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  1. Mount Ebott
    A place of beginnings, deaths, births, hope, and ends. Mount Ebott has, for years, been shrouded by mystery. Those who entered, never returned. No human dared ventured out into the mountain, not even the bravest of men or the strongest of warriors. Humans lived in the overworld, prospered and blinded by their own selfishness, and ego which clouded their judgement. Meanwhile, down in the underground, monsters struggled to make a living, they tried to keep their population in check, and many monsters died in the hands of the six humans that fell down, all to which have died by the hands of the King of monsters, Asgore Dreemurr. Hope was brighter in the underground, until the last human child fell down. They went through hardships, decisions, conflicts, yet they pressed on. Through many, many tries, they were finally able to save the underground, and on that day, the underground went empty.

    Monsters began to live along sides humans, however, it wasn't as wonderful as they thought it would be. Monsters and humans, were different. Humans were unable to accept this change, and went against it. The human child, named Frisk, risked their life in order to stop the humans from starting another war. For now, the humans and monster live without getting at each others necks, for a couple of decades.

    Years later, like, years and years later...

    Sans had been helping Alphys out in a new lab, named 'Alphys Human and Monster Research Centre' (Or HMRC for short). Frisk volunteered to help as well, as there was an odd, violent pulsing of determination coming from the ruins. They embarked to the area, soon finding a human with a green and yellow striped shirt, in the form of a child. They attempted to attack the three of them, and their determination was on par with Frisk's own. However, through a lot of trial and error, Frisk, Alphys, and Sans, were able to capture the human child, and bring them to the overworld to examine her. They found that, this human held tons and tons of power within them, but Asgore and Toriel instantly recognized them. Chara was then put to sleep, and frozen in order to preserve them without killing them or without them killing themselves.

    Not too long after that, something strange had been happening in Mount Ebott, and thus an investigation team was sent in through the peak of the mountain. But... None of them returned. This worried Alphys, and so Undyne herself went to go check on them. Not only had she found the team, but she was being attacked by them. They acted like zombies of some sort, and swinging at them made her spear go through. They were completely made out of dust, and they looked more mutated and stronger. As much as she hated it, she fell back in order to inform Alphys. After gaining this information, Alphys and Sans quickly got to work, trying to figure out what had been happening. The sensors they put in the ruins were unresponsive, and a strange, dark mist had emerged from the peak.

    As time passed, the mist grew thicker, and found it's way down to parts of small villages. The mist completely wreaked them, glitching things in, and out. It made people's voices slurred, and fuzzy. The best way to describe it was a computer glitching, lagging, and blinking. There was no way to hold back the mist, and so Frisk, Alphys, Sans, Undyne, Asgore, Toriel, and Papyrus, all rushed the unaffected humans and monsters somewhere else. Frisk remembered that Chara was still frozen, and it was possible that the mist could thaw them out. Running back to the lab, Frisk opened up Chara's chamber, and attempted to pull it out. The others helped out, able to get Chara out in the nick of time.

    A while later, Undyne had been making sure that everyone was coming back safe, Alphys was planning out routes, Papyrus was trying to keep everyone optimistic, Toriel was acting as a mother, and Asgore began leading the people. Frisk acted as the representative for both monsters, and humans. The mist didn't seem to move too far after Tech-Centre city was invaded, and so they all decided to part ways in Snowdinside Town. Alphys, Sans, and Frisk went to the main building of the Temmi-Education Centre, Undyne stayed in Water-range City, Toriel left for Sunny-side Village, Asgore left for Volcano VIllage, and Papyrus just went where he was needed to improve morale. Of course, Mettaton didn't stop his premieres, but he whined about the lack of technology.

    Now marks the beginning of new heros, enemies, or just people who are there.
    Embark on an epic quest! Or something.
    Can you find the dog?
    I think there are 5.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Name - Arghf Sand
    Location - Volcano Village
    Alignment - Bad

    Arghf was leaning against a tree, plotting. He'd done the best he could to influence people to start another war against monsters and to an extent it was working but a problem arose. The people had become numb to his claims about monsters, not taking them as seriously as they once did. He needed something practical, mere words wouldn't work, not anymore. His very purpose for being here was to solve this problem, the tool he would solve it with : a knife. Arghf yanked out a knife from his pocket and hovered it above his arm which was now stretched out, taking deep breaths in preparation for what he was about to do. " O-one, two... THREE !!! " After three he jabbed the knife into his arm, deep enough for the blade to tickle his humerus.

