Two of A Kind

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Tetsuri Tokai

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The city of Valen, also known as Sin City. High-rated for sex, drugs, money, scandals and murder. There isn't a place you go, that you won't see someone being mugged or prostitutes doing their job the best way they can to make a living. But out of all the bad, there are still "good" points to Valen. This city is rough and if you aren't tough, it will get you one or two things; dead or put in the hospital.

But today, a story is going to be told about two twins. One boy and the other girl. These two are like birds of a feather, or so it seems. The sister always getting the brother out of a jam and saving his ass. As a result, because the boy is always stubborn, he constently fights with his little sister. Yeah, seems pretty normal. But as time progresses and the fighting gets worse, something bad happens, something that will determine life or death for both of the twins.

Come take a look through the eyes of the twins and enjoy the sights of Valen in

~!Two Of A Kind!~

Name: Relio Helure
Appearance: Above
Name: Analyese.
Analyese was banging on the door of her brothers room wanting him to get up because she was going to work right now. The city was not a good city but she didn't care it was cheap and she carried a can of pepper spray with her. So far she hadn't had to use the spray but she always kept it in her purse just in case. "Relio? I"m leaving for work now." She called through the door that was always shut these days and that annoyed her. The drugs were affecting his life and he already lost one job because of it now she was picking up his slack and working double the hours to pay the bills. She was feeling very tired and did not want to go to work today but if she didn't they would be about a hundred short for food which was a lot of money.
Relio laid in his bed and listened to his sister bang on the door, he kept his hands behind his head as he looked up at the ceiling "Man, she's as noisy as ever" Relio said, i a low voice. His table was littered with needles and empty pill bottles that held his drugs. Because of his addiction, he wasn't able to hold his job working at a shop called Relts. The shop sold antiques from history and were worth more than a gold statue.

The way he had lost his job, was by getting caught stealing. The manger showed Relio the footage of him stealing a lion vase and leaving the store. But, because Relio was so stubborn, as usual, he argued with the manager. If it weren't for his sis coming in and getting him out of the store, he would have been in jail right now. When his sister finally left he let out a sigh, then turned on his left side and looked at the table. He lowered his eyes as he began getting the urge to do more drugs. Only problem was, he didn't have any money.
Their parents had left a bit of money for them for emergencies only which was hidden in her room very well so that Relio wouldn't find it. When there was no answer she sighed and looked at her watch. Now she was late the job started in 5 minutes and she was 10 minutes away from it. She took off running down the stairs and grabbed her purse on the stand right near the door. Her brother wouldn't steal from her would he? Quickly she locked the door and ran towards the car then got in. Where she worked she knew the manager they were friends so he gave her some elbow room but she didn't want to push her luck. Backing out of the driveway she took one more look at his room and then started down the road to her work.
Relio sat up in his bed and placed his left hand on his forehead. He was itching for his next fix and got desperate. He got out of his bed, making his way to the door and stuck only his head out. When he saw that his sis was gone, he stepped out, into the hallway. The apartment was really old. The paint was rusted and the wallpaper teared. Bums sat everywhere, from the walls to the corners. Even rats were roaming around looking for scraps of food.

Relio made his way to the exit of the building and looked down to see a woman. The woman looked to be about in her mid-twenties , but was very skinny. It seemed she had a bad crack addiction. She began begging Relio for money, even offering him sexual pleasures in return. Grabbing his right hand.

He looked at the woman in disgust and snatched his hand away, pushing her down. The woman continued to beg and Relio walked away and out the door, into the streets. He was in no mood to mess with crackheads. He may have been on drugs himself, but he wouldn't stoop so low as to have sex with strangers in order to feed his habit.
Yes the apartment was old but at least they had a place to stay and at least it was semi warm. Finally she managed to get to her work and her boss understood when she explained she was trying to get her brother up. By the time her brother left the house she was long goen and she worked extra hard that night to make up for the few minutes that she had missed earlier. The store was busy and she had to work a few extra hours but it was good money and she did not mind the extra work to help pay the bills off. Spraying the counter top she started wiping it down to start her night cleaning she always did.
Relio headed down the dark street with his color up and hands his pockets. The urge had gotten worser as his left hand started to shake. He breathed slightly and closed his eyes to relax. Finally, his arm had stopped shaking. The street lights blinked on and off in simultaneously and flies buzzed around them. Stray dogs chased a cat down an ally and other drug addicts leaned against the walls smoking.

He wanted to take a hit of their cigarettes, but there was no way he would take a risk of getting jumped. In this city, even friendly faces turn out to be snakes in hiding. You couldn't trust anyone as far as you could see them. Relio took a left down the ally he saw the fiasco and leaned against the wall. Little did he know, that the drug addicts who he passed minutes ago had been following him.

He looked out the corner of his right eye, when he heard the sound of a can being kicked slightly. He stopped completely and spoke angrily

"How long you shitheads gonna keep following me?" The sound of laughter broke out from the men and Relio turned around with a pissed expression, looking at three men, each with a cigarette in their mouths.

"What business have you got with me? If its money your looking for, I ain't got any. So your ass out of luck!"

Before he knew it one of the men, who looked like the leader of the group, pulled out a knife. He began walking towards Relio with the other two close behind pounding their fist.

