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  1. The City Atlas (open)

    On today's news, the Atlas police have now arrested more than 10 people from a terrorist group calling themselves the "UnderGround". These are photos from yesterday's news where we saw the terrorist groups trying to destroy the ring which is taking together the whole city into one. We have no further information on how many of them there are but the police is now trying to investigate this group UnderGround. And now, the weather...

    Adam (open)

    Adam looked himself at the mirror while the tv was going on in the background, echoing but the words were just blurr and it was like the lady talked an alien language. He fixed his hair so he could see his darkbrown eyes, almost black and studied closer before looking at the white and black makeup in the corner of his desk and then took it. He looked at the clock, 10:12pm it said. He started to take the white powder and slowly touched his own pale face that now got even more white and it was now, tonight. That he would get his revenge along with his so called "friends" who only wanted to save themselves out of this mess. When he was done he looked at his clothes, a white t-shirt, a black nice coat and black jeans that where a little too big for him but still could fit his skinny legs and good black shoes so he could move better with. Now, he was ready. He is no longer Adam Souwlens, a pathetic for no good collage student. No, now he is someone else completely, a person for being known as "the reaper" or "skull kid". Whatever his name is, he is now no longer the person who is afraid, suffering and can't do anything. Now he is someone who is going to change, change everything and himself.

    The Reaper or Skull Kid (open)


    In the middle of the city it was bright as day, the fire was spreading and people screamed and shouted in anger at the police and at the president who was hiding in his safe house. The police stood ready with helmets, weapons and high-tech shields and what did the people have? Rocks to throw, what they have in thier mind and a small gun that was useless and would only take their own death upon them. Some people started to run towards the police with their shields, throwing, shouting and then get beaten down. Nothing but a small hell was taking place, it will surely go over some would think. It will be better soon. But no, those who think that are stupid and thinks too highly of the world. The president, cold and not caring for his people, looked down at them from his window and would just pity them, it was him who was controlling everything and so it will be. But then something changed, the atmosphere has changed completely, people started to look rather happy and then he saw them. The UnderGround terrorists who has been trying to destroy his beautiful world.

    -"Take them down!" Some shouted to their heroes whom is called The UnderGround. -"Show them what we are made off, save our city!" While they tried to bring up hope the police stood ready with their guns against the terrorists but what they didn't have in mind is that the group is having a little present for the guys.
    Adam or "The Reaper/skull kid" whatever you choose to call him stood by with his communication device and talked to his friends.
    -"Are you guys ready?" He asked.
    -"This is going to be a big blow for them, if they can handle it." He then added and he could hear the others laughing a little.
    -"Come one, be serious. Let set the bomb now!!"
  2. "Don't be so Impatient.." Porcelain said in her sweetest voice, positioning the large sticks of dynamite into empty ground slots. Outside she could hear the shouts and screams from ongoing haters. She could only relish in the fact that soon this whole building would be coming down and the president would be coming down with it. Porcelain's black platform boots clonked on the concrete floor as her high rise dress swished back and forth, Running towards the exit to platform Three. She had been waiting and waiting and waiting for Reaper to finally give the go. Him and the others had been all stationed in different area's of the compound. Porcelain was in the parking lot about 5 feet underground called platform four. This is were all the V.I.P associates parked, all the rich and divine put their cars. This was also below the large building the President and all his "buddies" were hiding.
    "Done!.. you think you could spice it up a bit?...you know how much I loooove fireworks..."
    Porcelain had the Detonator gripped tight in her small hands. Anticipation coursing through her veins, a smirk rose on her lips. Ready to bolt out of the back door at any moment.
    Cassandra Drewer


  3. image.jpg Vance watched the crowds as they grew more and more intense. He gave a slight smile at the fact that these people all rallied together and called he, Adam, and porcelain heroes. He wouldn't exactly call himself a hero but he definitely wasn't going to fight against their opinions on them, the people being on their side only helped.

    Vance stood on an the adjacent rooftop from the presidential building, looking down on all the chaos and waiting for Adam's go.

    "Ready when you are." He said through his earpiece. "And porcelain, try not to bomb us this time. I'd like to actually kill something this mission, and that's pretty hard to do when I've got your bombs all around me."