    Arghf threw the knife away before a horrifying shout escaped him, he charged onwards with trembling legs into a reasonably populated area. " A monster ! Look what it did to me ... my arm, MY ARM, I did nothing wrong... nothing," Arghf's desperate expression now one of anger. He lifted his arm up to show the knife caused dent in his arm. " A monster bore it's teeth into my arm ! Do you see now ?!?! We need to eradicate them, torture the vermin, before they kill us and those we hold dear !!! " Arghf was happy to see most of the crowd were convinced. " Spread the word !!!" he said with as much energy he had started with, then he staggered out of public view to sit down and wait for the immense pain to wear off or at least reduce.
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  3. Location - Volcano Village

    Alignment - Good - Pacifist

    Mention - @Daspro, Arghf Sand


    Serket was sitting on the ground thinking of where to travel to next, Temmie Village maybe? Checking her inventory she had some Dog Residues on her person. closing her inventory not daring giving anything else a second look, she stood up ready to begin moving toward Temmie Village and contemplated talking to Napstablook. Serket began to walk away when a cry sounded form behind her. Startled Serket whipped around to see a boy, no younger than fifteen, no older than seventeen, his reddish eyes filled almost to the top with pain the last bit gleamed with mischief. Serket ran to aid the boy who screamed "A monster bore it's teeth into my arm ! Do you see now ?!?! We need to eradicate them, torture the vermin, before they kill us and those we hold dear !!!" Prying through the crowd that now srounded the boy holding onto his every world like they were his lasts. Serket wanted to scream "Why aren't we helping him? Why are we just staring! He's hurt!" Serket finally got to the last row of people when he herd the boy sound again "Spread the word !!!" Serket sounded back "Hey Wait!" Getting to the clearing that the boy once stood, now only stood a puddle of blood, and a ever so slight trail to where ever he went. Serket looked at the trial touching it before she followed the small trail to where ever he was sitting.
  4. [​IMG]

    Name - Arghf Sand
    Location - Volcano Vilage
    Alignment - Bad

    If there was anything Arghf hated more than the success of others it was being pitied. *Around 6-8 months ago a middle aged man made the mistake of saying ' Are you alright?' well, to put quite simply, those were the last words the man ever said. That is if you were to exclude the constant petty begging that begun after Arghf had forced a conveniently nearby knife into the back of the man's skull. The man survived but had since been unable to preform the once simple action of speech. The perfect crime.*
    So when he heard footsteps progressively getting louder he quickly sprung up, perhaps too quickly because now he was subject to a woozy sensation.

    Arghf's guard was lowered when he saw the person that approached but soon his guard was heightened when he noticed two horn like things protruding from her head. In truth Arghf didn't think much too bad of monsters, if he did he wouldn't feel the need to stab himself to prove a point, the real reason he wanted a war against monsters was so he could creep up in power. The distracted humans would be all but invulnerable to his attacks and he would claim world domination, that is if all went to plan. But first he needed a mutual hatred towards monsters to form. " Honestly, you monsters make it too easy," Arghf said before abruptly flailing his arms around in an almost comedic fasion " HELP !!! HELP, PLEASE ANYONE !!! " He shouted. " It's admitted to the killing of half the population! Heed my warning people of Volcano Village, the monster uprising is upon us, fighting back is our only option !!!" His voice echoed throughout, adding an even more dramatic feel that he hadn't planned. He surpressed a grin as he spoke, " You, the abomination that has come from the depths of Hell, will not destroy us !!! " He said, perhaps dragging it on a bit too much, but you didn't get opportunities like these too often so he couldn't help the prolonging of his 'cameo.'
  5. Location - Volcano Village

    Alignment - Good - Pacifist

    Mention - @Daspro, Arghf Sand


    Serket rushed to the sitting man's aid, he was yelling, to whom? she couldn't quite tell if it was her, if it was she had done him no harm "It's admitted to the killing of half the population! Heed my warning people of Volcano Village, the monster uprising is upon us, fighting back is our only option!!" Serket stopped a moment steps away from the man looking around confused opening her inventory she took out a manly bandanna. Now holding the item in her hand she herd the man cry out again "You, the abomination that has come from the depths of Hell, will not destroy us!!!" Serket jumped trembling at the mans powerful worlds. Serket wanted to run and hide, but she forced her body to walk to the man. "S-Sir?," Serket's voice was meek "your arm, it's bleeding." Serket stopped for a few moment's to take a few breaths before walking up to him "Please let me help you." Serket reached out to grab the mans arm ready to wrap the manly bandanna around it.
  6. Prospit Cronus Light
    Location: Flying above Volcano Village
    Affiliation: Good
    Mentions: Arghf Sand - @Daspro
    Serket - @The Mernsicle

