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  1. The State has complete control, they have had it for almost a hundred years. Hardship and terror awaits the 95% of ordinary working people. Prestige and safety is what awaits those born into rich and governmental families. You have got powers, powers that could restore the power to the people; and you're not the only one.

    Essentially, the story would be a group of rebels rising up against a brutal regime. It begins with one of my characters managing to send out messages to your characters in order to meet up.​

    You need to PM me your characters to join if you are not one of these people:
    @Chamomile Tea @chillin @Aura @Dubs of Stigma

    They are the ones who've already expressed interest and I like to keep track of who's in this thread.

    Information on The State:
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    • The State has three major cities, but the capital city is right by the sea, and our characters would meet on the islands just off the coast of this city. The group of islands are not patrolled, so they become a home for our rebels and a place of refuge. They used to be the home of the initial rebels who went against the dictator, so there are underground passages and rooms under the rock you wouldn't expect.

    • The State is on the border of another country that it has little interest in going to war with and on the other side of it is the ocean.

    • The State is controlled by a dictator and his one-party parliament (so a bit like Nazi Germany). He is the third dictator in a row. The State used to be a free nation called Civitas - hardly anyone uses it's real name now.

    • The State is no more technically advanced than a modern European country of today. It has nuclear weapons for foreign threats, and your typical guns and explosives of today's times for domestic use. They simply had more of these types of weapons than the initial rebels, so they put them down fairly quickly. It is looking into more advanced weaponry though.

    • The government works to keep order, it controls the press among other things. Senior government workers have control over the police force. The police force work hand in hand with the army, with their being a huge overlap. They are particularly brutal and public executions are not uncommon.

    • There are huge wealth gaps, most people are are just above the breadline, some live in extreme poverty and there are a number of incredibly wealthy families. The split of poor to wealthy is 95:5.

    • There is wide censorship and the feeling of being watched, there are a number of limitations about what you could say or do in public without arousing suspicion.
    A very crudely MS Paint drawn map of the State:
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    I would imagine there would be a few smaller towns between the others, and even a few villages. All would have some sort of police/military presence.

    I'm also aware those islands wouldn't be the only ones in existence, but I'm sure they could be discovered.

    Character sheet:

    [b]Name:[/b] (nicknames if applicable)
    [b]Age:[/b] (over 16 and under 40 please! If you do multiple characters, can only one of them be between 16-19 though, so its not full of teenagers)
    [b]Gender:[/b] (non-binary included)
    [b]Race:[/b] (skin colour, essentially)
    [b]Accent:[/b] (The State doesn't have a specific accent)
    [b]Sexuality:[/b] (anything goes)
    [b]Alliance:[/b] (Government, Rebels, Neutral, Undecided, whatever works best for your character. If in the government, please specify the job they do (adviser, PA, police officer, military captain)
    [b]Appearance:[/b] (my limit is to be human, or at least could pass for human, you can change into anything though. A picture is not required but if you have one that'd be cool!)
    [b]Personality:[/b] (make sure you have some flaws!)
    [b]Superpowers and weaknesses:[/b] (I don't want anything OP, your character must have weaknesses)
    [b]History:[/b] (be as traumatic as you want lol)

    My characters:

    Name: Cassandra Hesketh-Thorne (also known as Cass/Cassie)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Race: Caucasian
    Accent: Dorset, England (fairly posh)
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Alliance: Rebels
    Appearance: Fair hair that comes down below her chest, blue eyes. Around 5 foot 5, 130 pounds with subtle curves. Rounded face, gentle features.
    Personality: Prior to becoming an outlaw in The State, Cassie was a sociable and well-liked figure among her age group, though she had always been viewed as outspoken by adults. She is an optimistic individual and advocates for fairness, despite having a privileged background herself and knowing if fairness did come, her wealth would vanish. She is emotional and seems weak due to her tendency to be too caught up in sob stories and heartache, but it is these things which drive her. She is smart, but not necessarily intelligent. She has a trusting nature, which allows her to be mislead occasionally. To those who trust her, she is fiercely loyal.
    Superpowers and weaknesses: Able to shift into a winged lioness. She is able to speak in that form. When not in that form, she experiences sharpened senses and surprising strength for her size. She has speed but not much stamina in human form. She also has a great deal of stealth. Her other form has all of these qualities in a much more efficient way. The saying ‘the cat with 9 lives’ isn't strictly true, but she is able to sustain gunshot wounds or a stabbing for example without dying. If she stays out of one form for long enough, the other will slowly heal. She is quite sensitive to certain materials and food items that she wasn't before, and her greatest enemies are items such as tranquillisers and stun guns, they do much more damage to her as their effects last longer.
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    Cass was surrounded in luxury from the moment she was born, but as she developed into a young adult, no amount of propaganda could shroud what she saw in the cities. There was poverty and depression, families that mirrored hers who lived in the filth of slums. It was when she began asking questions why there was such inequality that she started to experience noticeable changes. She had always felt strange feelings, experiencing strength she didn’t know she had, stealth that she didn’t realise she was carrying out and sharpened smell, eyesight, hearing etc. One night, the family hosted a dinner in which top officials came to visit. Not only were Cassie’s parents trying to find her a suitor among the crowd of young, and old men, the whole party were talking of the unworthy population mere miles from them. Cassie was infuriated for a plethora of reasons and blurted out comments against The State, something she should never have done. It left a lasting impression, and Cass was escorted out by her older brother.

