Two Worlds to Know

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  1. Her rapid footsteps thumped quickly along the soft Earth below her feet, the cape of her cloak fluttering behind her as she ran as quickly as she could through the thick trees that stood in her way. Those same trees soon went tumbling down as something much bigger, monstrously huge, chased after her. Her ebony skin glistened with sweat from her running as much as she was, jumping over fallen trees and sliding under large logs. Long black hair whipped about her and she took only a moment to turn her green eyes behind her to the thing that was chasing her just to see where it was.

    The cyclops was not far behind, his giant feet causing the ground to quake every time it made contact with the Earth. She had encountered the beast as she was leaving the Hardock Mountains, apparently having disturbed its sleep or something ridiculous like that. It had begun to chase her, following her all the way into the forest where she had hoped to throw him off course. Apparently, just because you have one huge eye doesn't mean you see less. She really didn't want to fight the monster, but the sight of a small village coming into view made it impossible for her to avoid the inevitable.

    "Oh, for the love of..." she cursed when she saw the small houses and the people walking in and out of them. If she kept running towards them and tried to lose the cyclops in the village, she would just end up destroying their homes and probably causing harm to many of them.

    So she darted up ahead and skidded to a stop on the outskirts of the village, whipping around to face the beast head on. He clumsily ran towards her, roaring and reaching to grab her body. Lifting her hand to the emerald rock that adorned the black beaded necklace wrapped multiple times around her throat, she whispered something to it in a strange language and her eyes began to glow a brighter green. The shadows around her began to shimmer and shake, soon taking on the form of a giant, red-eyed shadow demon. It grinned evilly at the cyclops and at her command, bolted towards it and tackled it to the ground.
  2. He was one of the only ones who saw this commotion in the village, dropping his load of straw onto the floor and whisking his sister inside

    "You stay put and wait here, do not move an inch form this house."

    He planted his lips to her forehead and ran back outside, handling the long sword in his arms and barreling towards the wreckage, unknowingly stumbling upon the girl he looked down at her and the two monsters fighting. He didn't know her and the ethereal beast were connected and broke her concentration, grabbing her arm and whisking her away form the village to a cliff foot in the east

    "Come on before you get stamped on by those beasts!"
    He pulled her up the cliff, looking back as the Aura of a demon evaporated and he clicked his tongue against his teeth, cursing below his breath and carrying her up the rocks more, the ogre soon stood up and caught sight of them, growling both in anger and agony as the demon did some damge. But he pulled her along further up the rock, looking down to pinpoint the cyclops stand point and smiling to himself, reaching the tip of the butte and jamming his sword into a crevice underneath a moss covered boulder, trying to jimmy the rock off. Loosening the footng of the stone, it tumbled down the rock's face towards the Cyclops's bulging eye, his face turned pale before the rock slammed into his jaw, causing it to careen off the cliff and land on the floor, crushed between the trees and a boulder to the brain

    When the dust cleared and the last twitch of the giant's life escaped his thumb, he jumped up and exclaimed to the sky

    "Did you see that! Oh man he just slammed down I never thought I'd use this contraption but Great Divines that was perfect!"
    He seemed quite proud and hardy opf his handy work
  3. Walking towards the edge of the cliff and peering down at the wreckage below, she saw that the cyclops was indeed dead and nodded her head slowly, smiling in amusement, "Yeah, that actually was pretty impressive."

    She turned her attention to the guy that had dragged her out of harm's way, seeing his face lit up with excitment at his accomplishment, "Smart move, my friend. That really did the trick, though I do have to apologize for leading him to your village in the first place. I had every intention of just letting him run right off this cliff, but I didn't know that a village was standing in the way. I guess I panicked in a sense."

    As she spoke, her darling little shadow from before zipped it's way to her side, taking the form of a feral, red-eyed dog that grinned maniacally and cackled in a creepy, demonic way. She turned toward the beast and stroked its 'fur' affectionately; "Oh, my precious Trophnac. You did such a good job!" she praised the shadow dog, laughing as it wound it's way around her legs and then disappeared back into the dark.

