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    Prologue, snow
    Morning, Varia Leader's Office, Fifth Floor, Varia HQ

    "Leader, I am excited to inform you that recently we had an influx of new recruits. Most have arrived already and await their orientation."

    "... Excellent! I have been so busy dealing with our latest client. They are such a nightmare to please..."

    The leader and the second-in-command officer of Varia were sitting on a couch sipping coffee. The leader was half-sprawled on their side of the couch. It had been another sleepless night and strewn in the coffee table in front of them was a large unfinished map.

    Risuna Tiolee, Second-in-Command, Varia

    "Leader, perhaps you should rest." Risuna offered, "I will handle their orientations if you would like."

    Beginning to snore, the leader didn't hear a word. With an amused smile, Risuna covered the leader up with a nearby blanket and left the office. "Hm... I have the perfect idea..." she said to no one in particular.

    Leaving the guarded area on the fifth floor of Varia headquarters reserved only for officers, Risuna nodded to each of the guards and strolled down the stairs. The circular stairs of Varia were grand and elegant in design. The length of each marble step was just right, allowing for a comfortable smooth gliding descent of even the most clumsy. Reaching the third floor, which housed the auditorium, Risuna asked a nearby staff member to ready the auditorium for a small audience.

    "Also, please bring a magic board and the lottery set." She added. The staff member immediately departed to accomplish his orders.

    Clasping her hands together in front of her, Risuna chuckled ominously.

    Chapter One: Welcome to Varia, bisque
    Morning, Lobby, Main Floor, Varia HQ

    The new recruits of Varia were lounging around the main lobby. As usual, the place was filled with tourists, clients, and other affiliates to the organization. While each of the recruits were accepted into the organization, they were not officially members until they had gone through orientation. The process of orientation for Varia has been a secret well-kept, so none of them knew what was in store for them.

    Suddenly, a group of staff members descended from the stairs and approached each of the new recruits respectively. The eerie thing was that each of those staff members were exactly identical in clothing as well as physical characteristics. What transcended even that creepiness was the fact that they all began speaking to their respective recruits in perfect unison.

    "Welcome To Varia. Please Follow Me To Begin Your Orientation. Your Belongings Will Be Handled And Brought To Your Rooms. Please Part With Them Now And Only Bring Your Weapons Or Tools."

    With that, each staff member led the new recruits up the stairs and into the auditorium. Upon reaching the auditorium, the staff members walked into each other and melded into one. Smiling, the staff member beckoned them in.

    The auditorium was huge and empty. The new recruits didn't even pass a dozen, so each step echoed and the sheer space made everyone feel even smaller. Reaching the front, they all chose their seats and sat down.

    At this point, Risuna Tiolee entered from stage left and smiled darkly at each of the new recruits. "I'm sure you are tired from your journey here, so please relax as I restore your vitality." Having said that, she muttered a spell and sent bright yellow orbs of light towards each of the recruits. "You should be feeling much fresher now... So! We shall begin orientation swiftly. I am Risuna Tiolee, director at Varia Exploration and Acquisition Services. Normally... we would conduct orientation one-to-one, but at the moment, most of the officers are busy with their respective missions, and so only I am available. Since time is of essence, orientation will be quite unorthodox today."

    Grinning, Risuna motioned for the magic board to be wheeled out, along with a box. Muttering another spell, she aimed it at the magic board and suddenly, writing appeared on it:

    Cynder - 1
    Wade Roscoe - 1

    Odehn - 2
    Sophia Gardinell - 2

    Eva Folchart - 3
    Gillian Smith - 3

    Kendric Silvers - 4
    Nylau - 4

    Morgan Droller - 5
    Ophevla - 5

    "Well, well! The duos have been decided. More shall be explained later, but find your partner with the same number assigned and get to know them. You are now free to explore headquarters. I will begin preparations and send staff members to locate and notify you when the next part of orientation is ready."

    Risuna walked off stage and out of the auditorium, leaving the new recruits to themselves.
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  2. Kendric sat in one of the large decorative sofas surrounding the large fountain dominating the lobby. On his forehead sit a pair of goggles that could only be described as "odd", and in his hand he held his choice book for the day "Advanced Spell Craft Theory" by R.G. Steiner. He had already been waiting for nearly an hour and a half. While it would be impossible to infer from his calm, collected demeanor, but he was bounding with excitement and anxiety on the inside. Kendric had been in this lobby numerous times before gathering feedback and ideas on the things he made, but it felt different with him being there with a different purpose.

    During the idle time, he had taken the liberty of using his goggles to gather preliminary assessment data on the others he presumed to be recruitment candidates as well. He hadn't the time to do any major scanning, but from the brief bit of info he gathered, the majority were more or less humans. Among them stood a ferre, a dwarf, and what appeared to be a half-blooded picsis. Kendric himself knew very little about any of them outside of what he had read in biology texts. Customs and traditions were hardly a concern for a person like him who only cared about qualitative, practical data.

    As a flood of identical staff members cascaded into the lobby, Kendric set his book down on his pile of luggage he had stacked next to him. Curious as to why all the staff looked, sounded and spoke identically, Kendric decided to sate his own impulse. He pulled his goggles over his eyes. In a swift movement, he traced the thumb of his right along the surface of a multifaceted gem that was mounted on his belt. Instantly, the gem begun glowing a very faint sky blue and through his goggles, a text field began to materialize in the upper left of his vision.

