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  1. The place you are at is an island that is obviously upside-down. Upon it is a large castle that looks to be in ruins from the outside. Once you step through the massive doorway, you realize that it is a trick of the mind, as inside, a courtyard filled with an assortment of people came into view. Or, you thought that they were people at first glance... They were in fact shadowy beings that can morph into an assortment of things, but nothing in-human. You make your way to the large castle to meet with two large suits of armor that look like they could fit a thirty foot giant. The suits block you with giant double-sided halberds and wait for a moment before moving aside and allowing you to pass. You walk into a throne room that was mostly well lit, save for the actual throne. Upon it sat a dark figure, clad in some strange form of armor, with red glowing eyes that shone from the darkness. The figure stands from his throne and claps is hands, shining a light on his form, which reveals what his armor was. Steel had fused with the bone in his armor, and some of the bones in his armor were from his body. Most were scavenged from other creatures, but he didn't seem to mind. In fact, he seemed to bask in the fact that he used corpses to defend himself. The man waits after telling the group their objective, and the light slowly moves away from him, making him lose some of his sheen.
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  2. Dark makes his intro, telling them to find the artifact and the light soon, before coughing quickly and studying the group thus far. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]So... We have a dragon disguised as a human, which could prove useful for lowering her defenses if you can hide the fact that he is evil. We have a half demon, who is undoubtedly the strongest being here, save for me. Lastly, we have a... oh there you are! Lastly we have a pixie, who may be the hardest one to see, meaning that if you hide you aura, you will be able to sneak up on that target. You three may be enough, but I highly doubt it. *sigh* Well, I at least need to show you your mode of transportation... Follow me![/BCOLOR] Dark leads you to a pitch black room, and once you reach the entrance, he tells you to wait for a moment. After bit of silence, the room slowly begins to light up, going from dimly lit, to visible in one whole minute. Once the contents of the room are reveled, Dark laughs at each of your various expressions. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Introducing The Midnight Mark XV! It has cloaking capabilities, and it can travel up to light-speed 50 in 5 seconds, going from earth's sun to Pluto in 3.5 seconds. It used to be my pride and joy, but I am strong enough to use shadows to travel that distance in half that time. Now that I no longer need it, it is yours to use at your whim. Keep in mind that "The Light" created light speed, so if it comes to chasing her down, you will be left in the dust, even at LS 50-5. It is also equipped with heat seeking missiles, a 5.7 caliber plasma launcher, 20 megaton atom bombs, and lastly the hull capabilities to withstand collisions with meteors that have a maximum area of 25 yards. That's a 75 foot meteor all around! Also, it has the ability to automatically go from electricity powered to fuel powered, in the case of things like an EMP. [/BCOLOR](Electro Magnetic Pulse. It disrupts electric signals and fries all electrical components. One EMP could send the U.S into a dark age, as communications would go dark and we would have no light, save for the sun.) [BCOLOR=#ffffff]This is how you will get to the Light's current location, planet Ludicrous. As of now, she is trying to calm the people's hearts so they will not overthrow an innocent government. You must find her and take the artifact from her, even if you must destroy her. Would you all like to go now, or wait for a few more allies before your departure?[/BCOLOR]
  3. Kementh was quiet this whole time that the man who called each of them hear spoke taking in the species of the others. He was doing his usual before heading off for a misson thinking of the options they may face. His eyes when they entered the new room went from as if he was only slightly listing to much wider eyes. He found what was inside to be interesting. Yet again he listened to the man nodding at the groups ride. He then looked at the few others. "I would be alright with going if you all wish or waitting. Either should be fine being I know from experiance numbers can prove to be a useful or not as much as a small group who might can get a job done quicker." He stated.
  4. Rafa was just listening to the things that that Dark guy talked until the Dark said he was the strongest guy in the trio of villains, he got totally quiet still listening to the things he said but totally focused in an battle between them, he didn't know if he would win or lose the battle but it would be awesome it would, seeing the Midnight Mark XV, he got a little surprised at first but stated to get less interested seeing it was just an weapon of transportation and destruction. Hearing the question that the Dark made, he was going to answer but the dragon guy said something that would totally work. Nodding to that, he answered "I think that an group will work too, like Dark said, you dragon can break her defense and/or the shorty attack her from behind so I can attack her non-stop and bam, Light's out. We get the artifact, get back here and done, we have our wishes come true." With that he looked at the Dark with an raised eyebrow, he asked as he slowly examined him "Anyway Dark, if you are so powerful, why don't you fought with her by the artifact and why don't you come with us to attack her?"
