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    Alright, so almost every story has a villain in it. Whether in the shape of an evil overlord who seeks power through a ring (points to he/she whom gets my reference), that school bully who wants to ruin the prom for you, or that man who turns from friend to foe for his own desires and dreams, betraying our heroes.

    But no evil person is evil for nothing; there is always a reason for it. Whether they had a poor childhood, strong desires without the means to reach them morally, or revenge for a loss of opportunity or a loss of something dear to them. We often forget the reason for why our villains became just that.

    What is that character's background? Is there something to them that was once good, or has there been a hateful beast just waiting to be released? I want to know your character's stories, and if they hold a grudge against our hero. If so, what part did the hero do?


    Sarumon became a villain because it was in his sense the right thing to do. 'If you can't beat em, join em.' Self preservation was the factor in his case.

    Megamind became a supervillain because Captain whoever kept bullying him, so he took the appearance up as 'evil' because that was what everyone judged him to be.

    In Oz, the wicked witch of the west turned evil after the man she loved told her that he didn't love her, so she sought revenge.

    Get the point yet? The fact is, so many people have evil characters and that's it; nothing more to them. There is a reason they turned, or were evil. It isn't just personality traits, unless the character is naturally a psychopath. But even they can control themselves, but some give into their desires. What triggered them?

    Your challenge? Create a villain that has one of the backgrounds provided, how he/she ties into the hero, why they decided to turn down that path.


    -Loss of sanity

    -Loss of a loved one, seeking revenge for their deaths (or seeking revenge for death of the people)

    -The need to mold the world into a better place

    -Power. Ran for leader, but lost so now he or she does whatever they can to come up on top







    What part did the hero do?
    What is that character's background?
    Is there something to them that was once good, or has there been a hateful beast just waiting to be released?
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  2. -The need to mold the world into a better place

    Name: Queen Kindell Denek

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: From the top down!
    Kindell has light blond hair which falls in wide waves that seem to float around her head. Her skin is pale and her eyes are gray. Her lips are painted black, and she wears black fur robes outdoors and gray clothes indoors. Her clothes are quality and fashionable enough, but she doesn't dress up that much except for ceremonial occasions.

    Kin: none to speak of; her family died in a raid on the castle by a rebellious militia force from within the country.

    Background: Born in castle, raised in castle, educated in all standard areas (math, science, history, etc) as well as the arts, military tactics, politics, law, and other skill necessary for leadership

    What part did the hero do? Nothing personally; her only personal beef with him is that he tries to stop her paranoid ass from turning the country into a horrible dictatorship

    What is that character's background?N/N

    Is there something to them that was once good, or has there been a hateful beast just waiting to be released? Kindell looked up to her older brother, the Crown Prince, who became King at 20 after their father died of a horrible disease. When her brother and mother and little sister were all killed in a full-force raid, her love for her brother turned into hatred for the people who had killed her family. Since the raid came from within her own citizens, she trusts no one and has instilled the country in a state of martial law and tyranny; she believes it's for everyone's own good.
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  3. -Loss of sanity

    -Loss of a loved one, seeking revenge for their deaths (or seeking revenge for death of the people)

    -The need to mold the world into a better place




    Appearance:(had multi personality disorder and changes appearance accordingly when switching back and forth)
    green= 2nd personality Lisader
    yellow = Jack most dangerous personality 3rd personality

    PIcture that depicts how his personality endure for him and what the results of the experimentation at the asylum had on him

    Kin:violet His Deaf, younger sister , Him and her are both related by blood and he has protected her from the abusive of his adoptive parent for years as well as from docters and therapist who called her deraged due to lack of knowledge that she was simply deaf and not mentally impaired or retarded. she is Quite smart and had a illness known as dwarftism that makes her seem like a child a first glance but in truth she is older then she looks
    Violets Appearance

