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In the deepest part of the desert a man in a suit drives to the military base's first stop. A few gards in trucks drive up to the car with the man in a black suit. They ask him to leave until he shows a bage that he has permisson to be in the base. The gards in the truck depart with the man in the suit. They reach the base and walk in the buildings that are deep under the ground. The man reaches into his frount pocket and pulls out a card that contains a series of bar codes and numbers. He slides it against the small slot that controls the door. As the door opens he walks into the large hallway that has contains the rooms of W, Hunter, and Zero. First he opens the door to W and tells his to report to the training room for an advance version of his current martial art and to bring his sword to get the breif meeting ready. Next was Hunter, He walked into the room to explain there is a breif meeting soon and to report when he is updated on the animals in the area. Last was Zero, the man was more relaxed with this unnatural becuase she obeys most ordders that are given to her. He explaains the same to her but insted of leaveing to a diffrent room he asks to follow him. The man and zero enter a room that has four chairs and folders on the desk. He tells Zero not to open the folder untill the others have enterd the room.
W bows to the man and formal states "yes sir" and walks away to the training room. I cannot wait until i do not have to listen to anymore pompos orders fromhimor anyone else. someday they will all listen to me, but for now do what they say like you have been for these many years.

W reached the training room and martialized Fenris before entering. When in the room he exclaimed, "Alright lets do this i need a good work out. come on."
At the moment, Hunter was busy sharpening his k-bar combat knife when the man walked in. He raises his left hand and throws up two fingers as a resaponse to his request. Hunter placed down the stone, sheath the knife in the holster over his right breast, and went over to his labtop that he connected to a sattlelite. "Okay" he said, he craked his knuckles and typed in the passcode for the sattelite grid, the grid revealed a multitude of reptiles, amphibians, and mamals through out the area. To have this many would mean a disturbance in their environmental patterns, maybe something had startled them, or maybe something deadly was hanging around. Either way, this meant Hunter had a mission.

Before he made his way to the meeting, hunter entered his private armory. It was a large room inside the facility that only him, Rolland, and their leader knew about. Stepping on the tile floor, the room's light flashed on revealing a selection of four cars for undercover work, to the back wall were tubes with military combat suits, and to the right wall was a bar and what looked like a tool dresser. Hunter trotted over to his hanger and pulled from the center, a hidden selection of weapons, from explosives and beyond. He reached up and grabbed an m16, on the bottom rack he attached an undermounted grenade launcher, and set the rifle to full auto. Rick always admired his sense of preparation, it always saved his ass when he leasted noticed. Hunter grabbed three flash bangs and two frags before closing the doors. As he closed off his secret armory, he walked past his room door and paused for a moment. Looking back he picked up an ipod and placed it in his pocket, with the headphones in his ear. As Hunter strolled to the meeting room he listened to one of his most loved songs and got ready for deployment.
Kris wasn't really doing anything in her room when the man opened the door. She hardly heard what he said, but saw that he wanted her to follow him. So she stood up from her bed and walked out of the room with him. She never really had anything special to do around here. Whenever she did get a mission, she felt that they were pushing all the clean up jobs onto her.

Kris let these feelings slide for now and entered the meeting room, sitting down in the nearest seat, ignoring the folder in front of her.
W walked out of the training room feeling energized after that quick work out that updated his martial arts shao-lin kung fu from the fukien temple and his iaido ryu sword style also know as the art of drawing the sword.

