Un Intuneric Dragoste: A Dark Love

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  1. The woman walked into the bar...looking around. Her long red hair tumbled well past her shoulders. She was looking for someone...anyone. But no one seemed to catch her Icy Blue eyes. Nuri walked over to the bar and took a seat on the stool as the males around her gawked. The woman was the village beauty, a girl who's hand was saught after by many men. Nuri was dressed in a strikingly skin tight corset dress, black and a bit too short to be proper but it wasn't like she cared. Her skin was fair so the dress contrasted in a way to make her stick out from the crowd. She looked to the bar tend and asked for some wine. As he came back with her glass, handing it too her a man walked into the bar. He walked over to the bar, slamming down a large sum of money. She eyes him with a devious grin forming on her lips. Nuri Got up and crossed over to him, her voice smooth and sudictive.

    "Sir...That is an aweful lot of money for a drink...or night out. Pray tell...whatever will you do...drink with so much money...?"
  2. The mysterious man throws a charming smile your way, his eyes a deep crimson and his body lithe. Like a predator he seems ready to kill, or please depending on his mindset. The man introduces himself as Soren and offers to buy you a drink."You are quite beautifull, does the lovley lady have a name?" He asks with some formality, but theres a seductive undercurrent to his deep baritone as he sheds his overcloak. He isnt bulky muscled or even overly built. He is defined and lithe like a cat.
  3. "Soren..."

    The woman pondered his name for a few moments, a charming smile crossed his face. His body was thin and lithe, much like a predetor who stalked his prey in the dark. Soren's eyes caught her attention...they were a crimson red, a red she had only seen blood to be. Yet there was something about him, like he was ready to kill or seduce depending on the tone and variety of situation. He offered to buy her a drink, his voice a rich baritone that clenched her attention even further.

    "My name...? My name good Sir is Nurisa, but call me Nuri; please...And I'll gladly take that drink...if you don't mind that is."

    She slid her lean figure onto a barstool and looked back at him expectantly.

    "I have never seen you before in this...small town. Are you still yet a stranger to these people...?"
  4. Soren tilts his head to the side a bit, as if contemplating if he should tell you. He orders a drink for you , while he waits his eyes rake over you body. It feels as if he isnt simply looking at you, but inside your soul."Nuri, what a pleasent name. It has been a few years for me, i have been abroad. It isnt what its cracked up to be just so you know." His gase rakes over you once more, its rather unnerving how peircing those eyes can be."You are very beautifull, but im sure you knew that."
  5. She could feel his eyes all over her...It didn't just feel like he was looking at her exterior but deep into her soul. It sent shivers up her spine, making her seem a bit uneasy. He ordered her a drink and complemented her name, she smiled. The woman knew he would, alot of me did. He mentioned his travels and how they were not all they were made out to be.

    "I've never thought much of travels to tell you the truth Stranger... but yes, I have been told many, many times but it is...Very. That is very kind of you to say though..."

    She moved her hair, reveling her bare neck and shoulders. Nuri looked at him as the Bartend brough her, her drink. It was expensive wine and the taste was refreshing. It trickled down her throat; she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling while she could. Once it disappeared she opened her eyes again.

    "Where did you come from stranger...? And What excatly do you want with his rather small town....village...?"
  6. Soren thinks for a moment and then sips his drink before replying."I seek shelter for a while, i will pay board if there is someone who will put me up for a few months. I will not cause trouble." He continues to drink eyeing your corset. He is attracted to her and doesent bother hiding it.

    However, he seems respectable enough, he IS well dressed for a traveler but his eyes seem, old. Like its a old soul in a young mans body.

    "You wouldent happen to know of someone willing to put up with a traveler for a good amount of gold would you?"

    He flashes you a smile that would have the whores of the town melting for him.
  7. Nuri kept her eyes on him as he awnsered her question, siping her drink. After he finnished speaking she silently set her drink down on the Bar. She looked at him with her alluring, piercing Icy Blue eyes. Nuri Sat up strait, uncrossing her legs and she leaned a bit closer to him. From the looks of it, more like him looking at her he didn't even bother to hide the fact that he...was attracted to her. It didn't suprise her and she didn't mind it. Alot of men were attracted to her, there just wasn't alot of men she was attracted to. Most of them were preverted and sick minded. However...this traveler seemed decent enough.

    "As it is traveler there are plently of places one could stay but the places one should stay are limited. Most of the ladies here in town would board you but It is not gold they would want. And the men...the men are animals, dirty, jealous, animals. But...the keeper of the brothel here in town also owns a Inn near the town square. She uses it mainly to capture and keep the ladies here in town, for profit, but the men who enter there always come back out. She isn't after them after all...except a few to keep her business open..."