    Her older brother, Miles, was someone who she was close to, and who had witnessed her growing displeasure and had shared it. His position had made him stay silent, he was to have job with the government. He advises her to keep quiet, but not to lose her opinions. He left her to her own thoughts, and it was then that Cassie experienced a draw to the family crest. It depicted a winged lioness with the sun bright behind it. Low and behold, she experienced a shift. A shapeshift, into the animal on the family crest. While everything suddenly slotted into place for Cassie, she was terribly conflicted about what to do. Was she incredibly unfortunate? Was she was freak? Or was this just fate? Was this her chance to be the change she spoke of? Alone, she would try and experience the shift and soon she could actively change into and out of her other form. She learnt how features of the animal were carried over to her human form, and how to apply them.

    It took weeks for her to come to a decision. She was going to take most of her savings and leave. She was going to make a difference. Only sheer force could stop her now. She went about her plan, only speaking of it to her older brother who begged her not to go. He was frightened about what this new Cassie was capable of. Cass' intuition told her there must be others like her, but for now she would see what she could do alone.

    Name: Reyad Shah
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Race: Dark complexion
    Accent: Clear Pakistani twang
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Alliance: Rebels
    Appearance: He has dark hair and dark eyes, he’s 5 foot 8 and has a 140 pound slim build. His features are quite soft and he is quite attractive to many. He keeps hygienically clean but is generally unkempt.
    Personality: Reyad is capable of being someone you can have a laugh and play pranks with, and someone who will fight with you to the death. These two extremes work to his advantage. He is not easily led and likes his trust to be earned. He often doesn’t think before he speaks and can hurt people he’s close to with unkind words. He almost always regrets this. He is smart and never forgets things he's learnt.
    Superpowers and weaknesses: He has very good agility and is able to scale walls with enough momentum. He needs to have some sort of foothold as he hasn’t got spider abilities. He is very quick on his feet and can teleport short distances. Teleportation takes up of a lot of his energy. His downfall is that his strength is only average.
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    Reyad grew up in a household shared by around four other families. His mother and his three younger siblings shared three rooms, a bedroom, a general living room and a bathroom on one of the extensions. All five of them worked, doing little jobs around the city to keep them afloat. Reyad had a job aboard a fisherman’s boat at the age of 13, and he could climb the mast as fast as a squirrel and he could dart around the deck quicker than anyone they had seen before. He navigated the slums well. The family were never dirt poor, and could’ve moved out, but Reyad’s mother wanted save as much money as she could. The local force in the area noticed her accumulating amount of money and accused her of criminal activity. Most of her savings were taken away and when she kicked up a fuss, they took her away for a few days. She returned to her young family, battered and bruised, and Reyad, 16 at the time, was outraged.

    He decided to get back his mother’s savings. He began to ‘visit’ richer households and try and take whatever he could find to sell on black markets. He could climb up walls with little to no effort, and had remarkable agility. On a particularly close escape, he found that he could actually teleport short distances, a skill which must have been acquired with all his darting about. He managed to accumulate his mother’s wealth again, and advised her not to put it into the bank. When his mother and his siblings finally got a new place to themselves, he decided to go it alone at the age of 18. He could use his skills to help others.

    You need to be at least an intermediate writer! I'm looking for at least a good paragraph per post. You can play 2-3 characters. I also need people who aren't afraid of playing the occasional 'bad guy' NPC. You are fully free to make a character fighting against the rebels, but they cannot have powers. They may work within the government or within the police force.

    If you are willing to wait some time to play the character, you may have a person with powers who opposes the rebels, they may be part of a larger group of power-wielding people supported by the government but this will comes later on in the RP.

