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    Welcome to the world of Gifted. I agree, it's an odd name for a game, however, the reason behind the name is important. The last VRMMORPG that came out boasted 25% realism which was a huge leap from the normal 12-15%. However this game boasts an amazing 96% realism. Some of the BETA testers even said at first they couldn't tell the difference between the real world and the game. The top rated review sums up the game pretty perfectly, 'impossible.' ... so just why does it have such a lame name as Gifted?...

    The world the game designers created was amazing in itself. They gathered together the best of the best to create the map. The world has many different area's and every detail is said to be perfect. Everything from the magnificent mountain's that can make a character feel insignificant in comparison, to the fine details such as the artwork on a pot. Some even say the world itself is like an artistic masterpiece. Rumor has it Trindal Maple a famous artist, who's work sells for thousands at the very least and most recent work sold for over three million, and a self proclaimed globetrotter is actually buying the game just to be able to roam and admire the landscape.

    Of course a game with so much hype, despite the rather lame name, is more than just landscape and realistic feel. I'm sure most reading this want to know more about the gameplay itself! The Creator of the game hired master's of all trades to help create this game, everything from herbalists, to swordsmen, craftsmen to archers; they even hired some of the most famous 'game freak's and 'lore know it all's to help make the game feel and play more realistically. There has been speculation and plenty of chatting on the forums about how real life knowledge can directly effect in game skill efficiency, experience point gain, and quality of game play. In other words if an actual herbalist played Gifted and used their knowledge while picking herbs they will get better quality herbs and an increased amount per plant compared to someone who had no knowledge. Unfortunately this rumor hasn't been confirmed by anyone, not even the BETA testers.

    However the biggest feature that gained it the most hype isn't actually the world, the realistic feel or all the work put into the different skills; rather it's the fact that every player is able to create their own custom skills! Although the information regarding the process hasn't been officially released yet there are plenty of rumors going around. Most of them are baseless but some of them are based off of 'hints' dropped in interviews, 'leaks' found on forums, and video's of BETA testers in game. Skills are created through physical traits, expertise, and practice. For example if someone is naturally fast in real life, even without exercise, they might gain a skill that passively increases their movement speed by 1%. A master swordsman might get a passive ability that increases damage output when wielding a sword by 5%. Someone who constantly practices combining various slashes and martial art moves might end up creating a combo causing them to hit faster and do more damage on activation. This particular feature has been dreamed of but never before possible... but somehow, the masterminds behind Gift, managed to do it.

    Alright, you read some random kids introduction to the game on some random forum (AKA that ^). Fantastic, you probubly get the basics of this game but let me just make a few points about the game that is a need to know before we keep going. PVP is enabled in all area's except 'safe zones'. 'Safe Zones' are villages and towns as well as a select few other area's. All players level 5 and under are protected from PVP, they can't even start a fight if they wanted to. Before PKing you will have a white name, if you have hurt another player your name turns to grey until you deplete your 'sin' bar (which drops over time and will lower by a few seconds for every mob killed), if you kill a player you will have a red name for two to twenty four hours depending on how many players you have killed.

    Death means you lose a level and you drop random items. Items you recently picked up are more likely to drop than items you have equipped. Don't worry about that, I will decided what items drop when you die. If you die while PKing you have a higher chance to drop more items and if you die with a red name you will most likely drop some of your most valuable items.

    There is a feature called dueling, this takes away the risk that comes with PKing.

    Of course there are many other features in this game but that can all be played out. I expect everyone to work together to make this game into something amazing. Please PM me before you add something on your own however.
    Let's keep this short. The four-eight characters are among the first players to get into the game. The initial release of Gifted was only ten thousand copies so not many people got their hands on it. This was an attempt to keep the chaos in the ten starting villages to a minimum. Each starting village will hold one thousand players. After two weeks another ten thousand copies will be sold, so on and so forth. All the characters will be attempting to be the best at something, they wills start in the same village and end up partying together. That is how this will start.​