    'How peculiar...' He thought to himself. Satisfied with his answer, he lifted the goggles back to his forehead and the crystal at his side lost its former luster. Just as he had done so, another staff member entered and instructed everyone to leave everything but their weapons and other tools. 'It gets more and more odd doesn't it...?' At any rate, he opened one of his bags and withdrew his weapon. At first glance, it just appeared to be a simple handgun, but more further inspection would reveal a great number of nubs and buttons adorning it. With his firearm in tow, he had no second thought as he left the rest of his gear in the lobby. Making great pace, Kendric was determined to be the first in the auditorium. There was not a second thought nor outward expression of shock to be had as he witnessed the identical staff members merge into one another.

    Kendric took a seat in the front row, quite earnestly anticipating the orientation. The woman staff member revitalized everyone and this was fairly surprising to Kendric. Being able to revitalize that many people at once was no small feat. After, she introduced herself as "Risuna Tiolee, director at Varia Exploration and Acquisition Services" and explained that they were in store for an unorthodox orientation. She spoke some more and instructed everyone to find their respective partners and stay tuned for the next part. 'What could be considered "Unorthodox" here? Tch, I best find this Nylau at any rate...' He thought to himself.

    Mustering his most polite and refined smile, Kendric stood up and spoke. "Who is number 4, 'Nylau' ?" He said to none in particular
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  3. The building was nothing less than what the Ferre had expected. It was magnificent to her eyes which only allowed her the simple pleasures of nature. The humans were still fascinating her, even after living among them for three years. She carried nothing but the pack strapped to her back and it was only filled with necessities. Nylau was surprised to see the building quite occupied. She hadn't been sure what to expect but so many people were a surprise. They seemed very well off too. She glanced around but made sure not to keep her eyes on any one person too long. It was impossible for her to tell who was there to join and who were there for other reasons.

    Her ears caught every sound that reverberated off the walls, her tail twitched with excitement at the new surroundings. There were so many sights and smells and feelings! Nylau turned in circles as all of her senses were engulfed in her surroundings. She hadn't noticed the man approaching until he began to speak and she started, jumping back into an attack stance. When she realized he was part of the staff and she was to follow him she lowered her arms and did as she was told. She left her bag where specified, taking her daggers and throwing knives from their packs and sliding them into the sheaths she had a blacksmith acquaintance meld to her armor for her, then followed the strange man.

    There were others of the same dress as the man and upon further inspection she noticed they were all identical- right down to their scent. This made the feline cautious. She followed her strange man up the stairs. Nylau's fingers twitched uneasily. This is strange, even for humans, she thought. When they reached the top of the stairs the identical men merged into a single strange man. Nylau's eye were wide and her ears perked with interest. She had never seen a human do that before!

    They entered a huge auditorium next that reminded her of an open field with how small it made her feel. She looked up at the ceiling and her pupils dilated in that cat-like way, letting the golden-brown irises take up most of her eyes. "Humans...still so peculiar to me. Will I ever understand them?" A woman came out onto the stage and she gave her undivided attention. Firstly, she revitalized the group. Nylau accepted the kindness warmly. So this woman was the director... "but at the moment, most of the officers are busy with their respective missions, and so only I am available..." So far she had been made aware that the humans here were not like the ones she worked for or lived around in the city.

    When the the woman cast a spell toward the board and numbers began to appear Nylau leaned forward in her seat. She released them to explore the building with a reminder that they would be found by the staff later on for the next part of the orientation. The initiation process reminded the Ferre of her tribe and she could admit that it made her stop for a moment and think about her life so far. But there were new places and such interesting humans to explore and experience so she put on a fanged grin and stood from her chair. "Which shall be my fuuurrrst companion? Hm, number...4? We find each other then..." She had just started to ascend the sloping walkway when she heard her name called.

    Her ears turned back toward the source of the sound and she looked back over her shoulder. "Ah, a strange one, I suppose he must be." The strange glasses her wore on his head had the creature baffled and quite intrigued. Her pupils dialated again, enlarging this time. She returned to where they sat quickly. He seemeed harmless enough, beyond his strange accessory. "You are..." She glanced back at the board. "Kendric Silvers?" She gave a nod and held out a furred, clawed hand ritually. "I am your companion then, Nylau. May we both do well in the orientation."
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  4. Much to her dismay, Eva Folchart had drunk the last drop of ginger ale from her little wooden carafe. What am I supposed to do know? She had been sitting in one of the couches of the lobby for a while now and still there was no word about her orientation. With a sigh, she clutched her completely empty bottle loosely and forced herself to look around.

    This wasn't her first time at Varia. A few times in the past, her mother Eliza had sent her there to request for treasure hunts (plant hunts, really) and exploration quests. Now, just like all the other times, the main lobby was bustling with people who had their own agenda for coming. She also sat at the same spot when asked to wait, and drank from the same carafe she brought with her, and the same ginger ale. The only difference was that she didn't come as the client's daughter.

    When the staff came for them, Eva couldn't help but feel uneasy at their eerie synchronization. Somehow, they all seemed as hollow as her bottle. She peeked behind her staff member to see who else were also newcomers. One she had recognized earlier who wore funky-looking goggles. Definitely a perv, she thought before turning her attention on the insides of the bagpack next to her. Bring weapons, the person had said. As I thought, she frowned. I hadn't brought much.

    It had still been dark when she ran away from home earlier. In the midst of a huge fight with her mother, all Eva was able to put in her bag were a few mismatched dresses and random seeds from their family stash. She did manage to scrounge a couple of dragon balms and a tiny canister of lightning clovers. Plus, the flask of lily essence her mother threw at her when she walked out their gates. Not even anemone for shields, she sighed while she gathered her weapons inside her leather sling bag.


    Inside the auditorium, Eva counted ten recruits including herself. The longer she sat in the middle of everyone, the more she felt out of place: something that hadn't bothered her until now. The fact that I'm getting all worked up from a bunch of adrenaline-hungry fools is proof enough that I need to see the world more. With that, she refused to feel inferior by looking at her gruff companions any longer.

