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  1. Us against the World

    Ever had a knew a character you felt was misunderstood? A sidekick? A Villain? A hero? Maybe someone who most think is Neutral? Join me Raven Ariella Roth for this is our story. It is our time to prove the world wrong.

    1) Iwaku Rules Apply
    2) Be Respectful to others (you have a problem PM me or deal with them somewhere else)
    3) You may Curse just don’t abuse the privilege in other words don’t use it in every sentence or every post. One word or so here and there is fine.
    4) Romance is aloud. Keep it to a minimum though for example hugging, and holding hands is fine, and I'll allow kissing just no full-fledged making out. No Swiving please!!! If you wish to take the romance farther make it fade to black and then if you want go to a private RP with that person and just please take anything that far take it elsewhere.
    5) No godmoding

    OOC Link:


    Background: (Doesn't have to be much just enough to explain the situation that made them be against the world/ feel against the world.)
    Extra: (Anything you wish to add?)
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  2. oh cool whats it about?
  3. It's about anyone you wish that feels left out and needs space or to prove the world wrong basically.
  4. Name: Red X
    Age: 18
    • Energy Projection:The Red X costume can generate "X's" either in a solid or energy form.
    • Teleportation: The Rex X suit's utility belt allows X to cloak himself, and seemingly, teleport. The range at which he can teleport is unknown.
    • Requires Xynothium: The Red X costume, to be able to generate the "X's" he shoots, needs to be sustained with an odd element known as xynothium.

    Personality: a mysterious person


    Unlike most enemies, Red X has little care about bringing harm to, or controlling the city; he was only interested in whatever would further his own interests.
    ( is this ok?)
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  5. Name: Riley Pikeman or "Ghost"
    Age: 27
    Powers: Phase through solid objects, can turn invisible. Also utilizes an energy pistol and sniper rifle.
    Strengths: intellect, stealth and reflexes.
    Weakness: Must be solid to do any damage. Can under estimate his enemies abilities.
    Personality: Cold, relentless.
    Background: After the unfortuneate and seemingly random death of his fiance he went mad and pushes a mysterious agenda.

    Other: also works as a comtract killer/gun for hire.
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  6. Name: He can't remember his real name. Others call him "Chrome".
    Age: He isn't fully sure, but he would guess around 16-22 years old.

    Powers: Metal Manipulation - This allows him to bend and manipulate items made of metal to his will, although the higher the atomic number, the harder it is to control. (For example controlling gold would be a lot harder than controlling aluminium.) He can also shape metal in this way and bend it.
    Ironskin - With this power, Chrome can turn his skin into pure iron, giving him his nickname of Chrome due to his metallic appearance. He is very hard to take down in this form and is much stronger, although he is a lot slower.
    ??? Eyes - He has no idea of the use of this, but he can turn his eyes to a shining gold at his will, although he has yet to discover the use.

    Strengths: Chrome has adapted parkour ability, and has high endurance and stamina. He is also excellent at fencing.
    Weaknesses: He isn't really that good with his powers, and although he's good at parkour, he is very slow in his iron skin form.
    Personality: Chrome is mysterious, and is still getting used to society. He tries to hide his powers.

    Appearance: As he likes to maintain a low profile, he doesn't wear a special 'suit'. (Couldn't find an image so I'll explain it.) He has long, dark brown hair that is dyed with a silver strip, and he is fairly (but not too noticeably) muscular. His eyes are brown with a tint of gold, and commonly he wears a leather jacket and black track suit bottoms. He also wears a navy beanie most of the time.

    Background: Once a normal child with a happy family, Chrome slightly recalls some of the normal joys of life, although my much. Whilst taking a school trip to a metalworking industry, he can't remember much other than blacking out, and waking up in the destroyed ruins of the factory, slowly discovering his new 'powers' overtime. Suffering with advanced amnesia, he only had a few memories - one being visiting the factory he awoken with his new powers in. Unable to remember his name and where his family lived, Chrome became homeless and drifted from town to town, using his powers in secret to help him survive. He often now performs on the streets with a harmonica, trying to busk the odd bit of cash now and again.

