Wandering and Wondering

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    Riushu wandered slowly around the lake, it's water reflecting his face. He gazed into his own eyes as he slowly followed the trail. They told him of pain, sorrow, and death. Except, the face peering back at him seemed to be absolutely in love with his thoughts. He knew what it meant, it was time again for feeding. The small village ahead of him was his next destination, but he wandered around this lake contemplating on exactly how he was going to approach this situation.

    None of them could live, that much was clear. The hunters were on his trail again, and he couldn't help but make a pitstop to leave them with a little message. A smile grew across his face as he looked up from the water, and towards the burning torch lit street that formed an entrance to the small village. Twenty people maybe took residence here, and every one of them would be dead by morning. Just the thought of it sent shivers up his spine, and finally ended at the base of his skull. He loved his little "prep" time he took before a feeding, it just made it that much more sweet. The anticipation, the hunger, the scent of all those people just sleeping peacefully in their beds. His grin rose as he slowly began to undress. He took alot of care folding and placing his clothes atop a large rock, he then placed another rock on top of his clothes, he didn't want the wind picking them up and taking them into the lake.

    Taking a deep breathe he slowly began the transformation. The skin slowly began to tear from his back and chest, his arms extended almost a foot. And his fingers cracked and broke, then rehealed as his claws formed. The pain was the best part of the transformation. A regular man would have been torn apart from such a sight, the gore that ensued from this situation was devastating. His snout then began to form, the fangs tearing through the gums and lips as they curled back into a grim smile. Finally the transformation was done.


    Riushu turned towards the village, blood dripping from his new fur. He smiled grimly as he took to the forest. Leaping into the air, he took a spot upon the top of a tree, his claws digging into it's main body as he took a nice look over the village. 7 houses, 3-4 people per house. He was gonna have fun with this situation, he would take the first few quietly, and then let the others go for a bit of a run. The thought of the hunt excited him, he was almost shaking with anticipation. Dropping down into the village, he hid himself in a small alley, and then tore his way into the house. The family was all sleeping in one room, a father, mother, and they're dear dear daughter. She would be first, he liked to make the family watch. He slowly descended upon the girl, then quickly covered his face with a large furred hand. The claws digging into her temple as she squirmed underneath him.

    Suddenly the father and mother rose from there bed, wetting themselves from the simple sight of him. He inhaled deeply and shuttered as he exhaled. Then, he ripped the young girls head clean off her small petite body and threw it at the parents feet. Grinning, he then leaped at the two, taking one in each hand he literally crushed there skulls, then descended to start the beginning of his grand feast.
  2. A few yards from the village sat the cemetery. Fog tumbled around each delicately carved marble head stone, the moon was high glistening off the rocks. Peace was not the treatment of this sanctuary of death, the earth began to rumble. A large crack split the soil, it looked as if something was moving beneath the surface. All movement stopped for mere seconds, when a burst of spewing soil erupted. A small figure jumped out of the newly made pit, crimson hair tumbled around her face. Silver eyes pierced through the shadows at the village, the smell of blood filled her nose. It had been centuries since Rika had awakened. However, this night something seemed different. Something shook her to her very core, crouching low. She used her legs to launch herself into the air. Landing on the roof of a near by house, the stench of death and fear clouded her mind. Each foot step was light as she paced back and forth.

    Rika simply waited, if this was a creature of nightmares. It won't be long till it showed its ugly head. Though she was growing impatient, "Come out." She whispered to herself, debating if she would have to fight for her territory. Her pacing increased, her lavender silk dress swirled around her legs. One hand went to her neck to pull at the chain of her necklace, in agitation. She had been alone for centuries killing off one or two people a week. Now something plagued to reveal her very existence, her brows furrowed in anger. Why hadn't a enemy vampire picked up on her scent, surely it was all over. Several thoughts raced through her mind, hunger chewed at her insides. Rika knew deep down she was far more week than she should be, but to feed now would give away her position.
  3. Riushu suddenly rose his head from his feast, the family was nothing more than a pile of flesh and bone now. He grinned softly as he licked his lips. The scent he knew well. A vampire. He grinned but, a growl slowly emitted from his chest as he looked up. The roof, but she was a few houses over. He could almost see her in his mind, her scent was that strong. He bent his legs, letting them store a bit of strength, then launched himself through the poorly made roof, he then landed on the next house. He rose then, looking up to the woman. She was beautiful, no doubt about that, but she could also be dangerous. A smirk came across his face, her scent told him she was weak, maybe a week since she last fed. That was good, " Who are you woman, and how dare you interupt my feeding. ", he growled lowly, but his voice was almost thunderous through the roar that followed. He was simply strutting his stuff, standing at full height and baring his fangs.