    Even when Risuna Tiolee came up the stage, she still had hands crossed over her chest, her head held high. Tiolee's orbs, however, did help in relieving the tension of her pride along with last night's missed sleep. But it was also Tiolee's foreboding words that brought her back on her toes. Orientation will be quite unorthodox today, she had said.

    Instantly, a rush of nerves scaled down along Eva's spine as she put two and two together. First, they were asked to bring weapons. Next, the sudden heal. And now they're pairing us all together?! Dammit! We're to fight each other, aren't we? she thought, calculating the worst case scenario. She knew she had no chance against these ruffians what with only a few supplies by her side. Then again, she still has a carafe of ginger ale fresh in her system...

    Get to know them, my butt, Eva cursed when Tiolee finally left. Though she may not like what's to happen next, she knew it was too late for her to back out now. She had left her home, her plants and everything else that was safe. Returning to her mother with her tail between her legs... She can't live with such shame. And so, sounding much braver than she truly was, she called out, "Okay, Gillian Smith! Where are you?!", before crossing her fingers. I do hope it's not the perv...

    2 vials of dragon balms (fire bombs)
    1 tiny canister of lightning clovers (100% full)
    1 flask of lily essence (weak healing abilities) (100% full)
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  5. Cynder lounged in one of the many comfortable chairs in the lobby, a bored expression holding sway over her features. Her blue eyed gaze was focused upon the fingertips of her right hand as she absently cleaned her fingernails with a dagger. Sitting next to her chair, on the floor, was one large chest, which held her armor along with a few fragile possessions, and a single, large duffle bag which held her clothing, as well as less fragile objects. Leaning against the back of her was the only other object she had brought with her, a rather brutal looking great axe.

    She'd really rather be doing something other than simply sitting, but there was really nothing else to do. Attempting to mingle with people in the lobby was an option, she supposed. However she wasn't one for doing so unless in the confines of a tavern. For a moment Cynder toyed with the notion of slipping out to visit such an establishment, but that was quickly quashed. Joining Varia was too big of an opportunity to lose on the whim of wanting a drink. So she wrestled her boredom to the ground, so to speak, and switched to cleaning the nails of her right hand.

    When the staff came down the stairs to seek them out, Cynder watched curiously as she tucked the dagger away before lifting a hand to brush a few stray locks of ebony hair out of her face. It was a rather strange sight, not so much seeing them in the same clothing, but the fact they all looked the same. A slight frown pulled at her lips as they all spoke in perfect unison. That was a little unsettling, but she brushed the feeling aside as she rose from her chair, gave her the chest and duffle bag a final glance, then grasped the haft her great axe in one hand. Lifting the large weapon with ease, she let it rest over her right shoulder, then proceeded to follow the staff members. When they reached the auditorium, Cynder damn near did a double take when the the staff merged into one person. That was definitely a little unsettling.

    Taking in the scope of the auditorium, Cynder moved to the front row with the others, then proceeded to choose a seat at least one chair. She let the head of her axe rest on the floor, letting the handle lean against one of the chairs next to her, before making herself comfortable and folding her arms across her chest. Blue eyes took in the female employee that entered, another frown tugging at the corners of her mouth at the sight of the woman's dark smile. The look she gave those globes of yellow light was rather suspicious, but she relaxed a moment later as she felt the fatigue drain from her body. In silence, Cynder took in everything Risuna had to say. Unorthodox orientation, or not, she was going to ensure she made it into Varia. It would be far more interesting the hiring herself out as a bodyguard or caravan escort.

    Her attention was then draw to the magic board that was wheeled out, a curious brow arching as Risuna spoke words of magic. When the spell caused words to form on the board, Cynder tilted her head slightly to one side, studying them. Once more, her blue eyed gaze returned to Risuna as the woman spoke. Sp they were supposed to find their partner and get to know the person? Social situations weren't exactly her forte, so Cynder made no immediate move to seek out this Wade Roscoe who shared the same number as her. Though she did rise from her chair, once more hefting her axe over one shoulder as she studied the auditorium, wondering what the rest of orientation would entail.
  6. Wade stood off to the side, leaning slightly against the wall of what he understood to be the main lobby. Being a travelling minstrel, he had a list of rules he followed at all times. Rule number 1: Always face the entrance of a room. And this room was rather large, considering there were only a handful of people here today. Chairs and sofas were laid out around a circular water fountain, and across the room were two large staircases that led up to the next floor. Wade couldn't help but grin like a buffoon.

    No wonder they need us to find them treasure, he thought to himself. They went bankrupt building this place.

    His green eyes migrated back to the water fountain. How does that thing even work? Magic? Aye, must be magic. Bet that thing costs a small fortune. Even the chairs looked like they had been inlaid with gold designs. He decided that if he didn't get the job, he'd swipe one of chairs before he left.

    Wade looked up, jolted out of his mental articulation by the sound of boots hitting stone in the distance. He assumed that these men must be employed by Varia, because they were dressed in the same uniform. They walked in unison down the staircase, and advanced to each person in the lobby. He followed them as they went to each of the others, and noted that they seemed very military to him.

    What would I do if I had a massive base of operations with powerful mages and uniformed soldiers? He reasoned to himself. His thought was cut off.

    "Welcome To Varia. Please Follow Me To Begin Your Orientation. Your Belongings Will Be Handled And Brought To Your Rooms. Please Part With Them Now And Only Bring Your Weapons Or Tools." They boomed at once. Wade's grin grew more sharp as he noticed their faces. These guys didn't just look alike. They were too much alike. He decided that whomever was in charge was definitely a mage of some sort.