    Other: He is looking to discover his past, and only a few 'friends' he made on the streets know of his powers. He is neutral/good.
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  7. ((can i be a marvel character?)
  8. (Marvel's fine and so is an original if you wanted and had a way to explain the reason behind them.
    But Yeah Marvel is aloud.)
  9. okay cool thanks
  10. (Your welcome. And since this IS OOC chatter in the IC I believe once your done making your character we might should get rid of all this if that's okay.)
  11. foxtrot.JPG

    Identity: Foxtrot
    Name: Tyson Martinez
    Age: 22
    Special Powers: Foxtrot has extra, Durability, Stamina, and strength, He can with stand more pain than the average human and can jump high, he sometimes can tur into a fox or sometimes gets some of the themes of a fox (Ex. Sharp claws, Fangs, Orange fur, and eyes turn orange) when he has the claws he can climb more faster
    Weapon: Foxtrot has his two silver and orange tomahawks as his main weapon, there is a secret chain inside the tomahawks that connects the hatchet piece and the end of the handle, so if he wants to capture the villains, he pulls his arms back and pulls them forward, releasing the hatchet piece that connects to the handle by the chain, the chain raps the villain up,it can also be good for getting high in the air
    Physical characteristics: He is a muscular Caucasian male, his height is 6;3 and weighs 160 pounds, his hair color is brown and brown eyes, He has white, Razor sharp teeth, and Claws

    Social Characteristics: Tyson mostly keeps his emotions inside, happiness, fear, sadness, but can’t hold in his rage, from everything he’s been through, I wouldn't be surprised,

    Bio: Tyson was in a foster home for a while,the last memory of his parents was when his mom bring him to the house,he told him that whatever happens in life you can’t run for it, just face it.
    He met his best friend their named Porter, porter was really smart and they always got into trouble, when he was 13,a women adopted him named Afia, and had to say goodbye to porter, he was really upset for a while, the women was a part of a tribe, A spiritual tribe to be exact, he learned allot there, He met the women’s son Babajide (He called him Baba) and they became good friends, he met the rest of the tribe, Afia’s husband was head of the tribe, his name Abu and he became a father figure, he showed the both of them how to use a bow, and hunt with it, there was a spirit night every week, they did different dance rituals and songs, they family unit slept In different houses, they were small and the top was straw, and the houses were brown wood, there were a tribe council that decides bringing new members in and other things, whenthe council thinks your ready, you would find your spirit animal, a couple years later, they found that Baba and Tyson were ready at age 16,they would sleep and the next day have the symbol of the animal on their chest, Tyson got one of the rarest one of them all, the Fox, from the couple years he got sharp Razor sharp teeth, his eyes flickered orange allot of times, but couldn’t find the way to transform into a fox, while baba got the grizzly bear, He found out easily how to transform into it easily, the two were out in the woods looking for prey, Tyson ran after it, he was getting slow as the deer got faster, he starts running on his feet and hands and starts becoming a fox, he reaches the deer and tackles it, Baba came to see him as a fox and was impressed, Tyson turned back to human and as happy for himself, he hears yelling and smoke coming from the villaige, they reach the inside and see’s that buildings were on fire,he sees a shadowy figure and blinks and he’s gone, Baba and Tyson ran through and found The mother, under a heavy piece of wood, she told them that the man killed the father and to leave her, Tyson told him they’re not leaving here, she told them to go and they ran from the village, The two later split up, on his own, he made the two wood tomahawks and a costume representing the fox.

  12. is everyone in the same universe?))
  13. (So far yeah but if you wish to be in another dimension it's cool with me your choice.)
  14. i was just making sure))
  15. if its alright raven, i'm going to replace my character))
  16. (It's fine by me if that's what you want.)
  17. Name:Clinton Barton (Hawk eye)
    Powers:Even though hawk eye has no powers, he has excellent acrobatics,marksmen,and fencing skills, he has amazing aim for a human and never missed a shot
    Strengths:Marksmen,fencer,Acrobat,excellent aim,never missed a shot
    Weaknesses:Powerless,He won't kill,not smart,
    Personality: Hawk eye has a mouth on him, he is very sarcastic and always gets the job done, he is nice to his allies but is a jack ass to everyone else, he gives people nicknames if he doesn't know their name or if it's his enemy

    hawkeye.jpg hawkeye.jpg hawkeye.jpg
    Back Ground: Hawk eye was a true member of the avengers, he was one the most dedicated one of them all (besides Cap) he helped on every mission he could, then one day he was doing target practice when tony came to him "Hey Clint can i talk to you?" Clint shocked his head and shot his last arrow in the middle of the dart board, he walked over to tony "Yeah what is it tony?" he put his hands on his hip "i think you should take a break for a while,like a vacation or something" tony looked at him "are you kicking me out of the avengers!?" he held his bow tight "the thing is Clint, we have new members coming like scarlet witch and quicksilver, its just, their more powerful and can do more" Clinton looked even more mad"fine you want me out,you'll regret it" hawk eye grabbed his bag and quiver and walked out of the avengers mansion
  18. ((if things go through you, then how do you holld your gun or touch anybody,im confused?))