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    Okay, so this is a search for a new partner. Recently, I started planning for a Sailor Moon based RP, involving a Sailor Venus x OC pairing. We had only just begun the IC and due to reasons I won't disclose, my partner decided that they couldn't participate in the RP anymore. I really liked the plot and concept, so here I am asking somebody to pick up where my partner left off. I would be playing the OC, while my partner played Sailor Venus.

    I'll provide both the original idea we had for this, as well as the already-existing IC thread. Here's the basic idea we had while we were plotting:

    Dealing with both her real life and her duties as a Sailor Scout, Sailor Venus, or Mina, as her friends know her, has not had quite an easy time. Despite how many fans her alter identity has, she feels as if the fandom is comprised mostly just of weird guys who just like the idea of dating a Sailor Scout. She really just wants a guy who would like both Sailor Venus and Mina for who she is, not for how short her skirt is.

    However, one day at school, she gets a mysterious note in her locker: a love sonnet given to her by somebody named "Misutāshai" (Mister Shy). When the other scouts get their hands on it, they explain that whoever wrote it obviously has a massive crush on her. Mina has no doubt of that in her mind, but she really wishes to know who he is and, if possible, talk with him about the notes.

    After a week passes, with a new note each day, Mina becomes focused on finding the author and confronting him. Her search leads to a new student from America, who admits to being Mr. Shy. Before she can ask why he was leaving the notes rather then just talking to her, a Starman appears and she's forced to transform, fighting it with her fellow scouts. When the dust clears, Dylan discovers that the girl he's been crushing in for so long is actually a Sailor Scout.

    Knowing that both of their secrets have been revealed, the two meet up in private to discuss it. Dylan promises that he won't reveal Mina's identity, not wanting anything in return. Feeling herself moved by his kindness and also letting her confused emotions for Mister Shy get out, Mina makes him a deal: she'll go out with Dylan for six dates.

    With only six dates to impress the girl he's been thinking about for months, Dylan will do everything in his power to prove that he's no longer Mr. Shy, but for Mina, he's Mr. Right.

    Here's the link to the IC thread. Hopefully, this idea impresses somebody and we can continue this ^^
  2. Still looking
  3. I want to..but we have three others already, two of which are on hold... :cryingeyesout:
  4. I knooooow, but maybe we can put one more on hold and rotate every now and again? You're such a good partner and I'm absolutely dying to see how this goes!

    Not that I'm not dying to see where our other RP's go, but we can do awesome things together! Pweeeeease? :3
  5. Sigh* only cuz you're awesome..
    I'll do it!

    Just one question. Why does your char look like a girl? I assume the dark person beside Venus in the pic up top is Dylan...?
  6. Well, why does Tuxedo Mask look oddly feminine?

    Short answer: I don't know, but I like the image. Besides, anime dudes always kind of look girly.
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  7. True. Okay so am I playing all of the sailor scouts for this? Lol

    Also, how does the whole Sailor V fan base work if her identity as a true sailor scout protecting the solar system is a secret?
  8. I'd guess you are, but they don't have to be in every post. Like the Marvel RP, the other team members of the Synthetics only post every now and again, while Electro (in this case, Venus) would be the primary character you post for.

    Hmm, I can't remember. I haven't seen the show for a while (my sister forced me to watch it years back), so how does it work? I can't remember if people knew she was both Sailor V and Sailor Venus.
  9. Hmm...might have to do some research and rewatch a few episodes before posting tonight
  10. Just looked into it. Forgot Sailor V came before Sailor Venus. She woke up first and used the "Sailor V" name as a seperate character. She didn't become Venus until the other scouts woke up.

    I'd say people realized that V became Venus, but since she was 13 during her first identity's run, it would've been really weird to hit on her. I assume she's like, 18-19 now because I believe I said Dylan was 2 years younger then her
  11. This is what I found from wiki and I guess her fanbase just sees her as someone who characterizes Sailor V but don't take the true Saving the Solar System thing seriously but we can make something up about her England stuff.

    Two of the side stories, however, featured Sailor V actually fighting alongside Sailor Moon. In the first "Chibiusa's Picture Diary" story she helped to rescue a fan of Sailor V, while in the third story she simply fought as Sailor V with no explanation given.

    [edit]AnimeSailor V in the anime

    In the anime, Sailor V briefly operated inLondon, England, until she returned toJapan and joined the group. In England, she was friends with Interpol officerKatarina and had a crush on a boy named Alan. It is not clear who in the Dark Kingdom might have been running operations in England, but after Sailor V joined the others in Tokyo, there was no talk ofYouma or anything else attacking England.

    [edit]CostumeSailor V's costume in the anime deviated from the manga version. The orange top edges of her gloves were the same as those of her Sailor Venus gloves and her top was sleeveless. She also did not have the crescent moon mark on her forehead.
  12. Okay, so does that mean people knew she's the same person?
  13. I you want them to?
  14. Sure, alternate universes make not remembering Jack about a fandom easier :3
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  15. So, any other questions you have before we start?
  16. Nope. Hopefully I'll have time to rewatch an episode or two and post tonight.
  17. Sweet. Can't wait!
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  18. Actually...who is the note about. When I read It I wondered who he saw her with in the square. Does she have a boyfriend or guy friend Dylan is jealous of or something?
  19. Its just a thing of him being like "I don't know if you have a boyfriend, but I know somebody as gorgeous as you can get one easily". Its just him being sad, she doesn't have to have been with a guy ^^;
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  20. How was that for a phone post? :D

    Ps I just saw all the tags on this story and wondered what exactly you and the other player wanted to do with this story exactly...