    He was at the rear as they made their way up the steps, heeding the instructions he was given. He left his knapsack on the floor next to where he was standing in the lobby, which contained his clothing, rations and an assortment of other things pertaining to his trade as a bard. He wore no armor, and walked in such a way that he made next to no sound as the group ascended to the second level. This was quite a skillful display of stealthiness, if the others knew what all he was carrying. It took a great deal of effort too, considering how badly his feet hurt. Deciding right then and there he would find the person in charge, and talk with them about some sort of chauffeuring service. The path, the only path leading to this base took him an hour and a half to walk! He had to talk himself out of setting up camp at the front door when he finally made it across.

    When the staff members fused together, and beckoned them in the doorway, he followed the others into a large auditorium, bigger than the one he had performed in at the Bard's College. These blokes are just throwing the gold every which way here. He could tell that this was on par to that of the college by the echoes of their footsteps. The acoustics were almost too good here.

    A women entered, and as it turns out; he was right. Mages. He did appreciate the healing spell, as it took the throbbing away from his poor mistreated feet.

    Risuna Tiolee. She was pretty, but Wade discontinued any more thoughts along those lines. Her eyes, they were piercing. Her eyes gave away her power, and he wanted nothing to do with that. Women without magical prowess gave him enough problems, but at least he could outrun them. She had used some more of her fancy magic and produced a list. He looked closer when he noticed his name on it.

    Cynder - 1
    Wade Roscoe - 1...

    "Well, well! The duos have been decided. More shall be explained later, but find your partner with the same number assigned and get to know them. You are now free to explore headquarters. I will begin preparations and send staff members to locate and notify you when the next part of orientation is ready." And then she left.

    Cynder, huh? He thought. Referring to burning wood. Seems like a warrior's name to me. He glanced around at the others in the auditorium. They seemed to be looking around, waiting for their counterparts to make the first move. His gaze fell on a woman--well, more so her axe than her. It was a great axe, almost as big as she was. That brought a smile to Wade's face. How does she even lift that thing?

    Wade walked briskly over to where she was sitting, circling around the row of seats and sitting in the closest vacant one. He turned his head to her, nonchalantly brushing away his shaggy red hair from his eyes and spoke.

    "Ye wouldn't know of someone that goes by the name "Cynder" would ye?"
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  7. Sophia entered the Varia building with arms crossed and a tired face, her woman features were still soft but the slight bags under her eyes go against her. She glanced around the room as she entered, even in her fatigue state, she tried to be graceful in each step. From what she could gather from her simple glances was anyone that half the people here must also be recruits. She eventually scanned the room for an open sofa, she was thankful to find one that wasn't too clustered with people. After taking off her leather bag from her shoulder she sits down. Being around a unfamiliar crowd has always made her slightly on the defensive, but trying her best to keep a calm and collective atmosphere about herself has always been a behavior of hers. Even if her mind is doing a million one paces to be prepared of the un-predictable.

    She crossed her legs, she looked slightly stiff with thought; it was mainly from the crowd, the waiting she knew she had to endure, and the atmosphere this place had put off. It was only in her nature to be paranoid from places that adorned themselves so highly. Gold embroidered seats and ornaments fit for a castle wasn't something she had expected... but had impressed her greatly.

    Time had past briefly and Sophia had still stayed on one position, she could have been mistaken as a highly crafted statue of a beautiful pondering woman. The only thing that would give it away was the odd sigh and the recrossing of a different leg. She could almost feel herself doze to sleep... not until a a group of familiar dressed people descended from the stair way. After one of them appears before her and speaks in unison with their identical companions.

    "Welcome To Varia. Please Follow Me To Begin Your Orientation. Your Belongings Will Be Handled And Brought To Your Rooms. Please Part With Them Now And Only Bring Your Weapons Or Tools."

    Hearing their voices speak in unison was making her uneasy, not even every nerve in her body wanted to cover up that feeling.

    After following the instructions and being lead to a large, almost empty room that echoed everything, she decided to take a seat the is much farther away then where everyone else is decided to sit. Only for the sake of keeping a better observation around her and not be interfered with any sudden socializing. After another bit of waiting, the room grew silent as a woman enters upon the stage, her hands clasped and a smile across her face. Sophia eyes the woman closely as she begins to conduct herself.

    "I'm sure you are tired from your journey here, so please relax as I restore your vitality."
    as soon as the woman finished her last syllable the girl begins to mutter a chant. Yellow orbs appear before everyone in the room, including Sophia. Sophia lets it fall into her palm, as soon as it touched her she could feel herself become refreshed. Her sleepy state had vanished and her senses became much more keen.

    "You should be feeling much fresher now... So! We shall begin orientation swiftly. I am Risuna Tiolee, director at Varia Exploration and Acquisition Services. Normally... we would conduct orientation one-to-one, but at the moment, most of the officers are busy with their respective missions, and so only I am available. Since time is of essence, orientation will be quite unorthodox today." A magical board appears behind the woman, and with another chanting spell words and numbers appear.

    Odehn - 2
    Sophia Gardinell - 2

    Sophia notices the numbers and who she has been pared with. Sophia also hears the woman's end of her speech before walking off the stage.

    "Odehn..." she reads again but in a mumble.

  8. "You are correct." He responded rather flatly. "Masters of Engineering and Magical Studies. Kendric Silvers, at your service." He paused for a moment as the Ferre extender her... claw? Oh dear, Kendric didn't know the correct term for this, and offending someone he was to working with on their first meet was incogitable. Was he supposed to call it a hand? Perhaps a paw? While he did his best to continue his refined outward appearance, there was definitely some apprehension to be felt as he shook her what-ever-it's-called. Still maintaining a polite eye contact, he spoke. "...And I am to assume you are Nylau, yes? If should that be the case, then we have located each other, thusly accomplishing the objective."

