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  1. 「THE GAME」
    In the year 2026, a team at Kobayashi Institute of Technology revolutionized the game world by combining virtual reality gear with holographic technology and made it possible for a whole room of people to take part in a virtual reality game all at once in real time by placing players in the game both physically and mentally, making the player's body the controller.

    The technology was first introduced to the general public three years later at a game convention and the demenstration was a huge hit. They called it KIT Reality after their institution. A mere five years later an arena was refurbished specifically for the purpose of hosting a special event featuring the new game system called KIT Reality: Survival. The goal of the event is simple: be the first to beat all ten bosses and win 10,000 dollars. The catch? The system implements both permanent death and a way for the audience to troll the players, or help, by allowing them to purchase obsticals, monsters, traps they can drop on the player to hinder their progress, or gear, armor, hints and other tools to aid them. But once a player's HP drops to zero, it's game over and the created character is permanently erased from the system and the player will be unable to reenter the event.

    Set in a sprawling dungeon with ten levels, Kit Reality: Survival is based off a classic RPG featuring four classes and five races. Each class will give you two bonus points in a certain attribute skill and each race will give a 1/3 bonus to a certain survival skills. For example, the Warrior class will give you two additional points in Strength or Constitution while a Drawf race will offer 1/3 resistance to blind and 1/3 resistance to slow. In addition to classes and races the game also offers three different armor types: light, medium, heavy, and three weapon classes: one-handed, two-handed, projectile.

    Because the target audience is teenagers on Summer break, the game will run during daytime hours from 12:00pm to 4:00pm all seven days a week from May to August. Failure to beat all ten bosses by August will result in no winner. Daily participation is not required and participants can come in at any time as long as they did not previously participate in the event. Upon registration players will have the opportunity to create a level ten character and be given 105 attribute points to distribute between the attribute skills, and 250 gold to spend in shops. A character is also given an extra ability unique to them to aid them in their quest for fame and fortune.

    1 Rogue Available
    1 Gunslinger Available
    2 Warriors Available
    1 Mage Available
    NOTE: We already have two females and one feminine character. We will no longer be accepting socially withdrawn characters or particularly smart characters. Reservations are no longer aloud. You want a role? Post a WIP. You will have 3-5 days to finish your WIP and will be allowed to request more time by two day increments up to four times.​
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    Because the players can't take part in this, the deserves it's own little post. Basically, going off the aforementioned troll system, any roleplay stalkers, lurkers, and passerbys will play the part of "the audience" and "purchase" obsticals, monsters, and the like to troll the players of the game, including myself, or "purchase" items to help their favorite players along. This will be achieved through a separate thread just for the trolls and gaudians. Every once in a while I'll post a new "troll" or "guardian" with a goal number and to reach this number a person must post stating which they would like and roll one six face die. The more people who rolls for your chosen item the more likely it'll be used in the roleplay =^.^=

    Trolls and gaudians will also be able to suggest ways to troll or aid the characters or even suggest side quests for them if you so wished.
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  3. So it seems like a combination of dungeon crawl, tournament, and a faint hint of Hunger Games (what with the audience being able to help or hinder players).

    It sounds really cool! I'm definitely interested. Will the in-game game be utilizing dice?
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  4. Heh, that's kind of what I was going for ^.^

    I don't know about the dice o.o Normally I'll implement dice if a pvp system is going to be in place but if players think a dice system is necessary to keep players from God-modding I can whip one up :)
  5. I think since you've already gone into a lot of detail with classes and races, then you might as well go the next step and make a dice system! It doesn't have to be terrible complicated, after all.
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  6. All right, I'll add it tomorrow. Along with a couple of other things I forgotten like the "action" system ^.^;
  7. This sounds interesting.
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  8. Thanks ^.^

    ALSO: On top of implementing dice battle system (which will only be implemented during pvp, major fights, bosses) I think I'll have everyone roll to decide their rating for each piece of armor their wearing. 25 face die for heavy, 20, or medium, and 15 for light?

    1= Headgear, 2= Chestplate, 3= Leggings [If not wearing long robes or dress], 4= Footwear, 5= Wrist/Hand Gear, 6= Other
    Noctis the Devious threw 20-faced die for: Armor Total: 61 $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice
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  9. I can't wait! <3
  10. I'll fix it all up soon and create a proper OOC thread for it along with a character skeleton.

    I might limit how many players can play each class so if you guys want to reserve one go ahead. I'm currently taking Rogue.
  11. I love having enchanted tools and stuff, so I'd like to play a Gunslinger.
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  12. Then I will take Warrior.
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  13. These pictures.... they don't really fit your setting - at least I don't think they do - but they're pretty awesome and I've love to share them anyways.


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  14. If you guys are ready for a fairy mage my interest is set.
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  15. No, not thinking along the lines of large guns, but the idea is there :3

    Dutifully noted :D
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    - Included IC Overview tab.
    - Combined The Origin with The Game.
    - Blaster magic and Clasher magic under Magic. Explained labor.
    - Made Intelligence dictate amount of mana a character can have.
    - Made Strength dictate amount of labor a character can have.
    - Numbered Survival Skills/Debuffs for enchanting purposes.
    - Included an unfinished OOC Overview tab.
    - Explained Actions.
    - Added in dice systems for enchanting, armor, and battle.​

    - Clarified Enchanting under Dice System.
    - Clarified Battling under Dice system.
    - Changed "+10 to probability" to "x10 to probability" under Dice System.

    - OOC Overview tab.
    - Still need a trading system for purchasing items.
    - Available enchanted accessories.
    - Maybe some default spells to start with for mages?
    - Still looking for Co-Mods.​
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  17. So let me get this straight if I have say an armor rating of 25 for my heavy chest plate, no enchantments (wow much luck, such defense) and my attacker rolls a 9 (well shit) the total damage would be 19 because they added a plus 10 to the role.

    To conclude: My amazing armor now has a rating of 6 but I don't take any damage since my chest plate absorbed all the impact.

    (bare with me, it's my first time working with a Dice system ^^;)
  18. Your armor rating shouldn't be 6 it should still be 25. Armor rating isn't effected by damage ^.^
  19. Do they need to have the roll with there stats go above 25 to hit you.

    And the other guy I think he thought that the damage done to your armor would stay in effect until it was repaired or something.
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  20. Alright so edited enchantments and hopefully better explained the dice system. Also, I meant to say multiply by 10, not add >.>;

    I don't quite understand what you're asking.
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