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  1. Valla Morghulis
    All Men Must Die
    “Count your sins, because the night is dark and full of terrors.” –Melissandre​

    It is currently 302 AL, the summer has been long and the fruits of its harvest have been plentiful, but every good thing has an end and Winter is Coming.
    The King Jon Arryn is dead, with no remaining heir; the succession of his reign has ended. The houses fight for their right to the ugly Iron Throne.

    Who will be king?

    ...and for how long?​

    History (open)

    233 AL
    Maekar I dies fighting an outlaw knight. With his eldest two sons dead (one from a pox, and Aerion from drinking wildfire in a fit of madness),vthe council offers the crown to Maekar's third son, a maester of the Citadel named Baelor, but citing his vows he refuses the throne. Therefore Maeker's fourth son (also known as "Egg") takes the throne, becoming King Raeken I Targaryen. He is called Raeken the Unlikely, because as the fourth son of a fourth son he was initially far behind in the line of succession. Ser Duncan joins Raekens's Kingsguard, and eventually rises to become its Lord Commander. At the beginning of Raeken's reign Bloodraven is exiled to the Wall for killing a Blackfyre under a flag of truce. Ser Duncan is part of the "honor guard" that escorts him there, along with Raekens's older brother Baelorm Maester - who voluntarily joined the Night's Watch, despite Raeken's pleas, because he wanted to remove himself as far as possible from court intrigues against his brother.

    233-259 AL: The rule of Raeken I. This is a period of peace and plenty for the Seven Kingdoms.
    After Raeken’s conquest when the head of the House Gardener was burnt alive at stake, Aegon named House Tyrell the new warden of the south, giving them the ruling power over The Reach. The House Florent felt it to be unfair as they believed, and still believe to have much better claim to that title until House Tyrell managed arrange a marriage to secure a blood bond and alliance of House Florent, which gave House Florent more power in the Reach by association; hence, the marriage between Derron Tyrell who was the oldest of 4 siblings of the head of the house of that time, and Elayne Florent. It served to subdue the House Florent and soothe their resentment for some time.

    Jaremy Tyrell was Born (243)
    Tyrek Tyrell was Born (250)
    Sophey Tyrell was born (251)
    Eden Lannister was born (252)
    Einar Greyjoy was born (255)
    Shella Lannister was born (255)

    257-259 AL: The War of the Ninepenny Kings (also known as the "Fifth Blackfyre Rebellion") erupts in the last years of Raeken I's reign.

    A group of mercenaries, fortune-seekers, and ne'er do-wells known as the Band of Nine combines their strength to carve out their own territories.

    259 AL: King Raeken and his son Prince Duncan are killed. Raekens's son, Rhekar I Targaryen, becomes king.

    259 AL: King Rhekar's reign begins with great promise. He sweeps aside the old men of his father and grandfather's courts and replaces them with young, vigorous replacements.

    260 AL: Marys Blackfyre, the last of the Blackfyre Pretenders, plans to invade Westeros from a base in the Stepstones but Rhekar sends an army against him, in a preemptive attack. In the resulting War of the Ninepenny Kings, Marys is killed by a promising young knight named Selmy.

    Geffroi Stark was born.

    263 AL: Jeramy Tyrell and Brynna Hightower marry to secure stronger alliance between the houses.

    265 AL: Manrel Tyrell was born.
    267 AL: Adelaine Lannister was born.

    269 AL: The Lannister household approached the Targaeryans offering Tyrek as a suitor to their first daughter and was declined, however was offered the second.

    Maerys Targaeryan and Tyrek Lannister marry.

    Later in the year, a grand wedding was held by the Lannisters, all of the house representatives were invited for what was considered one of the grandest weddings in Westeros.

    270s AL: Cracks begin to appear in Raeken's demeanor. He refuses to marry his son to the Lannister's daughter Shella. Raeken becomes paranoid over talk in the castle that Rogan is the true ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. When Lord Darklyn of Duskendale refuses to pay his taxes, Raekens resolves to crush the problem himself without Rogan's aid. Unfortunately, the situation gets out of control and Raeken is imprisoned for several months in Duskendale before Rogan and Selmy assault the castle and rescue him. The Darklyns are burned alive for their treachery. Later historians claim that the Defiance of Duskendale marked the beginning of the end for Raekens's sanity.