  5. The air around dark turns close to arctic cold, and the light seems to morph into darkness. He walks over to Rafa, his eyes completely hidden by the lack of light. He towers above Rafa with a staggering height that seems to only make him both taller and wider as he approaches. He is approximately 15 feet, and staring down at Rafa with eyes that were all black save for the white pupils, which were staring blankly into Rafa's soul and seeming to feed on the darkness inside of him, thus making Rafa lose power the closer Dark gets. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]The light and I have clashed many times throughout history, as we take part as each side in a war, no matter how small it may be. However, without light to balance out the universe, there would be nothing to stop the darkness (me). Despite how much I wish this were not the case, killing the light would throw the entire universe into a catastrophic state that even I could not control, thus everything would spiral out of control and die... In other words, you are only allowed to harm the light if she resists, but other than that, your objective is to steal the artifact.[/BCOLOR] Dark slowly backs away from Rafa, returning the dark intent he had stolen at the same pace. Once he is back to his normal state, he sighs awkwardly. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]As for the reason I cannot go with you, little miss light has left me with a nasty predicament after our last battle. I would usually jump at the opportunity to accompany you, but this injury would only slow me and the group to tedious speeds, something we don't have time for.[/BCOLOR] Dark pulls off the glove on his left hand to reveal that it had been completely severed and replaced with a glowing white hand. The same injury is spanned up his back close to the spine, and there was a point on his right ankle that looked like it had almost been severed. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]As you can see, light and dark don't do well together, and I tried to ambush her. If not for the strength of her followers, we would have been equally matched, but those foolish... beings, stopped me from taking the artifact for myself.[/BCOLOR]
  6. Feeling his soul being slowly frozen and his powers being absorbed by Dark, he stood still just listening and stopping his urges to get his powers back. His little demonstration of power made Rafa's blood boil for an battle between them, hearing what he was saying while he got his powers back, he said "Ok, 'boss', I got it, don't kill just steal." Seeing his bruises of his last encounter with Light, he grinned as he thought of the oncoming battles, still with the grin, he asked "Light will be difficult if we fight with her and her followers, but what I want to know is, her followers have the same power as her or they are just got powerful when she is around?"
  7. One of Dark's minions ran up to him, panting and looking recently spooked. "Master Dark Sir, another has arrived."

    It had came running on all fours, like a wolf chasing prey. A dagger-toothed, wicked smile was perpetually plastered on its face and looked like a full sized puppet made of old bone and colored with old paint. Several strings ending in rusty sickle blades were attached to its body, writhing as if they had a mind of their own. It had recent bloodstains splashed across its form, as it had stopped at a nearby village to avoid hurting its employer through unappeased bloodlust. Upon meeting the two titans of metal it demanded entry, but was denied, something idiotic about not being on a list. It now stood outside the throne room, a low growl emanating from its unnerving smile.
  8. Dark hides the scars before summoning one of his minions by clawing his good hand through the air to make a hole in the universe, in which a stream of black ooze flies out like a string before condensing into a blob. It is a black blob at first, simply floating in the air in front of Rafa, before beginning to take shape. It forms into an exact copy of Rafa, from the clothes and weapons, down to the very same blood. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]As you can see, my minions have the ability to copy anyone and anything, down to the very atoms in your cells. Light does the exact opposite of me, as her followers have talent and minds of their own. They find your weakness, as even they have one, and use it to their advantage. Light seems to have trained them well, as my minions can only imitate one person. They switch places according to their allies weaknesses, and put those weaknesses to their advantage, destroying my minions easily. I could have created more of my own, but once I tried, she cut off my good arm. My wounds have been healing for the past 5 years, as all of my arm was white like my hand when we first fought. Even her minions have weaknesses, but they look out for each other, as they have feelings and a will. They use their time defending each other to study your attacks and blocks, and they shift according to that. If the battle lasts for even a few minutes, they pretty much know all of your weak points by then, and once they do, you are done for. Now, to stop beating around the bush, they have minds of their own, so they don't need her help. One has [/BCOLOR] Dark clenches his hand tightly, and the fake Rafa disintegrates into a puddle of black ooze. Dark opens his hand again, this time like he was holding a platter, and the puddle makes a black string again before going into the fleshy bone of his hand, vanishing from sight inside of him. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Enough[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#ffffff] of that though, seems we have another ally that has just arrived. Have you heard everything, Poppet, or do I need to explain it again.[/BCOLOR]
  9. Once he had finished doing that, Dark looked at the one who had informed him that Poppet had arrived. His eyes began to glow, and the man's essence began to float out of his body before disappearing into the atmosphere. The man drops down to the floor like a sack of potatoes, and Dark waves his hand for him to be taken away. A human sized suit of stone armor approaches and opens up. It falls on top of the messenger's body, and after a few moments, it stands with him inside. It turns and leaves to go dig it's own grave, with the dead man inside.
  10. He said holding an hand on his chin and looking at Dark "So it would not be so easy as I thought, but it will be interesting." Looking at the other who was around he asked "Anyway, with an group like ours, I think we can trick her by winning her trust and steal the artifact, what do you guys think?" he waited for their response as he examined one by one with an raised eyebrow.