    Then, without warning, he took to the air, and landed just ten feet from her, but on the ground. He grinned lightly and then laughed, " Won't you join me down here on this oh so beautiful night, my dear? ", his voice was tempting, and he slowly began to shrink it seemed like. As weak as she was, he could probably take her in his human form if need be, but the sudden lust for food had left him. After a few moments, all that was left was his nude yet steaming body in the moonlight, " Perhaps you could join me to get my clothes, I have no need or want to fight you, I could tell this territory was owned the moment I saw it. But, i've never met someone who I truly considered a threat, but I do apologize for my rude intrusion my lady. ", he said this last bit as he bowed, with a smirk ofcourse, sarcasm seemed to drool from every word.
  4. Rika did not flinch when she saw wood scattering into the air, "There you are terrible beasty." Though the shocked expression took hold her face, he was not what she expected at all. How she did not catch the scent of mutt bothered her even more, her thoughts were rudely interrupted. Exposing her fangs in a hiss of pure anger. He dares to even come close to me? She thought deep inside her mind, could he sense her weakness. "Do not toy with me puppy..." Her voice spat fire at him, had he even realized what he had done.

    Rika stood to her full height, full lips pulling into a grim line. "You have sent hunters my way.....You think they wont check for me here now?" She wailed at him, once again she was back to pacing. His voice was tempting, along with his nudity. It had been ages since she saw a handsome man stand before her in mere flesh. Rika shook her head vigorously to rid her mind of such thoughts, the sudden urge to strangle him glittered in the depths of her eyes. "Retrieve your clothes, you come into my territory cause a soon to be uproar? Then expect me to be polite and fetch clothes with you? However it would help." Cold was her voice, even after death crimson touched her cheeks.

    How could she be possibly be attracted to this man, crouching low she sprang from the building. Landing lightly on the balls of her feet on the ground below. Tilting her head she looked up at him, those silver eyes piercing him to his very soul. One step after another she followed his scent, towards the lake. Reluctantly she let her gaze drop from his silken skin, "Lets get you clothes I can't breath with your exposure." She said in a mere whisper.
  5. Riushu grinned as he watched her reaction, he knew he was alluring, had tested this theory of his many many times, and it brought a grin to his face to see that it was once again proven. He walked next to her, letting his body gleam in the moonlight. Waves had formed upon the lake, caused by a slight breeze that had picked up. He retrived his clothes, but took his time putting them back on. He knew he had an affect on this woman, and he loved the fact that he could probably wrap his little finger around her body as well. He let his eyes linger a bit as he dressed himself, he liked what he saw, definetely loved what he saw. Perhaps he would have some fun with this one before he decided to move on.

    Suddenly he rose his nose to the air and inhaled, and then a low growl emitted from his chest. They were close, and he knew it, maybe a mile out. The growl slowly turned into a grin, it had been a while since he fed upon a hunter, they were almost a delicacy they were so few and far between. The grin soon turned into something dark and psychotic. The simple thought of their torn flesh made him quiver in the light wind. He slowly looked towards the trail that lead into the forest. " Well, since were a little better acquainted, would you mind enjoying me for a bit of a meal. I can tell how weak you are, hence why I didn't attack you earlier. But, it seems that a nice little group of hunters is upon us. Care to join me? ", with his words, he walked past her, raising his hand and letting it brush against her cheek as he passed.
  6. Rika kept her eyes on him, drifting from his head to his toes. He was beautiful indeed, and he was very aware of it. She could smell his ego a mile away, even his scent was pleasant. To pleasant, it distracted her from the real danger that was approaching. The hunters were close, a small breeze brought the stench of sweat. A small hiss rumbled in her throat, she knew it. He had brought those damned mortals with him, then offered her to feed. Rika was to weak to fight the small group.