    Background: Violet and Simon Have been forced to befall misfortune and cruelty most of their lives from the very start. they we;re left on the steps of a orphanage Simon was two violet was an infant only months old. after only a breif 1 year period at the orphanage, the two are branded as Mentally disturbed children and placed in an institute for disturbed and particular children In their native home land in russia.
    The two are subjected to a large amount of harmful and ineffective treatments used by the bad medical system in their country to fix problems. after years of drug over use and traumatic results of shock therapy and acupuncture, the two eventually become what they have been branded as , Mentally unjust and disturbed.
    Violet soon become scared of anyone and clings to Simon, she Shrieks deafeningly when ever the medical staff tries to take her from Simon's side or reach out to even touch her. Simon become's over protective of violet due to the early stages oF paranoia.
    After years of traumatic treatment a rich family picks them out for adoption for their looks and for the publicity they shall receive from the new's and their fellow rich peers. The children are adopted, simply as tools for the upper class couple to show their "kindness" by bringing two strange mentally unjust kids into their home. Simon was 8 at this time , violet was six they both thought that getting out of the hospital was a dream come true but they we;re frightfully wrong.
    Their New parent's and step siblings inflict physical and mental abuse on them , Violet is later on sexual abused by her own step brothers, Simon is beaten like a sow, Mortified by his father's punishments, mentally abused by his mother words. The wrost part of their life in the manor is that when not inside suffer abuse at the hands of their parents. outside the walls of the manor they are both forced to uphold a constant look and sense of perfection.
    Simon is pressured by his mother and father to be the perfect Adopted son of the Weilier house or else his little sister will suffer at his mistake's so his father tell him. To protect Violet and survive he keeps this horrid charade up well, untill age 17, violet is at a ripe age of 15. He soon goes mad with the constant demand for perfection, the beastly abuse from his mother's bipolar and depressive disorder's as well as her rather fond abuse of alcohol, at last drove Simon to his edge,
    violet snaps as well, when raped completely by the eldest step brother. after both of them had plunged in a dangerous state of mind, they set the manor ablaze ,stab their adoptive mother and father to death. Then persist to get their revenge on the rest of their vile family by locking their step brother, sister's in the very same cage they had been locked in, then forced to bed for Scraps in , for several monthes at time in some cases, and simply for the wicked amusement of the step siblings.
    They then set the room ablaze as well. after that they stage their death. Simon and Violet run from the flaming manor as it combusts. their plan to smuggle them selves on a ship then sails across the sea to america goes well. Once in america the two are much too far gone to ever go back to normal human being;s. They are put in yet another mental hospital after much planning and many years of secret scheming , and thousands of other agreeing to participate in their disquieting plots. The asylum soon become as what is known as a house or horror's or the slaughter house IN American Horror Movies. The doters and staff are now at the mercy of their patients , A thick layer of crimson coats the walls.

    What part did the hero do?

    attempted to break back in and save the doter's and staff held hostage by him his sister and other deranged patients within the hospital. Docter presumed to prod Simon about his Past trying to talk him out of the murder of thousands. Pressing to get Simon to deactivate the bomb he had set around the clock to blow the whole place should a cop or any law enforment try to move in. Simon has given one permission to enter the premises to arrange the law Enforcement;s demands. His hostage situation is now becomeing one of the most Horrid cases in U;s History. cops are trying desperately toDivert the public of the dire sitution, to keep the outside clam and get as many staff member out as they can before the bomb goes off at the end of the three days.

    What is that character's background?
    The world isnt fair , Humans Are weak and hurtful and through terrible monster , is how monster are then made. Judgement of people turns people into what they have been branded as , lack of understanding and rejection of those you dont understand feeds hate to the fire and turn people evil and mad. abuse can lead to one that later abuses , a Victem who goes Untreated , unloved and unhealed will become the victimizer/
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  4. ** Power. Ran for leader, but lost so now he does whatever he can to come up on top.