    If you are not one of the people tagged, PM to join! (include your character sheet, it won't need to be fully completed or anything)
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  2. [​IMG]

    † Sydney "Syd" Godsil †
    June 6th, Gemini

    Male, Heterosexual
    Likes: Philosophy, Drugs, Eskrima, Science, Hiking, Survival
    Dislikes: Pretense, Insincerity, Pickles, Senseless Violence

    Bio Fission: Syd can create perfect copies of himself instantly. These copies are autonomous and may even develop independent personalities based on their individual experience. Copies cooperate even still because they all possess the same mind and goals. Syd can also make replications of himself that embody specific emotional qualities. All of the experience and memories are assimilated by the original upon recall. If they die before recall, all experience and memories die with them. Recall must happen via touch, and Syd can even have clones assimilate with other humans.

    Strengths: Syd's clones can expedite the pursuit of knowledge, and even create a highly methodical network, especially when he breaks them down into specific empathetic projections of his inner self. This also makes his, and his clones minds, immune to tampering. The original Syd was also trained in Eskrima before he discovered his abilities, a highly effective weapons martial art. Eskrima is effective because it doesn't require strength, it is simple and deadly, allowing even 12 year old boys trained in the art to take down 30 year army veterans. Syd prefers knives. Although Syd has renounced any personal possessions besides a few sets of clothes, and hygiene equipment, his sister is incredibly influential and wealthy, complete with a fancy secluded estate and full staff available at his every behest.

    Weaknesses: When Syd begins to send out clones, the original becomes rather restless. Splitting himself makes him feel like he has a void, and he becomes apathetic and lost. At first to counter-act the effects of lethargy, he meditates and trains in Eskrima. But the more he splits himself, especially if he creates empathetic replications, he get's a particular thirst for narcotics. He ranges from drizzling to monsoon in his capacity for debauchery under the influence of almost any and all chemical substances. And, this reaction doesn't necessarily confine him to pursuing drugs outside of himself. Often times, he will throw himself into high intensity situations for boosts of chemicals crafted in his own veins.

    Personality: Sydney rides the highs and lows of his own duality. Sydney is an ambivert, and he switches through extrovert and introvert with acrobatic expertise, tumbling through a wide range of capacities and expressions. Sometimes he seems rather reserved and objective, cautious even. Other times he's boisterous and raucous, lacking in any grace or social nuance. He ascends through the heights of his own ego just to descend back into the silent abyss in a void of contemplation. Sydney can coast on the roller-coaster of his own emotional elasticity without too much blow-back, most of the time, due to generally being an effective speaker. People shouldn't expect to ever know Syd unless they've known him for years, and even then, he manages to surprise most of his seasoned friends. However, he's not particularly known for any cruelty or arrogance. What he is known for is his facile wit, thirst for intellect and knowledge, and capability to switch from boiling hot passion to glacial and dismissive in a single moment. He's also Gemini, which may help to explain his predilections.

    Bio: Sydney grew up bereft of parents who left him and his sister affluent and privileged. They died during a vacation where they were caught out in a terrible storm while trying to navigate the coast of The State. Yes. They were the kind of rich people who would spend exorbitant amounts of money just to take on a crazy endeavor. However, some believe their death was due to the high stakes political games that the 5% play in the State. Some would say they were murdered for political gain.
    Syd's sister, whom was 9 years older than he, inherited all their parents' estates and accounts at the young age of 17. Syd was only 8. His sister Summer had a temperament contrary to what one would expect from a mega-rich adolescent who inherited millions before she even turned 18. She was frugal and calculating, essentially the pinnacle of financial prudence creating a very nice net of security for her wild little brother whom growing up had a taste for extreme behavior. He was irreverent but she was ruthless in her approach to stem his irreverent behavior. She would tell him this is the hard love he needed.
    Now, even though they were in the 5%, their family name was not on any "lists" of celebrity entrepreneurs that often garnered the jealousy and outrage of the lower class, as well as the public's attention. This was because their father was simply a chemist who manufactured an easily producible pain-killer that he ended up selling the rights for to a pharmaceutical company. He remained around to publish literature in favor of these companies, or speak, or even testify as an expert in court as a result of litigation. Their mother was also once a highly popular model. The only thing that ever put the Godsil family in public view was their parents' death, and Sydney's hijinks.
    He had a penchant for high intensity behavior, including (but not limited to) high speed car chases, high profile robbery, and even robin hood flavored antics. These stunts came with publicity that Summer personally didn't want shed on their family (this was also because she was involved in several black markets and illicit international activities). Thus, in a forced agreement among siblings, she trapped Sydney into confinement. With only a library, simple facilities, and extremely vigilant paid laborers watching Sydney to make sure he didn't escape their own private house arrest, Sydney spent a lot of time learning and reading. He was about 16 at the time and learned Eskrima from one his sister's personal assistants.
    Since then, Sydney has tempered himself and kept their family name from news tabloids.