    She just stood their glaring at him, her face looked as if it were made of stone. Though when the pads of his fingers touched her skin it left fire in its place. The color on her face depended, "Feed all you wish dog....I do not desire the blood of depraved men." Her voice was turbulent with rage, he made her skin crawl. She wished it was from disgust, instead of lust. Turning on her heel she walked to a near by boulder, lifting herself easily she sat on the rough surface. Jagged edges caught at the fabric of her dress, pulling the slit higher. Exposing the pale cream colored skin of her thigh, "If you want to hunt those that hunt you. Your on your own, I'm far to weak to be avoiding pointed wood to the heart." She reluctantly confessed, she wished not to die this night. Though hunger did claw at her, making goose bumps to spread over her flesh. Even the pumping of his blood rang out in her ears, her tongue darted out to moisten her suddenly dry lips.
  7. Riushu shrugged slowly as he made his way closer to the forest, " Suit yourself miss, I on the otherhand will make this quick, I promise. " He said ths with a sinister grin, he would make rag dolls of these men, and he wouldn't even offer them the pleasure of seeing his true self. Smirking softly, he easily sprang into the trees, he landed softly upon a branch and took the scent of the forest within him. The men were close, and he could hear them as if they were right next to him. He smirked softly as he suddenly dropped down on the group, they all suddenly scattered around him. He smirked softly as one of the men suddenly rose a sword against him, he easily sidestepped his attack and quickly tore the mans arm from his body. The shock that filled the mans eyes was so fulfilling, he loved it so. Then the man fell to the ground in shock. His friends then all attacked at once, they quicly charged him with everything they had. Riushu smirked softly as he suddenly took back to the tree-tops.

    The men quickly scattered, taking off in different directions, they're screams of fear and dread filled his ears as if it was a lullaby. He actually danced for a moment on a single branch, enjoying the awful noise. He then leaped from branch once more, landing directly behind one of the men, he thrust his hand into the mans back as if it was made of hay, and quickly pulled his spinal chord from his back. The man instantly fell dead to the ground. Riushu then smirked as he licked the chord, and threw it in the face of the mans friend. He quickly wiped his face, then suddenly realized what had just happened. Right there the man released his bowels all over himself, and Riushu growled in dissaproval. " Such a waste, you worthless piece of shit, now I will make it slow. Remember though, this hurts me more than it hurts you. " That and Riushu's horribly psychotic laugh was the last thing that man heard before Riushu slowly began to drain the man of every ounce of blood that was in his body. He knew that the smell would entice the sweet vampire, and that is exactly why he had left one of them alive.

    He quickly recovered the armless and unconcious man, and then made his way back out into the opening and towards the woman. Dragging the man by his foot behind him, he dropped him in front of her. " Well my' lady, please drink to your hearts content. I don't know what it is about you, but this full blooded lycan just can't seem to muster the motivation to eat you alive.. " A deep and psychotic grin crossed his face after these words passed his lips, the smile so wide that one of his fangs actually pierced his lip, causing a dribble of steaming blood to run down his cheek then continue down his throat to his chest, where his shirt quickly soaked it up.
  8. Rika listened to the echos of the horrid screams, it seemed as if it were a wonderful opera. Her head tilting to side to side, bobbing with the beat. Despite her company it was a good night after all. The joy was short lived, the breeze carried the strong odor of blood. It was a aphrodisiac to her senses, the shiver that tore through her was unstoppable. Rika groaned uncontrollable, her thighs were restless. Each one rubbing against the other, trying to ease the sudden tension of her body. To her dismay he came striding from the trees, dragging a armless man behind him. The scent grew stronger, her fangs exploded in her mouth. Rika quickly threw her right hand to her face, how dare he put her through so much inner turmoil.

