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  1. This is an RP (Role Play) between myself and my friend @Lexie

    Sorry but all characters are taken and not accepting further people....


    If you wanna watch I guess that should be okai.


    It was on a summer night, the sun barely slipping behind the darkened horizon. He lay as a human watching the beautiful rays dance across the sky making a water colour of oranges pinks and yellows until in one final burst, as if the sun itself was clinging to life here on this side darkness washed over the entire mountain scape. MidnightMoon closed his soft grey eyes and reopened them in a deep gold tone. His human body ahead all but been there now and instead of large fingers and a bulky build this human gone wolf stood as a light toned brownish silver wolf. He shook himself freeing his still converting fur from his skin. Just as the last tips of his fur grew into place he took to the side of the mountain and steeped down across the rocks quick as lightning.

    "How long are you going to sit and sulk brother?" asked another wolf down at the bottom of the ravine once the large wolf had made it down. A white wolf with deep pink and red scars scattered over his body stood before MidnightMoon. He sat curling his tail around his paws and preformed a quite brief cleaning of his paws since one of them had acquired a rock and it was irritating him.

    "Oh, probably for the rest of my life," he joked in return and stood to stretch.

    "That isn't a life," answered the large white wolf who also stood.

    MidnihtMoon wasn't one to talk about his past or to sulk in what was lost but neither one to take what he couldn't control and not let it bother him form time to time. His brother and he had lived many lifetimes upon this mountain, years of learning its terrain and leading each of their packs to victory even during famines. They weren't enemies as some might have guessed, but they acted and tried to pretend they weren't friends either. Kabitsu and MidnightMoon were simply from two different worlds, MidnightMoon being that of a werewolf that had no werewolf form, and Kabitsu one of many strong and ruthless werewolves with forms as tall as an 200cm man (I think this is like 6ft...) Both came from the same world and both left it two totally different creatures.

    In mythology and times of great Gods, there were stories of werewolves who killed hunters, murdered them in cold blood, but these hunters were not what you might have thought. Each wolf had a single fear, of man. Each morning they woke and from the time they opened their eyes as pups they would learn to avoid these creatures that walked on two legs and killed them for their pelts, but these men did not resemble human men. Instead they fed upon the humans and were great enemies of the werewolf. Hundreds of years passed and the fude bewtween these men became known as a war, a war of all wars, leaving hundreds of each speacies dead or dying. Now only a few packs wondered around the world and one of those packs was Kabitsu's.

    His pack was strong, filled with many people brimming with strength, intelligence, and speed. It was incredible that someone like him, so touching, caring and heart-filled was also one of the men that killed a whole army of human men armed with guns and other things that could have killed him in the slightest of ease. It was even more impossible to believe that MidnihtMoon a character of darkness and intellect was the other man that helped in the massacure.

    "I do not fit anywhere," annouced the now slightly darker grey MidnightMoon.

    "There is a place within my pack and my heart brother, my pack will accept you."
    "You stand to tell me that you and your pack of werewolves would be willing to accept a hybrid of sorts? I don't even have a werewolf form!"
    "Your strenth and speed make up for that."
    "Not hardly!"
    "Just give it a try brother, you do not have to stay I do not force my members to stay where they feel they are not wanted, but it's best you actually try."
    "You have been going on about this for months now Kabitsu, what is it?"
    "Honestly, our male to female ratio is lacking."
    "I'm kidding, we need you, please join us."
    "But brother, you-"
    "But nothing, I said no," snapped the wolf ending the conversation.

    Kabitsu watched his brother step towards the mountain again but he traced down to the river, he followed once MidnihtMoon was out of sight.

    "Why are you followin- AGGGGH!!!" Hollered the wolf as Kabitsu placed a lare balck sack around him and hoisted him on his shoulder. He struggled within the burlap sack. "UGH! What is this made out of!?" he demanded asn he scratched and clawed at the bag hoping it would rip, tear or something to help him out. He found a small hole in the side of the bag rather quickly and stuck his nose through it smelling the air. It had changed from the crisp mountain air to a scent of sweet rose and baking goods, as well as hanging curing meat, then a small of burning evergreen wood and smoked meat came to his nose. All scents he loved, and boy this wolf was starving. He struggled some more against the strong burlap but little did he know this sack was used for haling meet from the forest after a kill. No scent got in and of course none got out, to keep these human werewolves from being attacked by other wolves upon gathering their hunt. The burlap was handmade by the people within this elite and strong wintery pack, so it was made to withstand ripping and tearing. Kabitsu suddenly dropped MidnightMoon and he slithered out.