    She looked towards the boy again, offering her hand, "I guess I should introduce myself. My name's Nadira, friend, and again, sorry for nearly destroying your village."
  4. He watched the shadow zip by to her legs again and stood there, gawking a bit, but picked his jaw up and looked at her hand, he was apprehensive. Who wouldn't be after seeing a dog demon shadow wind it's way to her and he looked into her eyes, something about them seemed different and off, but he didn't accept her hand just yet, his hand was still on the blade under the roock, but he slowly loosened when he had a gut feeling she wasn't after his blood

    Slowly but surely, he grasped her hand and shook it

    "..Rush...villager of said village you unwillingly almost put in danger but.."
    He gestured to her shadow
    "Since you tried to right a wrong I can forgive you..."
    He smiled at her more
    "..I take it with those eyes and ..companion, that you aren't around here..or a normal human I take it?"
  5. "Well, you would be taking it right," Nadira replied playfully, her glowing green eyes going back to their normal green color, matching the emerald rock locked securely in the beads of her necklace. She smirked and placed her hands on her hips, cocking her waist to the left, "And I guess I'm not constituted as a normal person anymore, though I still bleed like a normal person and I can still die like one. For the past few years, I've been given the title of witch, so you can refer to me as that title as well if it pleases you."

    Despite the terrifying reality of her powers, her ability to control the things that lurk in the dark and the shadow beasts that hide within it, she was actually an upbeat person who loved a good laugh and to have fun when she could. Walking around the boy named Rush, she eyed him carefully, being sure he wasn't a witch hunter, and noticed the way he was holding his sword.

    "The Knights hold their swords like that," she stated, pointing to how he was protectively and firmly grasping the hilt, "Are you looking to become one?"
  6. He looked at her as she examined him, tugging at his collar, not really have been one to be looked at by a lady as such but smirked, slwoly removing the sword form the dirt
    "..Indeed I am..father was one before he passed and something to help keep my sister fed after mother left..."
    He sighed and put the sword in the hilt of his belt where it belonged
    "..Left us when I turned 18, so it's been me and her for 4 years now..taking care of her. But the gods know I can't leave her and pursue my dreams..I love my sister and no one else will watch her, so I had to come to a reality that I can never be a knight as long as I have her..but she calls me her knight, which is something."

    He smiled lightly then looked into her eyes
    "..They mist is gone form them but still very lovely.."
    His own blue sapphire eyes met hers as he just gazed into her soul
    "....A witch huh...well you don't look like a boil nosed hag in a cape and broom. So Nadira is what you will be known to me"
    He bowed to her, smiling, his medium length black hair banged out on his forehead
  7. She bent down at the waist to be eye level with him, lifting his chin up with a small tap of her fingers; "Well, aren't you just the sweetest charmer?" she asked him teasingly, narrowing her eyes in a seductive manner before pulling back from him, "You must have all the fair maidens falling at your feet, hahaha!"

    Nadira turned and started her way back down the mountain towards the little village before she paused, remained motionless for a good few seconds, and then whipped around to face him with excitement in her eyes though she kept the smile playful and light on her face.

    "Tell you what, Rush, since you helped to clean my mess with the cyclops, I figured I should do something for you in return," she told him, facing him fully, "I was actually on my way to the Castian Kingdom to restock up on some supplies. The Knights there owe me a few favors for...getting rid of a few winged-pests that sometimes plague the city. If you're willing to take the journey with me and bring your sister, I'm sure I'll be able to persuade them to give the two of you a little house to stay in so your sister can be close and you'll be able to train within the city."

    As he stood staring at her, she laughed and shrugged her shoulders, "It is completely of your choice, kind knight, hehe, though I'm sure you think it's too good to be true and that I've got no clue as to what I'm talking about. However, what I say is the truth and I give you my word."
  8. His blush was intense when she looked at him with sultry eyes and opened his outh to retort but stopped when she walked down, he fololowed her, stopping mid stride as she did and almost fell back with her sharp turn. That was before she spoke. After the talk of dorming with the knights, he was speechless, more over because of the perils it might bring upon his sister and him. But he had a feeling, with his training under his belt, and this sorceress by his side, he may yet have his dream a reality
    " can't be serious!...I...I would be honored to join you and....Heavens I can't thank you enough..."