    (( PS: I got your reference. c; ))

    "Every story needs a balance of good and bad -- hero and villain, but neither of the two will ever acknowledge which one is which. For every man is his own hero, and each his own devil. "

    [ Name ]
    Ralear L├╝ceanu

    [ Age ]
    Thirty - four

    [ Gender ]

    [ Appearance ]
    A pair of deep set burgundy eyes hide beneath the shadows cast over his face, his thin dark eyebrows arching into a state of eternal scorn as they dip into perfect curves to meet the edges of his eyes. A straight, yet aquiline and cat-like nose centered perfectly on his sharply angled face, his upper lip a simple wine-tinged line compared to the lush fullness of his lower lip with it's humorously raised corners. Cheekbones that looked painful to the touch, and skin as unblemished as porcelain yet creased here and there with long-ago sorrows and mishaps. His hair, long and full, reached far past his shoulders and curled lively at the small of his back, it's dark brown colour often mistaken for inky black when no light was shone upon it -- which was often. Ralear is not an unattractive man by any means, but the unpredictable look in his eyes and his over dramatic way of dressing was enough to fight of any normal-bearing suitor. Not to mention his height and stature, standing near six foot-four inches of defined muscle and erratic behaviour would scare any potential lover off.

    Click to see his picture.

    [ Kin ]

    A distant mother with whom he has not spoken to in ages is the only relative to whom he may label living, his father being long deceased and his other relatives having wanted to take no part in his life since the rebellion. His parents bore no siblings for him to be compared to and thankfully his mother has been long infertile, so an only child he was born and an only child he will stay.


    [ Background ]
    Being born as a first and only child is a well-respected position in many cultures, the knowledge that this child is going to be the one to take over you legacy once you pass away is usually humbling, if not terrifying to some. Usually this child is doted on and protected from harms way, but of course, there are always exceptions. When you are born to a family of lower middle-class farmers there is not much to be done. You can tell them you were made for greater things, that your skin need not the agitation of rough cloth against but the smooth feel of silk and cotton -- but it will get you nothing but punishment. They had nothing to give their child but dying crops and stony ground; it was hardly anything to be proud of. The other citizens looked down on them, all three of them knew this, but his father was not the sort of man to give up.

    Ralear's parents were stern, they were not afraid to take out a belt and smack him across the wrists if he did not obey, but they were not exactly abusive. They did no real harm to him, possibly the only truly harmful thing they did to him was overwork him and keep him from attending school to help with the damned plants instead. He loathed them for this, for his neighbours and colleagues would talk to him about the things they learned in school that day or the books they had read, their faces always betrayed their pity clear as day -- they had nothing to hide anyways. Ralear had come to realize that they only spoke to him for the sense of superiority they got from it, every humans does including the ones that do it subconsciously. Once again, they meant no real harm from it, but it harmed the young Ralear nonetheless.

    By the age of sixteen, possibly sooner, Ralear came upon the realization that his parents held no real power over him but the words they spoke as the ones who had given birth to him. They could not force him out of existence sooner then he could to them, and thus began his rebellion. He would disappear for days on end, hoping to escape his duties on the farm, but would always be dragged back by an enraged father accompanied by his distressed relatives. This didn't stop him though, for every time he did it he would travel farther away from his place of birth and further away from the ones that held him hostage, and his parents realized this.

    Ralear had been further than ever before when he realized that no one was coming for him. He had gone past the usual houses and traversed several miles downstream to the core of the town and beyond. It was when he looked up to the sky as he lay upon some grass that he realized something must've happened. At first, he was reluctant to crawl back to the farm as if he was some helpless servant with Reinfeild's syndrome, but over a span of a week he had decided that he need only check in. It was not as if he truly hated his parents, he could never actually bring himself to despise them thoroughly in all truths, so the choice was one made before he realized it -- he just wouldn't admit it to himself.