    Kendric release his grip on her claw/hand/paw thing. The experience was odd. Everything he had read about the anatomy of a Ferre indicated that their fur was rather coarse or otherwise rough. The fur on this Nylau's hand(?) wasn't like that, it was soft but at the same time it wasn't exactly gentle. From what he could discern, this was more or less the same for all visible portions of fur. Another oddity that he quickly picked up on was her claw length. For a nomadic, wandering species such as a Ferre, the claws would most certainly be longer. The only logical conclusion he could come to would be that she, as a Ferre had become more or less "domesticated" in a loose sense of the term. It would be a grand understatement to say Kendric was perplexed, his steely green gaze faltered for a split second as he slid his goggles down.

    Once again giving the chunk of ether at his side his goggles powered to life. Nylau was far closer than the man in the lobby was, and that would allow for far more accurate results. The familiar sky blue text field materialized itself above Nylau's head.

    Kendric's own curiosity had bested him, snapping him into research mode. It was instinctual. At that moment in time, to him, understanding the creature in quantifiable, qualitative data far outweighed understanding it from a social standpoint. He had entirely forgotten that verbal interaction was most likely the more socially accepted action given the situation. His goggles remained active, with each movement she made no matter how small, his goggles were collecting and recordin that data, growing smarter about her with each passing moment.

    While a bad habit that a great number of people found off putting, this was relatively normal for him. He remained silent as he stared at her while he autonomously gathered intelligence. His stare wasn't at all what would would consider normal, it was like he was looking at her as a specimen to be studied, rather than another person.
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  9. "Okay, Gillian Smith! Where are you?!"

    Gillian was beaten to the punch, the lass had already called for him before he did. Sighing, he lugged himself from the comfortable embrace on his behind, getting ready to meet the beautiful honey who just called his name. Show time. A sharp glint invaded the clear blue of the raider's irises as he gripped both of his destructive long hammers in one of his large fists. He searched again in a slow manner, his eyes lidded and mouth tight. He was Gillian. Gillian Smith. He was more than ready to meet, ah, 'Eva Folchart' and most likely seduce her. Walking in deliberately untimely and heavy pace, he laid his eyes still firmly fixated on a female with pink hair. He stepped steadily into her view. He could only gaze and give a small approving nod, running his hand over the faint stubble on his chin when he secretly approved of her eyes. There were almost identical to his, only but a few shades lighter and leaning towards a turquoise hue. Swinging his arm out and trying as best he could to not hurt her in the process of slipping his hand over hers to shake it. Gillian's hands were rough and large, tufts of golden going down his forearms and laced some to the tops of his hands.

    "It is I, Gillian. I prefer Smith."

    He said simply, lowering his eyebrows. Was he... Mini-glaring at the other?
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  10. Alone, he had been alone for so long it suddenly felt very strange to be in a room crowded with people. Strange, but good. He had missed this, this mingling of voices and laughter and camaraderie. He was not a talkative man by nature, but he did enjoy exchanging stories of days long past, or hearing the tales of another’s adventure or finds. A good drink and a game of cards would not be amiss either, but for now he knew those things would have to wait. He would have to be accepted here first. If he was not, well then he would strike out alone again and look for the next place that offered him some chance of finally being able to settle in one place. This place, however, was his first choice.

    Well worn and dusty boots thumped on the floor as he made his way to an unclaimed chair in the corner. His pistols and ammunitions belts clinked against his dark washed denim pants as he walked, his tan duster flared out behind him with each step. With one hand he pulled his red bandanna from his face revealing a chin coated in dark stubble. As he sat he again raised his hand in a single motion pushed up the broad brim of his hat and slid his round lensed, dark sunglasses down his nose revealing hazel eyes. There was a slight smirk about his mouth as he set his pack aside, settled back in the chair, and observed the room.

    He had missed this, this gathering of people in a single place.
    His lonely soul had longed for company.

    He hadn’t sat there long before the group of identical staff members appeared. Perfectly identical. Was this some sort of strange spell?

    "Welcome To Varia. Please Follow Me To Begin Your Orientation. Your Belongings Will Be Handled And Brought To Your Rooms. Please Part With Them Now And Only Bring Your Weapons Or Tools."

    He nodded and stood. His pistols and ammunition belt already about his wait. He considered for a moment bringing his shotgun, but decided against it. If he needed weapons then odds were he would also need speed, and the pistols were already loaded. He left the shotgun with his pack beside the chair.

    He follow obediently up the stairs to the auditorium and watched in astonishment as the staff merged into one single being. So it had been a spell then? One he was unfamiliar with, but a spell was a spell. He made his way to the seating, but took a chair in a back corner, kicking up a leg up so it rested atop his other knee, and leaning back in the chair, folding his arms, and peering at the woman in front of them over his shades.

    "I'm sure you are tired from your journey here, so please relax as I restore your vitality."

    The orb that appeared to heal him did wonders. His fatigue was washed away, the chapped nature of his skin seemed to heal itself, even the blister on his right heel from endless walking was gone. More remarkably still was the dull ache in his right shoulder from an old wound seemed to fade as well.

    "You should be feeling much fresher now... So! We shall begin orientation swiftly. I am Risuna Tiolee, director at Varia Exploration and Acquisition Services. Normally... we would conduct orientation one-to-one, but at the moment, most of the officers are busy with their respective missions, and so only I am available. Since time is of essence, orientation will be quite unorthodox today."