He headed to the meeting room. When he entered he noticed that he was the last to arrive. Oh well better sit down and get briefed. ​He did just that and sat down waiting for the commander at the moment to give them the run down on the mission at hand.
Its was very breif indeed. They where only told to find a group of unnaturals that live in the area of new york and the west cost area. It was the groups decission to pick wich area to check on. Little did the dogs know they wouldent be by them selfs becuase they know the unnaturals in new york is much more difficult to capture so they send the group to shearch the west cost states. yes it was so much land to cover but they would be easyer to capture.
He explained to the group that there are many in the west cost area but they are shearching a specific group.
With out any questions he leaves the room and escorts the dogs in the main hall where they are placed in a car. They drive out the deasrt and sit in the car waiting to be droped off.
"This is probably the vaguest mission that I have been assigned to yet. But the fact that we are searching for a specific group in an area that holds many unnaturals, the group must be pretty big or the only ones." W said with calm vocie. He sat in the car looking out the window trying to find some beauty in this dessert and having trouble. Sand ther is just endless sand.
The forest is the best place to be durring the goverments yearly search, but signs and signals showen through other protectors showed that the goverment was going to show there yearly search was soon and early than other years. The young girls eyes open, beutifull hazel eyes shined in the light against the sun. She turned to the small shack where her and her two traveling partners her hair flowed smothly as she walked to the young terra along with the bird. She slowly walks to the two teens and looks at them with bad news
"terra, bird.....we have a slight issue at the moment. It is not extreamly alarming but we do have be on high alert. They seem to be searching for us once more. Other local protectors had left small spray paint spots on the back of stop signs that are the color blue. If you dont remember, this shows that the dogs are soon to be let out apon us. We would travel to the woods but it is too late to try this becuase they would soon swep out every forest, town, and city for us. We will leave this house with in a few days. 2 days is the most we will stay."
She walks out the room with out any questions to be answered, She knows there after her becuase she has lived longer and knows the locations of every protector that was been recuited within the past 3 years. She needed a team that was willing to help her escape the dogs and help the unnatruals. She sat out the frount door. she liked to let her team to talk among them selves just in case they opposed her ideas.
Terra sat by the window staring out at the birds passing by, she barely noticed the others in the room. It had already been three years since her adoptive parents had died and she joined the protectors. That night had been torturing her memories for so long, she remembered it so clearly how she got home and found her parents bodies, then...
She got distracted when Nel interrupted her thoughts.

"terra, bird.....we have a slight issue at the moment. It is not extreamly alarming but we do have be on high alert. They seem to be searching for us once more. Other local protectors had left small spray paint spots on the back of stop signs that are the color blue. If you dont remember, this shows that the dogs are soon to be let out apon us. We would travel to the woods but it is too late to try this becuase they would soon swep out every forest, town, and city for us. We will leave this house with in a few days. 2 days is the most we will stay."

Nel walked out from the room without letting them say or ask anything.
"If you don't remember" Terra snorted repeating her words, even if she respected Nel and knew she are a good leader Terra sometimes couldn't take her atitude. "How could I forgett?" She continued "and by the way, I can see the future, why not ask me how much time we got?" terra complained.
Lately she had often gotten irritated on Nel and taken it out on bird, but even if she complained a lot she always respected Nels decisions.
(The extermantors)

Gun shots herd from the distance, no one seems to be on alert to this sound becuase no one wants to get shot so it is ignored unless a police officer is neer by. A patorl car speeds up becuase some calls had came in for not the shooting but some homeless geting into abandon buildings. He complex owner complained that he has seen people go into his apartments. the officer didint want to do this call but it was over the radio so he was forced to go on with the complaint. The officer turned on his lights to show he was doing his job for the higher ups. He walks in the dirty old apratments and he searches each room waiting to find nouthing untill he reaches the 4th floor and the whole area was clean. No mud, no dirty, no dust, and all the rooms seem to be clean also but they had no one in them. He walks to the end of the room and find an older and a young girl. He thought he knew what they were going to do. He got a bit giddy when he brings in a sex offender, or even maybe a rapeist. Little did he know though, he just entered the worst place to be a natural. He has found one of the extermanators hide outs. Light hit his back causeing a shadow to the end of the room. the officer is about to grab his gun to point at the man and yells.
This gave shadow and Caius a chance to get rid of a natural.
Shadow laughed at the police man that held the gun towards them, he starred at her in chock "I SAID PUT YOUR HANDS OVER YOU HEAD!" he screamed again.
"I heard you the first time, and tell me why I should do that, because you're going to shoot me?" She said walking closer to the police man who had noticed that he couldn't move a limb. She stoped right in front of him so close he could feel her cold breath, She wispered in to his ear "I think you won't be able to shoot me, I think you will shoot yourself in your left hand." He starred at his hand which started to move on its own, Shadow took some steps back and looked at him with a cruel, evil smile on her lips. He shoot himself in the hand and a loud scream echoed threw the apartment. Shadow laughted a bit but fast got bored and decided to kill him off, he cried for mercy while he saw his hand with the gun going up to his head. "Why would I show you mercy? You never showed us any" She said in a cold whisper and then she made him pull the trigger.

