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Cosmic Orion

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I want this to be like when a bunch of guys (Or girls. WUTEVA.) get together and swap stories. Tall tales. I don't care if you have anyone to back it up. I just want to read some of the crazy stuff we've all seen, done on accident, or managed to pull off in a moment of glory. HILARIOUS OR EPIC OR BOTH. There's no time limit on how old or recent it was or even how well remembered it is. . . just tell the story as best you can. And we can all laugh and drink various beverages.


Over Spring Break I was at my Cousin's house. He has "Star Ocean: The Last Hope" and I talked him into letting me play it because he was killing stuff over & over again to get this one item that I don't remember the name of that some big turtle drops.


So I'm killing stuff. . . and all the sudden I run into this enemy that looks like a big gorilla. Which I don't know the name of. I only played the game for 20 minutes. But while fighting and whooping it's arse I punched it in the arse. . .


I'm not talking about a wave of the stuff primates throw either. I'm talking about an item that was a literal cup of HOT. FUCKING. CHOCOLATE. THAT YOU COULD DRINK!!!!

That's just ONE of my stories & it was only last week.

It isn't too hard to tell these stories, right?

So, Crysis. My Laptop has terminal cancer(There is a massive crack that covers all non-essential viewing area, fo' rizzles, so I call it cancer. It's getting bigger), so I go to my rapidly dwindling supply of friends to leech on their games, because they're parents sacrificed their children to corporate devotion so they could have a nice house.

ANYWAY, so my brother's friend has a computer made entirely of epic. This thing was like 17k. I whistled. It lit up too. LIKE A FUCKING LANCER! So not only does the thing computer quantum mechanics, it looked like a warp drive too! And of course, it could play Crysis on highest setting no problem. So I was attaching the neuro-jack playing, and I turned a corner. SHIT ENEMY! *BLAM* Reflexive shotgun shot. The ragdoll fell down against a corner, and his the little decorative bump/hand rail or whatever, and that propped him up. But he was holding the rifle slack in one hand, and the other one looked semi-clenched. But he was up against a wall so it looked like he was crouching.

So he was squatting, clenching a fist, his face twisted in agony, and what was pooling at his feet? Blood. Yep, the guy looked like an Alien chose his anus as it's preferred exit point. So I took a picture with my cellphone, because the guy's 300 gb drive had so many high-spec games it couldn't hold a screencapping program(eyes rolling away!) So I took a cellphone picture, like a primate. And promptly lost it when I dropped it in a glass of water.
Playing the original Resident Evil with Reiz. We were tag teaming the game with who ever off was looking at a guide online. Sure it was cheating but we wanted to play through for the story mainly. So we hit the part where you return to the mansion with the hunters making an entrance. Now we had no real problems with them, as I had the grenade launcher, but there was one scene where we had a bit of issues. It went something like this.

Reiz: "So enter the next hallway and there should be a Hunter that walks down the hallway from you"

Me: "No problem."

Slyen kills hunter with grenade launcher


Another hunter jumps in from off sceen and has enough time to hurt Jill before Slyen has spammed it with grenades. Reiz meanwhile makes cringing sound at sudden appearance of hunter.

S: "I thought you said their was only one!"

R: "The guide said there was only-Oh..."

Reiz trails off, having answered while reading further to see that the writer did mention the second hunter jumping in from off screen.

And that is my story.
Playing Cortex Command, Maginot Mission.

One of my defenders has his arms and legs shot off of his body. He uses his jetpack to run at the guy shooting him and jump, trying to crush the attacker. He is shot to death mid-flight. He kills the attacker with his flying corpse.

Recently while playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite I decided to take on 'The King's Descendents,' the Azure Rathalos and the Sakura Rathian.

Well, I always go after the Rathian first as the bitch queen is easier to kill than the Rathalos is. I have a specific sequence to go by when hunting either wyverns.

Tail, claws, head.

Cut the tail off, break the wing claws, and break the head crest.

Well, I got the tail off and the bitch queen flew to another zone, so I carve from the tail.

Of all things that I could have got I carved a Fire Wyvern Brainstem.

Someone tell me how that is physically possible!
Ace Combat Zero.

Defeating Rot Squadron with a MiG-21.

Rot Squadron is composed of 4 Eurofighter Typhoons, and the Typhoon is one of the most nimble things in the sky. It can go supersonic and can turn on a dime... sort of.

The MiG-21 is a plane from a generation past, and while it's easy to field, it's not exactly a great performer. It's as fast as a plane should be, but it's not very fast compared to other planes in the game. It has a smaller weapon loadout compared to the Typhoon (or any other well-performing plane that anyone would set their eyes on, for that matter).

With that in mind, I had a bitch of a time chasing them. But it was absolutely possible to keep up with them in what can be considered a starter plane.

And no, I didn't use the special MiG-21 variant. Suck on it.

Don't get me started on how Paorou killed me with the Falken's TLS in ACX.
I was playing Animal Crossing on the gamecube, and I forgot that I had Yuko over playing with it too a few months back. And when I was talking to one of the animals they...

they called me a "hoesammich". XD I laughed.

OKAYOKAY, more serious video game!