    He watched as the magic board was brought out. This didn’t surprise him, he had seen such things before.

    Morgan Droller - 5
    Ophevla - 5

    What did have him shocked was the appearance of his real name written along the bottom. The one his mother had given him. He didn't recall having ever given that, but still, the woman seemed to be a mage of some sort, surly she had her ways. Or her sources. Did it matter to him? No not really, he intended to stay, which meant people would learn his name eventually. Normally he just went by Raven.

    "Well, well! The duos have been decided. More shall be explained later, but find your partner with the same number assigned and get to know them. You are now free to explore headquarters. I will begin preparations and send staff members to locate and notify you when the next part of orientation is ready."

    He stood and surveyed the room. He knew no one’s name here, and in some cases, like his own, a name did not always indicate gender. A few, he could tell, had already found their partner so that ruled them out. Others were looking around just as he was. Not wanted to go around asking Raven settled for the next best thing.

    Raising a hand to his lips he let out a shrill, sharp whistle to gain the room’s attention, and then proceeded to hold out a hand with all five fingers spread out. Hopefully who ever this Ophevla was would see him and head his way.
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  11. Nylau shook Kendric's hand firmly and smiled in a way she hoped to seem friendly. She took note of the slight change in his demeanor and took a short step back, thinking it was her closeness that had put him off. Perhaps she had become too friendly a little too quickly. Yet another tag was added to this oddity of a human. Nylau knew of magic and engineering but to be a master of studies? How would one become a master of studies? Nonetheless it seemed a useless thing to be a master of; why not master the magic or the engineering?

    "Naa~ I intend to have a look around, if you wish to join me. It's one of the most fascinating places I have ever been to and I have seen wonders you could not possibly imagine." She was looking up now, unaware of the confusion she had just conjured upon the poor man. Her tail swayed low and wide as she was taken by the depth of the room once again. She quickly drew herself back from the distraction and put her attention back to the man in front of her. "What would..."

    He had put on his strange eyewear and seeemed to be quite taken by her. Nylau leaned forward, extending her neck enough to touch her nose to a lens. The look in her companion's eyes were concerning, to say the least. "Master Kendric Silvers?" She was fairly sure he couldn't see her from the creepily stoic expression he wore so she let her own curiosity loose a bit. She circled him once, wondering if she should be worried at first. He didn't seem to be in any pain or discomfort...

    Nylau stood in front of him once again and tapped a claw on a lens. "What strange technology. How is this..." She looked down at the ether in his hand and her ears perked excitedly. Her tail twitched behind her as she circled him once again. So this brightly glowing object he held in his hand must somehow power a device. The goggles? Nylau could not resist touching, tapping and poking at the device on his face. "Master Kendric Silvers." she called to him again.

    There would be time later for exploring, surely, because now she had become quite taken with him herself. She had seen many contraptions that boggled her naturalistic mind often in the city but what Kendric had completely baffled her. The stone in his hand seemed to be something vaguely familiar to the Ferre but... Nylau glanced into his eyes once more before reaching out and working the ether from his hand to hold carefully in her own furry grasp. "Beautiful..." She gazed into the stone longingly.
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  12. Ophevla huffed, her legs firmly crossed and brushing hair behind the fins that substitute for ears. She didn't know it, but whenever she brushed hair behind her ear, she was either too hot to her liking or nervous. Duos? Partners? Collaborating? Ah, no no no. She liked staying a lone wolf, she didn't admire land-dwellers who were always so slow. Hah! Just think about it, a fish such as herself can practically beat them in water and now on land! She tilted her head back, running her tongue over her bottom lip and smirked. Lost in her thoughts, her ears perked up as a shiver ran down her back as a shrill sound attacked her ears. Ophevla found herself pinching the bridge of her nose and glancing at the pairs being made. It only left very few others to finally huddle together and, as Lady Tiolee stated, 'get to know each other'. She cringed at the thought of who this 'Morgan' figure could be. She got to her feet, smoothing out her attire and parading over to the man holding up his hand.
    "Pardon me if I am misthaken, but are you... Droller, wasth it?"
    Ophevla lightly massaged her left scaled shoulder with her right clawed hand, not even minding her prominent lisp.
  13. "Hmph," Eva lightly massaged her upper arm and added coolly. "I wasn't planning to call you by your first name." Although she unintentionally took a step back from Smith, she did her best to match the glare he was giving her.

    When he had come into view approaching her, Eva's first instinct was to run away from the massive man who handled two war hammers with one hand. She imagined her skull smashed into a pulp with only one swing of those enormous tools. The idea of leaving such an ugly corpse made her cringe. I take it back, she gulped. I want the perv! I want the perv!

    But there was nothing she could do. She was paired with Gillian Smith. Gillian whose handshake rattled the long sleeves of her yellow dress down to her knee-length skirts. Gillian whose calloused hands told her he has been fighting long before she brewed her first dragon balm. Gillian who, now that she thought about it, has been staring at her for far too long.

    "As you know, I'm Eva Folchart," she crossed her arms. It was hard to look intimidating when you're the one who's glaring up at a person. She wanted to out-glare him but a sharp whistle took her turquoise eyes away from Smith's. Glancing at the others, she noted that everone were more or less with their pairs. It won't be long before everyone else takes the heed of Toilee and go out to explore the headquarters. Surely, they have a garden I can use! she smirked at the idea. If I were to battle this Smith person, I'd have a better chance in my own element. She nudged at her partner with half a grin,"Come, Mister Smith." Finding humor in calling him that and knowing she had a contingency plan slightly lifted her spirits. "No use loitering here. I want to see everything this place has to offer."​
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  14. It wasn't long before Cynder took note of the red haired man that had moved to sit in a seat near the one she had chosen, though she was currently standing in front of it. Twin pools of dark blue meeting those of green as the man spoke. She gave a slight nod of her head, "That would be me. You are Wade Roscoe?"