She looked over at Caius, even if they for the moment were living in the same place they actually were rivals. But even if they hated eachother they understood that they couldn't be alone now when the government started to send out their dogs after them.
Inside the car let Hunter know that this would be easy, but it didn't smell that way to him. Before dropping off; he put on spec ops equipment to keep his face concealed to others. They were a secret organization and had to stay that way. As the car drove off, Kain pulled out some shades to cover his eyes and marched on; M16 in hand and eyes on his prize... An exterminator.

He was deployed in SC, South Carolina. For the most part it was clear in one part of town, quiet and covert. But as he walked further in he noticed jeeps, tanks, and helicopters moving in to the east of the town. He knew some exterminators are dangerous, but this seemed serious. Almost extreme if you will, but you're never to careful. The soldiers accompanying the artillery had different uniforms from his, so it was easy for them to know who he worked for. "You came just in time, this place is about to be a war zone." said one of the soldiers. Hunter never asked questions about missions so he just went with it and prepared for war.
Terra had her hands full with packing her favorite guns and knives for their departure, at the same time she held a close look at the future. The governments leaders still hadn't decided when to give the order for entering the zone where their current stay were. But she had a vague view of when it would be, probably two and a half or four days before they would enter. But because they still hadn't decided they could as well decide on a surprise attack in a hour which would come in two hours.
Terra was still a bit angry about Nels bossiness, couldn't she just chill out for a while?
She had finaly packed down the last weapon that she would have with her, but grieved all the weapons she couldn't take with her because of the weight and the litle time they had.
"Farewell my darlings momy will come back for you later" she said to the guns that were left, without caring about bird being in the room.

She suddenly droped the gun she was patting when she got a vision. She saw a girl, she had seen that girl a lot of time but she didn't knew who the girl was. She looked older than Terra, who was that mystical girl and why did Terra see her all the time?


Meg walked to the policemans body and took the gun from his cold bloody hands, then put it in one of her pockets. She new that the government had started to move closer to them, and that they probably would attack soon, but how soon?
Meg hoped the night would come soon, then she could feel if someone was close by because the shadows were all connected to eachother when everything were dark. Maybe it was time to move to a new place just in case, but it was to dangerous to go alone even with their powers. But she didn't think she could count on Caius if she told him they needed to move to the next place. Well it's better to go alone than staying here
"I will leave as fast as the sun sets, it's to dangerous to stay here right now, are you comming or are you staying here?"
She didn't care if he came or not, it would be a bit safer to travel with him but she prefer being alone.
The bird sat there thinking how fast his life had changed. He was in high school life was horriable to him but it was safe. He remembers that nel came to him and told him that the dogs will come for him if i dont leave soon, i didint belive her untill the dogs came for me. I had to fly for my life untill nel was there with a few other protectors. We split up the group, i didint get to meet the other three people but i did meet tera and nel. The bird was uneassy when nel told them that the dogs had been sent out sooner that expected. He didint know all there secrets and plans becuase he had only joind a year ago. Once nel walked out he knew terra would be angry with nels small speech. She complained that she knew the future but like every one eals, we had are limits, and terra couldent see if some one changed there plans.

The bird didint want to case any probelms so he stayed quite and decided that a sniper and a silent pistol would help the group whie he stays above for watch. He was with terra in the room she was picking out her guns and he could tell that she was still angry with nel but it wouldent last very long. While the bird loded his clips he heard terra talking to her guns. He didint mind her doing that.
Suddenly her herd her drop the gun and she feel into one of her visons. He quickly dashed and held onto terra so she wouldent fall. Once she came out of her trance he let go and said in a low tone
"sorry i thought it would help."