    Eventually Ralear managed to make it back, only to find that his father had contracted some disease that had been carried in the foaming mouth of a rabid fox whilst on the fields alone. He was not to survive it, they told him, and he indeed did not. The old man passed away a week after the incident, and Ralear's mother never stopped blaming him for it. He never blamed himself though, he constantly was telling her that he couldn't have stopped the fox even if he had been there. She didn't listen, but he didn't care. Nor did he care for the withering fields that lay behind their house. He was destined for greater things, he would say if his mother ever decided to bring up the issue of the field being tended, he would not stoop so low as to tend the fields and dirty his hands with the callouses of the working class. His mother would scream, and he would let her, he would let the women scream until her throat ran dry and her lungs began to bleed. Her tears would run out soon enough, it was only a matter of time.

    His need for power became apparent to others at the age of eighteen. No longer was he the farmers destitute heir, but the man with the dangerous air about him. People steered clear of him, and he enjoyed it, but eventually he had to face them.

    Ralear's plan had been simple enough. Convert a few townsfolk to his side, then demand the leader to hand over the large city to him or he would perish. It sounded simple, even childish, but it turned out in failure. When he approached the people he had known as a child, the ones that had pitied him then feared him as time went on, they all shunned him. They told him that he was to amount to nothing just as his father had, that he should just go back to his barren fields and then the dirt as he was destined to. Not a single soul would follow him. So his plan had to be revised. If he was to march up to the leader without an army, he would be destroyed, even he realized this. He needed to flee and gather his resources, and that is just what he did.

    Many years later, at the age of twenty-eight, Ralear wandered back into the village. His travels had taken him around the world to many places of extravagance, but the need to conquer had never diminished. He had taken over multiple villages south of the border that was his birth land, and they now followed him willingly into the gigantic city that overlooked them in resources and in strength. Ralear had a strong character, they all believed themselves to win -- if not for that one single man.

    There was a battle, a magnificent battle that was but a mere squabble for power to many, but a war of the worlds for the newly risen Ralear. His men fought with all they had, fighting through the crowds and towards the place where the leader sat upon his throne. Ralear had planned to attack on Samhaim, the day of the dead, when there would be great festivities and many distractions. His plan had been fool proof, and it have brought him right to face of leader. He had not expected this newly appointed leader to be one of his old colleagues, and had been enraged at the sight of such betrayal. In the heat of the moment he had grabbed the man's wife and held a blade to her neck, saying that the man ought to step down or have his lover's neck cut to ribbons of flesh. The leader had done so, of course seeing as he was a coward, and although he had done as he had said, Ralear slit the woman's throat out of spite, and thus his three year rule began.

    It was a dictatorship, a ruthless one that lasted for four years until finally Ralear met a foe with greater strength then he. It had been a mistake, to attempt to seize the bigger cities surrounding the city of his birth. The first one had given way easily enough, the second was much tougher, but the third was his fatal blow. His lust for power had been his downfall, and his maker.


    [ What part did the hero do? ]
    The hero had met Ralear's army head first and had pushed them back away from the third cities gates, forcing them to flee and back off in their attempts to seize the city. Many of his soldiers had died that day, and his army was weakened beyond belief. They had retreated back to their city, or better said kingdom, and began re-cooperating from the blow. They are still in this state of peril, but Ralear plans to take the third city despite the damned hero and his superior forces.

    [ Is there something to them that was once good, or has there been a hateful beast just waiting to be released? ]
    No one is born evil, it is a state of being that one is shaped into by the happenings of their life. Ralear is no exception, he was born an innocent child as everyone is and came to the knowledge of power, and was seduced by it as many have been before him. His need for power only grew stronger once he was rejected by his peers when he offered them the chance to serve him, and stronger yet when he tried to conquer the third city and was beaten. It is not revenge he needs, it is power over others -- to wishes to have people to respect him and perhaps kneel at his feet, but the latter could be convinced otherwise.

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