Uncle Sam seeks grunt(s) for long walks though the jungle

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  1. I've been craving an RP set in the Vietnam War for a while, and now I've finally got the courage to ask for one.

    I can do anything within the setting but I really want to have an RP focused on a group of GI's getting in progressively deeper trouble as their tours stretch onward.

    This can just be a mundane campaign, or one with fantasy elements.
  2. Reporting for Duty, Sir!
  3. Awesome,

    On a scale from zero to "possessed by the vengeful spirit of Ho Chi Minh." how much paranormal stuff is acceptable in the RP?
  4. I'd say about...
    "Kim Jong Il *actually* being good at sports" Paranormal.
  5. Sweet,

    Do you have anything specific you want in the RP? Special events? Service branches?

    I was thinking we would start out as Marines, around the beginning of 1967.
  6. Marines starting fresh off the chopper sounds good, maybe go Rambo and get caught behind enemy lines? Maybe make a Vietnam Saving Private Ryan?
  7. That sounds good, I've got a few missions planned out as well.

    Have you seen Apocalypse Now?
  8. I've seen Tropic Thunder, does that help?
  9. Haven't seen that one. . .
    But you've seen Rambo and Saving Private Ryan?

    Best scene in Apocalypse Now
  10. Do you want to play more than one character? I'm thinking that this RP would work best if there are at least 10 PC's/NPC's (a good sized squad)
  11. We're gonna need more people.
  12. I've actually ran a similar game, playing one or two PC's and nine NPC's.
  13. Dang... That's a lot of P and C.
  14. It helps to have notes.
  15. Should I go get my whiteboard?
  16. Lol, I just use notepad
  17. B-But I don't have notepad!
  18. You running a mac?
  19. I have no idea any more.