I played Oblivion on the man's computer and i was raiding the fuck out of this cave! And then I turned around and this bigass goblin was in my face, and I screamed like a girl while I hacked it to pieces. t____t
I played Oblivion on the man's computer and i was raiding the fuck out of this cave! And then I turned around and this bigass goblin was in my face, and I screamed like a girl while I hacked it to pieces. t____t

I have girl friends who act like this every time they play Left 4 Dead 2.

Every. Damn. Time.
Well I was playing Final Fantasy 4 for the DS yah know that piece of crap one. Well an item in the game you side quest for is called Rainbow Pudding.

I spent about 5 hours I know I am going a little over the top with that but yeah well I sitting in the Antlions den fighting a bunch of Flan. Well I can't find it so I continue off my other file the one that was completed once and I go through to the Octomamoth and I find it so I say "Hey cool I should go... aw crap I can't go back and save right now" full well knowing that you can't go back I say then "Alright I will just beat the Octomamoth and then save" well turns out I die and I can never find it again *well again a little over the top*.

Anyway that was my story and it was a rather oh my god why did this have to happen now kind of moment. Well anyway if anything else pops up into my head I will come back and be glad to tell you all so bye for now.
So in fallout 3, I have recently downloaded the Space Marine Armor Mod. Naturally I chose the Grey Knight Terminator armor.

Grey Knight Terminator in a fistfight with a super mutant. it was an epic moment
Diana's L4D2 a story jogged my memory.

I will admit right now I am not a MASTER of 1st person shooters but I'm decent. The L4D series however just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The fact enemies just keep coming annoys the hell out of me. But trying to push all that aside I tried playing L4D2 with my now Ex-GF because she had just gotten it.


We're at the end of Dark Carnival, and I literally mean the end because the Chopper had just landed in the stands after the pyrotechnic show. Well it was on EASY, but the game apparently still hates your guts & wants brains by sending out ridiculous amounts of special infected.

So she gets knocked down, I go to help her, then in the process of that *I* got knocked down just as she got up. Then finally we made a break for it but because of low health AND THE FACT YOU MUST GO ALL THE GODDAMN WAY FROM THE STAGE TO THE STANDS WHICH IS RIDICULOUS . . . we didn't make it to the chopper alive.


The AI team members had totally ditched us to save their own asses and made it to the chopper. Thus some how TECHNICALLY completing the campaign without giving us a chance to restart at a checkpoint. So no achievement. After making it all the way there and getting THAT close.

To this day I refuse to play those games. >___>
An Epic moment, All through Dark Carnival with only Katana's.

Yes. Two Tanks. With Katana's. I made it out with 5 health. Everyone else made it with 75 plus. It was advanced.
Operation Flashpoint.

I managed to do five missions without getting killed more than ten times.

I think I may have actual PTSD now.
Speaking of Operation Flshpoint, I once completed a mission just by being wounded. Some faggot shot a wound in me that was damaging enough to prevent me from walking on two legs.

All of my team mates were killed while I was on the run. Apparently the enemy was sent into retreat. Lolwut?
Hahah, silly triggers.

Man, I'd check out Arma II if it ran on my shitty computer, heard it's even MORE realistic.

And by that I mean you don't do shit most of the time lolz seemeulaichuns gaemz.
Call of Duty: Big Red One
so there i was doing a bit of house clearing, i toss a grenade into a building and let it go boom.
normal procedure: run in and waste whatever moves
instead i run in and there is a german hanging by his head from the ceiling. i go upstairs and in the two upstairs rooms there are also germans hung by their heads from the ceiling. so i strolled out all "now what, bitches"
Soul Calibur 2:
Me and my brother used to play SC 2 and 3 against each other all the time, but the interesting stories happened on 2.

The first was when me and my brother were playing from 7 or 8 at night to 2 in the morning. I was mainly using Mitsurugi, he was mainly using Taki, the end result was close to 50 to 52 wins, myself and my brother respectively.

The other, I don't remember who I was playing as, but my brother was playing as Yoshimitsu. I had just taken a drink of my soda when my brother pulls off a random move were Yoshimitsu extends his hand and say "well done".

MOST PAINFUL MOVE IN SOUL CALIBUR! the soda went straight up my nose.
Armored Core: Nexus.

A friend of mine decided we should settle which rate was better through Armored Core.

Gunners Mate VS Electronics Technician.

At the time I had some real bad ass ACs in my inventory geared for Multipurpose Strike Warfare, Long Range Recon, and CQB.

I offered to let him use one of my machines but he declined, boasting 'I can kick your ass with the default machine.

Sixty wins later he still declined my offer to use one of my machines.

Obstinate tool...
Slyen's story above reminds me of yet another story in what should be called "Reiz and Slyen Theater".

One violent day, the both of us were playing Gears of War. For those not familiar, simply enough it's a fairly violent third person shooter that has chainsaws on assault rifles. They happen to me great for trolling, but that's not the story I'm telling tonight.

In the game mode we were in, it was basically team last man standing. Our team had all 4 members still standing - the opposing team had but one, who had done one hell of a disappearing act. Slyen and I were simply bullshitting as we played, and at one moment I stepped around a corner, still talking to him. The very next, my dude's head (literally) exploded from a sniper shot, cutting me off mid sentence and freaking out Slyen for a few moments.

You don't exactly expect your friend's head to explode mid sentence as he rounds a corner, I suppose.