Wahatamachee National Park

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  1. News Reporter:

    Several more Hikers go missing in the Wahatamachee area...
    Rangers starting more patrols at Wahatamachee national Park...
    Camp Starting despite fears...
    over 300 Campers and Counselors disappear...

    Wahatamachee national Park is a strange Place. It stretches across a 200 Mile stretch in Illinois and Indiana. There is a camp in the middle of it. Before it was federal land, it was an Indian burial ground for the Shawnee. And after that, a crazy killer lived there. Now, various disappearances have led the government to make the branch of Rangers stationed there stronger. When a whole camp disappeared, the Rangers were more prepared than ever to search.

    Welcome, to Wahatamachee National Park...
  2. 2 days before the Disappearance:
    Kellyn sat in the Ranger's office watching TV. He had put his legs up on his desk. He was chewing a stick of gum. On the TV they were talking about the recent disappearances of Hikers at Wahatamachee. They were also discussing if camp should have opened. It was a bit too late for that, though. He had just finished checking kids into camp. He was glad to be on break. He threw a ball against the ceiling, and brushed a hair out of his face as he waited for the other rangers to return. He watched as one of them walked in.
    "Hey, how was, whatever you were doing?" He said.
  3. Today is a nice day, Clover and Greg could agree to that. She was on her way to the ranger office to get an assignment for the day. The bosses didn't like Clover being close to the kids while they were camping so her routine was messed up.

    'Rude bosses'
    "I know right? I should keep my routine without bugging the campers."
    'Exactly! We you wouldn't bother them at all.' Clover then stepped into the ranger office.

    "Hi Kellyn, we're good. Except for my routine getting messed up by those campers." Clover gave a pout
  4. Kellyn looked at Clover. "Yeah. I understand. One took a look at me and said "Why are you doing this job, Grandpa. Shouldn't you be in a Nursing home?" And then he punched my stomach. I had to nap for a while so, I got off schedule." He looked back up at the TV. "Any sign of the Hikers? I forgot to tell you, but I found a boot yesterday. Should we report it?" Kellyn smacked his gum. "I'll leave it up to you." He threw the ball again.
  5. 'Forget that loser!'
    'What if they are hurt?'
    'Their fault for getting lost.'
    "Shh! All of you! Greg, what do you think?"
    'Report it, it would be better for it to be a false alarm than to ignore a lead.'
    "Good idea Greg, Kellye we should report it. A false lead is better than no lead." Clover looked around the room as she listened to the voices and coming to a decision. She walked over to the other ranger and stuck her hand out for a piece of gum.
  6. Kellyn grabbed a stick of gum from his packet and handed it to Clover. "Alright. I'll report it. Can you radio everyone else to come back here?" He put his feet down, spit out his gum, and walked to the back of the Ranger Station. He began whistling Pachelbel's Canon, and he then picked up his Radio. "Yeah, uh, we found a hint involving the Hikers. We found a boot. It may be a false alarm, but please, come down here and examine it." He put down his radio, and turned on the coffee Machine. "You need any?" Kellyn shouted
  7. Clover unwrapped the gum and started to chew happily. Pulling out her walkie talkie, Clover nodded at the coffee.

    "Calling all rangers, please report to the ranger station ASAP."
    'You sound so professional Clover.'
    "Thank you Greg"
  8. Aideen had been on a routine walk to see if everything was going well with the campers. She was somewhat surprised when she heard Clover's voice over her walkie talkie, calling all rangers back... ASAP. Hm, I wonder if something's the matter, she thought to herself as she said goodbye to one of the kids she had been pointing out a chipmunk to. She liked peaceful times, she liked being out here with the trees and the birds and the critters. It was way better than her previous job, she could breathe in fresh air here.

    She entered the station a little more than a few minutes later, panting slightly as she had run the whole way. "Hello," she said, looking to Kellyn and Clover. "Sorry I'm a bit late, I came as fast as I could!" She looked to a chair and quickly sat down to catch her breath.
  9. Kellyn looked at Aideen.
    "It's ok. We called you back because we got some reports of Vandals over at the lodge. You're the first to arrive. Coffee?"
    Kellyn said filling the thing with coffee beans. He wanted the district to get them a Single Serve coffee maker, but they keep getting mass ones. I guess so everyone can enjoy the coffee without waiting. He turned to the TV, which had gone on from talking about Camp, to talking about if the Rangers at the park were capable enough.
    "Ha! They don't realize how capable we are! Remember when we took down those guys three weeks ago?" Kellyn started the coffee brewing. "Anyway, where are the others? You see them?"