    His words echoed through her mind, "Eat me alive....." Those silver eyes glared at his face, for the look to only fall flat. Her gaze traveled with the drop of blood, she dropped the hand from her lips. Rika's full lower lip quivered, slowly standing she walked over to him. Not for the man he carried, but for him. She was only a few inches away, his scent filled her lungs. Leaning forward her tongue slipped through barely partied lips. Lapping at the blood on his lip, chasing it down his exposed chest. Her piercing gaze never once left his face, he tasted wild. No longer could she stand the hunger that ate her very soul. Pushing herself from him, she grabbed at the unconscious man. Dragging him to her, mouth going wide. Fangs extending she tore at the male's neck. Blood squirted around her, it was pure bliss. Gulping deeply she drank her fill, replenishing dried organs and cells.

    Her fingers uncurled from the man's tunic, dropping the leaded corpse to the ground. Blood dripped from her mouth, "Don't think this makes up for what you have done." She said harshly, she was still angry with him. Turning on the balls of her feet she headed towards the lake, dropping to her knees at the waters edge. The need to be cleaned of all blood took over her mind, she took her time.
  9. Riushu smiled softly as he watched her toungue descend down his chest, he was used to a females touch, but still loved it all the same. His smile turned to a grin though as he watched her take the man from him. Her lust for hunger was nearly as powerful as his. This made him happy, to know that he wasn't alone in this oh so hungry world. He smirked softly as he watched her wash herself, wondering to himself what she would look like without those clothes. He chuckled a bit to himself at these thoughts, but then let them linger for a bit. As she finished up, he walked up to her side, and then looked towards the village, " So how long have you been stalking this place, may I ask? " He said this in a serious tone, he wasn't trying to be funny or anything. As he looked back towards her, he had a sudden realization. This was the first vampire he had encountered in almost a century. Odd though as it seemed, it wasn't common for a vampire and a lycan to even look eachother in the eye without them at eachothers throats for the reason. A small smile came across his face at the thought, he was a little pleased with the idea though.

    Looking down at his shirt, he grimaced a bit at the sight of how messy they were, he was a bit of a nut when it came to his clothing. It always had to be perfect, and this single drop of blood, yet as beautiful as it was, was absolutely disgusting on his shirt. A smug look came across his face as he looked back to her. " Well, it looks like i'm in need of new clothing... ", he was not happy about what he had to say, actually he was rather pissed about it. A growl emitted from his chest as he tore the shirt from his chest, then flinging it to the ground, he quickly kicked dirt upon it. He didn't even want to see the sight of it.
  10. Rika looked up at him, the anger was slowly starting to slip away. Still she did not trust him so close, their kind had killed each other for centuries. Slashing down the numbers till there were barely a few left, "I've been here before this village was even built. I was one of the first to come to live in this place. Back when my heart had a beat." She managed to admit, aloud. No one ever knew she existed until tonight. He managed to drag her from her dormant sleep.

    The thoughts quickly faded, she watched him intently kick dirt as his clothes. He clearly wasn't fond of dirty laundry, but then again neither was she. The lavender silk of her dress, had ran red. A deep sigh escaped her lips, he was right they need new clothing. Standing slowly, she lifted one hand. Pointing south, "The next village is just past them trees. A good walk indeed. Unless your going to let the dog run wild." Rika spoke more quietly, distant even.Questions clouded her mind she couldn't even stop them from leaving her lips, "Why are you here? Why didn't you kill me?" She had to know the answers. Could he even be trusted with one of her species near by.
  11. Riushu smiled as he heard the news, thank the gods he thought to himself, he didn't know how much longer he would last without a decent attire. He then heard her other words, " Well to be honest, theres only a select few of either of our species left, and I think the fighting should be done and over with. I just want to sit back and enjoy my psychotic ways. ", he was dead serious about the psychotic part. Riushu had been alive for so long, that was nearly the only thing he took pleasure in anymore. Being a pure blooded lycan was a privelege, there was literally only two or three of them left, and for some reason the other two didn't seem to like Riu to much, they said he was a bit to crazy. Ofcourse he was the oldest of the three, the others were a century or two behind him. They both called him the "Dark Spirited" Lycan, mainly because of his way of doing things.

    He then reached a hand to her, in a gesture to help her up. " Im not going to bite, I promise. ", he smirked a bit when he said this, then followed up with a hearty chuckle. It was true, he wasn't going to. He could, and it wouldn't harm him, which was a bit of a plus being pure bred, a hybrid lycan as he liked to call the halfbreeds would have literally bled from every orifice on on there body if they would even let a drop of vampire blood touch they're tounge, him on the other hand, coud engorge on they're flesh and actually hibernate it off for a few months.

