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Don't you people know that eating meat is bad for the enviornment and kills you and at least 100 other people within 10 minutes of consumption? Eating meat is what killed the dinosaurs and its been directly proven that it is why Africa is poor and why all murders happen. Humans are not meant to eat meat, this is why we can eat vegetables.

As many animals die every minute as Jews died during the holocaust because of meat eating and its been scientifically proven animals have feelings.

*waits for any kind of educated reply any of you guys can come up with*

Feel free to flounder around and hurl juvenile insults if you can't though.
If we can eat animals then animals should be allowed to eat us! And by us I mean everyone else but me! I'm the one saying this so therefore I'm excused from my own demands!

Please. . .teach me more.
Raised vegetarian, was corrupted by a girl.... and not just about eatiing meat.
I do believe that not eating meat is good, but should you not exclude yourself from eating the rest of the animals products as well? Being vegetarian just seems like being a lazy vegan to me.
We should eat more squids. We've eaten too much tuna already. Ecological balance yo.
While I do admire people that convert to vegetarianism for ethical reasons, I find it sad that many still have not found a balance of getting full nutrition in their diet. Humans are not herbivores, though many in the western world eat too much meat. It's all about balance, balance in yourself and balance in your environment. Have you by any chance read the Omnivores Dilemma? I think it's a fascinating look at how we get our food today. The portion where he spends time with the owners at Polyface Farm I think is most important to this discussion.
If meat is murder, than I'm a serial killer

Seriously anytime someone brings up this argument it makes me rage at the fact that your attacking someone's opinion and lifestyle for being wrong in YOUR opinion, it THAT SORT OF STUPID SHIT that causes genocide, hate, riots and ALL THE FUCKED UP SHIT IN THIS WORLD.

Waiiiit, Theres a difference between Vegetarian and vegan?
Waiiiit, Theres a difference between Vegetarian and vegan?

Yes. A Vegitarian will not eat meat.

A Vegan will not eat any kind of animal product. For instance a Vegitarian can eat cheese because it is not meat, while a vegan can't because the cheese was meant for the baby cow who was on his way to the meat grinder anyway. Not to mention they don't eat cheese anyway.


Anyway while animals may have feelings and such people forget that humans are animals too. Unlike the bulk of other species on the planet we just happen to be sapient. I do not believe for an instant that a any other animal on the planet is willing to chose, or is even capable to chose, its diet in the same way we do. While we might have pushed most dangerous species to the brink of extinction or to the wilderness, we still have to fight against them and the rest of nature in the on going battle for survival. We are a part of nature just like all animal life are. People seem to forget this, or they choose to in an effort to take the moral high ground.
Caaaaalm. I'm seeing slight attitudes.

Humans ARE omnivores. We ARE meant to have a balance of both flora and fauna in our diet. Without proper knowledge on how to truly balance this out, you could endanger yourself by trying to become vegan.

Take cats for instance. Say their fuckin crazy owner decides, they're going vegan and SO ARE HER PETS GODDAMMIT! So the cat gets lovely vegan products.

Guess what happens?

First it goes blind.

Then it dies.

Some animals are meant to have a certain diet. Cows are MEANT TO EAT GRASS. Anything else is NOT GOOD FOR THEM. One of the problems with the dairy and slaughter industries of today.

Humans are meant to have both protein derived from other animals, and the nutrition in the plant life around them. It's why our teeth are the way they are. Some of our teeth are meant for grinding, some are for biting and tearing, THIS IS COMMON I THINK. Even thought I have extensive dental history, I believe most know that.

Also, it's been part of our diets for some time. Human ancestors were nomadic, following food sources, then they made groups, slightly less nomadic and eventually became more grounded, being able to grow various edible plants.

If you can make it work for you, that's fine and dandy.

But personally, I didn't have a cheeseburger until I was 14, and ribs until I was 16, so I'm trying to make up for lost time.

I've already paid a good deal of my child hood to Rice Dream, Non-Gluten, No artifical colors, ect.

It's a big choice. just be prepared.
if I were to become vegan,
it'd only be because I don't eat meat, etc. to begin with, I've never liked the taste.
it's also expensive, and a big life decision, everyone always says they're vegetarian, but after a year or two, it just gets to hassle some, and eventually they quit, now could you imagine how much pressure vegans have to quit?
Our world, humanity, is made for omnivores, there's meat and meat products in everything, and yes, we are an animal.
But truly?
Do we have to butcher our meat so brutally?
No, we can have farmed animals, like it's suppose to be, who are not on steroids, and all the other chemicals that are put into our meats now a days.
But who cares? That doesn't make as much profit, because all that matters in the end is money.