    She smirked as she finnished and caught his eyes. There was something in them she had not seen before, espicilly in a man who appeared to look so...so young. It was like he had wisdom beyond his years, way beyond his years. Like he knew something no one else did. She took up her wine again and took a long sip before meeting his haunting eyes again, waiting his awnser.
  8. He seems to contemplate this for a moment, lets out a small sigh and smiles lightly. "This Lady wouldent happen to be exceedingly attractive, be found wearing a rather provacotive garb and be sitting next to me would she?" He questions lightly, he wasent fooled for a second, she has the air of a mistress about her. Cool, calm, and collected. A woman who knows what she wants and goes for it, he always has been attracted to that type."This Lady also wouldent be looking to employ a man with a rather....unique skillset would she?" He finishes raising one eyebrow and sipping his drink quietly.
  9. Nuri watched the man for a few moments while he thought about what she said. After a few moments the man smiled lightly and let out a small sigh.

    "This Lady wouldent happen to be exceedingly attractive, be found wearing a rather provacotive garb and be sitting next to me would she?"

    Nuri smiled a bit and looked down to her glass for a moment, tracing the rim of her glass with the tip of her finger before picking it up again for another drink. She took a sip and swished the liquids around inside, meeting his eyes again.

    "You are smarter than you look traveler, you are correct. Besides my...Employees back at the brothel..the rest of the woman here are rather...Conservitive with thier body and looks."

    She took one last sip, finnishing the small glass of wine and looked at him again, one of her hands absent mindedly tracing the lines of the wood the bar was made of. Nuri listened as he asked a question next.

    "This Lady also wouldent be looking to employ a man with a rather....unique skillset would she?"

    A suductive smile crossed her lips and she leaned towards the man even more as he sipped his drink quietly. As she did, one of the shoulder straps slipped down her shoulder, leaving it bare.

    "It all depends on...what you can offer me. What is this skillset that could be so benefical to me or my business...?"
  10. The man takes a drink and finishes his glass."This conversation is not for all ears, follow me." With that he leads you into a private room in the back of the bar. "My skillset is one you do not see often anymore. Hunting/tracking, assasination, the lost shadow arts are mine to controll. I am a master of the blade witch i have incorperated martial arts through. I can very easily get information from ....less than willing people and have no problems with breaking slaves in order to train them." He finishes listing his skills with a smile and a small bow.
  11. The woman followed the man into the room, not worrying at all about any concequesnses that might concure. Nuri leaned in closer as her intrest in this man increased, her eyes on him the entire time, listening intently.

    "My skillset is one you do not see often anymore. Hunting/tracking, assasination, the lost shadow arts are mine to controll. I am a master of the blade witch i have incorperated martial arts through. I can very easily get information from ....less than willing people and have no problems with breaking slaves in order to train them."

    A seductive smile crossed her lips, michiviousness played in her Icy eyes.

    "You are right. I have not heard about that in quite sometime. My grandfather spoke of the shadow arts used to slay beasts...but seeing the business I run...what can you do for me? How would gaining information benefit me...?"

    She reached forwards and touched his arm, her finger tracing the seam of his shirt.

    "Breaking Slaves you say...? You have no problem breaking the soul of an Innocent woman...? Wow...Most men around here are animals but I think that one beats them all...not that I have an Issue with it. Business is business after all. Alright, I will board you but..you work for me and as for your salary...? It will be just like the ladies at the Brothel. You work to earn your keep. I feed them, clothe them, and board them and I allow them to keep thier job. You will not be much different."
  12. Soren inclines his head in a half bow. "As you wish Lady Nuri, My talents are yours to command." As he now considers you his superioor, a certain amount of respect appears. He stands and smiles pleasently."Now that buisness is over with, i do believe you were looking for someone to warm your bed for the night milady. Not to be blunt but i do find you exceptionally attractive." As a demonstration, he activates his shadow abilities turning his eyes black. He lets the shadows solidify and caress around your body, not normally one to show off however he can make an exception in this case.
  13. She smiled, a sly smile across her perfect lips as she heard his words.


    Nuri stepped closer to him and placed a hand on his chest and looked him in the eyes. A respect formed in his stature and piercing gaze. Slowly a handsome, pleasant smile crossed his lips. As she listened to what he said, her eyes lit up, a fire in them.