    Vance gave a sly smile and readied himself for the mission. Once things were in motion, all hell was going to break loose. Just the type of chaos he needed to become a ghost in the mix
  4. "Ohh Pshhh..." Porcelain gasped with gusto, swinging the detonator around by a single loose wire that was tangled around her index finger. "How dare you say that when my Babies are around!..." She whispered harshly into her earpiece, still swinging the detonator around. Walking nonchalantly past some guards that were stationed just outside the parking lot. She stopped in her tracks, distracted by the conversation. " They grow up so fast you know, it's hard being a single mother to.... over 130 pieces of dynamite locked in your basement..only to be released out into this dangerously.. corrupted world.." She made a light dramatized sniffle.
    Her voice was louder than expect and had caught attention of one of the guards having stationed at the exit. He started to run towards her with a increasing speed. Porcelain started to curse under her breath as she darted for the back enterence, but was soon caught dead in her tracks when another guard from the front turned a corner, coming face to face.
    "Put your hands up!" The older one yelled, thrusting his gun out towards her. The younger one was behind her, also having his gun up pointed at her. But his hands were shaky and unbalanced.
    "Now.. officers... we're on the same page here... I'm good.. your good... you have a gun," Porcelain lifted the back of her skirt to reveal two double barrel pistol, 45 edition. Swiftly lifting them out of her panties and both at the two officers, shooting directly blank point. ".. I have a gun.." Her voice was sweet and.. almost scary as she walked over to one of the office, checking his pulse. When she felt nothing she sighed heavily, "Vance, look at what you've gone made me done." She crossed her arms around her chest, dissatisfied. "You distracted me with your non stop bantering.." She started to pick at her nails, tapping her boot heel on the concrete floor.
  5. "Blaming poor Vance for your disregard for human lives again I see,". Bree stepped over the cop, typing furiously into the tablet strapped to her fore arm. She continued to the security panel, without glancing at Porcelain, pulling out the USB port containing the kill codes for the security system. She smirked at the thought of this little army Adam assembled. That Porcelain girl was crazy, but she was good. Like a killer doll, everyone made the mistake of underestimating her. And Vance seemed smart. Calm. Something this group definitely needed. And Bree was their hacker. Making getting through the President's security measures child's play for the so called terrorists. With a final click of a button they would be in, and the the system will fall. As she adjusted the dark cotton mask over her mouth and nose, she glanced at Porcelain. "Oh my God... is he dead?"

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  6. Vance watched the scene with Porcelain and the guards. He had a small smile on his face as he watched them corner her then she gunned them down. "Don't look at me, I don't use guns. Knives are the way to go in my opinion. No noise, but just as effective. It's days like this that remind us why I'm the assassin and you're the eye candy." Vance gave a her a wink then relocated himself on the roof. He loved screwing around with porcelain, she was the only one that put up with him. Adam was never any fun, and Vance was almost sure that Adam wanted to kill him, but never the less they were on the same side. He trusted Bree though he hadn't known her that long, she made a great addition to the team.

    How're we looking on security systems on the inside?" He asked Bree knowing that the building was on high alert. Vance heard a door open quickly behind him and he turned to see a cop moving with toward him with her gun raised toward him. "Freeze!" Said the female officer.

    Vance raised his hands and smirked toward her. "
    Hello there, just enjoying the show. Unfortunately I don't like interruptions." Vance quickly threw a throwing knife into her stomach and watched as she fell to the ground and dropped her weapon. He walked over and put the gun on his hip. "Thanks for the new toy, my friend might like this as a gift." He crouched down next to her and looked her in the eyes. His playful mood was gone at this point and he could feel anger replacing it. "You nosy little bitch, should've called off work today." Vance pulled the knife from her stomach then slit her throat. His former cockiness replaced by a lust for blood.