    He took her hand in his and looked into her eyes

    "If your word is true and I trust it is, I will gladly accompany you to this castle...but on one condition. Should anything befall ill on me, you get my sister there and make sure she's safe, for if she dies on this journey...I do to..."
  9. The witch stared at Rush for a moment, her face devoid of any emotion, as she studied him closely. His hands were warm around her fingers and his smile genuine. The gentle look in his eyes when he spoke of his sister coupled with the fierce determination and passion to not only protect her, but to become a knight to be better equipped to do it was enough to cause her soul to quiver. A small and lovely smile bloomed over her face and she shook her black curls from her eyes as she patted his cheek approvingly.

    "You're a rather unique man, aren't you Rush?" she asked him, her fingers grazing his cheek for a beat longer than it should have before she withdrew her hand, "Rest assured that your sister will be safe on this journey as will you be. Not many have accompanied me on my travels, but the few that have I've always made sure arrived to their destination alive and well."

    Her eyes glimmered with her promise and she nodded at him before again turning to climb down from the cliff, "Now, let's say we return to the village before the villagers think you dead, my friend. I don't want them trying to burn me at the stakes."
  10. He slightly leaned into her touch, it was...warm, loving, kind, almost like she tried to grasp his heart and he blushed slightly, his rosy cheeks were hinted over his tanned skin but he smiled, walking with her down the clear beaten path of the rocky trail back to the village, where he was greeted by a raven haired girl, running towards him and jumping into his arms. She just silently buried her head into his chest and clinged to his shirt
    "Ellie!..I told you to stay in the house.... *sigh* Mmm..I can't blame you to follow my bidding to stay home ever since mom left...alright come home with me I'll get your supper ready.."
    As he walked back to his house he could see Ellie stare at Nadira and he stopped, looking back at the witch in front of him with a small smirk
    "..You're more than welcome to join us as well if you wish, lamb stew on the menu"

    He smiled and turned back towards the house, still carrying the quaint child in his arms, whom held a rag tag sewn together doll that looked like a wolf
  11. Nadira graciously accepted his offer with a nod of her head and followed behind the siblings to their house, "Sound delicious. I believe I will stay for supper, hehe."

    Along the way, she felt the eyes of the villagers practically searing into her body as they watched her with unbridled curiosity and some, as she looked around at them, with displeasure at seeing her there. She understood, to a certain degree, why they would be wary. She did almost inadverntly destroy their town, but didn't they consider staring at her like that rude? There was one woman in particular who was giving her the ugliest glare she had ever seen on a lady, her face scrunched up as if she smelled something horrid, her eyes appraising Nadira as if eyeing a carcas. The young witch never took too kindly to people who looked at her that way, but instead of retaliating negatively, she had herself some fun.

    She looked at the woman, locking her gaze with hers, and smiled darkly. Her green eyes began to glow again and materializing in front of the village woman was Nadira's faithful shadow hound. It stared the woman down and cackled hollowly in her face, frightening the lady into screaming and dropping the several baskets she was holding onto the ground. The other villagers all ran to her aid, none of them having seen the demon dog or Nadira's eyes glowing before hand for the young woman had made it all happen within the blink of an eye. Before anyone could suspect her, and before Rush figured out that she was causing a little mischief, she quickly turned and ran to catch up with him, leaving the startled lady in her wake.
  12. His ears did catch the sound of the elder screaming away and looked at her off in the distance, clatching her chest and pointing in Nadira's general direction and he looked around, slight befuddled and his face tilted in sour confusion. Before placing his sister down on the warm wooden floor, no doubt tracked with dirt in bare feet, shoe marks tracks? Yes Dog tracks, for as soon as Ellie was down, a hound came barreling towards Rush, jumping up in his master's knees and barking happily at him
    "Down Shadow! Be have at a guest's presence!"
    The husky understood and promptly jumped off and sat down, looking at Nadira, but he froze as he looked at her, cautiously eyeing the air around her. Normally a canine would either
    A) Run in fear
    B) try to attack a witch and no doubt lose
    But this dog was an exception, either stupid or ignorant, Shadow walked up to Nadira and nuzzles against her palm to be petted

    Rush smiled at this and went to his stove to get food started, Ellie was in a lonesome corner looking at her bookshelf
    "Easy with that one, he's liable to lick your face off, but luckily doesn't mount"
    He chuckled as he looked through his cupboard for various sesonings
  13. Nadira giggled and laughed as she pet the sweet dog, scratching him behind his ear to show her good faith, "That's alright, he's such a sweetheart. I guess he takes after his master."

