Unplanned Pregnancy Day

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  1. Don't get distracted kids and remember to wrap your shit, or else you'll regret it when October rolls around.
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  2. Haha

    The only response to the plethora of valentine threads
  3. wrap before you tap, always wear a hat or you'll end up with "That", oh snap.

    Don't be blubber, wear rubber.
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  4. That explains why I was born in October. >_>

    For me it's September. 3 of my kids were born in May. My husband's birthday presents 9 months later.
  5. A good majority of my family was born between Oct. 2 and Oct. 19. Most of them on the 19th.

    My ancestors loved the mandatory no-clothes cuddle apparently.
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  6. Wh.... what does @October Knight do... if you're not wearing a condom? o__o

    Three of your whut-now?
  7. I have it on good authority he does terrible things to your mother.
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  8. Don't be a jester, wrap your scepter.
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  9. Continuing the theme...

    Sex is cleaner with a wrapped weiner.

    Don't be a dick, wrap your stick.

    ^That was for my ex, specifically.
  10. Yeah. Figured that one out a few years back. One month premature and original birth date was projected around mid to late October.

    Hmmm, so would this imply there are more births during the latter part of the year?
  11. Funny, my daughter was born 40 weeks after my husband's birthday... to the day
  12. My birthday is in October.

    Welp. There's a realization I didn't think I'd ever have.
  13. ...

    I'm fairly certain nine months from February is November.
  14. You count this month as month 1, hun.
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  15. Well, that shows what I don't know.
  16. Most pregnancies tend to be early by ten plus days. I can't find one which goes down to days, but I'm sure it'd have to be late september. Though all things considered, I'm sure more people are fucking on the Christmas and New Year's holiday seasons than Valentines Day.

    You see, Valentines Day is two months into pregnancy and you know the gig is up. So take her to a nice dinner and show your appreciation for taking your load like a champ.

    Edit: Aunt flow is on vacation.
  17. You're welcome for that visual next time you are about to slam back some Hersey.

    Jern Snurrrr
  18. I don't have any kids that I know of.
    And by know of, I mean survived.
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