    He spoke into his earpiece and his change in tone was obvious. "
    What the fuck is taking so long?"
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  7. [​IMG]
    Howard Baker snorted in his small, head-mounted headset, on a mobile holo-computer, keeping an eye on the technological side of things, busy with his hacking and firewall-bypassing, and most definitely keeping those AI-Sniffers off the surveillance systems.
    "You lot have no idea how silent and deadly this little machine I have here is. I could take down the entire system, if I wanted to, and vent entire sectors to nothingness. That's a silent killer, a worm in the systems, indeed. Now stop your squabbling, this is the main channel and I can't concentrate with your amusing bickering," he snaps out, in his usual lighthearted, mock-angry way, fingers tapping across the holoprojection, electronics in his hand completing the sense of a keyboard by using tiny gravity fields to push his fingers back, as if he were actually tapping on a key.
  8. "No.. they're not dead... they're just.. sleeping!" Porcelain said cheerily, patting Bree's back for comfort. She new Adam didn't exactly like any deaths in missions, but hey! What could she had done! They were both very strong men with armed weapons coming at her. That could have turned into a creepy porno moment at any second and she wasn't allowing that!
    "Aww you're making me blush," She said covering her face away from Vance's view, "So sweet...and almost scary... seeming its coming from someone like you." Porcelain finished, smiling widely at any open camera systems, knowing that Baker would be watching closely. Not only was Bree super good at hacking, so was Baker. They made a good team while Adam, Vance and I did all the dirty work. Almost a little unfair if you would ask me!
    "Oooo looks like someone got in Vancie's way agaiiinn," Porcelain giggled into her ear set while twirling her hair her fingertips. "Calm down Vancie, everything is going to well! Don't Jinks us." Her voice was sweet then turned sour as her last words came out. Meanwhile she reloaded her guns and stuffed then back in her pantie hoes. Nothing like death to start out your day! They probably had family, kids, friends, a life and good career. She shrugged smiling, too bad. You snooze ya lose.
  9. Vance watched them all down below. He was losing patience very fast and he wanted to get this mission going. "Where the fuck is Adam, this is taking too long." He said as he readied his blades. He was done waiting. "We need go now. Porcelain, blow the charges!" He waited for the detonation signaling the mission to go. He couldn't wait to mutilate the president along with anyone else in his way.
  10. [​IMG]
    Jeric Death, a self renowned Hacker and inventor and a cyborg because his arm was stuck on a tank so he cut it off and attach a robot arm on it. His best friend and partner Howard Baker, together they will destroy and shut down the whole system. He is all alone in his lab and he was
    Talking to Howard through a webcam, "Hey, Baker. I have some info about the president. Can you help me with this?"
  11. "Depends, depends, Jeric, whaddaya got for me? I can link up with news feeds momentarily if I need to." His fingers flew across the projected keyboard, slipping through backdoors into news channels and MMO matches [and giving his favorites a very-unfair heal and damage boost].

    And then switching channels back to the strike channel, where the on-the-ground members can hear, he replies, "Porcelain, you know I'm out of your league. 'Shouldn't smile like that at me, someone might get jealous."
  12. -"Hey guys, calm down now, ey?" He said calmly while looking down at the crowd of people.
    -"Remember that we have to take this carefully. But..." He took a small pause and then looked at the house where the president were. With his glasses he could zoom in a little on what they where doing, the president was walking around saying stuff he couldn't make out and then it was just too dark in the room to see.
    -"Blow up this hellhole!" He commanded porcelain and then changed to the hacker's line.
    -"You ready? We don't want any annoying cameras coming at us." He then changed the device so everyone could hear him.
    -"Then let's start this!" He then almost threw his device into his pocket and took his flying skateboard in action, it was old but was still functioning and off he went with speed, soon the house would explode and cameras was going down while the crowd would probably run away. What was their purpose of this, just to blow up a house? No, it was something much more complicated. This is a fight against something bigger, to change and to grow. But it was something more that Adam wanted and that thing was with the president. The key to unlock everything in this big world, with it they could change everything and he was the one to catch it. He changed his glasses into heat vision and could see that some people was already on their way out of the huge labyrinth of a house.
  13. Baker didn't respond, typing furiously to keep up with multiple Sniffer programs trying to break through unknown walls of code in their way, with a single person trying to keep them from getting close. He eliminated them one by one, replacing a key point of the code to make them turn around and snoop on their own. It would originally be called an error, if half a dozen didn't get the exact same problem in the same incident.

    Then something that chilled him to the bone happened. A Sniffer AI, called a 'Sniffer' because they patrol the code, and whenever something is changed in a way that is unfamiliar, they seek it and run a security check on everything. They're like the virtual super-patroldogs.

    But this Sniffer was different. This one was by a Nueral Processor. Their IPs were very different from any other electronic. A nueral processor= a guy who has had his organic, living brain replaced with a computer that runs superfast, and basically works like a computer that responds to thought.

    Which means that I'm going to fail. Moments after discovering this new entity attempting to scramble my code, I say shakily over the general communications channel, "Alright guys, hurry up and get the hell away, now, unless you want to be caught and compromised."
  14. Bree chuckled at Porcelain's antics, shaking her head.
    "What's gotten to you guys? Come on. I thought we were making history her..."
    Bree paused, sensing the tension over her radio.
    "Baker what's up? What are hiding in that big brain of yours?"
    Bree half teased, growing nervous with each passing second.
  15. -"We can't stop this now!" He said in anger and was near the house. He didn't care if they saw him, he had to get the key. He jumped with his flying board and then the magnetic ground was too far away so it started to go off his feet but he jumped and protected himself with his arms as he crashed through the window where the president once were. He looked around, he felt that the house shaked, would the bomb go off? He looked around the room and looked after the key but then felt a presence and turned his heat vision on again and saw a person just outside the door but the person wasn't one of the rich old men, no. By how the body was built this person were younger. But where was the president and the others? Had they escaped? No, he had to get it. For the sake of Leader, he had to do this for his sake. (Leader is a person in the UnderGround group. He is (of course) the leader.)
  16. Vance watched Adam charge into the building and took that as the mission was in motion. He took a bladed rope from his pack and through it across to the presidential building. He took a short running start then jumped off of his rooftop. He could see one of the presidents guards standing right in front if the window with his back to the glass, but he couldn't find the president. Vance let go of the rope as he smashed through the glass, then drive his knife into the man's throat. He looked up and saw another guard raising his gun. Vance quickly pulled the knife from the first guard and threw it into the second guards throat.