Nel was standing out side collecting info from a special protector. She cant reval anything about the protector but only the fact the person can send information thorough the mind. She recived the update on the number of protectors and how many groups. The list is getting biger, wich means the dogs will have more and more extermantors. She looked into the forest and decided that the group will walk through the forest in serch of others or at least a safe house.
Kris sat bored in the car and looked out the window, watching everything go by. She already had her shades on, the lenses a dark gold color. It actually analyzed data for her. It came in handy sometimes. This function was turned off for now. As soon as the car stopped, she knew they would have to get out. She didn't feel like it to be honest. This was one of those days she just wanted to be left alone and have some peace. Maybe even sleep all day.

With a sigh, she got out of the vehicle and looked around. Seeing soldiers, tanks, etc, she followed them. Kris half listened to the soldier that was glad to see them. Kris didn't wear much to indicate that she was a military 'dog' but she did wear her dog tags...sometimes. This was one of those times.
Terra woke up from her vision finding herself in Birds arms, he fast let go of her when he noticed that she had woken up.
"Sorry I thought it would help" He explained.
"Thanks" Terra said happy that he had caught her before she fell to the floor, it had happend way to many times. But it wasn't so bad to fall on the floor, she came to think of the time she had been fighting a exterminator and gotten a vision which she couldn't stop and fallen to the ground. If Nel hadn't been close by Terra would probably be dead. Now she could controll it a bit more, if she needed to she could stop the visions when they came, not always but more often than before.

She tried to get her concentration back at the government to make sure if they made a decision, but instead she caught a glimpse of something else.
"One of the governments spies is somewhere near here searching after us right now, he is really close, we should tell Nel." She told Bird and went to search for Nel.
So far Kain had went with a searching party of marines to find their target. Each direction he looked people were being pulled to the side, being searched and examined for special formalities in their DNA. It was a rough job at times, but someone had to do it. "You guys the search team?", asked a marine. "Yes", hunter replied, "Good, Intel is this way, ask for Lt. Smith". As Hunter and the group progressed he could sense a feeling of somebody watching them. He'd felt it before he was dropped off, but it was getting stronger the deeper he went into the area. They quickly found Lt. Smith and were filled in quickly.

"Gentlemen", said smith, "Naval Intelligence has given us reading on exterminator activity in this specific area, over an hour ago. A local officer went to investigate and has shown up M.I.A, your mission is search and rescue, any complications, then your mission becomes search and destroy." -Which was Hunter's mission from the beginning- "Alright marines, move out." Hunter followed behind the soldiers close, but ducked behind an alley's dumpster to call a hawk. "Find them", he whispered in it's ear, and lifted it off to fly. After he caught back up with the group, he saw how the area started to look more and more like an empty apartment complex. It seemed like someone had broken all the street likes, as well the lights in the complex. "Tactical lights on", something didn't sit right with Hunter. Whatever he was after, seemed to love the shadows.
W got out of the car with the other dogs and began to follow half listening to the sucking up the solider was doing cause in his eyes that is all the do with the government. Sickening.

"Hey solider, what intel do we have?" W snapped. he really wanted this over with asap but he knew it was going to be a long mission.
"I guess you want me to come with?" Caius asks Meg. He says nothing more, simply walks out, checking his pistols as he does so. He turns back for a moment.
"What? It makes sense. Lets g get moving before the dogs get here. We can take then down one by one on the road with traps and such."
"Like hell I care if you come or not" She told him sourishly.
'Why the heck would I want him to come? That idiot always think to highly of himself' She thought, but suddenly got distracted in her thoughts, someone was close by and walked around the shadows which she had carefully placed around the city. But the person still hadn't walked on the shadows she controlled, it irritated her.
"What? It makes sense. Lets g get moving before the dogs get here. We can take then down one by one on the road with traps and such." He told her.
"Yeah, sure" She said, while trying to connect with a shadow which the irritating stranger stood in, but couldn't find any, he probably knew that something was wrong with the shadows and on purpose tried to avoid them. Probably a dog. She took a gun in case she wouldn't be able to use the shadows on the guy and walked towards the door.