Veritas: Breaking Tides (Highschool/Martial Arts -Fighting Setting)

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  1. Hello folks, glad I've been able to grab your attention for a while.

    If you've read the korean manga such as The Breaker, or Veritas, then you know what I'm talking about. These particular mangas are actually called manwha, but lets not worry about that. You also have manga such as History's Strongest Disciple: Kenichi and the likes. What I can say is that this RP will have a mixed setting between the koren manhwa's I've mentioned. I will refer links to the people who are in the unknown so they can get a general idea about what I'm actually talking about.

    You can also suggest other manga/anime/manhwa that are similar to the ones I've mentioned to draw in a bigger audience for this.

    This will be based on a high school setting, with class. Yes, this high school will be one of a kind, quite popular and powerful.

    There will be two parts of this school. You will have a side with just normal people doing what they normally do, and then you'd have the others who are exceptionally talented in fighting. Now then, every character will attend the school like the others, but there will be tournaments and fighting within the school. Challenges, a way to become popular amongst the talented.

    I plan on involving a Student Council who will be overseeing everything. They have total control and power over the entire school, even more than the teachers.

    You will be allowed to create original fighting styles or use something that's canon. If its something canon, it needs to make sense in our world.

    This will be an open world RP. Meaning, you will be allowed to create your own plots, rivalries, betrayal and much more. Don't worry though. There will be an overall main plot that will drive the storyline forward.

    You will and can create plots outside the school. You are not bound to and around it.

    This is a setting that's hidden from the normals, the ordinary. Basically, it is a hidden world of the martials arts, completely different than the latter. No one actually knows about this.

    The normals, as I like to call them for now, who attend the school will have an idea about what goes on around there, what the school is really for.

    There can be clans that can hail from Korea, China and such for the RP, because the RP will be in Japan. That's basically the setting.

    This is no ordinary school; it's a place for instructing exceptional fighters, set up by an organization called the Crux, which has mastered biotechnology and robotics at a level far beyond anything in the real world. Things like this will also be involved here.

    There will also be teachers who are talented in such martial arts who will oversee, observe and keep things under control. The people behind this school holds great power throughout Japan, China and Korea. It is because of these people this world is hidden from the rest, and another reason for why the Governments, the Police are ignoring this. As long as it doesn't clash with whats normally out there.

    - Student Council
    - Teachers (Mostly NPCs)
    - Normal People.
    - Characters

    I am still working on the details but thought I'd at least see if people are interested in this. Now, I will list the manga/manhwa's I've mentioned above so people can check them out.

    Any more examples such as these are welcomed. I just want to let you know that you are not allowed to create super characters that are like DBZ chars and Naruto etc.

    So what do you think?.. Are you perhaps interested? Or have questions you'd want answered. Then ask away.

    If anyone has bigger suggestions for such an RP, you are free to PM me.​
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  2. Interested, and another manga that involves a high school setting and fighting is Beezlebub.
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  3. Yes, indeed, however that is different. Because its basically delinquents fighting, or rather most of it is like a dog fight. I dont mind that here, but thats different than what I've mentioned. However, thanks for your interest and mentioned Beelzebub. Kinda disappointed that the manga ended. It was so good too. XD
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  4. Count me interested as well.
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  5. I think I might be in on this, even though it is not like one of the best High School-setting/fighting Manga(Beelzebub!) in my own opinion.
  6. I do plan on involving political power and government and slowly expand this RP outside of the school. I dont plan on making this a fighting/tournament type of RP.

    Yes, things like that will play a part and such. I plan on going into more details regarding that. There will be school events among other things.

    @Axel Rover - Yes Beelzebub was an awesome anime/manga. I read and watched it so I know what you're talking about. But I was more or less referring to demons and the likes. How supernatural that was in comparison to this. Yes, we will have some supernatural or extraordinary fighting styles here.

    You are also welcome to have a fighting style which is just random such as in Beelzebub, except a few techniques here and there.

    I am glad this interested you and @CasketCase
  7. Sounds cool ...
  8. Some more information I'm adding. Every character will have Ki which will play a crucial part in the RP. Basically, that will be what you use in order to do extraordinary attacks and the likes. Use your unique fighting styles.


    These are the elements you can use, and let me just put it out there but through the element Metal, you can have Lightning.

    You can't shoot elements such as this from your legs or hands as if they were projectiles, but you can make fighting styles that perhaps, by manipulating your KI the right way, will allow you to attack which can create an effect based on these elements. There can be styles who doesn't rely solely on their Ki but then again, Ki is where its at.
  9. Just kind of posting here to bump this because I'll be taking part in it.
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  10. You have garnered my eye.
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  11. The only real curiosity I have at this very moment is whether or not this thing will take off sooner rather than later?

    In all due respect, I might've lied when I said I had only one curiosity, for I have two. Is it possible for myself to 'dibs' the spot of a student council member?
  12. I would like to note that the Student Council are characters that are quite well-versed and powerful with their own styles. Brought from their clans or not. I do want to have this take off sooner rather than later, but I am just waiting for a bit more interest from people before I start working on the OOC and then the IC.

    My Co-GM is @BoB (Best of Boxes)³ so we will be working together to get this up asap.

    The Student Council Members are also overseeirs over events, as they also create them in some cases. A person can challenge a Student Council Member if they'd want their spot, or to just have their reputation grow, or perhaps rivalry, or bitterness, jealousy and more from other characters that are not a part of the Student Council.

    There can be many plot points to involve a Student Council Member. Now, I see that you want dibs on a Student Council member. I am willing to give you a spot within the council, since they will be the highest ranking fighters than the rest, but will not partake in events, unless there are some special circumstances involved. What I'm trying to say is that they may observe and do something on the side rather than fight most of the time against other players. They are obviously not NPCs but I hope you know what I'm trying to get at here. Anyhow, if you want a spot within teh council then I'll allow.

    However, the Student Council President and the Vice President spot are not up for grabs. There are in total five positions but two are taken.

    The VP position might be available soon if anything.
  13. Well Akashi, you know how I like to make characters. So I think a Student Council Member fits along more of my preferred role that I usually RP in Groups. If you don't mind, but you know me by now :P
  14. I would like it if people made at least two characters if they want a student council president. With both @Artorias and @The Creator Prime taking two of the three available spots, one more is available.

    When I say two characters if you have a spot within the Student Council, then I mean a character who is not a part of the Student Council. We only have interest from 4-7 players so far. So if you guys do not mind, I'll give you both a spot within the SC if you make two characters at least.

    Three is max.

    If you already did decide on making two characters from the start. Then we'll have no problem :)
  15. Yeah, I'm still interested.
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