    The wind began to pick up, causing his hair to flicker across his face, his eyes gleaming in the moonlight could have almost put anyone into a lustful trance. Because thats what he was, a beast of lust and hunger. Nothing could completely quence his thirst, but just maybe he might find someone who could one day, then continue to tell the tale. He let his mind wander on this thought for a moment, then brushed it away. Ridiculous he thought, there would never be someone to accept him in such a way.
  12. Rika hesitated, peering at him through thick lashes. Finally her hand curled into his, the pads of her fingers soft. His skin was hot against her cold flesh, she splayed her fingers. They idly circled his palm before clasping tightly, she allowed him to lift her to her feet. Rika just stared at him, "I know how you feel. Its the reason I slept all these years. I grew tired of your kind hunting me, and watching my species die away." Her words rang nothing but truth, her kind were growing more idiotic. Especially if they were younger than a hundred years, to cocky. She thought quietly to herself, it seemed she almost hated her kind. Which in truth she did, they were to boring to keep in her company. Neither could they be trusted, hell bent for more strength feeding off elders.

    Rika's slid away from him, beginning the journey to the next village. She didn't look back to see if he follow, but deep down she already knew he would. Something about him made her blood grow warm. That in its self intrigued her, how could her worst enemy make her crawl with need. She lifted her left hand to rub at the back of her neck. They were from two different worlds, and yet she wanted to find middle ground.
  13. Riushu listened to her words closely as they walked. If she truly slept that long, then she could have been considered and elder, which according to her studies, was pretty feared amongst her ranks. He smiled as he followed her, admiring her body as she walked. The way her hips swayed sent a bit of a shiver down his spine. A smile crossed his face as he thought of what he could do to that body, how she would react to the things he could do to that body, and it intrigued him. He fought off his urges though, normally he would throw her to the ground and have his way with her, but this one was different, and so he treated her so.

    As they made there way through the quiet village, the scent of his last meal instantly hit his nostrils, folks around the village had been awoken by the commotion and were now nearly rioting in the streets trying to find the assailant of this hienous crime. He smirked softly as they simply walked past, no one even turned to look at them, it was as if they were ghosts simply passing through the land of the living. As they exited the village, it opened up into a large clearing. The trail continued on, dipping a bit into a valley, and then onto a bridge that crossed a very wide river. As they crossed, he peered once again down into the water, he watched himself closely. Wondering if maybe he was hiding something from himself. He shrugged the thought off and continued following.

    After a bit, he finallyd ecided to catch up to her, and walk along her side. " This seems a bit akward, but may I ask your name. We've been walking for so long, and I still don't know a single thing about you. ", he felt like a nervous child, talking to his first crush. He felt ridiculous, and ashamed for the way he felt. Why the hell was she effecting him the way she was. It was nawing away at him. He shook his head softly as they walked. The moon cast their shadows across the trail to the left of them. He watched them closely, wondering how two totally different creatures could walk side by side like they were.
  14. Rika heard the sudden change in his foot steps, without looking over she knew he was standing beside her. A deep sigh escaped her lips, "My name is Rika.........Rika Hyde." She hadn't spoken to any one casually since the last meeting. It almost seemed like a strange new world, glancing over at him she tried to offer a small smile. Willing up the courage she tried to keep the conversation going, "You confuse me. Lycans hate carpathians, nor do they keep them in their company. Despite your weird behavior I enjoy your company." She managed to say quickly, though she had to stop herself from revealing how much she liked his appearance. Old worldly charm swarmed around him, his body looked as if it were chiseled from stone. Even the thought of his bare skin made her weak in the knees. Quickly she looked out at the clearing, lightening bugs danced to make shapes. The moon light made figured shadows that played across the land. The trees swayed, the sounds of rustling leave calmed her mind.