    She gave him an appraising look after asking her question, offering one hand for a shake. If he did return the gesture he would find her grip firm and her hands slightly calloused. She had to wonder what the pairing meant, beyond getting to know one another. Would they be be facing each other in some sort of duel? Would they be tested against the other pairings in some form of combat?

    That final thought drew her attention away from the redhead, her gaze moving to study the other new recruits. Things could get interesting if there was going to be a bit of sparring. Truth be told, though, she just wanted to get orientation out of the way so she could get to work. She was ready for adventure and ready to reap whatever rewards were to be had from such.

    Her thoughts were promptly interrupted by a loud whistle, which earned it's maker a glance and a quirked brow. She noted the hand held out with five fingers spread, and quickly assumed it was one of the 5's from the board. Did the man lack the ability to speak?

    Finally she turned her attention back to Wade, "I guess we are supposed to get to know each other," not sounding overly thrilled with the social exercise. Not because of the person assigned to be her partner, yet at least. Still, it was part of the orientation, so she would follow through with it.
  15. "That would be me. You are Wade Roscoe?" She replied, offering her hand for the shaking.

    The bard could tell that he was being sized up, no doubt resulting from what Lady Tiolee implied. The entire affair was set up like a prelude to contest, and having the warriors' mind that Lady Cynder looked to possess, she was probably thinking they were going to be fighting. And, in all honesty, Wade silently agreed with this reasoning. Whether with each other, or one of the other pairings, the trail seemed to lead to altercation.

    He promptly stood, taking her hand. Instead of the normal handshake, he graciously bowed as good form required. "Aye, Wade Roscoe at ye're service!"

    He could tell that she was thinking about something, but before she could voice those thoughts a loud whistle rang out. A lot louder than it should of, because of the auditorium, and it made him let go of Cynder's hand reflexively. Even when he stopped, the shrill sound still hung in the air. Bloody mages, enchanting everything.

    "I guess we are supposed to get to know each other?" He turned his head, once again making eye contact with her. Her eyes were a beautiful blue that reminded him of his childhood years. Laying in the grass and looking up at the clear skies.

    "Aye, that's what Magic Lass said. I'll go first." He cleared his throat, and took a stance as if to appear to make a speech. "I am a wandering bard looking for adventure, but I got lost, so now I'm here waiting in lobbies. What were ye looking for before getting lost and ending up here?"

    Wade always wore a slight grin, as if to be privy to some private joke. In truth, he found most everything amusing.
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  16. "Pardon me if I am misthaken, but are you... Droller, wasth it?"

    Raven looked at the, was it Picsis? that stood before him. It had been a vary long time since he had seen one.
    Abruptly remembering his manners he removed his sunglasses entirely, stowing them away in a duster pocket, and took his hat from his head revealing slightly messed black hair.
    " . . . Call me Raven . . ." he answered in a soft but slightly hoarse voice. He paused for a long moment before speaking again remembering the staff woman's instructions. The were supposed to get to know each other and explore. "I am a . . . historian," he continued slowly, almost as though he was thinking over his words in order to use the least amount possible, "Treasure hunter, marksmen . . . and you?"

    Truth be told Raven was a little unsure what to make of this girl, or was it woman? he never could tell with nonhumans, life spans were so different, and he felt it would be very rude to ask. He'd come here for company, to make, dare he say it, friends. Not to annoy people with careless speech.
  17. Nylau spoke, but it didn't immediately register for Kendric. He was too engrossed with studying the Ferre and so every word she said was placed on the back-burners in his mind. The device streamed and captured practically every bit of info it could gather from her every move. The analysis concluded many of his suspicions to be correct. Well, in the very least she had been living a more comfortable life than a nomadic setting would permit.

    Still the whole thing was odd to him, he just couldn't wrap his finger around as to why. Why would someone who must have been practically raised on a life of travel and adventure want to settle anywhere? The way she circled around to examine him was proof enough she was still somewhat bestial in nature... Perhaps she was here for the same reason he was? The promise of travel was strong enough to coax Kendric to decline a steady income job, and that would pay a few digits higher than he could ever hope to make here.... So maybe she was trying to go back to her roots by joining? But if so, why wouldn't she have gone back to her homelands...?

    "Master Kendric Silvers?" She called as a claw gently tapped one of the lenses. Everything she had said instantly clicked into place momentarily overwhelming him. He blushed slightly. How embarrassing, he probably already managed to botch his first impression. It was only made worse that she appeared just as bewildered with him a he was with her. He had come here with the intention of maintaining a proper and professional image. His actions were entirely unbecoming and there was no one to blame but himself for this. He barely managed to sputter out his response. "Y-Yes, Ms. Nylau. I must apologize, that was huuuhh... An ill formed habit of-" He was interrupted as his vision suddenly blacked out. Nylau had pried the small hunk of ether from his hand. Without the small gem to supply power, the scan being run on Nylau paused at 73% completion as the device powered down.

    Worry and shame filled his face as he removed his now powerless accessory. It was clear he was tense. The look on his face appeared as though he were ready to leave with whatever grace he could. However, she had said something that sparked a noticeable change in his disposition. She had described that small lump of crystal as "beautiful." Upon hearing this, his eyes practically lit up with a brilliance similar to the piece of ether she held. All tension and apprehension vanished as a well-mannered smile made its way across his face.

