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  1. Ah yes. I'm sure many of you recall a series called W.I.T.C.H that aired on television as well as be sold as comics at your local book fair. It has always been a interesting favorite of mine and, just like many series do,

    Now if you aren't really familiar with the series, feel free to head on over heeerrreee if you want to find out a little about it. I highly recommend the series for sure.

    So for the plot were looking for something along the lines of Meridian being threatened under siege sending the last heir to Earth for safety. The cycle of guardians has stopped for nearly 40 years and the previous guardians far too aged to do anything about it. However, 5 young girls have already been chosen and conviently attend the same high school. When their teacher calls them all and presents to them the Heart of Kandrakar thus presenting them as guardians with power. Their job is simple; learn to control the power they have been presented with and help the young king of Meridian get his throne back from the evil witch that took it away and her minions.

    Here's the fun part~.

    Heart User (Reserved for Justaddnutts)- The leader of the group. The heart user is the holder of The Heart Of Kandrakar and without her presents, the others cannot transform. This user also uses the element of Quintessence (Don't go trying to control me ok? XD)

    Water User (Reserved for Akira) - The user of water is able to control and manipulate water whether it is from a large body or thin air.

    Fire User - The user of fire is able to summon and control flames of any size as well as focus it to act on the users will.

    Earth User - The user of earth is able to control and manipulate plant growth as well as command the earth around them.

    Air User (Reserved for Quintessence) - The user of air is able to use the gusts to her advantage and even control the air within living beings.

    King Of Meridian - Son of the late Queen of Meridan. He is a powerful sorcerer, however has been overthrown by an evil witch and sent to Earth to be protected by the guardians. Surprisingly, he is around the guardians age.

    (optional)Evil Witch - Current ruler of Meridan. Plotting to create an army and destroy other worlds as well as kill the king.

    Also fun thing to do if you want to make a character in this~
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  2. I shall reserve the water user!
  3. She's alive!!!
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  4. Seems interesting! I'm going to have to think about who I would like to reserve.
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  5. Also I have my OC ready, well her looks anyway

    Akira's OC (open)


    And my lil bro (who also loves steven universe, i forgot to mention that) made on that someone else can use if they want

    Akira's bro's OC design (open)

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  6. Why thank you very much. I know my face is quite the sight... Oh wait you meant the rp idea.. Darn XD

    10/10 loves. Super adorbs
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  7. *thumbs up* :U
  8. yes hello i am here to reserve the heart user if thats ok....
  9. Righto. Welcome
  10. Holiest of bumps
  11. If we don't get more interest we could double up?
  12. [​IMG]

    Proof of developing concept!
  13. Yeah maybe *shrugs*
  14. Yeah it looks like we might.
  15. We still a thing here guys?
  16. Ok so final count. Just the 3 of us right?
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