    1. Use anime images only!
    2. Be respectful towards everyone OOC
    3. You can use a maximum of two characters
    4. I expect the bare minimum of 1 post a week
    5. Two posts (from different RPer's) must be between each individual post
    6. Orange must be somewhere in the character sheet to prove you read the rules
    7. I have the final say on all content in this RP
    8. I reserve the right to change the rules at any time
    9. Have fun!
    Character Sheet​

    User Name:
    Age: (18-25)
    Appearance: (Why did I ask for Image and Appearance? I expect you to write out how they look. Their in game appearance will be the same as their real life appearance other than eye color, hair color, and minor facial alterations. All characters will have tone bodies and will not be effected by unnatural conditions (meaning missing limbs, scars, tattoos, ext. Even if they were born that way). Characters that are over weight might look bulkier and more muscular, while those that are as skinny as a stick will be slimmer than the basic avatar. Those that are body builders will most likely look less muscular than they are IRL. Breast size, shoe size, and height will be the same)
    Class: (Like Archer, Wizard, Swordsman, ext. Keep it a basic MMORPG class. Fancy stuff will come later)
    Skills: (Real life skills)
    Weakness: (One weakness per skill)

    If I'm missing things please let me know! I'll be happy to clarify anything that needs it!​
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  2. Name: Nori Ai

    User Name: LackingArrow

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20

    Height: 5'2"

    Appearance: Nori, though looks like a young female, is actually a 20 year old male. He has long unkept orange hair, and green eyes. Nori tends to wear a more serious look when out in public and tries to keep smiling to a minimum; why? Because guys tend to hit on girls who smile, it's easier for him to keep a serious face to scare away other males... Lets face it, it's awkward having to explain to other guys that you're actually a dude, and it's even worse if they were previously hitting on you. Other than that he has a rather tone body and if you look closely at his hands you can tell they are calloused. Nori will wear a long sleeve jacket whenever possible and refuses to wear shorts no matter how hot it is.

    Personality: When around strangers Nori doesn't like to talk and if someone does talk to him he doesn't always know what to say. Unfortunately this doesn't help his case when guys start hitting on him... When around friends Nori will talk more often and tends to be less flustered. Other than is awkward social habits, he really is a nice guy that will look out for people. He's rather humble and tries to keep piece however that doesn't mean he's a push over. An angry Nori can be dangerous.

    Background: From a very young age Nori has been mistaken for a girl. At time's he had even been yelled at for going into the boy's bathroom and locker room. On the bright side he had accidentally walked into the girls bathroom a few times and no one screamed when they saw him...

    Other than being mistaken for a girl, he is also a nationally ranked Archer. He started archery around middle school while looking for something that would help him seem more manly. He found out very quickly that Archery was a girls sport too, however he also found out he was really good at it. After only a few days his name started to be passed around. The words are still fresh in his mind, "There's a first year in the Archery club that's apparently extraordinarily talented. I think they said his name is Nori, honestly the rumors make him out to be some kind of prodigy. It's only been a week and he's already got a spot as a competitive archer." Finally! His name was spreading around, he wouldn't be mistaken for a girl! The third years would stop confessing to him! Unfortunately the very next day he found another love letter in his locker... They knew his name, but not his face.

    When he wasn't practicing Archery, sleeping, eating or in school he would be found cooking. Honestly he wasn't normally cooking for himself, he was cooking for whoever would eat what he made. This led him to making lunch for all of his friends, a few random classmates, and occasionally even teachers.

    After high school Nori started working in a restaurant. At first they sent him out as a waitress, he wore a female uniform, but it wasn't long before he made it into the kitchen. This job had flexible hours, which helped when he had to travel for archery competitions, and enjoyable because he was practically paid for doing his hobby.

    Class: Archer

    Reaction Time
    Hand-Eye Cordination

    Physically weaker than average
    Vertically Challenged (He's not small, just vertically challenged!)
    Easily Flustered
    Low Pain Tolerance
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  3. Lots of info to read that I don't have the energy to do at the moment - I'll print it off and read it tomorrow over lunch. 3 things:

    1 - I'd say this classed as Modern rather than Miscellaneous, to be honest.

    2 - Does the 2 posts between each post by the same player still count during a conversation? Should conversations be done in PM and posted in chunks instead?