    "Yes. Fascinating isn't it? Won't do much without without these though... Perhaps you would like to try?" For a moment of brevity, he almost sounded excited. He pushed a few buttons above the left lens to simplify the readout. With that, the goggles should only display the common terms for whatever she was looking at as not to overwhelm her. Of course, that wouldn't stop her from being able to fiddle with any of the buttons or miniature toggles to mess with the settings.
    "If you promise to exercise caution, I will permit you to wear these for a time." Kendric said as he eagerly extended the goggles outward with both hands. "Now, you mentioned something about wanting to do a bit of exploring? I must admit that has my interest as well... Would you perhaps like to do so together? I propose we start at the top and systematically work our way downwards."
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  18. "Nice to meet you, Evv. Va."

    The raider did echoed under his breath. Eva? He wasn't very sure why he was repeating the name, it was just Eva. Oh, yes, he knew exactly why he was troubled by something as simple as a first name! It was because it was the title of a fair maiden such as the one in front of him. Of course, you don't dare forget the name of someone so dear to you. If any one could read his thoughts right now, they were sure to be steering clear of Gillian for a while. Practicing self-control was hard, and really, all he wanted to do was take her on a romantic raid at a monster infested dungeon. Well, that was his definition of a great date, going only by the taste of health potions and going against swarming crowds of perilous foes. Of course, they would get sweaty and dirty, possibly bloody as they weave through the drooling masses of evil!

    His free hand came to slap himself lightly on the back of the head, his expression not changing the slightest. It was never hard to keep a sultry pout on his face since it was more relaxing than thinning your lips or narrowing your eyebrows. Slowly playing off the small slap as thought he was rubbing the back of his neck, he didn't bother tearing his gaze from the other. He was sure this made Eva even a bit uncomfortable, but really, he was entranced by her hair... And eyes... Even her glare was flawless to Gillian. He wasn't sure how to respond without cheering lightly when she nudged and invited him to explore. He loved exploring, since you know, it was in his blood to poke his nose into things. "Mister Smith... Mistress Folchart, I accept." He said. How quick, she already wanted to connect? He has a large amount of experience before, and was sure to take care of any woman to the best of his 'ability'.

    "Nudge." Gillian grumbled, nudging her back. Not knowing his strength, he 'nudged' her rather hard on the shoulder.
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  19. When Wade took her hand and proceeded to bow in a most gracious manner, Cynder arched an amused brow. It seemed this one was perhaps big on etiquette. Hopefully he understood there would be no curtsey out of her. She was far from being a 'Lady' after all. Most of those types were simpering little fools in her opinion. Not all, but most.

    "Well met, Wade Roscoe," the words uttered in amicable tones, a hint of a smile touching her lips.

    With her hand released, she raised it to shove aside a few stubborn strands of ebony hair, tucking them behind an ear. She had no idea what he was thinking of her eyes once their gazes had met again. She thought his eyes were green, she really did lack an imagination in such matters.

    When Wade spoke again, Cynder smirked a bit, amused by his use of 'Magic Lass' when speaking of Risuna. She supposed it was a fairly fitting term. She gave a nod as he opted to go first, a curious brow arching as he made mention of being a wandering bard. She had to wonder if he was the type of bard that carried epic tales or the type that sang sickly sweet little songs to woo their way into a woman's, or man's bed. Hopefully he was the type with epic tales. She could have easily asked, she supposed, but never posed the question.

    When her turn came, her expression was thoughtful for a moment, "I grew tired of hiring myself out as a bodyguard or joining groups to escort caravans," shrugging one shoulder, "The opportunity to join Varia sounded far more interesting and hopefully turns out to be much more profitable," speaking simply.

    The seemingly ever present hint of a grin on Wade's had been noted by Cynder. She'd known others who always seemed to have that look on their face. Usually they were the types that found their way into trouble quite easily. Well, as long as she wasn't dragged into it all would be well!
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  20. The Ferre was taken by the glowing stone in her hand, even more so by it's use as a power source. Perhaps she had misunderstood what he had said earlier. He may have meant he had a vast knowledge of engineering and magical techniques. It was an embarrassing mistake but one she hadn't voiced. "Y-Yes, Ms. Nylau. I must apologize, that was huuuhh... An ill formed habit of-" She looked up when he suddenly stopped talking. It took a moment before she realized it may have been her doing but she did not release the hunk of ether.

    At first he seemed to be rather unsettled and his expression hinted that he was possibly contemplating fleeing, but then his eyes lit up. "Ha..." Nylau straightened her back and stood tall, anticipating some form of reprimanding. Instead, he sounded rather pleased and actually offered for her to try his strange eye wear. She had distanced herself from the contraptions humans made only for her lack of trust in them. The one before her eyes now was very intriguing, but, truly?

    Nylau swallowed hard and opened her palm where the ether sat. "Me? You me with this?" So saying she didn't completely trust human made contraptions was not the whole truth. Actually, most people knew better than to give her any form of technology that wasn't to do with fighting. Most of the incidents were accidents- most- but she did have a knack for "pushing technology past it's boundaries". How else would it become stronger? Better?

    Kendric did, however, look much less stressed in his offer and she did not want to dampen his spirits by refusing so she told herself she would let the contraption do what it was made to do. Nylau smiled and nodded as she accepted the goggles. She gingerly slipped them on over her ears where the band settled at the base of her ponytail. "If you promise to exercise caution... I will be as cautious as a mother with a newborn kitten. I promise. "Your contraption is in capable hands." She gave a reassuring nod, more for herself than for him. "Ah, yes, I would like to assess the area. This will be our territory soon enough, yes? I agree, a thorough search is necessary. Come!" Nylau bound- yes, as in down on all fours- toward the stairs.
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