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    ‡ Summer "Lady of Wolves" Godsil ‡
    August 8th, Leo

    Female, Pansexual

    Likes: Power, Affluence, Influence, Ability, Strength, Anarchy, Graphic Novels
    Dislikes: Weakness, Publicity, Government, Pickles

    Void Wolf: Her name is [BCOLOR=#339966]>[BCOLOR=#339966]Morrighan[/BCOLOR]<[/BCOLOR] and she's chosen to occupy the same physical space as Summer from a parallel dimension that she has placed on the verge of our own. Morrighan is essentially a "Wolf Goddess" to humans, but is actually a dimensional being which selects various "candidates" to be reborn into a different part of the Universe where a sentient race of Lycans live on their own planet. Summer is meant to live out her entire natural life, but is supposed to show Morrighan her resolve. The contract they arranged was a mutual one on both sides. Morrighan acts as a servant to Summer, essentially testing her ability to lead. Only those with super powers can see and hear the hulking 9" plus female Lycan, but can only see general features like a blurry hologram. Morrighan, also once having lived as a legendary warrior among her own race, can shred fragile carbon based humans with relative ease, and if Summer commands, she will, which ultimately limits her attack range to arm's reach from where Summer is standing. Sometimes, however, she may act on her own. Morrighan can dominate Summer, if she can't resist, and Summer's body changes into Morrighan as if she was herself a were-wolf. Morrighan is a descendant of Anubis, a long line of Lycans that ascend into this alternate dimension that merges with our own to choose new Lycans. Humans are considered to be a "blank slate" race for this process of "ascension" into more powerful races across the Universe.

    Cyrokinetic: Summer was specifically chosen by Morrighan because of her spirit and because she possessed this ability. Summer can encase her body in ice, can create objects from ice, and even project it from her body. She does this by sucking the kinetic, or thermal, energy from her surroundings. She can create friction-less chutes that allow her to slide for increased mobility. Bombs, mines, and other thermal explosive devices can be disarmed. Since cyrokinetics can generate temperatures to 0° they can freeze other forms of matter, allowing them to freeze substances such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium and hydrogen. To freeze living things, she must touch them, and she can project ice at high velocity, but the size and mass of what she's projecting from her hands determines the overall velocity.

    Strengths: Besides having her own personal bodyguard that is a 9" plus inter-dimensional Lycan that used to be a WarLady in her own life seated in one of the highest positions within Lycan hierarchy, Summer is a Cyrokinetic. Couple this with her incredible knack for making money in both legal, and illegal markets, and building her own small financial empire. Her own private net worth is over 200 million, but the total wealth of all her stock shares and her total assets at almost 700 million. Her connections are also large and vast, ranging from influential lobbying firms to drug cartels, and her public appearances are rare, so even passing her by is in itself a privilege. She also has her brother whom can clone himself. Syd is Summer's greatest "asset" although she understands that his help is entirely voluntary. Godsil Industries is also her own personal security firm, so she has a staff of men and women who are highly trained, intelligent and oftentimes lethal. As a result she rarely exhibits her own martial abilities.

    Weaknesses: Summer can only be out during night time, the sun drains her to the point of exhaustion, and after prolonged exposure, she will die. The sun becomes her kyrptonite with the combination of her cyrokinesis and since Morrighan rests during the daytime, which also puts a strain on Summer's body. Due to the fact that they share the same physical space in this dimension, only Summer can compensate for the stress of Morrighan's physical activity. She must workout for the both of them, provide sustenance and energy for the both of them, and even remunerate for Morrighan's activity with her body. However, Summer also never sleeps, which can leave her debilitated at times. Another caveat is that Morrighan's presence, and Summer's strength, in this realm is directly correlated to the phases of the moon. When its a full moon, her presence can be felt as if she was actually Summer. This correlation also determines Summer's susceptibility to Morrighan possessing her. During full moons, it's almost impossible to resist Morrighan if she chooses to possess Summer, because Summer is incredibly weak during these times. If Morrighan does possess her, Summer's body literally morphs into Morrighan, and returning from this state leaves Summer incapacitated for several days, if not at least a week. And last but not least, Summer's most obvious weakness is fire.