    "Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you, MidnightMoon, Our newest pack member, He will be staying a while so treat him nice, can someone get me some meat? I'm starving!

    The dark lack wolf, who was snarling and scratching slowly calmed down but only enough to realise he was just dropped in the middle of the entire pack. People stood all around him, working and doing their jobs but they had paused to look at this strange wolf. His pelt colour lightened a bit but only to the point where the tips were silver but the rest of him still a midnight black colour. "Kabitsu et your ass back here! I don't belong here!" The white wolf, now a human, grabbed a beef jerky stick and tossed it at MidnightMoon.

    "Thanks Laila, Ill talk to you tomorrow about the meat shortage. I saw some caribou just over the mountains, we can sent a search party in the morning, or now if you wish." The girl addressed as Lailla smiled and thanked Kabitsu and ran off to go address her hunting party. "I guess now works!" Laughed the wolf and sat down beside MidnightMoon who was stooping around with his tail bewteen his les and his ears pulled back. Kabitsu started a fire ignoring his display of fear.

    "Are you a wolf?" he asked.

    ""What? of course I'm a wolf! you-"

    "Than of course you fit in here, we are all wolves!"

    A few small wolf pups came up to MidnightMoon sniffing him curiously. A mother wolf came and collected them but didn't snarl or spit at MidnightMoon. Everyone was strangely hospitable towards him, even as he was sure they could smell his vampire scent.

    "Akira, dear, wherever you are may you please come here?" Asked Kabitsu smiling at MidnightMoon.

    "I don't want to BE HERE!" snarled the wolf snapping at Kabitsu. He shoved a jerky in MidnightMoon's mouth and instantly the taste of the succulent cured and sweet tasting meet filled the wolf's nose. He let each of the wondrous spices tingle upon his tongue feeling the warmth of it and smiled tearing into it like a puppy. He started to think that it might not have been so bad... perhaps.

    {Okay so I made it sort of like I usually do where my werewolves have three forms, wolf man and of course werewolf, pups are just that pups, and until ten in human years do not become humans and mothers birth as wolves to make things simpler, however they can birth as humans if you wish. Just to clarify things.}
  2. Blues, reds, purples, oranges, pinks, and mixtures of colors covered the sky as the sun slowly said goodbye to the mountains. Currently in her wolf form, black fur shining and soft as Akira watched the sun slowly disappear. She laid in the snow, enjoying the coolness against her fur as she yawned softly. Once the sun was completely gone and only the bit of orange light was left, she reluctantly stood up and padded silently towards the camp.

    Of course she knew how long the journey was but in her mind, it was completely worth it. Watching the sun set was always her special way of being able to unwind after spending most of her day teaching the young ones everything they needed to know to survive. It wasn't too terribly long before she smelled the meat and smoke from fires. Her simple walk quickly turned into a jog as she quickened her pace, stopping suddenly and looking around. Upon hearing her name, she turned her head only briefly and headed at a full run towards the sound, arriving in only minutes. She stopped at the edge of the camp and slowed back to a walk as she headed in, her fur retracting back to her clothes. By the time she walked up to Kabitsu and bowed her head before the pack leader. She straightened back up and ran her fingers through her hair as she put her hands on her hips and gave a charming smile. "You called, Sir?" She asked, her Australian access ever so prominent as she spoke.
  3. "Okay, the bowing my dear, how many times must I tell you you don't need to do that?" Asked the man with a small smile, but, he didn't give her enough time to respond because he addressed MidnightMoon. A now pup-acting wolf gnawing on the jerky Kabitsu had handed to him. He let out a sigh and started talkin again.

    "This is MidnightMoon, he is a new member of the pack and I am assigning him to your lessons. He was cursed by the humans to have a human form durin the day and that is it, his wolf form over takes him at night and he's an ass, watch yourself, but I'm putting you in charge of him, can you handle that my dear?"

    Midnightmoon's gaze darkened as did his fur until he was snarlin at Kabitsu. The man slapped another piece of jerky down on the ground and when MidnightMoon strived to attack it he stomped on it.

    "I trust you will take care of him? he is after all my baby bro."

    "Can you make me any more of a mockery?"

    "He likes sunsets like you, I think you two will get along just fine."

    "I'm going to KILL YOU" MidnightMoon jumped forward knocking Kabitsu on the ground taking a chunk of his hair from his head angrily.

