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  1. Celest's Karaoke Night was a super huge success! So many of you came to us with great, big, and beautiful voices! From the silliest of songs to the most memorable of duets! The covers were hilarious and total riffage paid off! If you thought that was fun, then why not volunteer in....

    This is a thing I spawned with out the top of my head! I love singing and every little part of it, high notes, bass, beats, everything! For you singing fanatics, this is the best thing for you! We will put together a FULL FLEDGED IWAKU ACAPPELLA GROUP! Complete with songs, practices, rehearsals, and performances made into videos which will be up for all of Iwaku to hear!


    -Practice Nights:Practice Skype Nights for the ones volunteering to sing particular songs. Grab a mic, meet with your other singing partners, and practice practice practice!

    -Smooth Recordings: Once your practicing is over, record your voices singularly, send them to me, and let me finish the rest!

    -Diversity: Songs from all over the place will be done! From kick ass Bohemian Rhapsody, to fun with Video Killed the Radio Star! You can either choose your own harmonic song for any genre!

    -Videos for Iwaku: The grand product of all of our hard work will pay off when our video hits the Forum and we gets all the love! :D A song or two every month and Iwaku will be a musical paradise apart from its kick ass role plays!


    *Voices of all pitches! Lows, REALLY LOWS, high, medium, and average! You need a good ear for music and voices since it will all be done with no music and just voices! Areas of main focus: BASSISTS AND BEATBOXERS. Got a low voice? Know how to make cool beaty sounds with your mouth? JOIN. >:3

    *Skype. It will be your friend through our musical journey! No web cameras are required. Just a mic and a recording program: Audacity is your best bet. Or you can record via Pamela!

    *Time. Singing acappella takes hard work, determination, and time! Make sure you take time off to join the Skype Practice Nights and tune up!

    THATS PRETTY MUCH IT. Alright, you singing fans! If you're interested, please fill this out!

    Area of Expertise:
    (Are you a High Soprano? Average Alto? Low Tenor? REALLY Low Baritone/Bassist? Beatboxer?)
    Skype: (Give us your address! >:D)
    Favorite Genre of Music:(Where does your musical taste lie?)
    Availability:(When are your available recording times?)

  2. Totally into this!
  3. Area of Expertise: Tenor

    Skype: Tetsuri

    Favorite Genre of Music: A bit of everything =^__^=

    Availability:All day.
  4. Good gods! This shall be interesting to hear. Break a leg all of you.
  5. Ooo. Sounds interesting. ^^

    If you really need an alto (also, we're not average, we're awesome!), I might join, but right now I only use Skype when my parents want to bug me.

    Also, I'm pretty sure there's better altos on this forum than me. =D
  6. I use to be in a choir, but since my voice broke im unsure how ting sing properly so I can join...but im not sure if ill be any good.
  7. Area of Expertise: I can't really judge what my area of expertise is. ^^; I'll leave that to you guys to judge. ._.
    Skype: Miruru❖ねこ
    Favorite Genre of Music: Classical music, orchestrals, other
    Availability: 9 A.M.- 3 PM, 9 PM-Midnight (Central time)
  8. Area of expertise: Supposedly, second soprano.
    Skype: Insomniaticdreamer
    Favorite Genre: Jazz!! And disney songs. :D
    Availability: Scattered. Basically whenever you see me online.
  9. Area of Expertise:
    Expertise is such a subjective word...
    Favorite Genre of Music:
    I dont really have a "favorite genre"
    All da times. xD
  10. Area of Expertise:
    ... Dunno?

    Favorite Genre of Music:

    None specifically, but I tend to like music with a string instrument in it

    If I'm on, I'm on
  11. Area of Expertise: High Soprano~

    Skype: aydlex (tell me you're from Iwaku or I may not add you!)

    Favorite Genre of Music: I enjoy rock, though My voice doesn't have that wonderful gritty tone.

    Availability: Due to my new employment, my schedule is now a huge mess and not very stable. Saying that, for the next two weeks, Saturdays and Sundays are good days. However, I know that practices don't revolve around me. I'll do my best to come to as many practices as I can.
  12. Celestialis! Bionic Neko Tetsu! Doc Mir!


    If there is anything wrong with this given time, please Skype me (iliana.graham) and let me know! Not on Skype? Send me a PM!

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  13. Okay, so I am not a good singer but I am not terrible D: Or maybe I am >. < BUT I LOVE IT! so yeah....

    Area of Expertise: Alto

    Skype: glory.rios4

    Favorite Genre of Music: pop, alternative rock, Disney

    Availability: ...I am on most of the time
  14. Great job on the practice, guys! :D

    And here's the moment of reckoning...DUN DUN DUNNNN...


    Please send it in MP3 format while I am on Skype or in a PM, what have you! Any questions or concerns, message meh! >:3
  15. I am without internet right now, and also [very] busy, but I am still interested in partaking in this. If there is something I can do perhaps outside of the practices, please let me know.

    Thank you.
  16. Area of Expertise:
    Metzo Soprano
    Favorite Genre of Music:
    Acoustic, Country, Classical, Disney
    7-9pm Friday Night BMT
  17. WOO! WE DID IT!

    The Radio Show Segment was a success! However, from now on, we will not be part of the Radio Show. October and Rory both have a lot on their plates with dealing with copyrights and junk that I have decided to do our videos and stuff!

    Now for the people's opinion!


    No, it will not have the same people! You all have volunteered, so I want to hear your ideas! When we have finally agreed on a song, or even if we have multiple good ones, we are going to have a SKYPE AUDITION NIGHT!

    Let's not get ahead of ourselves though! So, throw your songs at me, guys! It can be any genre you please! Serious, funny, romantic, anything! Just make sure it could at least be sung by two or more people, so keep an ear out for the harmonies! :D

  18. I can't sing for toffee but this intrigues me o_O...
  19. How about Aladdin - A whole new world? it's a nice song xD
  20. Let's get it on - Marvin GAYE! muhahahahah >.>