True love between species?

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  1. Only a few days till full moon.. He had become so good at controlling his urges and his transformation but every time this came along he struggled so much. No choice but to just keep on going.

    Chane liked to think he had a nice life. He managed to get a well paying job, he had a nice place and was doing well with women.. sometimes. Not minding the impending frenzy he concentrated on getting to work. In such a busy city traffic was always jammed so he preferred walking. It was only fifteen minutes by foot from where he lived anyway.

    Every day he did the same. He walked past the same shops and at the one with all the dolls and mirrors he checked out his appearance. He fixed his short dark brown hair, made sure his shoulders looked as broad as they were in his suit and regretted not shaving that morning. All and all he wasnt the most handsome but not bad looking either!
  2. Zoey recently applied for a new job. She was talking to her boss, who told her where she would be working, who she would be working with and gave her a work schedule. She took it and then looks at it for a while, then nodded.

    She stood up and then was shown to her work space. She was going to be working in an office, along with several other people. She was pretty shy, and nervous on whether her colleagues would get along with her or not.

    She sat by her computer and then read her schedule, wanting to get on with work straight away.

    (Maybe they work in the same office?)
  3. Chane sat down at his desk and spun happily around in his chair. Being an efficient worker, although often lazy he had already fiished most of this weeks assigned work. While breathing in he noticed a pleasant but little odd smell. He looked across the office and saw a new face.
    For a moment time stood still. "What a beauty" He muttered to himself.

    He had to do something to get her attention. Being a little childish he decided the best way, silent too, was to throw a paper plane at her.
    He quickly wrote down "I couldn wait till we were around the water cooler. Hi, my name is Chane. Whats yours?" folded it into a place and threw it at her.
  4. Zoey saw something fly towards her and land just by her computer keyboard. She picked it up and then read it. She looks around snd then smells something odd, and then noticed it was the guy near her, she smiles at the airplane the note had been folded into and then looks over at him.

    "Zoey. My name's Zoey" She says to him, then went back to typing on her computer.
  5. Chane smiled and 'playbacked' "Nice to meet you" He continued working on one screen and doing other stuff on his second screen
    He waited till lunch break and sped over to Zoey's desk. He held out his hand for her to shake. "And now like normal people.. Hello, my name is Chane, nice meeting you." He said giving her his friendliest smile.
  6. Zoey had just finished up with some of her work and noticed the guy come towards her. She smiles and then shook his hand, gently. "Hi Chane, it's nice to meet you" She replies, and then giggles.
  7. "So, i was wondering if you'd like to have lunch with me?" He checked his watch "We have almost an hour and a fantastic sandwich and coffee shop is right across the street... Will you let me treat you?"
  8. Zoey nodded to his offer and smiled. "Yes please!" She says and the collects her things and heads out of the office, waiting for Chane to join her. She was glad that she had met someone and was talking to them. So far, she had done lots of emails, made coffee for people and try to get her schedule done. She could say for the least that her job was incredibly boring, but she really wanted to get a job, so she could move out of her small apartment which she had just moved into. It had one bedroom, one bathroom and a teeny kitchen, and a teeny living room. Her neighbours rarely spoke and she hadn't made a friend since she moved into the neighbourhood.
  9. Chane followed her outside and lead her across the road. He held the door open for Zoey and paid for her meal. He offered her a chair and sat down across from her. He smiled. "I hope you dont mind my asking but, what brought you to our office. Im not one to talk but theres plenty more fun jobs to do.. even if the pay is good here."
  10. Zoey smiles as he held out a chair for her and she say down. "Thank you" She says. She looks across the table at him. Oh, I just thought I'd give it a go. I really want to move out of my apartment" She says and nodded. "My apartment is super small, and the neighbours never talk much" She shrugged.
  11. He chuckled nervously. He knew full well there were multiple appartment available in his building. They were large and well taken care of but a little pricy. He didnt know yet what this woman was like so telling her to move in next to him perhaps wasnt the best idea. "Ouch that sucks. Though with this job you'll be able to qualify for a new one right?"
  12. Zoey nods. "Yeah" She says and smiles. She orders a tea and a muffin, then thanks the waitress when she got served. She hadn't been to this place before, there were quite a few people probably coming in just from work, there were couples in little huddles too. She sighed. She had broken up with her ex boyfriend, recently and found it hard to brush it off her shoulders. She wanted to find someone new, though. Instead, she sips her tea. "Wow.. The tea sure is great here" She says and tries to distract herself.
  13. Chane sighed. idle conversation huh.. Either he got her attention soon or he'd lose her. Chuckling in himself, friendzone wasnt the place for him. "I know right? Coffee, thea and homemade sandwiches. This place is the best lunchroom around in my opinion." He sat up and faced her directly showing interest in her. "What else can you tell me about yourself? What do you love to do?"
  14. Zoey thought for a bit and then placed her tea down. "I recently moved to this neighbourhood, I want to work hard and own a large house. I love music, especially listening to dolphins. Dolphins are my favourite animal, I love the way they communicate with one another, fascinating. I'm single. I was in a relationship with a guy but it didn't work out... Oh look! I'm babbling" She shad and blushes, looking away.

    [How could Zoey have broken up with her boyfriend? Why?]
  15. (Typical would be that he didnt give her the attention she wanted. Or that he was too possessive?)

    Chane smiled "I dont mind the babbling. I just love to listen and you're quite interesting." He was close to finishing his meal and took a sip of his coffee. "May i ask where you live at the moment and why you even moved? Especially if you're unhappy with your current residence"
  16. Zoey sips her tea and places it back down again. "I don't live too far away from where we work. There are a few apartments along from the offices, I'm the fourth one. I can show you, just before we head back to work. I moved because I wanted to try living somewhere new" She says and then shrugged.

    [Maybe he lost interest in her?]
  17. (Shes a vampire right? Could be because she was hiding this from him he left her because she seemed dull?)

    He nodded. "Alright. Makes sense." He felt like he was pestering her rather than entertain her. Showing him her appartment..? The next step is lifting heavy stuff up there. Hesitating he just smiled friendly and waited the situation out.
  18. Zoey finished her tea and muffin, then payrd for the things she ordered. She blushes and smiles at him. "Thanks for inviting me out to lunch Chane, maybe we can do it again sometime?" She suggests.

    [Yeah! Okay]
  19. Chane smiled and made another advance. "Hmmm, how about dinner instead of lunch?" He had to make sure he moved fast. Surely the other guys at the office were seething already. Some were far more handsome so getting the first shot at taking her out would give him the best chances. "And if you wanted i could even show you around town?"
  20. Zoey nods and smiles. 'I'd love that!" dhr says excitedly sbf then stood up, ticking her chair in and then walking out, waiting for Chane. Maybe she could shoe him her apartment whilst their lunch still had 15 minutes to spare. This guy seemed nice.
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