    The wind felt great in his hair and the smell of soot was actually refreshing as Prospit flew through the air near Volcano Village. He knew that his papa would be upset if he came back to Sunny-side Village covered in soot from the volcano, but that was why he had decided to wear his favorite black clothes, to hide whatever soot that got on him as he took pictures. Pulling out his camera, the half bat monster took some pictures of the volcano of the village. Deciding to descend lower to get some shots of said village, Prospit headed down towards the village to get some really good pictures when his sensitive ears picked up on something happening with the humans. Looking through his camera lens and adjusting it to see farther and sees what appears like a human and a monster conversing. Raising an eyebrow, Prospit headed down towards the duo, landing next to the human. He saw that the human male was wounded and the young monster was trying to help him. "Hey buddy, need any help?Prospit asked, announcing his presence to the both of them. "That looks rather bad."
  7. The Adopted Twins Milano & Dakota
    -Sunnyside Village

    "Dakota, slow down!"
    Milano cried to his sister as she was going down the hillside way too fast. He was scared of falling down so he decided to crawl backwards the rest of the way down, until a praying mantis had scared him into rolling into his sister.
    "Ow! Milano!"
    "It's not my fault, a bug scared me!"
    "Then stop being such a scaredy cat!"
    "That's scaredy fox!"
    The two stopped for a minute, before breaking out into laughter. Dakota helped her weaker brother up as she looked around quite diligently, her tail swishing around as she snuck around on all fours.
    "So what's that... Uh... Thing you wanted to show me?"
    Dakota didn't quite answer him, poking her nose into the tall grass by the lake.
    "We're skipping school... Auntie Toriel won't be very ha--"
    "AHA! Gotcha!"
    His sister had pulled a rather huge turtle from the water, its legs gently thrashing about from it's swimming being interrupted.
    "See? Isn't this super cool? Let's bring him for show and tell!"
    "B-but Dakota I don't think--"
    She was already running off with the huge river turtle... Poor turtle. He sighed and followed after her...
  8. Location - Volcano Village

    Alignment - Good - Pacifist

    Mention -
    @Daspro, Arghf Sand
    @Cybermoon, Prospit Light


    Serket jumped hearing someone behind her, dropping the manly bandanna she was holding she curled up and began rocking herself to calm down, she was a monster and she was the one freaking out. "That looks rather bad." the other monster seemed to say. Examining the body closely Serket saw that they were half bat trembling Serket meekly said "H-H-Hello, I'm Serket"

    ((So Sorry this is a short post))
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  9. [​IMG]

    Name - Arghf Sand
    Location - Volcano Village
    Alignment - Bad

    Arghf was set aback by what appeared to be another monster. It too seemed to want to help. " Help ? " Arghf said, teeth gritted, gritted so tightly that his jaw could be seen in great detail. He was about to instigate a fight but then he realised his situation, a two versus one especially in his condition wasn't ideal, not to mention that he had the sneaking suspicion that despite the feable impression the female gave off he wouldn't be able to beat her, even with both arms in good condition, let alone the male who he took a few steps back for.

    " So form a temporary truce ? " Arghf thought, but he soon realised he had ran into another wall; not too long ago he was saying humans should declare war on monsters so having a relationship with one, no matter a pat on the back or a kiss, it would be hypocrism that if seen would lead to the failure of his plan.

    A mental stalemate.

    Or was it ? Was it not the perferct situation ?
    What he would do is accept the help from the monsters, proclaim to the humans that he was a monster himself, do horrible deeds whilst people think he's a monster so all the bad things he does will be associated with monsters and hopefully-eventually get a war against monsters that way. Then while there's total anarchy'RISE TO POWER'easier said than done but it was worth a shot.

