Walkers: The Fall of Midpoint

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  1. ((See pages 5-6 of the original IC to know what's going on right now))
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    "Wait, Rinne. You're familiar the legend of Drall Wistfell, yes?" he asked the woman in front of him. "What if... What if it's not a Rouge First Gen, but actually one of... the Fabled Ninth Gen?" Bennett suggested. "They say they don't exist, that they were all hunted down, but what if one survived?" Bennett hoped he was wrong, that the Fabled Ninth Gen truly was just that- a fable.

    Were he right, it would mean that the equivalent of Drall's next incarnation was roaming the Multiverse. To sum it up, that's not a good thing. Best case scenario, they die and take the Ninth Gen with them, this time with the separatist army. Worst case, is best not thought about.
  2. Rinne looked nervously at K, then at Bennett. "Actually," she said, her voice evenly measured. She heaved a deep, exasperated sigh and took both men with her a little away from the group who, being young perhaps, had lost interest in what they were discussing. Perhaps it was the speed of how things seemed to have grown from a quick malfunction to a general threat.

    Far from anyone's earshot, Rinne continued. "You have the right to know too, K. The Nines aren't myth. They're locked up by the Superiors in a place called Abyss or something."
  3. Bennett's heart dropped into his stomach as Rinne explained that the Fabled 9th Generation wasn't so fabled. That would mean... He shuddered at the though of having to deal with a Walker the equivalent of the legendary God-Tier Walker, Drall Wistfell, technically all Walker's evil uncle. Last time someone with that power was fought, it took five First Gens to stop him, and they died in the process. And there was more than one of them. "Well, fuck." was all he managed to mutter before shock overtook his verbal skills and silenced him.
  4. K followed as Rinne ushered the three of them to one side, still processing for himself Bennett's theory, there certainly was a chance that....... His train of thought was interrupted as his ears picked up the words leaving Rinne's mouth, the cigarette he had just lit fell from his mouth, gliding through the air leaving a faint trial of smoke. K looked at Rinne with dead set eyes and his jaw clenched, as the cigarette collided with the ground and the burning ash smeared the floor he spoke. "That's quite a bold statement Rinne, I wouldn't go saying things like that when people might be listening. I have been fighting the uprising for a long time, and no one has ever mentioned this to me, it cant be true." He said with an uneasy tone and body language to boot.
  5. She stepped a little closer to K again, her hand never let go of his. Something in her eyes made her expression unreadable, but it was clearly a strong emotion that surged within her. For one thing, she disliked the new unfamiliarity that she and K had, just because they hadn't spoken in a while after she quit being a Mentor.

    "The council ordered me to see in the mind of a rumored Nine." She explained. "They know. I know. It's true. And...they're quite powerful. I couldn't hold his form too long and reverted quickly, but I had enough information on them for the to be hunted and locked up in secret. But their leader remained unknown."

    She turned to Bennett. "I know for a fact that you're the most exceptional Third there is and we need your help." She searched for words and sighed. "I was your mentor. I know your abilities and I know we'll need you."
  6. A confident and proud smile streaked across Bennett's face when Rinne said he was 'The most exceptional Third' she'd seen. It instantly shifted when she said she was his Mentor. "Wait..." his look was of shock, then shifted again to confusion. "What? Y- you were... my... but you... wha?" he looked to his sides in confusion, even spinning around a few times like a lost child to make sure he was still in Midpoint instead of a realm in which that was said, but was a lie. No such luck. He stopped and stared wide eyed at her as the realization hit him. He was maybe fifteen when she mentored him, he had the biggest crush on her. He kept it hidden then, trying to focus more on his training. He had gotten over it since she left, he didn't mind that. What hit him the hardest was that they had fought alongside one another a good seven or eight times after that, only believing her to be the shapeshifter he currently knew as Rinne Tanger. He laughed a couple times, adjusting to the somewhat uncomfortable situation. "Seriously? Wow, I feel like a Newbie again. I'm surprised you think so highly of me, because in my head, comparing me to you, I'm about a class three and you're damn close to a God-Tier." he commented. "Well, I suppose we should get a few more Walkers with us and get to work." he suggested.
  7. "Yes, Bennett. It's me, Amethyst." Rinne smiled weakly. "Nowadays, I've stayed in this form, my real face, but with a pseudonym."

    She shook her head, looking from K to Bennett. "I've been tasked to gather information about the leader. So far, no luck. There were leads as to him or her being in Cylleia but now I wasn't able to find out. If this leader is a First Gen, the Nines would be invincible."
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  8. *K nod his head in agreement with Bennet.*

    "It certainly will be easier if we can get some help. Although needless to say this will be a very dangerous mission and I cant confirm anyone's safety."

    *Looking back at Rinne with a slight grin.*

    "It seems you have been busy, stealing the hearts of other walkers to feed your eternal youth." He said laughing. "You were tasked with gathering information? Why am I so in the dark about all of this."
  9. "It's not like I have the obligation to tell you." Rinne snapped before she could contain herself. Realizing what she had just said, she hurriedly put that aside and spoke to Bennett, touching his arm to let him know how urgently he is needed. "I know this is all a lot to take in, but we need to act. Fast. And we need you."