    "Relax brother, and stop tearing my skull off," he laughed. MidnightMoon attacked him and all he did was laugh at him. He felt so ashamed and so stupid it was like he lost all his pride in one statement. He took off. "Awe fuck, Akria I trust you will go after him? He's ot to stay here and I know I don't force my members to stay but he's a loner and needs to be forced. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this brings you. Just treat him like one of your apprentice pups, kay?"
  4. Akira watched in total silence, a small smile on her face. It dropped when she watched him run off and frowned a bit before looking back to her leader. "Yes sir," we're her only words before she turned and ran off after him. She followed his scent, being forced to change into her wolf form in order not to lose it. She finally changed back as the scent became stronger and glanced around. "Midnight?" She called out, figuring it was much easier to call him that than his full name. "Come on out I just wanna talk," she said as she looked around, her blue-grey eyes darting around with slight panic.
  5. MidnightMoon settled himself in a tree. His silvery feathered wings flicked back and his ears squared forward. he dropped down on top of Akira and snarled at her. He was as light as a feather but his sheer strength was enough to at least shock her. "I don't want to talk" he said narrowing his eyes. "Sorry but I'm not like you. I am the opposite and I am sure as I stand here, you don;t want to be around me. It's fine, just let me alone." His wings curled back up and dissappered once more and he crossed a large river in one bound steppin away from the irl. He didn't not want anything to do with her specifically, it was her pack ,her scent, her sound, everything screamed at him. Wolves were his life and packs were where he resided. But he didn't want to be in a pack where his brother had everyone calling him sir and responding to him like he was some sort of god. He knew Kabuitsu was strong but if not for the elemental surprise he would have easily killed Kabitsu when he kidnapped him and took him to his pack.

    "Don't you dare follow me kit," he snapped at her and flicked his tail.

    {I forgot to mention he has a set of wings, ooops.}
  6. Akira cried out as she felt him drop on top of her but that was the extent of it. Her eyes widened at the sight of the wings and she slowly stood up once he got off of her. She watched his every movement and sighed as she transformed into her wolf form and began to copy them, her ears pressed flat against her head and her head down slightly. Despite his request, she promised her leader something and she had every intention of following through. She followed him before speeding up a bit and running in front of him, blocking his path. She changed back and sighed softly. "Look believe it or not I may not be exactly like you but I know what it feels like to be afraid of not being accepted or wanted," she said as she looked into his eyes. "And don't you dare say I don't know or you're not afraid," she said quickly. "You're not the only one that feels that way. You're new. You're different. You think they won't accept you for who you are," she said softly yet understandingly.
  7. "You haven't even the slightest clue do you?!" The wolf snorted and shook himself. "Look girl No one is exactly like me. You have't the slightest clue what it's like to trot around like me. Also, quit walking like me. You can't through your weight right and you sound like a heard of buffalo. If you want to walk lighter step on the tips of your pads. Practice like you are walking on your tiptoes as a human." He stepped around the girl and pushed her to the side using his wing to do so. "I don't think they wont accept me. I know they wont, if you have anything to say," he stopped and turned flicking his tail at her. "Tell my brother it will eventually get to me." He glanced at the girl for a second and then dropped his ears. "Why do you care anyway? because he told you to do something?"
  8. Akira stared at him as he spoke, listening attentively as she began to think of what she was to say. "I'm not trying to walk like you. I'm simply trying to get across the river," she said before choosing her next words carefully. "You say you know they won't accept you and I can only assume that comes from past experience. But I know them and they will accept you. Sure you're different but so what? So am I? Do you think I felt like they would accept me? Things so small as my accent make me an outcast. I hid away for three years before I finally got up the courage to try it out. Food is plentiful and it can be a lot of fun," she said truthfully and continued thinking. "I'm not saying this because your brother told me to. I'm saying it because I want to," she said with a small sigh. "Believe it or not I do care. I don't care because he told me to do something. I care because even though I don't know you personally, I still care because I want to. And for the record, my name isn't girl. My name is Akira," she said with a small smile as she got up and followed him. "Besides if I didn't care, why would I be spending so much time following you? I just want you to give the pack a chance," she said as she crossed her arms. "And trust me. Not everyone calls him Sir. I do because it's how I was raised."
  9. "How touching," He wasn't as cold as he came off to be but he was getting fed up with being dragged around and told what to do. He didn't want to join the pack, he wanted to be alone for once and live the life he wanted to live, not the one his brother wanted for him. "Okay, Akira, and has my brother ever explained to you what I am? Has he even ever mentioned me?" The wolf pooled down now, sitting curling his tail around his paws and squaring his ears on his skull. In a few hours time the sun would rise and he, again could go and do whatever he wanted to. He could trade and fish, he could walk around and harass people if he wanted to. All he wanted was to just go on with things as normally as they could possibly be. MidnightMoon had no idea why he wasn't just blowing this girl off. Perhaps it was because she looked pretty (I'm spit-balling here since SOMEONE didn't show me a picture of this beauty) Maybe it was because his brother thought to highly of this Australian girl. He had spoken about her and many other members of his pack on any number of occasions but Akira was someone he spoke of so fondly.