    3 - No Game No Life is fantastic.
  4. Alright well it turns out I decided to read it now anyway. Still very tired though, so I'm going to delay creating a character until tomorrow. For now, I shall reserve the role of the party's main Healer/Cleric/Priest/whatever they're called in this game, and her sister, whose character will be an adaptive Mage - not focused on DPS like a normal mage or healing and buffs like a priest, but some kind of balance between the two.
  5. I posted it here because its a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game. It has gaming mechanics in a fantasy world. Not to mention they might end up meeting up IRL or something later on. Thus the RP would take place in both a modern and fantasy world so I decided to post it here. Since it could go under multiple categories, at least it my mind, it ended up being placed here.

    Conversations should be done through PM.

    It's true, NGNL is fantastic.

    So your two characters are both more on the support end? One is a healer, the other has high crowd control? Also name the class's what you like. So long as it sounds like a basic class I won't yell. Since your second character is neither a healer or a mage you could go with Shaman.
  6. If it's modern and fantasy then... modern fantasy? I think theres actually a tag for VRMMO now because of SAO and Log Horizon RPs becoming more frequent.

    Yeah, I usually play the roles of the Physical or Magical DPS characters so I thought I'd switch it up for a change.
  7. Modern Fantasy is a modern world with fantasy elements. It's what this world would look like with different race's/magic/ext. And this is more of a post modern because VRMMORPG's haven't been created yet. In fact the last prediction I have heard before we get a partial VRMMORPG is 2025 so like 10 years out. Of course they have 'prototypes' but those are still far off from the real thing. Plus the way they do it in anime will probubly become illegal which will be a huge set back. Post Modern is normally placed in SiFi.

    Yeah, the glory takers. I almost always play a support character (because support characters are always lacking) but since you're play two of them I can play DPS till my hearts content!
  8. If those techniques will be illegal then there's no point having VRMMO in the first place cos it'll just be like Oculus Rift.
  9. Yeah, but I don't know, smart people will figure it out.
  10. The smartest ones involved will be the ones who figure out how to bypass the legal system, I reckon. Actually working out how to do it probably isn't that hard.
  11. 7Vv0P.png
    Name: Vincent Leggar

    User Name: Guided

    Gender: Male

    Age: 23

    Height: 6'1"

    Appearance: The most striking thing about Vincent is his icy gaze. It's enough to throw a person off of their train of thought and, if the person is weak enough, cause them to lose themselves. Vincent's dark blue hair only enforces his usual facial expression, making an already dreadful look harder to bare. However, if one were to look past his facial expression they would notice he doesn't look half bad, and in fact if he were to just smile fan girls might start following him around. His eyes are something one can get lost in, staring at them you will find nothing. It's almost like you can keep gazing, going further and further into the abyss of his eyes, and never find anything. Truly this man is mysterious.

    Personality: Vincent doesn't seem to care about anyone, however that is not the case. Though he might sound cold and act like he doesn't care but he's also the first one to jump in to lend a helping hand... with the appropriate excuse. Vincent isn't a warm and cuddly person, he's often very serious, however he can loosen up around friend... if just barely. He's also very confident about his skill's and a bit of a hot head when it comes to unfair treatment.

    Background: Vincent is an ex-special operations officer. It might seem strange, a 23 three year old man already retired, but that's only if you don't know his story. He was among the best in night and stealth operations. His policy was in and out, all his plans were carried out swiftly. The longest mission he ever planned took three days and the mission was to disband an entire military base. He's a rather aggressive man and he's prepared to use any means necessary.

    In his five years in the military, three of which he was in special operations, he had one failed mission. It had started like it normally did, he picked a lock and broke into a highly guarded hotel undetected. His mission, locate and kill the boss of a terrorist organization, and rescue any hostages still alive. This mission, as usual, was a solo mission. He was in charge of gathering intel, planning, and executing the mission. Unfortunately this 'mission' was a trap. His supervisors, comrades, and even a few elite generals feared him. He was too good at his job, if the enemy somehow managed to entice him to change sides it could end tragically. In order to prevent this they sent him on a 'mission'.