    Rika's eyes glittered with amusement, without a second thought she picked up her pace. Until she was in a full sprint, turning into a blur of movement only leaving a trail in the tall grass. The feeling of freedom running through her veins, "Can you keep up?" She yelled, letting the wind carry her words to him. Carpathians were burst of speed by nature. To the normal mortal eye you couldn't even see her if she wished it. Though she already knew she couldn't hide from him, nor did she want to.
  15. Riushu nodded as he listened to her words, she was right, and he could tell this was a little akward for her as well, so he casually kept the conversation going. " Well, I know exactly what you mean. I'm just different in my case I guess, i've lived so long, I guess I kinda out grew our hatred. ", then suddenly he watched her take off, at first he thought she was trying to run from him, but then quickly realized that she was just in a good mood. Ofcourse he could keep up with her, his age added to his abilities, and without any tension at all, he seemed to explode from where he once was. His speed was simply ridiculous, he was known for it as well, rumors had spread of the ghost lycan, and he laughed when he heard about them. He quickly caught up with her, his hands were actually still in his pockets.

    A smile on his face as he looked over at her, " The question is, can you keep up with me? ", with a hearty laugh he quickly took the lead, and then he actually took to the trees. Gracefully leaping from tree to tree, easily clearing around 40 feet with every jump. He looked back over his shoulder, and slowed his pace a bit. He didn't want to lose her, and he also didn't want to come of as some arrogant ass. Smiling softly as he admired her form, the wind was doing wonders for her body. The silk clung to every curve of her body, and he nearly lost his footing as he landed upon a branch, but quickly caught himself.
  16. Rika smirked doubling her speed, blurring even more she twisted beneath the trees. Looking up casually to see his positioning, in mid run she picked up pine cones. Fling them at his feet hopefully, he would lose his footing. Now that would entertain her for hours, to hear a wolf cry as it hit every branch on the way down. "You do realize Vampires can jump to." She yelled up at him, not slowing her pace in the slightest. Did he really think he could out run her? Rika highly doubted it, she would not lose to him. Not now not ever, with a easy jump she caught a low hanging branch. Swung herself forcefully into the air, her body twisting she landed on a branch right in front of him. Her hand held out to gesture him to stop, "What is your name Lycan?"She asked through a bright smile. Rika couldn't help the laugh that bubbled over. She was up in a tree face to face with a ancient ghost wolf, not to mention the fun she was having.

    One hand lifted to push the strands of hair from her face, those silver eyes dancing over his frame. Now she thought about it she never really played before, especially with one of his species. No doubt he was a worthy foe, but a good looking one at that. For some reason she always thought them to be drooling monsters with no manners.
  17. Riushu easily dodged her pinecones, he actually caught one and threw it back, then he laughed. He actually laughed, not out of joy for a kill, but for simple joy. He was having fun, the last time he had played like this was when he was a pup, before he actually acquired his human form. He smirked softly as he watched her launch herself into the air, and he came to a soft stop as she landed in front of him. " My name? ", he said with a bit of a smile, " Well, if you really must know, its Riushu.. ", he smirked softly as he said these words, waiting for some reaction. Normally his name caused terror and fear to instantly explode inside of someone, he had even seen someone soil themselves once when he introduced himself at a party, the man made a total fool of himself.

    His smirk slowly turned to a grin as he spotted her darting eyes, it seemed she was still a little enambored with him. It wasn't very suprising, so he took the time to quietly look her over as well. Suddenly he looked up over her shoulder, " We must have been moving pretty fast, I think thats the twon up there. ", he was actually pretty suprised, and then he suddenly scooped her up and dropped down to the forest floor. After placing her on her feet, he smiled softly and walked her to the trail. " You know, your one of the only people to actual take interest in my kind without trying to tear us apart and sell of our fur and fangs to alchemists. ", the thought actually made him laugh a bit, he had been in countess shops and seen his fellow brotheren hanging on the walls, their fangs in jars on shelves, and necklaces as well. He sighed softly as they came upon the entrance to the town, which was actually quite large.
  18. Rika whispered his name softly, "Riushu..." The name sounded familiar, very familiar actually. She looked over his face slowly, "You the one every one screams in terror about. How interesting............" Her voice trailed off as her soft body was crushed to his. It completely caught her off guard, her eyes went wide. However, she did not fight it. Instead she hid herself in the shelter of his body, nuzzling her neck gently. His pulse thumping in her ears, once her feet touched the ground she was reluctant to leave. Walking slowly with him to trial, "So we are here after all." She didn't bother to look at the village she kept her gaze on him.