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  10. "Yes please," Aideen said gratefully. Right now coffee would do her wonders. "Uhm, three sugars please." That fast running seemed to have given her a bit of a headache, and she certainly didn't need to have that, especially at a meeting with the others.

    "Uhm, no," she said, shaking her head and regretting it instantly. "I was kinda just looking forward, sorry." She looked to the television as well, smiling a little and Kellyn's words. She did think they were pretty cool as well.
  11. Mark would walk in inside the Office with a dufflebag that seem Full,as he enterd he would close the door Behinde him and would look sinde seeing a few rangers here "Sorry im late...Old Granny cross the street"he said with a Chuckle as he would Drop his Duffle Bag on the ground beside the door,streaching and yawing slightly he would scrash the back of his neck and ask "So anybody else went missing?"he ask Befor leaning down infront of his Duffle Bag and Opening it serching inside,soon he got out a Jacket that was Camo Green and would put it on.

    Once done he would sit down on one of the chairs and place both of his hands behinde his head and lean back and relax...Finally he made it.
  12. 'Rude little brats!'
    'Get lost in the mountains!'
    'Hope you drown.'
    "Shhh, that's mean. Don't be so loud." Clover whispered under her breath. Seeing as two new people came in Clover didn't want to speak to loudly. Grabbing her coffee, Clover added sugar and cream.

    "Dumb little brats, why do they have to be here?" Clover grumbled.
  13. "Right." Kellyn said dropping three sugar into Aideen's coffee. He handed the coffee to her, and dumped sugar and cream into it until it was a light brown, and really intensely sweet. He took a sip from it.
    "In an hour, we should probably head out to the Lodge, investigate the graffiti. it's alot like the ones that have been appearing at the camp. Probably a team." he sipped his coffee. "Right now we need to regroup, and then unwind." He leaned back in his chair. He turned to Mark "No one else went missing, though, we did report a Boot I found yesterday. We are awaiting a response." I'm gonna change the channel."
  14. "Thank you," Aideen said, smiling at Kellyn before she took the coffee and took a sip. She closed her eyes, taking in the caffeine and sugar, letting it clear her head a little. She then nodded. The whole affair was starting to bother her, and if they could take care of it then it would be another win in their favour.

    "Alright," she said, not minding the change of channel. She sipped more coffee, starting to feel much better. "Did you find out anything more about the boot?"
  15. Kellyn sipped his coffee. "Yeah. it's a size 9 Women's. Do you have the physical characteristics of the missing hikers?" He filed some papers on his desk, making them perfectly straight, and made it look symmetrical. He then opened his Laptop. "There have been three women, and four men. Then, there was the family. Can you get me the papers on everyone? And make them neat, please!" he put his coffee down and turned his laptop on. It fizzled and popped. "Grab the fire extinguisher too!" Good thing he kept everything on his External hard Drive.
  16. Once hearing Clover's voice over her walkie talkie, Katell turned to walk over to the ranger station.
    Although it was said to come ASAP, she took her time getting there, which would have explained her being late.
    She wasn't much of a people's person, which would have been weird for her to take this job, but deep down she hated being alone.
    It was confusing for her at times, but it doesn't bother her.
    Katell looked down at the time. Being a little late was okay, but too late was not.
    She walked faster, finally approaching the ranger station.
    "Um sorry I'm late," she said quietly before sitting the door behind her.
  17. Kellyn turned to Katell.
    "You just missed coffee and my laptop exploding. Don't worry, I can make more coffee, but the laptop, I can't make that happen again." He sipped his coffee again. "Anyway, I'm waiting on a report of that boot we found yesterday, and then we're going to go clear some Grafitti, and then report to the main station." He looked at what was on the TV. Some sitcom like Seinfeld or something. "Hey, Aideen? How are those papers?"

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  18. Aideen nodded and quickly got up with her coffee. "Yes sir!" she replied before heading over to her own desk to get the papers that Kellyn had asked for, taking a quick sip of her coffee before she sat down and started sorting through the files on her desk before she found the ones that were needed. She had just stacked them up when Kellyn's laptop went bonkers.

    "Yikes!" Aideen looked over, eyes widening. "What happened?" She quieted down when Katell came in before heading over to Kellyn and holding out the papers for him, though she was a little freaked out by the laptop. "How'd that happen?"
  19. Kellyn took the papers from Aideen.
    "Thank you. And I don't know. I just... Turned it on, and it blew up! Thank God I keep everything on my External Hard Drive!" He straightened the papers, moved his laptop out of the way, and began reading. He flipped through several pages, until he saw something.
    "The boot might belong to Jane Westbrook." He said, tapping his pen on the table. "She seems the most likely, but let me finish going through this."
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