    Deonte Tyrell was born.

    272 AL: Loren Lannister was born.
    274 AL: Liliyana Tyrell was born.
    276 AL: Raynor Martell was born.
    277 AL: Lyam Stark was born.
    Larus Targaeryan was born.
    Russel Pyrke was born.
    278 AL: Annalys Lannister was born.
    279 AL: Bjarke Stark was born.
    Alec Harwall was born.
    280 AL: In a year of false spring, a great tournament is held by Lord Phent at Harrenhal. King Rhekar and Prince Vaerion attend, as do many lords from across the Seven Kingdoms. Prince Vaerion wins the tournament, but names Lorena Stark of Winterfell as the Queen of Love and Beauty rather than his own wife Elena. Unable to disobey his king, Rogan Lannister was forced to take part in the Harrenhall Tournament and died from a lance to his neck as the result of an accident by a young Baratheon knight.

    A few years later, Vaerion allegedly kidnaps Lorena against her will and disappears with her. Lorena's brother Balkin and father Lord Daron demand justice from King Raeken, but he has Daron burned alive and Balkin strangled to death for daring to question what the Targaryens would choose to do.

    Sophey was married to Tyron Tarly

    Maerys Targaeryan convinces Tyrek to take her on a trip to Dragonstone, wishing to see it at least once in their lifetime. Stupidly and against Rogan's command, Tyrek was adamant that he could go to Old Valyria to retrieve the old Lannister's Valyrian sword 'bright roar' and show his wife the old ruins. Upon arriving the party were attacked by the Greyscales. A large fight ensued and they barely got away, in panic Tyrek Lannister saw that his men had patches of the same disease and threw them overboard, including his wife.

    280-281 AL: In response to the king's murder of Daron and Balkin Stark, the new Lord of Winterfell, Brindan Stark, raises the banners of the North. Jon Aryn, Lord of the Eerie and betrothed to Lorena, joins the rebellion. The Baratheons do the same. Lord Faust Tully of Riverrun, who had planned to marry his daughter Serina to Balkin Stark, instead agrees to marry her to Brindan in exchange for his support in war. Instead, he marries his second daughter Faowind to Oberon to shore up the alliance. The Stark, Tully, and Arryn armies begin gathering north of the Trident, but Oberon Baratheon's forces are cut off far to the south. Leaving his brother Utharn to hold Storm's End, Oberon marches his army north-west through enemy territory. He is defeated at the Battle of Ashford by Tyrell forces, loyal to the king, but manages to cross the Trident and link up with the other rebels, while Lord Jaremy Tyrell besieges Storm's End for a year. Each side consolidates for a major showdown.

    Prince Vaerion leads a royalist army to directly engage the rebels, at the front of the Northern battle line, Brindan stark fought against Vaerion and was slain in single combat.
    Vaerion was then defeated at the climactic Battle of the Trident, in which he is killed in personal combat by Oberon himself.

    Realizing that rebel victory is imminent, King Rhekar sends his remaining young son Larus and his pregnant wife Queen Eyla to the safety of the ancestral Targaryen fortress, Dragonstone island.
    With Rhekar dead, lords who had been undecided about which side to join now abandon the Mad King. Eden Lannister's army arrives at King's Landing allegedly to defend the city, but once the gates are opened the Lannisters brutally sack the city. Vaeron is killed by Eden Lannister, his own Kingsguard, for which Eden becomes known as "the Kingslayer".

    House Tyrell was sworn to Targaryens as to those they owed their new position, but generally were not very involved in the warfare. They offered supplies,for the Targaeryan army, however stayed neutral.

    On Dragonstone, Queen Eyla dies giving birth to her daughter, Jelaessa, several months after her father died in the fall of King's Landing.

    During her birth a great storm wrecks what is left of the Targaryen fleet anchored at Dragonstone,The rebels lack their own fleet so it takes some time to assemble one to assault the island.

    Eventually, when they realize the rebels will arrive soon, Targaryen loyalists smuggle the Targaryen heirs Larus and Jelaessa to safety in the Free Cities, where they remain in exile.

    Lorena Stark dies in pool a pool of blood.

    Jon Arryn, due to a blood relationship with House Targaryen, is proclaimed King of the Seven Kingdoms. With Lorena dead, Jon instead marries Adelaine Lannister to shore up the alliance that brought down the Targaryens.