    "Bree, baker. Adam and I need surveillance, can you reprogram the cameras?"
  17. "Negative on that, ask Jerry, I've got a conscious intelligence trying to break through the code, much too busy, far too busy." His fingers fly across the keys, constantly switching between watching his keystrokes and making sure they're correct, to checking the status update as the NP begins to crunch on his code.

    "If you don't want to be compromised, and get fried by the electronic defenses, you might want to hurry the hell up and get out."
  18. "FIRE IN THE HOLE!!" Porcelain screamed running out of the underground parking lot. The detonator was held tight in her tiny hands, her thumb jamming down on the bright red button which could set them all off simultaneously. The loud buzz before it all went crashing down, the running from the cloud of debris and smoke. That's what made her job so exhilarating. The thought that in any section she could be crushed to death by falling wall, smothered buy shattering glass, shot by passing guards or even taken out by her own babies. It almost seemed like a slow motion picture as she ran out, skirt flailing widely behind her and a large cloud of smoke that followed. Many people around her seemed in a panic, but her face was plastered with a smile. As if her doll like appearance couldn't get more creepy.
    "You got 5 minutes before the whole building collapses!!" She screamed into her ear bud, stopping in the midst of all this chaos to watch the beauty of it all. The Presidents most valued item of his Corporate building was going to be completely demolished in a couple moments. And she had front seat to watch it all.
  19. Baker sighed with the explosion; apparently the nodes that connected the NP to the network were inside the blast radius, and they flicked out with the distant booms.
    "Good work Porce, you just bought us some time with that stunt. Do try to get to a bit of a safer spot, I've got eyes on you and some guards, and they're nearly to your position. They may or may not know who you are, but you better get out of there, got it?"

    Advice for the roleplay players (open)

    ((I would just like to point out that listening to the techs would probably be your best bet. When one of the tech guys who are keeping overwatch, Baker and Jeric, say get the hell out, that means get the hell out, because they can see that something that may very well tear you apart from limb to limb could be coming, and you don't. The leader of the group has the power; the overwatchers of the group have the intelligence and overwatch. If Jeric tells Baker to jump out the window, there is a very good chance that Baker will do exactly that, because Jeric is more likely to check up on Baker's position, and see a dozen SWAT soldiers ready to burst into all the entrances.
  20. Adam or The Reaper was jumping out with force though the windows, smashing the glass once again but in another location. He could see the president was about to leave.
    -"Oh no you don't!!" He talked out loud, taking out his gun and shot the car so a very small device would get stuck in the back of the car, making it easier to see where the president is going over the computers. But he didn't want to wait. He called out for his flying skateboard and as a good boy it came for his rescue before he would land on the ground and off he went after the car.
    -"Guys, I've set out the device on the president's car. B-" Before he would speak he almost falled backwards, a bullet almost hit him.
    -"Snipers!" He called out and didn't have the time to look around, his eyes were set on the car. He jumped and landed on the back and saw how the guards had turned around. He forced himself on top of the car while it tried to take him off like a mad animal but he had his grip tight. With his heat vision on he could see some energy forming and understood what it was, quickly he dodged the attack. It was a new gun, firing out some sort of energy balls, they where small but could do huge damage and now the cars roof had a big hole in it and by the side he hanged and took himself up again.
    -"Is this a way to treat your guest?" He asked the guys and shot one of them and hit the other one fast.
    -"Because that's not very nice..." He got inside the car and the president was screaming in anger and fear. Not knowing what to do and the driver turned around to see some kid, had some sort of skeleton make-up on. The Reaper took his gun, it was empty though but he could still hit with it and so he did, the driver got knocked out and the car out of control. And it was then he saw it, the key he have been searching for.
    -"I take that now." He said and was about to take it but the president wouldn't let him to.
    -"Stupid brat, know your place and die!" He said and they started to struggle. But The Reaper got the key when the car started to fall over and the president went backwards. It started to roll around and he could feel his back hitting every wall and seat and then the car stopped. The president were hurt and knocked out as well as the driver and he himself had hurt his arm a bit but could still take himself out through the broken window. But he got stopped when several guys stood around him with guns.
    -"Get out of there now and get down on your knees!!" They screamed at him.

    (Roger that, Oddsman)
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