    She looked at him with a pointed look before giggling and turning back to the hound, cooing at him, "How precious! I would think to introduce him to Trophnac if I didn't think Trophnac would frighten him."

    Once the dog trodded off, she turned towards the little girl that was sitting in the corner, studying her little bookshelf without facing either her or Rush. Nadira removed her cloak from her shoulders and hung it up by the door, revealing her short skirt, cream colored dress with sleeves that came off her shoulders and hung by her biceps and black boots. She approached the child slowly and quietly, moving to kneel beside her and watch her for a moment. She looked at the books and smiled, turning to the child again.

    "Do you like fairytales?" she asked the child named Ellie, wanting to show her that she was not someone to be feared.
  14. Ellie just smiled at her rather bashfully, holding out a small book of Grimm's fairytales
    "I like Rapunzel! and Alice!"
    She hurriedly flipped the pages to find the stories she talked off, Nadira would find that instead of the dark stories that the Grimm Brothers were notorious for, these were the child friendly versions with bright vibrant and almost intoxicating colored pictures that Ellie seemed to have colored in herself with crayons. She read to herself incoherently as her eyes wandered on the pages, word by word she took them into her head, asking Nadira every once in awhile to help her with a longer word but went back on to reading.

    The smell of the soup was intense and mouth watering, the smell of basil and lamb was easily noticeable but some other seasonings were mixed in, garlic and lime zest we boiled and steamed out to bring more flavor though their aromas were masked by the others. He turned with the pot to set the bowls down but looked at Nadira's figure as she knelt down to help Ellie read, Shadow was by her side and he saw her skirt, showing off her legs and her body was toned well. He turned more read thhan Alice's dress in Ellies book, looking away to try to hide it, and serving the soup once he was stable

    "Dinner's ready..Ellie fetch the milk please dear"

    She ran up to the ice box and pulled out the clay jug of milk, smiling and setting near her brother, holding her glass out as he poured, then handed her the bowl of soup and she went back to the table, settling herself next to Rush's spot at the head.

    "Here you go, luckily I make plenty in the off case someone else comes by for food."
    He handed her the bowl of steaming soup, chunks of lamb meat danced in the broth
  15. "You invited me," Nadira reminded him playfully in a sing-song voice, waving her spoon at him as she grinned.

    Brushing it off with a laugh, she thanked him for the meal and all the hard work he put in to it and brought a spoonful of the soup up to her lips. She blew on it to cool it down before slipping the entire thing into her mouth. She froze instantly, her eyes wide as she stared at the table top. A cry of delighted surprise soon came from her throat and she whipped her head in Rush's direction with stars shining in her eyes.

    "Rush, this stew is absolutely amazing!" she praised him, taking up another spoonful, "'s wonderfully salty and comforting; it reminds me of the soup my grandmother would make on rainy days. Has your brother always been this good at cooking, Ellie? At this rate, he won't even need a wife; he'll just cook for himself."

    Nadira laughed with mirth, relaxing more with the siblings as they all delighted in Rush's delicious dinner.
  16. One more her actions flabbergasted Rush, but he couldn't help but smile at this, sipping his soup himself and chuckling at her actions, Ellie giggled more and smiled at Nadira, taking her time with her soup, all the day though Ellie never left Rush's side until night fell. He smiled, taking the snoozing girl in his arms and helping her upstairs, tucking her into the bed of the room where another longer bigger bed lay beside hers, separated by a nightstand and a candle still flicked in the lantern fastened onto the table so it wouldn't topple. He took Nadira's hand and led her out

    "We have a spare bedroom after mother left, Ellie can't sleep without me in the same room but aloow me to show you."
    He led her to the room across the hall and the room was spotless, almost untouched by time. The vanity mirror, the dresser and lone sliding curtain spoiled the room of alabaster glow, the duel sized bed was big enough for two, when mother and father were together and they would lay with each other. Thankfully the doors were insulated enough to drown the noises of carnal pleasure form their rooms when they were younger, But Rush was no stranger to passion despite never witnessing or having his parents explain, but he knew something happens between a man and a woman. But he was no chaser, he seemed reserved about it.