    " Yes, help. I, A FELLOW MONSTER, would appreciate some help," He said raising his voice at ' a fellow monster ' so it was audible to onlookers as it was an important part of his makeshift plan. Arghf closed the gap between him and them. " We should fix this in a more private place," He said pointing at his arm " Oh and we should be sure to..." He wasn't too sure what monsters did, if anything different to humans so he simply inserted " monster like things." He tried perhaps too hard to copy their facial expressions, to seem more a convincing monster.
  10. Location - Volcano Village

    Alignment - Good - Pacifist

    Mention -
    @Daspro, Arghf Sand
    @Cybermoon, Prospit Light


    Serket watched the boy and waited for his response, he seemed irritated. Weather it was herself or the other monster Serket watched the boy carefully, he seemed to be thinking his eyes lighting up with mischief then glazed over with an act of hurt. Serket looked to the other monster hoping that she would know what to do. Picking up the manly bandanna, Serket made her way behind the other monster's back. Peaking out, the boy began to stir again "Yes, help. I, A FELLOW MONSTER, would appreciate some help," Serket looked over the boy from head to toe and from toe to head trying to find in what way's he was Monster, stepping out a little farther Serket listened "Oh and we should be sure to..." be sure to what? Serket's mind wanted her to slap him for not finishing his thoughts "monster like things.". Serket face palmed her head and walked back behind the other monster pulling at the wing tiring to get their attention Serket whispered "How is he a monster? I can't see anything indicating that he's one of us!" Serket awaited a response feet bent inward hair in her small face and her horns shrunk about a foot in size.
  11. Prospit Cronus Light
    Location: Volcano Village

    Affiliation: Good
    Interaction: Arghf Sand - @Daspro
    Serket - @The Mernsicle

    Prospit just raised his eyebrow at the obvious lie the human was telling about being a fellow monster. Well, Prospit couldn't really say anything as he was only half monster, but still. This guy was starting up something but he couldn't figure out what, yet. "Dude, you are full human. Don't even try to pull the wool over our eyes." Prospit states in a bored tone, bending down to grab the guys arm to get a better look at it. "You are definitely someone who likes to hear himself talk." He said off-handedly, pulling out a black bandana and wrapping it around the humans arm to cover it and stem the bleeding. He looked back at the young female and smiled a bit, showing her that he was a rather friendly individual when not dealing with fakers. Prospit finished tying off the bandana rather tightly, to an almost bruising sort of tightness, and let go of his arm. "Go see a human doctor to get that cleaned and patched up properly, dude. Also, try not to differentiate between humans and monsters too much. It is rather insulting to my monster half." Prospit advises, looking into the human males eyes with his own dual colored ones and flashing a toothy smirk to show off his fangs. He turned away from the human, guard up and waiting for something to happen and turned his attention to the young female. He had heard her introduce herself as Serket. Smiling, he kneeled down a bit to her eye level and put a gentle hand on her head. "Nice to meet you, Serket. My name is Prospit Cronus Light." Prospit introduced.
  12. Name - Lucas
    Location - Somewhere in Mount Ebott
    Alignment - Evil
    Lucas has moved again, fearing he's being watched by some unknown being, so he's travels have brought him to the north side of the Mountain, near the town of Snowdinside. Lucas has never been to another city or town besides his original village where he has been banished from.
    The past couple of days have been hell, from the thought of being captured by those freaks with out a mind, to the frustration of not being able to satisfy his growing hunger of a victim.

    "Oh dear me, how long has it been since I've had a conversation with someone. Looks like I should go out more."

    Lucas bite his lip and started to giggle. He finds it funny he's about to kill someone.

    "Let's go make a friends at Snowdinside Town, I'm sure it's to die for!"

    Lucas has made up his mind, he's going to make a appearance in the snowy town and make a statement.
  13. [​IMG]

    Name - Arghf Sand
    Location - Volcano Village
    Alignment - Bad

    Arghf flinched when the faking of his species was discovered, especially with his top notch acting, like the slight twitch of his arm and the wiggling of his eyebrows; actions he thought to be monstrous.
    At the remarks of the other male he stiffened in anger unable to do anything but accept the help, what set him off the most was the fact that he turned his back to him, the ultimate insult in Arghf's book. Now exposed a fraud in public it seemed the possibility of world rule was just... infeasible, dare he say childish ? No. His ego wouldn't allow it, nor would the voice. There was a voice in his head that inspired him by saying things like ' There are always more knecks to snap, more kittens to kick, more elders to mock, more orphans to taunt...' how grateful he was to this voice; if not for it perhaps he would have given up.