    House Tyrell swore their fealty to House Arryn.

    Valor Baratheon was born.
    Lena Bolton was born.

    281 AL: House Florent shifted in alliance, siding to House Baratheon out of reawakened resentment for House Tyrell’s elevation in status.

    282 AL: Shella Lannister and Felran Tully, food trade deal with the Lannisters.
    Ryene Martell was born.
    Cenric Tulley was born.

    House Tyrell tried to reinforce the blood ties with House Florent by marrying Deonte to one of their daughters but after being turned down, Deonte married Celesse Redwyne, the Blooming Flower of The Reach.

    284 AL: Millicent Storm is born.

    285 AL: House Tyrell tried to reinforce the blood ties with House Florent by marrying Deonte to one of their daughters but after being turned down, Deonte married Celesse Redwyne, the Blooming Flower of The Reach.

    287 AL: After five years of a rocky marriage, the Tulleys decided to revoke their trade deal. Shaella tried to leave the marriage, but the Tulley's under the laws of the seven declared she stay with them. The Lannisters threatened military action upon the Tulleys, who responded by calling in the help from the North who declined their request.

    The Lannisters approached the Martells to strike an alliance with them, the Martells agreed to marry their daughter Annara Martell to Tyrek Lannister.

    Another grand wedding took place in Casterly Rock joining Tyrek Lannister and Annara Dorne in marriage.

    Daevi Stark was born.

    288 AL: Meriann Stark was born.
    291 AL: Mallys Stark was born.

    293 AL: Annara Lannister died in childbirth and Alicia Lannister was born. The Lannister house begins to fall apart, the Lannisters begin to loose their reputation and the child is neglected to Maester to raise.

    300-301 AL: Remmy Greyjoy is captured by the Starks for participating in a raid on Stark land. The Starks capture the young Greyjoy and detain him. Instead of execution, the offer to keep the Grejoy prisoner under their household, Remmy declines choosing to die rather than betray the Iron born.

    302 AL: Jon Aeryn died of 'Natural Causes' because his wife, Adelaine Lannister bore no children, Arryn has no successor and the battle for the war over Westeros begins.
    Shaella Lannister is stuck in a marriage that stuck in Riverrun with her 'husband' who she wants to be done with.

    Civil war is threatening between the Dornish houses. The Dayne house still allied with the Lannisters pose more threat to the Martells than ever before. With no backing from the Targaeryan household, the high houses of Dorne seek to take advantage of their vulnerability.

    The Baratheons are nervous of the Tyrell's sudden proposal to the Lannisters to join houses. With the civil wars breaking out upon Dorn, the Baratheons are preparing themselves, patiently waiting for the Dornish to destroy each other before reclaiming the Dornish Marches.

    In fear of an attack from Utharn Baratheon's with the knowledge that their navy is lacking, Eden Lannister sends the second son, Loren to the Iron Islands to strike a deal with the Greyjoys, hoping to make an alliance.

    Number One: Any sex scenes are to fade to black before it gets too serious. If the member you are proposing to be 'intimate' with is in the same age bracket (both have red stars or bother have blue stars) they may be taken to PMs. You cannot take a sexual scene between a red star and a blue star to PM. It will end in fade to black, as par to the Iwaku rules. No exceptions.
    Disclaimer: The Blue and Red stars signify whether you are a teen or an adult member (red= adult, blue=teen)

    Number Two: One active character per player. You are allowed to make a back up, however if you 'save' that spot in a family line and a new player wishes to join the house your back-up has been assigned to, it will be over ruled. An active character cannot be over ruled.

    Number Three: 5+ Lines per Post.

    Number Four: One post at least once every 1-2 weeks, we realise people have lives and that some leniency should be given. If you have been absent over a period of three weeks, I then have permission to Hijack your character to develop the story or kill it in a weird and wonderful way, dependant on the situation of absence and notice.

    Note: The Karma hammer will be lighter if you tell us your movements.

    Number Five: BE REALISTIC. We cannot stress this enough. Despite the fact Game of Thrones is based in a fantasy setting, these are real people with real lives and real drama. It takes a long time to get anywhere (especially on foot), people earn their rewards through overcoming hardship; it's not served on a platter.

    Number Six!: Give us a story.