    Wiggling her nose thoughtfully, "No I wouldn't sale you to them flower picking fools. Lycan blood is rather delicious every now and again." She smirked at her own words. Hoping it would get some kind of reaction out of him, she almost forgot they were enemies. Her eyes drifted to the town entrance, "A large amount of hunters patrol this area. Surely they will know your name so lets keep that information to yourself." She said quietly noting one of them devilish men hiding in the shadows beside the inner gate. Wrapping her arm around his waist she pushed him forward, hoping to appear as if they were lovers. Though the thought itself wasn't a bad idea, one side of her lip lifted into a small grin.
  19. Riushu smirked as he listened to her words, it actually rather interested him. " Well perhaps by the end of the night, I might actually give you a bit of a treat of that Lycan blood you talk so highly of. ", he knew it would peek her interests, well more interested then what she already was. He quickly spotted the hunter, he laughed softly as if he was enjoying a small joke that they had shared. He was a bit suprised when she pulled him close, but he definetely enjoyed it. It had been a long time since he could actually enjoy a womans company. He then wrapped his arm around her waist as as well. He felt her skin against his palm, and it sent a chill down his spine.

    As they walked down the road, drunkards fell on there faces all around them. It seemed there was some need for celebration. He laughed as they made there way around the men and woman puking on the sides of the street, " Maybe we should find a place to stay tonight, maybe it'd be a little safer staying indoors, not safer for us ofcourse, but for these poor people. They're pretty easy targets. ", those words led to a hearty laugh. He thought it was an hilarious idea, but hated the taste of drunken blood. It was a horid taste. As they walked, he finally spotted the tailor's shop. He quickly rushed the two of them into the store, in fear that they might be closing soon.

    As they made they're way in, the tailor quickly made his way over to them, " Why hello there, you two are pretty lucky, I was getting ready to close up before those damned drunkards found they're way into my store.", the man followed his words with a hearty laugh and quickly closed the blinds to his shop. " Don't worry about me closing everything up, just wanna get a headstart so I can get home and get to bed, today is kind of a special day. It seems that the king has ordered that today be celebrated every year on this day, in rememberance of his dear son, it seems he was killed in a hunting acciden, but if you ask me I think it was murder! ", he said these last words in a lower turn, any words that talked of treason was meant with death, and Riushu had seen plenty of men be-headed for talking of even less than that.
  20. A small shiver went down her spine, she already had the taste of him on the tip of her tongue. If she dare drink anymore she would try to bleed him dry, "Don't tempt me...." Her words trailing off into a lustful note. She rubbed her thighs together once more, there it was again that horrid restless feeling she couldn't control. Deep inside her mind she yelled at herself, though she knew it was to late. He would know just by her scent what he did to her. "We should find a place tonight..." The words rang deep inside her mind, "Wait both of us together in the same room?" She almost looked shocked, she highly doubted she'd be able to keep her hands to herself. A deep sigh escaped her lips, "Your right, we would be better off together." Her eyes drifted to the ground, how was she going to survive this night.

    To her approval he ushered her into the tailor shop, quickly she side stepped him to look at a aqua gown. It was beautiful, a long slit went up the front. The back hung low, with thin straps crossing in multiple places. Rika managed to look up at the tailor's words, "That is terrible." She said while glancing at Riushu with a small smirk. Hopefully he didn't leave any traces, or the king would have his whole damned army chasing them. Rika shook her head vigorously, locks of hair fell into her face. "I love this dress, I'll take it?" She said aloud while holding up the gown.

    Clearly she had no intention on buying, it she had other thoughts in mind. The tailor looked over at her, "My dear that dress is far to expensive for someone of your stature." Rika's brows furrowed, she was already aware her attire was out of date. Clearly he did not know her temper, setting the dress aside she turned into a blur. Appearing right behind the tailor, "Is it now." Her voice dripped the malicious intent she had in mind. Reaching out quickly clasping a hand on each side of the tailor's head, "That's a true shame." That was the last words he would hear, with a small twist of her arms a loud cracking could be heard. The tailor fell dead with his neck snapped, the bones protruding through the skin.