    You may stay the night, we'll talk about our leave tomorrow."

    He lingered if she had any questions
  17. Nadia surveyed the room quietly, nodding a moment later as a gentler smile adorned her features, one that was a rare sight to see on most occasions; "This is very gracious of you, Rush, thank you," she said gratefully, staring into the man's...beautiful blue eyes.

    As she actually took the time to study him, no more interruptions to keep her from staring, she found him to be very handsome indeed. He was lean, but built well enough to handle that sword as an amateur would and with more training, he would definitely becoming bigger and stronger. His dark hair framed his face and he stood a few inches taller than her. She was hypnotized for a few moments, but soon forced herself to return to her senses. Before he could walk away, she gripped his hand a little tighter and smiled again, her fingers grazing his cheek once more.

    "You're a good man, Rush, remember that. If there was anyone I felt I wanted to help, it's definitely you," she told him, leaning close to give his cheek a light kiss.
  18. He looked at her, his normal blush form her attention was gone...Instead he was a little lost in her green eyes as well, he looked down at her body, focusing on her face, but couldn't help but wander lower, looking at her fit body, taking in every curve every feature of her, he was a bit stricken with wonder as he looked at her, then back up, just in time when she kissed his cheek

    He let out a soft, deep breath at the contact, still holding her other hand, gently lacing his fingers into hers. He closed his eyes for the moment to fully take it in and smiled more, a smile of someone who was in bliss, even for the moment. He slowly opened his eyes and looked back at her, but locked his gaze into hers, smiling more and more. His lips lingered as he thought of reeling close for a kiss himself, but many thoughts raced his head. He just leaned in and kisses her cheek, not wanting to step on any more than that but at the same time, wanted to more than ever. His tender lips were soft to her skin on her cheek as he smiled, slowly pulling back
    "..You sleep well Nadira~"
  19. "And kind dreams to you...Rush," she responded, slowly releasing his hand and stepping into the room. She smiled at him one last time before closing the door with a soft click.

    Once she was alone, she leaned against the door with a heavy sigh, her head falling back until it hit it with a thud, her eyes staring up at the ceiling in thought. She could still feel Rush's soft kiss on her cheek, the warmth spreading until it inflamed her ears. She couldn't stop thinking about him at that point: his hand encasing hers, his smile sweet and kind, his voice deep and thrilling...and his lips. She covered her mouth with her hand and caught a girlish giggle, only stopping when she heard hollow cackling. Looking down, she saw Trophnac sitting at her feet, maniacal grin in place as he laughed mockingly at her. She narrowed her eyes at her companion.

    "What!? So I find my host quite attractive. Is that against the laws of the land?" she asked the hound indignantly, defending herself against the red-eyed shadow dog.

    Trophnac merely barked hollowly and cackled again. Nadira rolled her eyes in exasperation, "Oh, keep quiet! What do you know, anyway?"

    With that, she prepared herself for bed, slipping under the sheets and laying her head on the pillow, falling asleep with the moon's rays playing across her face and blue-eyed men dancing in her dreams.
  20. The next morning she was awoken with the scent of bacon sizzling on a pan, and the playful shrieks of Ellie and Shadow, Rush chuckled loudly into a guffaw at the sight of puppy and child wrestling, the pup licking Ellie's ears

    Rush set the pan down for it to cook, luckily the hound was obedient enough not to try to topple it over to get the luscious meat, but watched it diligently He went upstairs and knocked on her door

    "Shower is yours, but hurry before Ellie get's antsy!"
    He smiled and walked back down to play with Ellie and color with her as the bacon still cooked