Unreasonable fears?

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  1. So we've all had fears in our lives, but there are some where you were scared of something really silly as a child that there was no reason to be scared of. Anyone have/had unreasonable fears as a child?

    I used to have a huge fear of dinosaurs despite them being dead for millions of years. I had a morbid curiosity of them and wouldn't be able to have anything to do with them without nightmares or being alone. I'm not so bad now but there still is some anxiety over them.
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  2. When I was younger, I remember always fearing that, when I walked into a room, someone might be hiding behind the door waiting to jump out and scare me. Most particularly, it was pretty much always my bedroom, especially when the house was really quiet. I remember always thinking that my brother might be trying to mess with me, so I would always check behind the door after going inside to make sure he wasn't back there. I don't remember what started this, exactly. Did he actually try that once? Managing to startle me so bad that it kept me wary for years to come? I don't even remember. I just remember nights upon nights of always looking behind my door as soon as I walked in.
  3. I am afraid of ever having the prolonged knowledge of an em-pending doom, the end all, dreaded sun explosion, apocalypse, no way of saving humanity from the universe.

    sitting and waiting though that kind of knowing might put some really bad waves out there.
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  4. I'm afraid of the dark.

    Specifically, I used to have a huge fear of walking up the stairs at night after everyone else had gone to bed. It had gotten to be so bad that some nights I just spent the entire night downstairs rather than face going up the stairs to my room to sleep. On other nights I would chain the lights along my path to and up the stairs, turning them on and off as I go. Sometimes I'd just half-ass it and leave the light at the bottom of the stairs on, fully aware that my dad would be mad at me later the next morning. Thankfully, I'm over it now and going up the stairs at night is no longer a problem for me, but I still have a residual fear of the dark that I don't think I'll ever get over. Nowdays it's just a small fear and only comes into effect in the more extreme situations (i.e. being out at night all on my own, which is hardly ever).
  5. I'm scared of heights on video games but not in real life.
  6. I dislike speed. Biking, driving, skating, it doesn't matter; I start to panic as soon as I'm going fast.
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  7. I agree, except with biking. For some reason I enjoy going fast on a bike, but on anything else? No way, José.
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  8. Heights freak me out, but only to an extent, and not proportional to scale. Being on a plane doesn't phase me, for instance, but an exhibition ride that takes you maybe a few storeys into the air? Unnerving.
  9. Holy crap! I was actually going to post a thread about last night! xD #darnit

    My fears are spiders and cockroaches.
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  10. I can't stand praying mantises, beetles, and a lot of insects lol. Which sucks for me since my country has a rather large variety of species ranging from flora and fauna to insects.

    At least the tarsiers were cute
  11. When I was a kid, after watching Spirited Away, I clung onto my parents because I was scared they were going to turn into pigs.
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  12. Heights. I can't even stand on a chair. A CHAIR!!! When I'm changing light bulbs I need to stand on a table to make sure I have enough space under my feet to feel somewhat comfortable. Still feels a bit shaky though. Heights are scary :(

    It started with me falling off a swing in kindergarten, and after that I didn't dare to be on anything that was just a few cm above ground o.O It became better when I was ten-twelve. I started to swing higher and could climb stuff during PE and such. I still have a bad fear for heights, but I can do more things than I could when it was on its worse... Except for standing on chairs or ladders. It's scary as hell :(

    Spiders. It kind of grew on me later in life. At first I only had a moderate fear of big spiders, but then it started to move towards smaller spiders. Now a days I've learned to handle the smallest of the smallest. Like, when they're ant sized or smaller. Anything above that and I'll run away immediately. I know we don't have any poisonous spiders here, but... They're creepy Dx

    Stupid fears that doesn't make any sense!
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  13. I'm not "scared" of puppets, but they do put me a little on edge.
  14. I don't actually have irrational fears, but I totally have reoccurring dinosaur nightmares. I think I saw Jurassic Park way too young.
  15. Ants. I spent hours terrorizing anthills as a kid, now they just freak me out. All those creepy crawlies and the legs and the mass that just moves about. Ugh.

    And bridges. As a wee lad I was absolutely terrified of bridges, especially if they had rapid currents under them, or if they were in poor condition. I blame this one day when I was maybe 4, and since that day it just got worse, until I got over it a couple of years ago. It might be the combination of heights and water, but they're still pretty creepy.
  16. Dude, I forgot about bridges, I freakin' hate bridges. Specifically big suspension bridges like the Golden Gate scare the ever living crap out of me. And they used to not to, but then I found out that they fucking move, with the wind and whatnot. It's so subtle you'll never actually notice it, but whenever I'm on one just think about that one bridge that was shaken to pieces by the wind and I will just not stop panicking until I'm off that fucking thing.

    Also, since I'm talking, another thing that really gets to me is tall ceilings. When I look up and see 50 feet between me and the ceiling lights, I kinda freak out a little bit. To me it's the equivalent of looking down from top a really tall building, and just so we're clear, I do not like heights.
  17. Exactly my point. Suspension bridges are the worst kind, they just sort of sway back and forth and you feel like they're going to break any second.
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  18. I don't have any unreasonable fears.

    I do, however, have completely reasonable fears of drowning and falling to my death. :P
  19. As a kid I hated the dark, and Cell from DBZ. His original absorption scene freaked me the hell out.
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  20. Insects freaked me the hell out. It doesn't matter how much taller I am. If its an ant I will shit myself.

    People say i should man up that they are only bugs. NOOOOOO. THEY ARE LITTLE DEMONS OF DEATH!!!
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