    Arghf in a desperate attempt to form a 'plan C' thought and thought and thought, his whole body strained as if he was lifting his own weight until finally something came afloat. The floating thing in question was a pebble. Arghf picked up a pebble with unreasonable delicacy and put in his pocket sporting a not-quite-a-grin-but-just-enough-to-not-be-considered-a-non-grin whilst peering at the two monsters.
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  14. Text box:

    Name - Mary Dream
    Location - Volcano Village
    Alignment - True Pacifist


    After quite the walk Mary and Friend reached Volcano Village. She had been asked to bring in a shipment of Buttercups and White Roses into the neighboring florist company. Being the donated and kind person she is, she decided to help. Holding one bag in both hands, she carried the Buttercups. As Friend held onto the White Roses through his mouth. Grumble of unpleasantness could be heard from him. Stating it was to early for a job, as he did every morning.

    "Oh what time is it, we have to be on time.", Mary stated.
    "We would know if you hadn't forgot you watch at home." Friend said.
    "Shut it Lazy Bones!"
    "I don't have any bones idiot."
    "Well you kn-"

    Mary had run straight into someone, during the rush of panic and distraught she fell backwards. Causing a yelp from both.

    (if you want any you guys can interact from here or jsut talk to mary)
  15. Derse Venus Light
    Location: Sunnyside Village
    Alignment: Good
    Mentions: Milano and Dakota - @Asriel

    Derse sat near the water, working on a new song that she suddenly had the inspiration to write when she heard the sound of two small children near the water. Looking up from her notepad, she saw that it was the two fox children that belonged to Papyrus the Skeleton. She smiled and giggled a bit when one of them picked up a river turtle and started running off with the poor creature. Standing up and fixing up her simple, outdoor kimono, the young radio hostess and occasional starlet headed over to them, a small bit of frost following her footsteps as she went before melting from the sunlight.
    "Children, what do you think you are doing to that poor creature?" She asked the two fox children when se caught up to them, a kind smile on her face. "That turtle dos not seem to be happy being taken from their home." And it was true, as the river turtle kept trying to get out of the fox girl's hands.
  16. Name - Lucas
    Location - Snowdinside Town
    Alignment - Evil
    "Good morning Snowdinside Town, you have a visitor."

    Lucas eyes gazed over the town from the distance, how peaceful, quite, and not in chaos yet. He needed a plan to cause havoc on the city however it needed to be civilized, he's not a complete monster after all. Soon enough he entered the town, it's shared a similar vibe like Volcano Village, and that's not okay. The memories he got from that place oh how they were burned into his mind as a reminder of what he is, a monster amongst other monsters. Just remembering it made Lucas burn a flower nearby.

    But today was not a day to bring back the past, today was a day to remember, for the people and monsters around the land to remember. He continued walking until he made his way into the local tavern. He sat himself down and ordered a drink, Lucas quickly finished it off seeing it was his first actual drink in months. The bartender asked for his money because drinks aren't free to everyone.

    "I'm sorry sir, it appears I don't have money, why don't you let this one slide."

    The bartender eyes went blank for a moment the walked away like nothing happened. He went and got Lucas another drink, it was as if he was under control by someone. Lucas laughed at how pathetic the bartender's determination, it was so easy to just take over his mind to do his bidding, nowadays people's determination are getting to much to handle, but in this case it was taking candy from a baby, or punching a toddler in the face. It feels so good to be bad.

    "Mr. Bartender, you can go die now."

    No one was there thankfully, it would have been a mess if anyone heard him scream. Now what to do next?
  17. Text box:

    Name - Mary Dream
    Location - Volcano Village -> Snowdinside Town
    Alignment - True Pacifist


    "I cant believe I ran into a kid! Its all my fault! I should have been paying more attention, what if the kids hur-" exclaimed Mary.
    "Shut up." said Friend. "Your over reacting."
    "Dont be rude Snuffle Bums."
    "I swear to god call me that one more time."
    "Ha, the ultimate weapon!"

    During the whole trip, Mary only fell 5 times, new scabs and bruises littered her body. After finally reaching the florists, she received
    another call for help.

    A hospital had said that they believed someone dangerous might be in the city. And with this, some people have been showing up
    to the hospital with injuries, or even death. Skipping along Mary entered the town.

    And within seconds was hit with a family emotion. Pity.

    Something had just happened in this town, and Mary didn't know if she wanted to see it.
    Friend could seance the tenseness that coursed through Mary's body. Like a plague or virus.

