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Do you think is a super cool idea??

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  1. So I had an idea about a role play that I wish to share with the Iwaku community. And was wondering if anyone was interested in it!
    It begins in our 21st century world, casting Seven characters who all have unique personalities. And only come to realize this when they die.
    But of course these 7 people have no idea of where they are, why they are here and let alone that they are dead.
    A Messenger (Or as human's call them Angels) Tells them that:
    they had abuse their right to be human and have been killed off for that point. And the only way to redeem themselves is to face their vary own sin.
    In this case if you haven't already guessed these are the Seven Sins
    Pride, Envy, Wrath(anger),Sloth, Greed, Gluttony and Lust.

    They all meet in Underearth, which is basically a world between worlds. A little bit of heaven with a lot of hell.In Underearth there are many different terrain in which each sin consist of as well. It's a place where humans go to prove to the Deities (any and all of the gods) that they are worthy of life again. And also a place where many mythical creatures (and monsters) reside in.

    So in this role play it's basically a story of these 7 people trying to redeem themselves to the big guys upstairs that they deserve a second chance. And that they wont let their sin control them.

    But there is a catch, if you die in UnderEarth. You can never be re-birthed again and live the rest of your days being a slave to whichever sin you hold within you. And if you win you get your life back.. but!!!! If you win, you also get the chance to not give up your sin and become the ruler of that sed sin in UnderEarth.
    What you choose is simply up to your character.

    Sooooo if anyone has any suggestions for plot-line, details, monsters, other sins. That would be awesome!! Just say below c: and also say anything if your interested ;u ; please. So far this has limited spots .-. but We do need extra's. Like maybe Underearth friends who help them :D I don't know x3
  2. I'll join, though I'll likely take the slot of Pride or Envy if I do. Preferably the former, so I'd like to reserve that in case we get more people.
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  3. *Raises hand* I'd join, probably taking Sloth.
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  4. @Verin Thats fine!! So, I'm guessing you would like Pride then???? I can reserve the spot for you if more people are interest. Thank you!!

    @jessica2477 Sloth is reserved for you then ^u^ Thank you !!
  5. Yes, Pride is the one I was wanting. Danke =)
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  6. I would be interested. In which case I would take greed.
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  7. @Trevinth You may reserve Pride!!

    So far:
    Greed- Trevinth
    Pride- Verin
    Wrath- Me c:
    Sloth- Jessica2477
    Are still open^
  8. I'll join too! But uh, isn't Envy when a person wants something someone else has?
  9. @BAKA Envy is the feeling of wanting something that someone else has, yes.. I think it would also go along with the lines of Jealousy c: Would you like that part?
  10. I can play Lust if you like.
  11. @BAKA It's reserved for you then!!!
    @Azmeryth- It's yours! c:
    Gluttony are still open. If we can get one more people that would be awesome!!

    I guess while we wait here is the Skeleton-

    Name- [full name]
    Age- [how old are you?]
    Sin- [what did I say you could have?]
    bio/history-[ optional* ]
    Personality- [You can use a song, otherwise 3+ sentences]
    HDYD?- [how did you die?]
    Looks- [Semi-realistic would be preferred. If you need help tell me!]
    Name: Tammy River
    Age: 22
    Sin: Wrath
    Bio/History- Tamantha Rose River is her full name, born on a beautiful Christmas day by John and Hannah River. A good child through and through, until her first day of kindergarten. Where she beat the hell out of some second grader for stealing her cookies. That's where it all began, the violence, the anger. It wasn't until she was twelve was when Tammy was officially diagnosed with some sort of Anger Issue related problem. Her parents always had trouble coping with that fact so they left her to be handled by her almost cripple Grandma, who could barely see without glasses on. She was always in fights, riots and arguments. Nothing slipped pass her ear without some tongue back. People saw her as some kind of devil child and in some weird twist of fate she was. Not like she actually cared what other people thought though.
    Personality- Attila- Party with the devil
    HDYD?- Got caught up in some gang banger shit, got shot twice during a road riot
  12. I need help finding a semi-realistic picture.. uh.. a guy with a short beard/stubble and an average build would be amazing! Or a guy with shaggy hair. I can never find good pics that aren't anime. xD
  13. @BAKA I found these four, 4th one is different 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 , but if you don't like them you can use anime or realistic. c:
    @Trevinth A good recourse is Deviantart xD Or just google deviantart guys.. it may take some research if your determined. But like I said before, if you can't find anything just use anime or realistic.
  14. hm gonna have some difficulty finding a modern looking guy that isn't too anime-ish. Definitely would like some help. I don't have any particulars yet but if you could direct me to a site that would possible have something I could try and find it.

    Oh, you want a non-pretty boy bearded guy? Can't happen, sorry bro.

    Do you uh, have any sources I can use? xD I'm trying to find a modern looking guy, I don't care if he doesn't have a beard now. I just don't want a super muscular guy. Doop..
  16. @BAKA use anime. Just.. do iet. cuz. my brain is fizzled. x3
  18. I can find plenty of anime so if I cant find any semi realistic then ill just go with that
  19. Name- Seriphim Brimm
    Age- 21
    Sin- Lust
    bio/history- Will be written soon
    Show Spoiler

    HDYD?- She was kidnapped, and raped in a back ally before they slit her throat, and left her.
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