  11. Kementh was quiet. Hehad listened to all the others and had placed his hands in pockets. 'Interesting' to know he thought. Before thinking on what he might should say. Kementh only cared truely to get the job done as soon as possible for he would be paid in a unique way compared to his other jobs therefore his eyes were mainly set on getting things done. Then hearing one of the others mention stealing he gave a smirk. "Stealing is my specialty." He stated. "So yes with a group like ours it should be easy or well interesting to see how we work with one another. Your not my usual team I bring along so it will be a change of speed." He replied.
  12. The Poppet walked inside, noticing first that everything was excessively dark, then that there were others. It wasn't aware that there would be others and it stared at each of them for a uncomfortably long time. Everyone here was a obviously a right fool, what was the point of killing that minion?

    The Poppet questioned the functionality of bone armor, and wondered why the tiny flying one aggravated it so much. It absentmindedly nodded at the one who creatively called himself Dark's question, it would catch on eventually. At the the one named Rafa's proposal it looked at him with its unflinching smile and said, "you three may, I don't have the most trusting of appearances." There was no humor in its voice as it gestured to its bloody body and floating sickles.
  13. Dark grinned at the group with an evil face before turning his back on them. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]If you are ready, then you can leave immediately and head for your target's destination, Ludicrous, as I also have one job before then. Infiltrate one of the Hero's Guilds and make the people of the light trust you. Then you can easily get to Ludicrous, unhindered by the light. You may even be ale to steal the artifact and cover up your tracks if you disguise your intentions.[/BCOLOR] Dark flinches and turns around after thinking for a moment. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]You all do know what a Hero's Guild is, right?[/BCOLOR]
  14. Kemeth watched Dark turn his back and speak. 'Never leave your back unprotected.' He thought to himself and smirked but listened knowing if he tried something he wouldn't get paid. "Ah yes a Hero's Guild. I've never actually had to be in one before but have heard that other gangs have a hard time taking from them. Though I'm not like most Gang Leaders. We should be fine." He answered his hands he placed in his pockets and leaned back a bit.
  15. Rafa was going to ask something to Dark again but a thing named Poppet or something he hadn't listened appeared and he get interested in that thing, he couldn't stop looking at it, it was different and really interesting with it's bloody body and those sickles floating, with an smile he answered "Appearance means nothing if you have power to destroy your enemies and you look like someone powerful." Turning his attention to Dark, he answered his question with an bored expression "Yeah, yeah, I know what it is because Hero's Guilds were common in my home planet." Walking closer to the Midnight Mark XV, he asked trying to figure out where was the door in that thing "So... we go now or someone have something to say?"
  16. If the Poppet dropped its head into its clawed hand. "So your one of those fools." Without explaining what it had said it turned to, oh excuse it, Dr. Dark. It doubted he had actually gone to medical school. "Of corse I do, do you imagine me a fool? I do have two questions pertaining to this artifact. One, if it was broken what would happen? Two, what are you planning to do with it?"

    That Rafa moron wouldn't stop staring at the Poppet like a newborn seeing the world for the first time. The only one who had not shown their stupidity as of yet was the one named Kemeth. She choose that this was solely due to the fact that they had not yet spoken.
  17. Hearing the Poppet, he sighed throwing his head up in boredom "Thats what you get from trying to talk with an broken piece of nothing, a total waste of time." he said as he slowly yawned, grabbing his sword, he slowly started slashing the air with it, trying to not die from boredom and waiting to Dark answer the Poppet question.
  18. Ella began to daydream inside of the throne room, catching sight of, what, four people? The twins had not taught her yet how to count properly. She fled to a corner.
    "I-I'm sorry for interrupting, but does anyone here have snacks? The twins forgot mine, and I'm kind of hungry..."
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  19. Dark turns to them and makes a strange face to them... It was actually a slight look of fear as he explains. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]If the artifact is broken, a completely new era of torture and suffering would be ushered in. It would release the being inside of the artifact that make light and dark look like children's toys. He embodies the very meaning of destruction, as me and the light embody the creation of the multiverse. If you or anyone else breaks that artifact, then you may as well forfeit your lives no matter who or what you are. Fortunately, the artifact is supposed to be strong, so it would take a lot to break it... In fact, you could bring an entire planet down upon it and there would barely be a scratch. As for what I plan to do with it, that is entirely up to all of you.[/BCOLOR] Dark finishes his sentence before turning to Ella, looking surprisingly gentle despite the fact that he is the essence of all darkness and evil. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]Hello there, so you must be the Ella I heard about! I heard there was someone from Wonderland was coming, yet without being offensive, I was expecting someone... larger. No matter now, are you all ready to go now, because once you do, I shall have my volunteer join you. He does not enjoy being seen, so we had to make sure everyone was ready before he showed himself.[/BCOLOR]
  20. Ella slowly nodded before retreating further into her corner. Whoever this person was, they sounded dangerous.
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