    Vincent moved stealthily, he dodged sensors, took out patrolling guards, and even managed to evade guard dogs. He made it to the office, slipped in threw the door, and prepared to send his target to the after life when the lights had turned out and the next thing he knew bullets were flying. He somehow managed to make it out alive, killing his target on his way out. However thanks to the injuries he sustained he lost an arm and his left leg was crippled... He was honorably discharged from the military, given a rather luxurious house and given ten thousand dollars a month to live off of... however, he was still bitter about it. He had realized what happened, his superiors wanted him dead. He understood the situation perfectly. Unfortunately there was nothing he could do about it.

    Class: Swordsman

    Swords Play
    Martial Arts
    Smooth Liar

    Arrogant (About his skills only)
    Easily Provoked
    Refuses to fight those of the opposite gender
    Hazardous Cook
    Absolutely can't stand the heat
    New to gaming
    Allergic to Oranges
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  12. Oh yeah I'm supposed to be making characters aren't I... forgot about that :D Also, looks like you might have some formatting errors in there...
  13. Don't worry, take your time. I'm looking for at least one more person to join before we start anyways. As far as the CS... well I'm working on it.
  14. [​IMG]
    ^Shirumi drawn as her "character" - Lightning - looks identical to her in every way^

    Name: Hakai Shirumi
    User Name: Lightning
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Height: 155cm
    Shirumi has a rare genetic disorder that causes her body to not produce the pigment melanin, resulting in her having almost transparently pale skin, accompanied by ghostly white hair and pink eyes. In real life this is a burden - she is so sensitive to ultraviolet light that she cannot go outside. In the game however, it gives her character an iconic appearance that could be recognised anywhere, even without seeing her username.

    Personality: Shirumi is quiet and shy in social situations and will speak mainly to her sister, often ignoring the other people completely. Despite being bad at confrontation, she is a veteran of MMOs, and is adept at monitoring her party's situation and adapting her play style accordingly. She's generally a likeable person though once you can get through the original hostility.

    Background: Shirumi has only ever seen the world at night, when the UV radiation is at tolerable levels. All throughout her life, she has been locked up in her house. Officially, she took courses in online schools, although she tended to get distracted by video games instead. She has developed a massive reputation among the gaming community as a very talented player, to the point that even people outside of the FPS games she usually plays know her name. While she isn't the greatest player in the world, or even the nation, and on some games she isn't even in the overall top 10, she's mainly popular because of her shy personality, that's a stark and attractive contrast to the high and mighty attitude that most high ranking players have.

    Class: Enchanter (Magic/DPS-support combination) - A custom class she built herself by using Wizard as a base but by taking additional points in support skills.
    Very fast reaction speed
    High calculation ability
    Good prediction skills - knows what the battlefield will likely look like in up to 10 seconds from the current time.
    Jack of a vast number of trades, though not to any level of mastery.

    Bad at communicating with team members even if she's using her support skills on them.
    Heavily reliant on her sister
    Doesn't know much about academics due to being educated solely on what she looks up on the pedia of wiki.
    Has a tendency to get side tracked by tiny things, and it's incredibly rare to find fewer than 10 incomplete sidequests in her tracker, many of which will be from several levels previously.

    Second character coming tomorrow since I need to sleep now.
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  15. You might want to look over the rules and your fourth weakness needs to be an actual weakness. It can be anything. Instead of Jack of a vast number of trades you might want veteran gamer, or you can add it as a new skill and add two actual weaknesses.

    Other than that your character looks fun!
  16. pfft rules are for conformists. The app is incomplete but I felt like getting it posted so I posted it instead of saving it as a draft. And yeah it's pretty obvious the 4th weakness is a placeholder though isn't it?
  17. I never know with some RPer's. I figured it was a place holder but honestly you can never tell with internet dwellers.

    Also the content ratings does say 'strict rules' this is a RP for creative conformists. :P
  18. If rules tell me to put a certain word in, I'll certainly try to put it in but if I can't find a way to slot it into the main app, I won't put it in.
  19. You could always put it in randomly. Like at the end of the background just type orange in small letters or at the very end. I believe in you.
  20. Maybe I can find some way to slot it in somewhere. I certainly won't admit defeat and just put it at the end though.
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