Relio spit to the left on the ground and readied himself for a fight -im not about to die here- he said to himself as he charged the three men. the sound of punches began to echo through the ally
(I don't want him to die)
Sometimes twins can feel the other's pain and a long time ago she used to be able to do just that. But since they fights happened and he got into drugs she was not able to do that. Her cell phone was in her pocket in case something happened and he needed her which he never did. Even though he never got along with her she still loved him as a brother. Sighing she finished cleaning up the counter and looked at the clock. Another hour until she goes home and deals with problems at home again. It was the same thing over and over again she worked every night no days off to make ends meet. All of a sudden she looked out the window and noticed someone was running towards a group of people but she thought nothing of it. Grabbing her cell phone to call the police she walked up to the window to get a better look to give the police more information.
Relio held the last guy up by the collar and gave him a piercing glare. The man begged and pleaded with Relio to let him go, but it was ignored. The sound of the man's begging stopped, when he received a spine-tingling punch to the gut. The man passed out and fell limply in Relio's hand. After he was released, he hit the ground with a thud and laid next to the others.

Cuts and bruises marked most Relio's body, but he shrugged it off. This wasn't the first time he had to fight a gang on account he had many brawls back in high school . He searched their pockets and collected a total of fifty dollars. That was more than enough to feed his habit. He placed the money in his pocket then walked out into the open and looked over at a building to his left.

He gave a shocked expression after realizing it was his sister. She had saw everything.
Her mouth dropped open when she saw who it was that had fought and won the fight moments earlier. Immediately she hung up the phone not wanting to call the cops on her brother. Opening the door she started out of the store and towards her brother. "What did you just do? I can't believe......" She said looking down at the bodies that scattered the ground. Even though she wanted to call the cops so badly she couldn't because he was family and yes she saw most of the fight and him winning. What if the people were dead what if soemone else had called the cops and recognized her brother? Crossing her arms she starred at her brother wanting some kind of explanation for all this.
Relio looked at his sister with a frown "Hey! These assholes attacked me alright! I was just defending myslef!" He spit to the ground side him angrily as he glared back at the knocked out thugs. "These little scumbags are lucky I didn't kill them for jumping me like that. They were trying to- He stopped in mid-sentence. He didn't have to say anything or explain himself to his sister.

"Why don't you just mind you own damn business Analyese?! If your going to call the cops, then do it. I don't need your sympathy..." He looked behind him,frowning and trying not to look his sister in the eyes. He knew she wasn't going to back down and he was fully aware she would argue him down to the end. He didn't look back at her, but he did keep his ears open to hear what she had to say.
Crossing her arms she listened to his story but did he have to knock them out? Whould one of them remember who he was and call the cops on him? "Let's just go home." Sighing she went into the restaurant and told her boss she had to leave she didn't like leaving when it was so busy. Grabbing her jacket she was not going to yell at him for defending himself but she hoped that the cops would not come and get him to take him to jail. But then if he did get taken to jail maybe he would learn a lesson about drugs and that he could get caught. He actually had it really good she could have called the cops on him many times.
Relio watched her as she walked into the restaurant, and pick up her jacket. After she was done talking to her boss, he put his hands behind his head and followed her quietly as they made their way home. He glared up at the sky and sniffed a little. He didn't like the fact that his little sister saved his ass again, but he was also kind of grateful. Kind of.​
A few minutes later she got in the car and headed hom in silence. Words spun around in her mind she wanting to say something in her mind but didn't speak she didn't want to fight today. The store was so busy and she just wanted to get home and relax. He could have ended up in jail tonight and she would have to pay money to bail him out which she did not have.
He got into the car on the passenger side and looked out the window. His sister really was a pain at times. Always interfering in his business. But, he understood completely why she did what she did. He was the only family she had left. Relio peeked over at his sister for a moment , who had an annoyed but sad look on her face. He sighed slightly and began to speak but bit his tounge and looked back out the window. Soon after, they pulled back in fornt of their apartment.
They drove in silence she was upset with what he did he could have gotten hurt worse then what he had. Sighing she shut off the car and then opened the door to get out. Locking the car door behind the two she headed towards the front door then unlocked it. "What do you want for supper." She said after a long pause when she walked into the house and turned towards her brother her stomach growling with hunger.
He looked at his sister and shugged. He wasn't really in the mood to talk to her but he forced himself to answer "Eh, whatever you feel like cooking. I'm not picky on eating and you know that" He let out an annoyed sigh as he opened the door and stepped out the door. He looked around for a bit and closed the door then headed up to the front door of the apartment.​
Maybe she would order pizza tonight she still remembered what he liked on his pizza and she was craving something. They never ordered pizza but since she worked the extra couple of hours tonight she would treat both of them. She sat down on the couch and opened up the phone book to find a restaurant to order from. When she ordered from the she sat back on the couch and flicked on the television then started flipping through channels.
Relio sat down in a chair across from his sister and put his hands behind his head. He looked up at the ceiling as he went into deep thought. It was somewhat a crazy night for him and he was kinda glad to be at home, just relaxing. But still, his sister had sparred him and kept him from going to jail. No mater how much they argued, she would always back him up in the end.

He looked over at his sister and smiled slightly.​
When her brother came to sit with her she looked up at him feeling confused why he came to sit with her. When he smiled she looked at him confused as to why he was smiling at her. A small smile came to her lips maybe he was finally changing his way but she doubted it. "I ordered us pizza." She knew it was something he did not have for a long time since there was very little money.