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  1. [​IMG]Kai, 28

    He stumbles out into his new cage. He was a quiet slave, been in the system 21 years now and he learned at a young age to bite your tongue and do what you are told... if you mess up you take the beating without so much as a whimper.... but learning this doomed him. He was broken early, no fun. He was sold and resold... fifth time at the auction.... a slave did not get a sisxth. He would be euthanized if he was sent back again. And even in this....he accepted it. It was the only logical end
  2. A woman walked into the auction house and went over to this slave. She had paid for him in full and wanted to take him because she felt sorry for him. She was a full ten years older than Kai and she saw his sorry state so she bought him and demanded to see her new slave. She saw Kai and began to speak to him. "Kai. I'm your new master. Get up. I want to see my new slave." She hadn't done this before but it was worth the experience trying to help him out. Her name wasn't important to him. She would be called Mistress.
  3. He was leaning against the cage half asleep when she came in, but he heard the order and automatically followed it standing himself up. He had brown eyes and scars all over, a well built body, a steady gaze, but his eyes fell tot he floor submissively. He had darker skin, but not black... his hair was reddish brown... like mahogany. He was just silent. He knew how to behave... he knew what was expected and that was clear
  4. "You will call me Mistress at all times and stay by me as well. Jailer?" The cage was opened and he was brought out and she took Kai's hand as she led him to her car. After getting him in, she began to lay down her rules. "First and you know this as well, do as I command. Two, you will sleep in the same bed as I do and take showers with me." Her rules were probably blowing Kai's mind but she had a reason to do so. She had instantly wanted to care for Kai and free him from the normal grind of slavery even if he was commanded to have sex with her. She continued with a general set of rules until they reached her house. It was a nicely-sized home but she spent time readying it for her new slave. "Kai, follow me to the bedroom." She went into the bedroom and waited for him.
  5. He listened to each word as it fell from her list and she sighs getting up and walking after her, the rules made a lot of sense to him. At least this owner isn't going to keep him in a cage... maybe she wouldn't even shackle him. He nods letting her know he understood and he followed her to the bedroom, quiet, complacent, obedient
  6. Mistress sat next to him on the bed. "You can speak if you want..." She smiled. "Besides, I can take care of myself in a lot of things. But why did I take you?" She began to rub his shoulders. "Because a slave that's done so much hard work shouldn't have to suffer for the rest of his life..." She kissed him on the cheek. "Have you ever had sex before my dear?"
  7. He blinks at her and shrugs, it felt nice when she touched him and he looks at her, " um.... I have had sex before Mistress. It is.... I have had many owners who.... have preferred me in the bed then in the fields"
  8. "Well this mistress would rather keep you with me than force you to work hard for the rest of your like. I know what happens after the 5th time and I will not let you go." She kissed him on the cheek and took her shirt off, revealing her bare chest. "Of course if you are a good boy when you do your chores, you will be rewarded by Mistress very kindly. If you don't I will deny you the pleasure but not hurt you. I am not like those. But first..." She made him touch her chest. "Get your member out. I want to see it."
  9. He blinks and looks at her, she was gorgeous although admittedly she as strange. He touched her chest as ordered and softly groped her not knowing if she would want it rough or soft...... he nods and drops his rags revealing his own private parts. He knew they were hers and not his... even though they are attached to him... she owns it.
  10. Mistress began to look at his growing member. "Good boy. Keep touching my breasts. You deserve to touch them..." She moaned and touched his member. "You like that? Huh?" Mistress was sincere in the rewarding and the work for Kai. She knew he was officially on his last leg so she would be as nice as possible. Mistress let her hair down and moved his hands off her breasts and moved to suck him off. She stroked him while she was on her knees and felt Kai place his hands on her head. "Good boy."
  11. He does as he is told fondling her in the way he was taught and when she touched him he was surprised, when she asked if he liked it... he wasn't sure but he nodded to please her. When sh got on her knees and began stroking him his body shuddered and his hands went to her head not knowing where else to go, this had never happened before... his heart was racing, why was she down there?
  12. Mistress would work him out by stroking her slave out to get him to cum. She wanted to see how he would react. "Good boy..." She stroked him harder and smiled at his reactions. "Mistress has plans...oh!" He came all over her breasts and she smiled. She licked some cum off her and swallowed it then looked up at Kai. "Good boy Kai. You've made me proud. Now go get cleaned up and get back in your clothes. I will show you around the house. And this is where you'll be sleeping." She points at her bed. "Yes silly. There." She smiled and put her shirt back, sticking where the cum was. "Be good and Mistress will reward you."
  13. He shivers at what she is doing, no one ever bothered with his pleasures before and sadly.. this is the first time in his 28 years that he has ever cum. His body is shuddering when he realizes that his owner is talking to him, he blinks and glances at around finding a towel and water to wash himself off, he then dresses back in his ragged pants and trots after his owner. He as well behaved after all
  14. Mistress saw him go over and smiled and took his hand as she showed him around the house, pointing out what had to be done and when. It was light work and could see heavy work if it was needed and that cooking for himself and her master was a necessity. She held his hand throughout the tour and she smiled the entire time. "And now Kai..." Mistress took her shirt off again. "I will go topless for you when I am in the house with you. That's what you get for being a good boy earlier." She sat on the couch and laid out with her hair flopped around her. "Get me a beer Kai from the fridge and come back and sit next to me."
  15. He nods and goes to get her what she asked for, he sits next to her and looks at her, " ma'am.... do you live alone?"
  16. "Yes I do, Kai. Just me and you as far as I am concerned." Mistress didn't take offense to the comment. "Just haven't found love but I decided to try to help those out that need it more than I do."
  17. He hadn't meant any offense " well.... I only ask because the back door is open and the lights on in a room in the back Ma'am"
  18. Mistress sighed. "Go check it out Kai. Go go." She shooed him to go see what it was while she got a gun and a phone to call the police.
  19. He nods and goes to look, his feet padding softly and he opens the door cautiously. He didn't even register the gun. Or the shot. He was hit in the chest but he didn't feel it. He charged him and disarmed him... before he faded... lost consciousness
  20. Hours later, Kai comes to in the hospital. Things had went bad as someone broke into Mistress's house and Mistress had to kill the intruder. She was by his side worried. "Are you ok?"