    Personality: Summer is a particularly impressive woman in her own right. After inheriting a small fortune from her parent's death, she has managed to exponentially increase it by funneling most of it into stocks and investment, and through what progressively evolves into participation in black markets, information brokering, and some subversion of authority. This showcases her financial prudence and her ability to read markets, as well as political understanding. But what it really reveals about her is that she excels in almost any task or ability she undertakes with competitive ferocity. She can be cold and calculating, incredibly tactical and resourceful. The weak are held in contempt in her eyes, but Summer is fair in her assessment of strength, which she doesn't measure superficially. Those who are competent are welcome despite any predilections that may make their character undesirable. Orbiting in influential circles, Summer appreciates the affluence of those who achieve their fortunes for the purpose of furthering their reach away from the long reach of the State. She avoids taxes better than Wesley Snipes. This need for complete sovereignty over her own assets or estates is born from her unique brand of narcissism where she considers nation States and international efforts as inefficient and cowardly in their merits. She can also be rather eccentric in some of her hobbies, one in particular that stands out most is her domestication of an impressive collection of wolves, that are essentially her pack. Despite her relatively cold demeanor, in public and in private with her brother, she can appear warm and even sentimental. However, she is incredibly inclusive about whom she decides to open up to, and most could never earn her love.

    Unf (open)

    Bio: Mentioned in Syd's Bio, their parents died when they were young. After inheriting a small fortune, Summer managed to elevate their family's financial status two-hundredfold. She's invested their money in stock and some startup projects for big companies that typically took advantage of inept policies those companies bought via lobbying. She then started up her own security firm known simply as Godsil Industries whose primary customers are governments and their military, mostly with the State, in which she provides technologies, mercenary instructors, and even agents for sensitive missions. The State outsources to Godsil Industries with more than just their military budget, they also use taxpayer money to hire out Godsil Industries for more sophisticated securities in their over-bloated prisons.
    Summer has always hated governments on principle so she decided early on in her financial endeavors to also take part in black markets, trafficking guns, drugs, and security services to cartels, gangs, or mafias; sometimes she'd send "providence" to rebel militias whose political parties were aiming to usurp authoritarian regimes for their people.
    She essentially raised her brother on her own, funding his upbringing and education, and even paying for his mistakes. He is actually the only person she loves in this world, failing miserably in all other relationships. She has kept most people at arms length except for her most trusted staff. Her love can be difficult, and she once had built her own "confinement house" for her little brother after he got a tad too rowdy and forced their names into light. She went as far as to instruct assistants enforcing his house arrest to not even speak with him, and one was specifically commanded to beat her brother's ass with wooden sticks at random times throughout the day, to give him a little "discipline".

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  3. @TheOddball

    Oi, the country needs a name. I understand if it's colloquially known as the State, but still. Countries have names. And so do islands xD not just rebel islands. My character sheets will be works in progresses until I get more detail to fill in more information. You should take the time to make up some names, and also, what is the main mechanism the State uses to maintain control? Because 95% of people is a lot, and typically, that kind of government would get overthrown. What are their main tactics for ensuring control?
  4. @Dubs of Stigma

    It's called Civitas, I eventually added it to the information about the State aha. The islands don't have names yet, I'll get round to that one ;)

    There is army/police presence around the clock in populated areas, some of the police force would go non-uniform to blend in. Most (if not all) employers were under State control, so there was constant fear of losing a job so many conformed because of that. Radios/phone calls/letters are routinely checked too. Sheer brutality and sentencing without trial kept people at bay too.

    As for your characters, they are going to be very interesting to see in action! Those powers are really unique ^^
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  5. Ah okay. That's a very simplistic method the State uses, since they go the more brutal route, rather than subversive. But I mean, with enough storm troopers, it's certainly plausible.

    Thanks :) Like I said, I pulled them and their powers from another RP I was in. I only changed it slightly to replace things like "The U.S" with "The State" so it wasn't a huge migration from there to here.
  6. Both are still work in progresses
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    Name: Evelynn Wick (Eve)
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Race: Caucasian
    Accent: French
    Eve has never known how to classify her superpower, but the best description would be that she can mimic the abilities of angels. Including enhanced endurance, wing manifestation, healing, empathy, white light, and holy fire. Her Enhanced Endurance is one of her most basic use of powers, giving her the ability to withstand more than humans. This includes being able to go longer without food or drink, being more physically adept, and endure more injuries. This does not mean that she is invisible, cannot be hurt, or cannot die. The Wing Manifestation is less of an actual physical wing and more of a wispy, fog like substance that gathers between her shoulder blades and spreads outwards, and will only appear when she uses any of her powers. They cannot be used to fly and are more easily seen when in sunlight. Empathy is something she does without even knowing it, much like her endurance. She can understand or easily read others emotions, sometimes even letting others emotional states effect hers, and if she focuses enough on it she may even be able to detect when someone is lying. She has a very basic amount of Healing, being able to heal only bruises, small cuts, or burns, but wounds that are too deep or have causes massive nerve damage cannot be fixed by her powers. More often than not her healing is used as a fast-acting pain medication. Since most of her powers are for defense she has only two real abilities she can use to attack, White Light and Holy Fire. White light is exactly as it sounds, a bright light that is extremely hard to look at which can blind or distract enemies. Holy Fire is just like any other fire, but will only burn those that the user wishes to burn, and can be melded into whatever the user wants.
    Weaknesses: Eve has three main weaknesses. Her empathy will tire her out mentally, sometime making it hard to think, especially if she is in large crowds where there are too many emotions. It is simply because she will automatically read every emotion she encounters without even meaning to, which makes it hard to be around people for too long amount of time. Her other is that healing people requires a large amount of energy on her part and if she is healing larger wounds together it could result in herself being hurt. The largest one is that if she stays in darkness or goes without sunlight for too long she will begin to physically deteriorate, growing gradually weaker and unable to use her powers.

