Two of A Kind

"Thanks for that sis" he said as he leaned back. He placed his left hand next to him and his smile faded. Perhaps he should have given up his addiction for his sisters sake, but the will power he had was weak. He honestly couldn't go two minutes without wanting to find his next fix. He let out a sigh then closed his eyes and waited for the pizza to arrive.​
"Your welcome." She said finding a scary movie on television and was lost in the movie for a bit. About half an hour later she heard the door bell and got up to answer the door. She paid the pizza guy then brought the pizza into the kitchen. Going over to the cupboards she got out two dishes and picked out her two pieces of pizza.
Relio looked at his sister as she got up and answered the door. He waited for a few moments, until she was out of view and pulled the money. He looked at the wrinkled bills and frowned a little. He was really starting to regret getting into drugs and he began hating himself for it. After a couple more seconds, he placed the money back into his pocket and headed to the kitchen , taking two slices out of the box holding the pizza.​
"It looks really good. Do you want to continue watching the movie?" She said putting the pizza up to her mouth and taking a big bite. The pizza tasted so good and she wished she could get more pizza more often. Chances are that would never happen unless her brother would get off the drugs and find a job to help her out.
"Yeah, sonds good sis' He said softly, after finishing eating. He looked at her at a glance, sadly. She really was trying her best to take care of him and all he was doing was causing trouble. He turned around then headed back into the living room and sat in his chair. He started to watch the movie but was fully focused. Sis...He said to himeself​