If you want to make an effort to stop animal cruelty, don't stop eating meat, respect that it's dead, and shouldn't b wasted, rather actually stand up for their rights, do protests and petitions, MAKE A DIFFERENCE, don't just sit there and think that because you're not eating meat, a cow or chicken is being saved right now.

And by the way, I'm not calling anyone out on this, I'm just stating a fact that most people forget when they decide that lifestyle.

Anyways, Bee's done on this subject, I stated my opinion, and that's the end of it.
Good points there, Bee!

While Temple has helped somewhat in the bovine industry, there's still a LOT to be done.

One of the biggest things that puts peta off is the fact that low wage workers are allowed to take their frustrations on the animals. Such as the KFC case, which is quite brutal, and the video, I will admit, made me cry.

Either way, you got your choice of pesticide salad or abbused meat. Take your pick.

Seriously, yeah it takes money, which not everyone has, and it takes time, which not everyone knows how to manage, but there are ways to avoid the worse of the industry. Organic is a start, but only sometimes. I'm not saying you should spend $3 on a box of mac & cheese that you can get for 69c. But what if you buy the noodles yourself, and the cheese? Taste better AND is inbetween the two prices even if you buy organic. If you have access to small farms, farmers markets, or food co-ops, USE THEM! Maybe not for everything, but for 'special' things, or the cheaper good for you 'everyday' things. Find out which foods are most prone to pesticides and contamination. Know your seafood. Buy in season. There are a LOT of little things you can do for yourself, and your community. Start with just one, see how it goes, then move on.

Caaaaalm. I'm seeing slight attitudes.

Um, this thread was started with an attitude. I'm surprised it's stayed this civil.
The essential problem with vegetarianism/veganism is that a lot of people get into it as a fad and don't understand the basics of nutrition. They may "eat healthier" by not consuming meat, but do not compensate for the lack of protein in their diet. Over the last decade, the "Food Pyramid" once taught in schools has become more of a "Food Square" requiring equal portions of dairy, protein, carbohydrates, etc. I say eat that way--Food Square. Screw fads.
Eat kosher. That way you know the animals were killed humanely if you are that butthurt about it. :cow:
Is that true? Do they not send the meat to large processing kill farms?
Jewish law states that animal meat has to be slaughtered in very specific ways in order for it to be considered "clean." Thus mass slaughter is not considered acceptable by most of the faith.
I tried to stick to a vegetarian diet. My mom and sister are big 'meat is murder' people, and I have friends who are vegetarians. If you can do it I say good on you! I, alas, am a weak willed creature of temptation. And I need the quick protien, I can't even substitute one lousey meal, I almost died (seriously! Doctors note and everything!) When I went off meat for two weeks. We were going crazy trying to figure out what was wrong with me, I was taking iron supplements and everything but nothing was working.

And too... it's nice to picture a world without animals having to be killed for food, no matter how humanely, but in the meantime, I know my refusal to eat meat wouldn't do anything to change things, and I would kinda feel bad letting it go to waste. Like the cow died for nothing. In a world I can't change, I would rather make use of what it died for.

If this were an asylum thread I would happily say "SPONSOR A VEGETARIAN: For every animal they don't eat, eat three!!!" But really, I wouldn't be at all sad to go shopping tomorrow and see the whole world had stopped eating animals.
You guys fucking DISAPPOINT ME. I leave for a while and come back to THIS?

I expected this thread to spiral out of control in a flurry of rage, spit and baseless insults and for it to eventually be forcefully moved to Insanity.

So far only GMK has made me semi-proud. I feel like a father that has watched his son grow into a pitiful man-toddler and although I feel somewhat ashamed I am also somewhat glad that he has managed to survive this long.

Unfortunately, I must disown this thread now. Although I brought it into this world, I can't bring myself to take it I am just going to let it flounder around until it becomes severely depressed and eventually spends all its money on a therapist and in the end throws itself off an overpass onto traffic below.

You guys can have it. I DON'T WANT IT.

Your replies were pretty interesting though. So totally carry on or whatever.