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  1. Original IC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/walkers.28062/
    Original OOC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/walkers-ooc-plot-discussion.31227/
    Walkers Lore: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/xfa-blogs/thomas-mctavish.4534/

    Summary: Midpoint, a realm that connects every version of every existence of every point on the timeline is falling apart due to an uprising against the Walkers. You are going to be part of the team that quells the uprising and brings peace back to the multiverse.

    The person leading the rebellion:
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    Orn Brellfire, a Walker from AUE (Alternate Universe Earth) 4490238, a version of Earth governed by a shady religious organization aware of the existence of walkers and despised them as 'heretics'. He was the son of the leader of the walker-hating cult, until he discovered he was a Walker himself. A first Gen, to be exact. He reveled in his ability for a time, and upon returning home, was tortured for committing the high crime of heresy. For ages, he was brainwashed into hating the walkers and vowed to use the power of the ones he hated against them. And thus, he has incited a massive inter-universal uprising against the walkers and an assault against midpoint.

    Rules: Same as in the Original IC: No explicit, can be other species (including fantasy and aliens), can have powers, so long as there are limits (no godmoding), can introduce characters from other RPs, as the are from Alternate Existences, can be multiple characters.

    Also, if you wish to be a Walker First Gen or play as Orn Brellfire, PM me about it.

    CS Skeleton:
    Generation (1-8):
    Powers (if applicable):
    General history:
    Add anything else you feel is necessary for the development of your character. (weapon of choice, odd habits, weaknesses, etc.)
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  2. Name: Bennett Angoria
    Age: 28
    Generation (1-8): 3rd Gen
    Species: Human
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    Powers (if applicable): Terramancer (control over earth)
    Personality: Laid back, curious, easily distracted by his own thoughts, doesn't take anything too seriously and everything at least a little seriously, is fascinated with the paradox of his own existence and that of Midpoint
    General history: The 3rd Generation Walker comes originally from a world like ours, but is run 1920's mafia style infused with magic. When he first came to midpoint, one of the 1st Gen walkers showed him the ropes, but he isn't quite sure who it was. If it hadn't been for his control over soil and such he would be dead on multiple occasions, and as such is thankful for his powers.
  3. Name: Kevin Langley otherwise known as 'K'
    Age: 25
    Generation (1-8): 1st Generation Walker
    Species: Human
    Powers (if applicable): Pyromancer (Manipulation and creation of fire.)
    Personality: Straight forward, Serious with his work, cheeky with people he is acquainted with, polite and civil to people he doesn't know. Like to flirt slightly but nothing too serious.
    General history: Being a First Gen Walker from an alternative Earth, it has been a long time since he found his powers. Having been around for such a long time, travelling over so many plains, his persona is now one of not one world but a blank canvas that can fit in to the culture of the plain. Has an unhealthy habit of smoking cigarettes like a chimney and his job is that of vanquishing people who rise up against walkers. His most recent job was to quell the outburst in London 1666, which resulted in him setting the city on fire to eradicate the religion and rebuild. His nickname and the way most people know of him is 'K', a name that just at some point stuck.
  4. is this a continuation of what we were doing before o.o which i think it is
  5. Yeah, it is. Everyone stopped posting to it so Lorchenne, HoldMeCloser and I decided to do: this.
  6. NOTE: I will be posting a Lore section in my Blog and post a link here, so unless you have already been approved, please read it before posting a CS.

    Thank you.

    EDIT: Link to Lore has been added to top.
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  7. [​IMG]
    Name: Kuroi Metalli
    Age: 19
    Generation (1-8): 5th gen
    Species: Human
    Powers (if applicable): Raiton (Lightning)
    Personality: Protective, Quick to think, Easily Frustrated, outburst
    General history: Being A 5th Gen walker wasn't easy, he always felt like an outcast but he would frequently be asked for help. Since his power enhanced the ability to be quiet, But his life before walking...he cant really remember it was nothing but hiding and being hidden in the shadows from that of the powers and the thugs. Once brought into Midpoint to be a walker they found him very fitting for Intel and silent missions. But dont get Kuroi wrong he cant get easily frustrated and thats NOT a good thing.
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  8. [MENTION=4513]Akuma[/MENTION]: Accepted!
  9. Now we're just waiting on [MENTION=4780]Lorchenne[/MENTION] and I can make the IC, see how much attraction this gets.
  10. Name: currently known as Rinne Tanger [true name: Chrysea]
    Age: ???
    Generation (1-8): First
    Species: Homo papillons
    [This is her original appearance]
    Powers (if applicable): morphing, duplicating a person, First Gen abilities
    Personality: playfully flirty but can be quite prideful, she has a dominant nature but tends to dote on the other Generations, being a Mentor. She's quite mysterious and likes to say things about herself that are obvious lies or ambiguous truths
    General history: she came from a dying species of morphing humanoids. their environment and ecosystem has changed so much that they are no longer able to adapt to it and are dominated by other species. Most of them blended into other species through morphing and only few managed to do so successfully; but Chrysea awakened her Planeswalking by then and never returned to her home, having no one to return to.
  11. Accepted! I'll be making an IC soon!
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  14. Quite alright. Also, I'm going to edit the Lore a little, so if you've already read it, look for what wasn't there before. If you haven't read it, read it. I worked hard on that bitch.
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  17. I'm up for it. Read the lore early this morning and loved it. Character sheet asap!
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