    She turned to K again, pushing back all her unrelated thoughts. "Let's go to AOF3324. I found a Balancer there. He could help us. Remember Chavin?" He was a slightly eccentric Balancer from modern day earth.
  10. Bennett did something completely unusual for him. He laughed. Quietly at first, but slowly, each outburst became louder and closer to the last. Now laughing hysterically, the young Third Gen fell onto the floor, unable to hold himself up. As he carried on like this, several Walkers passing by looked at him as though he were nuts.

    His little fit now over, he began to register the situation. "Chavin? I heard that name before. AOF3324, eh? Alright let's go." he said, and struggled to get from his back to his feet. once up, he dusted himself off, fixed his suit, and looked at the two First Gens. "Lead the way."
  11. "Bennett?" Rinne called as he started laughing. She watched with a surprised expression as he laughed on the floor. "Are you al-"

    But he recovered quickly enough to cut her off. She blinked at him for a few seconds then looked at K briefly as if to ask what in the world happened to Bennett. "If it's too much, I don't want to force you." Rinne said uncertainly. She noticed in the back of her mind that her chest pains had subsided. The Nines must have stopped for a moment.
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  12. Bennett let out a few more stray giggles before finally calming down. "N- no, I'm good, I'm good. I just... You're fucking... Oh shit, it's just a little too much for my psyche to take. I think I cracked my sanity, but otherwise I'm fine." he explained briefly and cleared his throat. "Ahem, alright, let's go."
  13. "This way." Rinne said after giving Bennett a careful look. She lead them out the cafeteria and into the main portal hall. She took a left, into the portals for certain region in time and place.

    Midpoint had endless halls and chambers and it was The Sister who leads them to which one they need. A Walker never gets lost in Midpoint.

    She stood before a portal. "Remember to use short words with Chavin." She said, surveying the other two.
  14. The sound of thunder roared through the hallways and then sound of feet and heavy breathing then slid a man around the corner running, He tripped and fell rolling and skidding and slid into the group. He stood up brushing himself off

    " You guys left without me...how rude " Kuroi said crossing his arms he brushed his hair out of the way and stood next to everyone like he belonged.

    He was tagging along by just his good nature and that fact that they might need some typical stealth and relay
  15. Bennett was about to go through the portal when he was caught off-guard by the bolt of lightening next to him, jumping a little in surprise. Realizing who it was, he laughed a little. "Sorry, Kuroi. You 5th Gens are just so damn quiet I forget you're even there. Now c'mon, you blue-streaking devil, we have a Balancer to catch and multiverse to save." he said heartily and dove into the portal.
  16. "I'm just worried." Rinne told Kuroi, biting her lower lip thoughtfully. "You're sure about this?"

    She stood back as she let Bennett through, watching closely as he prepared to enter. Some memories of his first portals ran through her mind.
  17. He put his head down looking at the floor when she spoke to him " Of course im sure....maybe this will help me get rid of my..." He shook his head and looked up as he leapt into the portal

    He lied he wasnt sure but he was damn near ready...this was it this was his big moment to be a help in this world
  18. K followed the group quietly, his thoughts bouncing around his head, still struggling to grasp that Rinne had been informed about all of this, and he had become an errand boy fighting a cause he knew nothing about, why was all this information held back from him ? Was it because of his sentiment ? Its true that he would have been a little rougher with the people opposing walkers if he had known the truth. He looked up as they reached the portal, watching Kuroi catch up with the group.

    "Rinne Is there anything else I don't know ? There seems little point me going into such a dangerous mission not knowing every detail."
  19. Rinne averted her gaze for a moment, thinking. "One of the Nines escaped." she said quietly. Then she jutted her chin slightly and stiffened her upper lip. "I asked your help because I believe in your abilities, but I'm not about to force to anything. I don't have any connections to you anymore anyway, right, K?"

    There was something unintentionally vicious that seeped into her voice again when his nickname reached her lips. She never really called him that before. His calling him by her new pseudonym is supposed to be understandable but she missed how they were-

    She shook her head. That's enough nostalgia, one of the Nines escaped.
  20. Bennett fell onto the ground from what looked like an electrified hole in the sky, landing on one knee and his fist in the ground. Looking up, he saw a group of people surrounding him. They looked strangely familiar.

    "Jene atomano, Turok Bennett." one of them said, a young woman

    "Jene atomano, Kiisa. And for the last time, I'm not a Son of Stone. Quit calling me that." came the man's reply.

    "But.. You can.. move big rock.. you shape earth. You Son of.. Stone." came the girl's reply, in broken English.

    "Big deal." he retorted, rising to his feet and brushing the dust from his suit. The land was like a pre-historic jungle, the screeches of raptors could be heard in the distance along with the bellow of another large beast. A few rat-like creatures scampered past the group. He called back through the portal for the others. "Y'all comin'? Locals a re friendly." No sooner had he said that than Kuroi came bursting through. "Nice of you to join us." he said to the man, with a slightly sarcastic smile on his face.