    "Someone to warm my bed...? Wow...how brave of you to ask....but do you think you can get into my bed that easily...?"

    After she asked him he activated his dark abilities, his piercing eyes turning pitch black and the room beginning to be filled with darkness. Gently the shadows caressed her body and she smiled in pleasure. THis man was proving to be someone of intrest. Nuri took one step closer, smiling sudictivly

    "We'll see about "Warming my bed" but I will show you to the brothel if you like..."
  14. He bows his head lightly."I do wish, i have to see what im working with after all. And they should get to know me." As you lead him there he stretches lightly. A feature you hadent noticed appears. Massive black angel wings sprout out of his back as he heaves a great sigh. In the low light the wings look as if they drink all the light around him in. Makeing him appear as a true angell of death."Ready when you are Lady Nuri."
  15. Nuri took him out of the tavern and as they walked silently down the road her Icy Eyes caught his wings. They were striking and beautiful...majestic and strong. They made him look exactly like a deadly angelic figure of the night. If she didn't know better, the reaper himself. Her eyes widened a bit, a sly smirk on her face, her thin yet strong, lean figure fitting perfectly into her skimpy clothing as she moved gracefully.

    Nuri motioned to the building at the edge of the town square. It is a large two story building in perfect condition. Dimly lit it appears appealing but dark and Almost sudictive. Nuri took a step ahead then led him into the building where lots of beauitiful, skimpily dressed girls are sitting, chatting. As she enters the girls go silent and look over at her a fearful respect in thier eyes.

    "Ladies...Welcome Mister Soren to the Brothel. He will be with us for the next while. You will not touch him nor speak to him unless he communicates with you first he has intrest in you. Respect him as you would me. That is all."

    As she turned away from the women Nuri eyes his wings then looks back up at his face.

    "Welcome. You may do as you like. I will show you to your room later tonight, and...the ladies are free for your use here."
  16. He gives a light bow." And i thank you for such hospitality Lady Nuri. But please inform me on how i can repay such generosity. I do not like to incurr debt. Im afraid not one of those whores are good enough for me, you know that witch i desire."His manner is peacefull however there is steel underlying in his voice, this is a man used to getting what he wants. a persistant man who isnt afraid to fight for it either.
  17. Nuri stepped closer to him a Sudictive smile across her perfect lips.

    "I am sure you will be of use to me as the days pass, you will find a way to repay the debt. And I know exactly what you want...me, correct? To warm my bed. Well I can tell you right now...you are just like me. You are used to getting what you want but you will find, though I am the master of all these Whores...I get exactly who and what I want. You are going to have to try a bit harder...Convince me you are worth it."

    She turned and began walking towards the chair where another man was waiting. Nuri perched on the arm of the chair he was in. They talked for a little while before he disappeared into the building. She looked over at him then came back over.

    "So...What is your next move stranger?"
  18. "My next moove, is to ask have you ever tasted blood red wine?." With that he produces a bottle and pours two glasses. After chatting amiably for a bit he turns and leaves with a light bow and a"Goodnight milady."

    He walks by the whores cages and peeks in at them. A few really are beautifull and its almost a shame to have to torture them. But as it were i lost my moral quams centuries ago, begging and pleading with me is useless as i drag one into my bedroom and start the process off turning them into whores with no other purpose then to make their customers happy. One by one i break all of their minds and turn them into perfect little whores.
  19. She smirked, taking the glass from him and sipped it as the two chatted for a little bit. As he finnished his the man turned to leave, giving her a light bow and bidding her a good night. Nuri finnished hers before getting to her feet again, to go lock the girls up for the night. As She did she heard one of the newer girls, Cathrine's, muffled screams as she was being pulled away from her cage where she had hidden all day long. Since she had come here, she had refused to work. Now it looked like she was going to be shown otherwise. Throughout the night she could hear muffled screams and other such noises come from where they were being tortured. They needed to be kept in check, no matter who thier costomer was. The next morning Nuri sat in the chairs near the front doors and smiled sudictivly as she spotted the man.

    "It sounded like you had a busy night...did you enjoy yourself?"
  20. A raised eyebrow is his reaction."Enjoy myself? I must say i had forgotton how MESSY torture can get, im afraid i had to teach a few naughty whores to clean up after themselves. I may be a vampire however i only enjoy DRINKING blood. I would prefer not to bathe in it." He finishes with a smirk."I guarentee the new one wont be giving you any more trouble. In fact you may find them much more willing to work." He finishes with a smile. This man is seriously twisted, even if he hides it well.He tortured women all night, and it didnt even fase him.