    "Its going to be okay."

    The words fell out of Friends mouth naturally, as it always has.
    Mary's body immediately went relaxed again, it was molded into this reactions my his words.
    There walk continued, slowly converging into the "popular" parts of the city.
    The wear seeming to cool down, Mary began to look for a place of warmth. Hey eyes landed on a building, seeming to almost dully shine with
    warmth. Without hesitation, she skipped inside, with Friend's aggravated look.

    "Mr. Bartender, do you believe you could fix me up some water?"
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  18. Name - Lucas
    Location - Snowdinside Town
    Alignment - Evil
    Lucas began to notice the towns people gather to the tavern, thank god no one saw his little "accident." That would have been a lot of trouble, he made it look like that the bartender had a heart attack, when really it was a spell with the mind control, when Lucas is finished with a victim, he dismisses them and they die or a "natural cause."

    "Maybe killing the first guy I see was a bad idea... Pshhh yeah right, that felt great!"

    On his way to somewhere else to cause misery, his eyes caught on a little flower girl, and her soul was far different than anyone else in town. Must be a visitor, and a perfect subject to help his research. He stealthy followed her, making sure he wouldn't be seen. She ended up at the tavern and oh boy Lucas can't wait to see her face when she finds the body.
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  19. Name - Mary Dream
    Location - Snowdinside Town
    Alignment - True Pacifist


    Inside the tavern, Mary received no answer from the bartender. Raising Mary's suspicion ever more.
    Friend Slid around Mary's back and in front of her. Looking her dead in the eyes. Friends eyes turned into
    red slits and the same black goo dripped from his mouth and onto the ground, burning the wood like acid.

    "i DoNt LiKe It HeRe..." he stated.

    Mary grabbed his now goo like face and brought it into hers. Kissing his forehead. Then flashed the same reassuring smile she always has.

    "Don't worry, Im going to be fine, WERE going to be fine."

    Friend relaxed and wrapped himself around Mary's Arm. Her eye sight turned to the glowing yellow flowers in her vision. A hallucination she had
    received ever since her mothers death. Wherever these flowers lead, it was death, and she knew it all to well.
    Slowly she walked behind the bar table. She could see the faint glow behind the table. Her hand gracefully sliding against the top.
    Peering her eyes in disgust she stared down at the corse, eyes still opened. Mary felt Friend tighten around her arm.
    Kneeling down next to the body she closed his eyes and grew a small white rose from his chest. Feeding off the the natural fertilizer of his dead body.
    She got up and walked to a nearby table and pulled a white sheet off. Re-walking back to the corpse she placed it over it. Hoping
    no one else would have to see it. Friend noticed her glossed over eyes, blocking off the realization of the event as she had done years ago.
    Taking her phone out, she had recalled the Hospital, stating that she had found a corpse. Receiving a message that the police were going to arrive in 15-30 min, due to the popular location and setting of the office.


    And she tripped.

    "Wow I guess you really, face PLANTED." joked Friend.
    "I swear to god you make me want to die inside." re-joked Mary.

    Getting up, she dusted herself off and began to walk to the door in order to wait.

  20. Name - Lucas
    Location - Snowdinside Town
    Alignment - Evil
    Surprisingly enough the police and ambulance come faster than expected, a small set back but no worry. Lucas slipped his way past officers and paramedics as if he was invisible to them. He scanned the room to see the bartender being taken away, but that's not what he was looking for.

    "Flower girl, flower girl, where is that flower girl? Oh there you are..."

    There she was flower girl, she looked a bit shocked then again she found a dead body, (from yours truly.) and she seemed out of it, probably her first time or triggered a traumatic experience of her past, poor thing. However Lucas is not here for apathy, he's here for that soul. She decided to leave this place when Lucas saw her "tail", and had a idea.

    "Okay flower girl lets see what your garden snake can do."

    He casted a small spell to move a chair just enough to get under her feet. Lucas wanted to see if the thing would react, but little flower girl feel hard. Lucas tried not laugh at her little tumble, and got even hard when he heard the snake crack a joke.

    "Oh you're going to make this hard to do."

    The two soon left the tavern and Lucas was soon behind to catch up with them. He ran up slowly to her and tapped her politely on the sholder to get her attention.

    "Hello there dear, are you okay? I saw you fall back at the tavern and was wondering if you're fine. Oh my apologies I haven't introduced myself, my name is Lucas please to meet such a lovely lady."