    {I think I'm sucking at this, I'm sorry for the horrid posts.}
  10. Akira sighed and sat down beside him as she shook her head. "Well...no...but obviously you're special because you're the only wolf I know that has wings," she said truthfully as she pushed her hair out of her face. She smiled instinctively and shrugged. "So why don't you tell me about yourself," she offered, genuinely interested in knowing more about him. She shifted into her wolf form and curled up, laying down, though her ears were squared so she could listen to him. She gently shook out her black fur before turning so she could look at him, her tail flicking gently behind her.
  11. MidnightMoon gave a single brief glance beside him and then stood stepped over two steps and sat back down narrowing his eyes. "Your sitting on a nest of ants" he sounded nonchalantly. "Somehow I have lost all interest in you. You talk too much." He stopped and shook his head wondering why he'd just thought that. "Maybe you should get off the ants nest before they start biting you?" it was a wonder she could sit- and even lay on a nest without so much as getting one bite form the tiny vermin. They hurt, and even worse was when they got up on your ears nose and eyes just crawling around. They got stuck in your fur and it was always hard to remove them. Eventually he grabbed Akira by the scruff of her neck and walked over to the river dropping her in it for a second and then plucking her out and tossing her on the riverbed. "Well you know my name," He started a good wonderful scratch and paused. "What more is there? Yes, I have wings," he flipped them out and then settled them in an X shape down his back sitting beside the now soaking girl. "If I told you more than you needed to know... well that would be insane. My brother always speaks so fondly of you and his pack. I don't know why he would ever waste his time with that but I can't change his ways.
  12. Akira glanced down and made no effort to move...that was u too he forced her to move and practically threw her into the river then onto the riverbed. She glanced up at him, forcing herself to stay calm as she shook out the excess water. Once she changed into her human form, she gripped her hair and wrung it out the best she could. "Thanks for the bath," she said sarcastically though she seemed unfazed. All part of the job she thought to herself and sat back down. She looked at his wings in awe as she tilted her head. "They're beautiful," she said before glancing over at him and shrugging. She quickly closed her mouth and looked down not wanting to say too much.
  13. "You are quite welcome, those ants would have been all over you in no time at all." He paused but shook his head dropping his ears. "I suppose you won't leave me the hell alone till I get my ass back to the camp will you?" He knew as a human he could do everything in his power to hide, fold and try to deter his wings but everyone would see them anyway. And as a human they didn't change to his normal brown colour like his hair returned. He didn't like being forced to be a human or a wolf and getting it that way was like torture. "Hmmph." he sighed and rolled his eyes. "Okay I'll head back with you." the plan was easy, to go back to camp and then leave in the morning when he could escape without being noticed... something however made him drowsy. His eyes rolled back in his head and he passed out.

    "Sorry for sacrificing you love, said Kabitsu helping Akira up and picking his sleeping brother off the ground. He then started walking back to the camp. Setting MidnightMoon down on the ground and chaining him up. "Sorry, mate, I just can't have you running around while my pack is hunting. "Akira dear, I'm sorry but can you watch him...? Please? He is going to be angry when he waked up because he will know I drugged him. Just give him this and of course get yourself something to eat. I'm going to be gone till sundown tomorrow hunting with the pack, we are short of food." Kabitsu handed the girl a bag of blood. "Is everything okay? If you want I can get someone else to baby sit him but none of the den mothers want to watch him. Nor will they feed him..."

    {For the record MidnightMoon will wake up soon so we don't HAVE to apply a timeskip, but if that is what you want have at it. ^~^}
  14. Akira shook her head with a wide grin as she continued to try drying the water off. "I'm sorry but I've been down this road before. I have my obligations and I can't abandon them like that. It's simply protocol," she said before noticing his change and jumping up. "Dammit..." She whispered to herself before hearing Kabitsu. She turned with a smile and sighed in relief. She followed silently back to the camp, glad she could finally pull her hair up into a ponytail until it dries completely. She watched as the wolf was chained up and gave her leader a look that she really didn't want to but simply nodded. "Yes sir...but I do have one question. Is he always a complete asshole?" She asked as she crossed her arms, her wet clothes clinging annoyingly to her body. She took the blood and sat down against the post as she began to look around. "Everything is fine and I have no problem watching him," she added confidently as she looked up.
  15. "Surprisingly, no," answered Kabitsu. "Have you ever heard of a front my dear? It's what he does to keep people from getting close to him. Here," the man paused and walked over to a meat stand grabbing some cured meat and handed it to her with a side of fresh baked potatoes. "Don't forget your vegetables," he joked and took off. "Hell wake up soon, I promise!"