    Show Spoiler
    Gender: Male
    Race: Caucasian
    Accent: Italian
    Superpowers and weaknesses:
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  7. @Dubs of Stigma - The islands are called the Quatuor Islands collectively, individually they are known as island a, b, c and d so it's easier for military purposes.

    @Aura and @chillin I'd love to start this RP on the weekend, so if you're still interested, the character sheet template is in the first post ^^ By all means, use a different template (providing you can give me the same sort of information I need)

    @Chamomile Tea First character looking good! I look forward to reading the next one ~
  8. Gotta pass you up on the offer, sorry. Seems too complicated for me at the moment and I haven't been in a good mood lately, besides I already have trouble writing more than two paragraphs, so I'm really not suited for this thing.
  9. Ah okay, no worries!
  10. Hey are there any open spots? I'd love to join this.
  11. Yes there are! I'm not sure when this'll end up starting, but I'll leave it open and give it some advertisement. I just read your CS sheets, really happy with the characters! ^^
  12. [​IMG]

    Name: Joel Lancaster
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Race: Caucasian
    Accent: American
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Alliance: Currently Independent, considering joining rebels.

    Appearance: Joel's not the biggest kid on the block, but he isn't the smallest. He's got an average build and slightly below average height, though the latter is something he doesn't like pointed out. His hair is a brown curly mess accompanied by an unshaven stubble. His clothing consists of a ragtag mismatch of things he's been able to scrounge up, but so long as it works, he's okay with it. He often wears an old stolen State Officer's coat that's had all its patches and adornments removed.

    Personality: Joel has a lot of problems with authority. He's a miscreant and a delinquent, with a penchant for mischief. His idea of fun is ruining other people's days. Fortunately, these other people usually consist of members of the State police or military. He's got a thing for making others look incompetent usually in the form of leaving a State military squad locked inside their own vehicle with his powers, but this has also given him a need for credit. He likes taking ownership of his work at the cost of his own safety and some could even say he's mostly in this for the thrills of it rather than an actual need for justice. In short, he often refuses to take things seriously. However, he knows the State, and he knows how to annoy and cripple their operations. Some fight for justice, he fights because it's the best way to annoy the State.

    Superpowers and weaknesses: Geomancy - Joel has the ability to manipulate and control elements derived from earth. If it's a material made from rocks or minerals, he can control it. This control ranges from something as simple as getting a chunk of concrete to throw itself, to coating himself in a second skin of stone, to even "surfing" by controlling a stone slab that he's standing on. He's had plenty of time and hapless State soldiers to practice on, so he's developed a rather clever bag of tricks, most of which he keeps under his sleeve until the last moment for maximum dramatic effect. His will over earth is near instantaneous and doesn't necessarily require body motions, but movement does help in its power and effectiveness. However, he cannot control refined forms of earth or organic materials. Metal, glass, plastic, wood, cloth, and other non-mineral based materials are out of his influence. Anything else, however, is fair game.

    History: State raids, arrests, and executions have created a lot of orphans. Joel was one of those. He doesn't really remember his parents. They were arrested, or shot, or something and he was raised in one of the State built orphanages erected mostly to give the illusion that the State was working on the problem. Funny how a bunch of parent-less kids is a side-effect of too many arrests and executions. Who would've thought, huh? The orphanages weren't so much homes as they were places to keep these kids off the street so the rich folks don't get offended by their dirty hands or something. The orphanages have another purpose, however.