    Character Sheet:
    Night's Watch: (Yes/No)
    Writing Sample:

    In this roleplay your skills will depend upon the points yo allocate into them. You have 120 free points to spend and depending on your status, a few different freebies.

    Here are the rankings of skills to determine your character’s aptitude:

    Novice 1-10
    Moderate Skill 10-20
    Proficent 20-30
    Advanced 30-40
    Expert 40-50
    Disclaimer: Skills cannot surpass 50

    Everyone: 20 Running
    High born: 10 Horse riding, 15 Reading 10 writing
    Low Born: 15 Bartering, 5 Slings, 10 Wilderness Survival 5 Climbing
    Disclaimer: These do not affect your 120 points.
    Skills (open)

    Combat Skills
    -Sword & Shield:
    -Thrown Weapons:
    -Exotic Weaponry :( Scythes, Sickles, Blowdarts etc)
    -Blind Fighting:
    -Martial Combat:
    -Dual Wielding:

    -Horse Riding:

    Survival Skills

    -Animal Handling:
    -Wilderness Survival:

    People Skills


    Craftsmanship & Work

    -Wood Cutting:



    Magic: (GM Discretion - Magical Realism Please)
    Fortune Telling:

    Money (open)

    Gold Dragon coin (GD
    Silver Stag coin (SS)
    Copper Penny (CP)
    1 GD= 15 SS or 450 CP
    1 SS= 30 CP
    Declaimer: Can be elaborated on in group.

    - Arcadia Lumina
    - @Gen. Gwazi Magnum


    - @Jorick

    - @Jerelin
    - @Red Velvet

    - @Darog

    - @Hellis
    - @Drifter


    - @GoodEveningClarice


    -Hellis (Secondary)

    - @VengefulPeanut


    - @Raesha

    - @Requiem


    - @SolarBlitzfang43

    - @ShatteredSecrets
    - @The Returner

    - @sincere_and_silent
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  2. Bagsy a Targaryen!
  3. Name:
    Great House:

    Skills (50 Points to be allotted to any skill, as long as they add up to 50.):
    - Shortsword:

    Special Weaponry:
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  4. I'm interested. Is there a posting expectation/minimum? I'll be way less interested if there are going to be one liners and small paragraphs constantly. (Not trying to be rude, just a preference)
  5. It's on intermediate, so there's not to be one liners and small stuff. I like anything in the range of 5+ lines, if that suits your tastes.
  6. That's stil a little low for me, but I'll go ahead and commit :3 I'm eager to see the CSes that come out. Can I reserve a Lannister and a Stark? Also I assume characters not affiliated with one of the houses are allowed?

    Edit: Just realized it's a one character limit. Which is sad. Not sure which house I want to reserve now.
  7. You're only allowed one character, sorry. You'll have to pick your house alliegance :3 Yes, you could also be part of the Brotherhood without Banners if you wished.
  8. Just a suggestion, as I look at the skill list, you may want to include some more non-combat based abilities for non-combative characters like some of the noble ladies and the like. Maybe diplomacy, husbandry, music, dance, etc. Just a thought.
  9. That's a great idea :)
  10. Maybe even seduction as prostitutes are a large part of Westeros x D
  11. For some reason I'm thinking of Varys with a high seduction skill... O_O XD
  12. LOL. I hope not. Freaking Melisandre's is out of this world. She solves everything with fire or getting naked X D

    Also, sorry for another question. Do you want realistic or fantasy (like digital art) for the CS? I can't imagine anime would look very good for something like this. And just out of curiosity, what house is your main character going to be?
  13. Don't forget she likes to poot out shadow babies too! Digital Art/ Fantasy is best. Anime wouldn't suit this at all, sadly. XD Also, I'm going to be a Stark since they've always been my favourite House. Plus their "abilities" make them awesome ;)
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  14. Cool! I hope more people show interest!
  15. If you know anyone who would be interested, invite them along :D
  16. I shall indeed!

    Man, I can't decide if I want a male or female character. I keep finding such wonderful pictures for both Dx
  17. All I know is Stark FTW and with this roleplay, they might now even get extinguished quickly XD Sean Bean might not die for once XD XD
  18. Oh so the cannons are still going to be around? Are they going to be NPCed or Pc?
  19. No, it's completely OC. I was making a joke XD
  20. Gotcha x D
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