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I'm playing through Metro 2033 at the moment on the hardest difficulty setting available. It's a post-apocalyptic shooter staged in Russia after we nuked the planet to death. I'm having fun with it.

I had come to a section of the game where your buddy gets taken prisoner, and you "decide" that you're going to go save his ass. Between him and you is about twelve or so heavily armed bandits, who on the "hardcore" difficulty setting also happen to be expert marksmen. I took my time observing them for awhile, then I spent the better part of an hour sneaking about, extinguishing torches, using shadows, and painstakingly killing every... single... one. Many throwing knives and several bullets later, they all laid dead, and I was free to approach the next area at my leisure.

What confused me was the cinematic that played when I reached the door. It clearly showed the main character opening the door and hearing voices behind him, then turning to see a bunch of people rushing him-- the bandits I had just so painstakingly killed. All screaming, "Catch him! Stop him!"

You weren't supposed to kill the bandits. You were supposed to sneak around them.

... Blood for the Blood God.

Cosmic Orion

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Man, game pplz rly need to work on creating alternate cutscenes for possible situations like that one. I do like that story though. XD


I was playing Spider-Man 3 for my ex-gf a few months ago because she had gotten stuck at the part where you go after kingpin because you have to fight three former bosses at once. FUN. Don't even get me started on how cheap they are all at once. But what was really fun was actually fighting the crimelard of NY himself. Died a few times but then started fighting him just like Spidey would, with really fast and brief combos before leaping away where he couldn't reach. This after dying like seven times.

I was getting real close on my last try, almost had him & then went into black-suit rage to really put a big load of hurt him. I was literally hitting him so hard that he was getting pushed up against the ceiling. It was AWESOME. Until he went through the ceiling.

He. Phased. Through. The. Ceiling.

Onto the other side where I couldn't get at him to kill him the rest of the way. It didn't even register him as dead which meant Kingpin definitely phased through cause PHYSICALLY PASSING THROUGH A CIELING is quite a feat for such a HYOOG guy. But hey just restart at the beginning of the fight RIGHT? HAH! Only in the dreams of a good Marvel movie tie in game besides Iron Man. Because to this game the last actual checkpoint is back at the start of the WHOLE MISSION. Way before you even fight the three former bosses at once.


Karsikan the Berzerker

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I hate a moment on oblivion that caused my braind to melt for a good five minutes.

When I came to a new town, the name of which i don't remember, I was asking around about the general goings on. I approached a Dark elf woman and the first words she said to me "Do you happen to know what the penalty for Necrophilia is?" Now at the time maintaining my military bearing I answered "I'd have to say about 500 gold coins" to which she responded "Oh Good! That's lower than the fine in morrowind!" *brainshitfartdie*

Captain Nic

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Armored Core: Nexus.

At the time I had some real bad ass ACs in my inventory geared for Multipurpose Strike Warfare, Long Range Recon, and CQB.

I offered to let him use one of my machines but he declined, boasting 'I can kick your ass with the default machine.
smug necron.jpg

I'd bet he'd be raging even more if it was a game of Last Raven. PARTS DESTRUCTION.

And... wow. He really must have huge guts and a huge ego to use the default machine. It's like being in an MT, but not.


Arsenal XA4

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As I don't have a PS2 any more I'll have to wait to pick that one up.

Any who, around the same time period I was in Gunners Mate A School was the same time I had gotten into Killzone. I was getting damn good at applying my budding knowledge of real world weapons to the weapons in the game.

Especially the grenade launchers.

I put a 40mm frag into a window on one multiplayer map where a buddy was sniping from.

Forty mikes of HEDP in the face.

Also one reason why I'll take Killzone over Halo. Killzone has grenade launchers.