    Most of the kids that live there end up getting recruited into the State military when they're old enough. It's a place for the State to bolster its ranks since there isn't really anywhere for these young men and women to go. Some of the youth, however, don't comply very easily even to the promise of money and a purpose. Some of them, like Joel, decide to carve their own path if only to spite all the mistresses and masters of the orphanage. From a young age, Joel was getting into trouble. He was sneaking out at night, stealing things from stores, and when he got old enough, vandalizing things. Joel was the very definition of a juvenile delinquent. He refused to follow rules and lived to spite authority no matter what. Then his powers began to manifest. That's when he knew his purpose was to raise hell. They stated slowly at first, then began to build with more confidence. He went from getting a pebble to throw itself at a passing policeman from a random direction and whistling as he walked away, to practicing his "surfing" skills in empty backlots. Soon as he was old enough, Joel struck out on his own.

    He held a few small jobs at first, but none of them held any satisfaction (or decent pay for that matter). Soon, he was stealing food and using his powers to get away. He did this for a while, living in a small underground home he'd cleared out using his powers. He had a lot of run ins with the State, however. Lots of close calls, and that iron fist never left. So he started acting out against them for the hell of it. It was fun. So he did it some more. And some more. And soon, he'd dedicated himself to raising as much hell as he could and giving State officials as many stress-related ulcers as possible. He's pretty sure he's given at least two dozen officials an ulcer. Maybe two and a half.

    He's encased State patrol vehicles in a solid chunk of stone, trapping the soldiers inside for hours until someone can come break the concrete away. He's gotten entire squads to chase him into buildings only to seal all the entrances with boulders. He once snuck into an armory and put every single bullet into one giant block of stone whose top layer of bullets were arranged to read, "From Lancaster with Love." Sometimes he sits on a tree beside one of the lonely paths in the forest and waits for a passing patrol vehicle, only to turn the ground in front of the tires into jagged spikes just as they come around a corner, sending them skidding into a tree. Additionally, he's not above vandalism. Breaking the State's expensive toys is just as good as anything else. He's always looking for the next big, pricey piece of equipment the State's hauling in so he can intercept them and trash it. Just so they can watch all that money go down the drain.

    Joel lives for the mischief and thrill that comes from sticking it to the State. He's not organized and he doesn't plan on doing much else to help the people outside of spray painting State registry buildings bright pink. Even the jacket he wears represents his views towards the State. The coat was once a regal looking, richly decorated commanding officer's coat with medals and ribbons. After a brief (and unfair) fight with the commander's squad, he stole the coat and left the commander hanging upside down from a balcony. He's removed all the rank and insignia patches, stripped the medals and ribbons, and painted his own little message on the back. The words, "Better Luck Next Time" circle the back of his officer's jacket. The reason: The State can never catch him. And since they can't catch him, they're going to spend a lot of time looking as his back as he gets away. Better luck next time.

    Joel's heard of the rebels, and he's considered joining them. It'll give him easier access to the State's stuff so he can break it. The rebels may have heard of him. News of a lone delinquent leading the State troopers in wild goose chases and vandalizing their property have traveled quite far.


    Name: Captain Elias Oliver
    Age: 36
    Gender: Male
    Race: European
    Accent: Scottish
    Sexuality: Heterosexual (Married)
    Alliance: Government (Military Captain)
    Appearance: Captain Elias Oliver stands out from the other captains in terms of appearance. While most captains are within the upper class and therefore well groomed, Captain Oliver is a gruff looking man with a weathered face and tired eyes. He's a far cry from most of the upper class silver spoon captains who earned their position through personal wealth and familial ties. Capt. Elias Oliver's black hair and beard have begun to gray over recently.

    Personality: Capt. Oliver is a very serious man. To him, duty to the State, the upholding of law, and the lives of State personnel come before anything else. He has no sense of humor and no room for those who hesitate during crucial moments. That isn't to say, of course, that he is incapable of taking matters into his own hands. There are many captains who enjoy the perks of a high rank in the State simply because they were able to buy or influence their way into such a rank. Captain Elias Oliver is not one of these men, rather he earned his position by example in combat. There are cracks in his armor, of course. Men like Oliver are unhappy with silver spoons and rich conditions. He may have been taken out of the combat zone, but the combat zone has never left him.

    Superpowers and weaknesses: Captain Elias Oliver has no powers.

    History: Elias Oliver was born in a small town to parents who were among the 95% of the population. Like most others, they were just above the line of poverty. They made ends meet and his father lived paycheck to paycheck, but at least they were alive and fed. When he came of age, Elias made the decision many other young individuals with no prospects made. He joined the State military.

    Unfortunately for Elias, he joined the military just as the original rebellion began. The rebels back then may not have been as well armed as the State military, but they were clever. Ambushes in the streets were a daily occurrence and a soldier in that day was more likely to get shot from behind than in a head-on fight. Skirmish after skirmish washed over him and the soldiers around him, taking them one by one. Tpr. Sanders, lost to a hidden sniper. Tpr. Anderson, killed by an hidden explosive device. Cpl. Rich, shot and killed by a shooter in a window as he was ordering civilians to clear an area. The list in Oliver's footlocker went on and on, counting every human being lost to these rebels. The rebels fought the only way they could. Dirty. But Elias survived.