    MidnightMoon lay silent on the cold ground sort of dreaming about his surroundings. Cold his ears twitched and his nose wrinkled snow he could feel small flakes start to fall from the sky resting themselves on his forever chilled body. Once they reahed their destination on the tips of his feathery like fur they stayed there. "Ahh!" He jumped up looking around about to take off again but his collar held him back. Moments had passed since Kabitsu took off. Slowly turning he narrowed his eyes again and sat down frustrated. "He acts like a wolf in heat," he snarled to himself snuffling slightly. It was snowing like in his dream but lighter flakes than he'd imagined, they scattered themselves over the ground. Looking around to see if there was anyone, and in the vicinity of his sight there wasn't and so he started a short grooming spell over his body. He hated to be dirty and since he'd not taken a shower in a day it was beginning to bother him.
  16. Akira nodded her head tentatively as Kabitsu spoke. She gingerly took the potato as she gave him a weird look. As her leader ran off, she bit into the vegetable, keeping her eyes on the passed out wolf next to her. She remained completely and utterly silent as she as he began to stir, and she watched him carefully as he jumped up and tried to run. She kept the amused look on her face as she thought about what to what to say and giggled slightly. "You're not going anywhere," she said simply as she played with the falling flakes of snow in her hair, a significant contrast to the midnight black locks. "Kabitsu went hunting. He just left actually. He seems to think very highly of you. High amount of faith in you if he's forcing you to stay," she added before smiling.

    It wasn't even five minutes later that she saw a few of her students playing around. "Nathan! Brianna! Maxon! Come say hi to your new classmate!" She called with a grin, not really caring about whether or not he liked it. The pups ran over happily and instantly became cautious of him. "This is MidnightMoon. He's new and Kabitsu's brother so be nice," she said in a warning tone, making the pups smile. They each said their hi's before running off happily. "And you said they wouldn't accept you," she said with a grin as she ate.
  17. "They're pups," snarled MidnightMoon while he started to struggle against his tough restraints, again. "They... ac... accept Every- UGH" He snarled again and sat down once more. "You must think this is SOOOOO funny. He doesn't think highly of me, not even our parents thought highly of me, of course little do you knwo I was actually born a normal, everyday wolf." He laid down after stretching once and flicked snow off his tail. "He only wants me here because- Wait, did you just say classmates!? THE FUCK! I am NOT in need of any kind of teaching I am a wolf dammit let me out of these!" the wolf struggled again to no avail agaisnt the restraints. "What are these damn things made out of!?" Normal iron and steel would have been broken in half by the sheer force of his jaw strength. These restraints were like based in zirconium.
  18. Akira sighed and, knowing he would not approve in the slightest, reached over and fearlessly stroked his fur. She smiled softly as she closed her eyes and thought for a moment. "Like I said. You're not going anywhere," she repeated and giggled softly. "I don't think its funny but I am interested to find out what'll happen. They are your classmates because you are going to learn how to fit in. You will learn the morals and routines of the pack and what will or will not get you kicked out," she informed him matter-of-factly.
  19. MidnightMoon snapped at the girl but felt immediately like what he'd done was incorrect. He knew how to act around people, he had morals and not to mention he was actually owned, his whole pack ran alongside the Alaska Natives. (native Americans we all know that's virtually all Alaska is...) he sat down this time deciding to quit gnawing on the restraints they were hurting his teeth anyway. "Why should it matter what gets my ass kicked out? I'm being forced to stay aren't I?"
  20. She watched him, never removing her hand from his fur as she pet him. "Simply protocol," she said as she looked at him. She finally pulled her hand away and finished eating as she stood up and stretched. Her limbs began contorting and her fur began to grow out as she changed into a wolf, padding around in a circle and laying down silently. She kept her eyes open as she watched him, silently beginning to wonder what he looked like as a human. She turned her attention to the direction Kabitsu ran off in, allowing herself to look for the hunting pack as she flattened her ears against her head.
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