparent grids than usual. His tongue also lunged itself out in front of him, the stinger point fully extended, excess energy making it slice through the air.

    A few moments later the wings on his arm retracted slightly before laying down on his arm and turning into his usual oily skin. He also lost the gleam from most of his body, the tongue retracted and the grid of his eyes became more like a trick of the light.
    Cracking his neck Dohemd let out a deep sigh, while it had been a minor blessing, it had been meant to last an hour, and the stress of allowing it to deplete in such a short amount of time had left him almost completely unable to direct it. He had never done such a stupid blunder during training, hopefully he would think before doing so again... *calling a blessing for a might-be brawl at a no-name tavern, what was I thinking?* Dohemd shook his head, remembering superiors praising the ability to correctly assess a situation.

    Tying his garment-strips into a makeshift sleeve at the end he turned around to get back inside. Now he finally caught sight of the elf sitting only a few feet away at the bench, the Parosuln stopped momentarily, before continuing to walk inside, nothing he could do about her having seen him use a blessing. Once back in the tavern he sat down by his table to finish what food was left, glancing around to get a grip on what had transpired while he had gone outside.
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