    He didn't just survive, he saw that these violent insurgents were either captured or killed. He was soon given his own squad and after doing his job well, he was given charge over a company of men. As time went on, and Elias' fierce application of the law to protect his soldiers and the people of this State from these rebels, Elias proved himself to be leadership material on the field of battle again and again. He had no powers or special training or abilities, but he knew the world of combat. He knew how to keep him and his soldiers alive. Eventually he was taken off the battlefield when he was finally promoted to Captain.

    With the rank came the perks. The high place in society. The comforts, the lavishness, the delicacies, and of course, all the people that insisted this was what he wanted. A lavish Captain's life felt strange after spending so much time with a rifle in one hand and an injured trooper's scruff in the other. Most of these other captains had bought their way in. The money and influence of their families got them safe positions where all they did was sign orders and drink expensive wine. Even stranger, they treated him as one of their own. To these men, the military was a game. A pastime. They'd never so much as fired a weapon outside of hunting ducks for sport. All the laughing and joking and offerings of wine and the next cuisine that everyone had to try was an alien symphony. It took him months to adjust, and he never quite fully got there. Being thrown into the 5%'s life of comfort after you've already adjusted to living life as a soldier was like being thrown into another world.

    He got used to it, but not very happily or fully. He gained a reputation as a no-nonsense kind of man who went straight to work. During meetings when the officials discussed plans like businessmen, he discussed them like a solider. It made him unpopular to some, but earned him the respect of those who knew what he was talking about. Who'd been there too. At the very least, the family he's raised has been raised in comfort. His daughters wear tailored dresses and play in clean, grassy gardens. His wife has the time and money to pick up eccentric little hobbies. They're all safe. But sometimes, the echoes of gunfire still ring in his ears. The only way he can sate them is to demand the extra expenditures for extra armament for troops in the next meeting. He may no longer be a soldier, but he can still try and protect them. Somehow.
  13. @TheOddball just wanted to say sorry it is taking so long for me to finish my characters! I'll try to finish them both today.
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  14. @Dubs of Stigma
    I noticed your sheet says that the Lycan god thing is 9" tall. The " symbol isn't feet.
    9" equals 9 inches. It reads as though the Lycan god is nine inches tall. Might wanna switch it to 9' which is feet.
    After reading that, I could only imagine the Lycan god as being a tiny action-figure sized muppet on her shoulder.

    Also, and this doesn't have to be implemented in the RP, but most gases described in your power don't freeze at 0 degrees in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. I'm about to go Neil Degrasse Tyson here and mention that unless you're referring to 0 degrees Kelvin (absolute zero which only exists in theory as its physically impossible to reach because that's the temperature where atoms stop moving and if you were to hit that in an uncontrolled environment, weird/bad shit would happen). I think nitrogen freezes at around -200 degrees Celsius, I don't completely remember. Might just wanna say she makes things really, really cold cause reading that she can hit absolute zero sends up red flags reading "overpowered" in the heads of anyone who really understands that.

    At that temperature, you'd literally freeze electrons in their path. You don't want that to happen anywhere near you. You don't even want that to happen on the same planet as you. You'd hit something called a Bose-Einstein condensate where chemistry pretty much stops functioning and all materials would take on really weird, freaky, only-possible-in-theory-but-still-pretty-fucking-scary-if-it-happened kinds of properties. It's so scary, that we don't know what would happen, but we know it probably wouldn't be good if it happened either in an uncontrolled environment or at all. For all we know, the entire Earth might be cooked in intense radiation within nanoseconds or freeze-dried into frozen plasma. Hell, maybe even the entire solar system. Stuff that breaks the laws of physics because Bose-Einstein condensates are pretty much that. The complete breakdown of chemistry and physics along with it.

    Just... you don't wanna hit absolute zero. It's a great way to kill you and everything around you in ways that modern science still can't explain.

    This doesn't have to be taken into account, it is and RP and therefore fiction. But to a physics nut like me, the concept of someone having absolute zero in the palm of their hand is terrifyingly overpowered, not to mention you'd be unlikely to survive the use of your own powers. The concept of absolute zero is infinitely more god-like than the wolf monster behind her. Because it pretty much destroys physics and chemistry as we know them. Absolute Zero wouldn't be powerful, it'd be god like.

    Just, y'know, wanted to point that out.
    The more you know!
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