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It was the beginning of the school year for the people of a small town high school and things were going rather well in the area. The football team was well into practicing for the up and coming game, students were getting used to the new classes, the freshman were getting done with the first round of torment by the seniors, and for some, they were just getting settled. For one student in particular, he was just getting used to American life. His name was Uunia Al'radine, a young male student that was actually a full year younger than everyone in his class. He was sent as an exchange student from India and had been going to a nearby school up until a year ago when that school closed and he was sent to this one. He was 14, medium brown skin, shoulder length dull white hair, and had soft golden eyes, that made him stand out like a sore thumb. He stood at 5' 11 and had a look about him that made him look smart, and a few visible scars on his arms that showed he had seen his share of fights, both here in america as well as India. He stayed quite, usually sitting at the front of the class and keeping to his self at lunch, not really one for making conversation unless it was to answer a question in class. Because he was so quite and smart, the teachers loved him, he getting high regards from his last school that carried over to the new one. With such a good reputation with the faculty, it wasn't long before rumors were spread down from the teachers to the students, leaving many to think what kind of person he was outside of class.
Ashley Thomas walked through the halls with a certain flare that most girls only wished they had. She wasn't the skinniest or the most popular girl in school. But she certainly was the smartest and one of the prettiest in her class. She was a freshman, and sat in all the honors classes she could get because she just felt that smart too. It surprised her to see the exchange student was also in most of her classes. She became slowly curious about him, wondering what he was like. Soon she began to think more about him than paying attention in class.


She still managed to keep her grades up, but even the teachers were starting to notice her blank stares during lecture. It was starting to become less an oddity and more a recurrance. They became concerned.

Ashley, though, only thought about how she could figure Uunia out and stay ahead of him in marks.

Soon enough, the teachers stopped worrying. Ashley returned to her studies with furvor.
Uunia hadn't really noticed what was going on, or rather, that's what many thought. He maintined extreamly high marks, he only getting lesser grades in English. Every where else, he was at least in the top three, with Ashley right along with him. As the school went on and the many games had been played, his report card came and he looked with a dissaproving frown. He had a 3.8 average and the only thing holding him back was english. He wanted to tear the paper apart, and the teachers could sense his temper. The english teacher after much studying his students walked up to him and said, "Well, if you're really that conserened, you can always get a tutor...I know Ashley has the highest marks, maybe you can talk to her for some pointers." Uunia thanked his teacher for the advice and waited for lunch time on a Friday to ask her.

He walked into the large cafertira, he looking about for Ashley as he held onto a basic looking lunch box.


Ashley was proud of her grades. She was still the highest marked student in her class, she was sure of it. There was no way she wasn't with as much work as she put into her studies. Everyone still admired her, her parents were pleased, her teachers were proud... She was in top form as a freshman. It was the perfect year.

However, as she sat alone at lunch, she began to see what her studying was doing. She was alone a lot, because she would rather be working hard on her grades. They were most important after all. Getting into college was the top goal. Glancing around the room, she looked for someone she could invite over to her table. She knew everyone, and everyone knew her. However, then her eyes fell on Uunia. She sighed and fell back into her chair. He had probably also had the same marks as her in his card. She wasn't the smartest in her class anymore, she knew. It was a downfall she would have to live with, but she could not believe that he could possibly be as smart as her. He was a year younger! Everyone knew that.
Uunia finally saw the one known as Ashley, he gulping down a mouthful of pride before making his steps over to her. He was going to need her help if he were to pass with great marks and be able to live in the states as a college student, hopefully ahead of the others in his class. He made his way over to her table, seeing her look as if she were sulking.


He said as he looked down to her, he letting his gold colored eyes take a rather long look at her,

"Is this seat taken...?"

He asked in a calm voice as he held his lunch tightly in one hand and his report card in the other. Having not really spoken to ANYONE other than the teachers at the school so far, a few of the students looked in awe as he spoke to Ashley, the one whom they all thought he was in a competition with in terms of grades. Maybe he was going to rub it in how he was topping her in class or possibly something worse. Murmuring words could be heard all through out the room as he stood there before her, waiting on her answer.
Ashley gulped. She hadn't expected him to actually walk over to her. What did he want?

Not wanting to be rude, she shook her head. She didn't trust her words yet. She watched him sit across from her and took a deep breath. She had to say something at some point. Her eyes scanned those closest to them. They were whispering low about what Uunia could possibly be doing sitting with her. Ashley wasn't sure she liked this.

"So..." she started. "What can I do for you?"
Uunia sat down, ignoring the constant chatter that was about his actions and looked to Ashley. He sighed, feeling a little ashamed to actually ask for help but looked to her with as much confedience as he does when he takes his exams,

"I...I don't usually do this...but....I....I need your help with something..."

He spoke his words carefully though he indeed seemed nervous. His accent was light, as if he had lived in the states for some time. His posture was upright at first, but as he spoke, he seemed to act as if he was collapsing in on his self. It was at this point that everyone around them seemed to be staring there way, wondering what he was talking about.

" grades have been slipping in English...and....umm...The teacher said I should seek out a tutor if I'm to get any"

He started to look away, his eyes not wanting to look at her but he knowing he needed her help. He felt somewhat vulnerable as he spoke but managed to spit out his request before backing out.

"I was wondering...if....perhaps you could help me...If not I understand."

He then looked to her unsure as to what her response would be or whether if she did respond, just how would she? He new most Americans were known for there rudeness and would do nothing more than ignore him, but he awaited in the hopes she would look favorably upon his request.
At first Ashley gloated because she was being asked for help by the one person she was bound and determined to beat. And then she slowly came down off her high horse as she thought about it. She sighed. Uunia looked so distraught she couldn't help but want to help him. Besides, it's not like helping him would make her grades any worse, right?

"Fine, I'll help you," she mumbled.
Uunia sighed with relief as she said she would help him. He gathered himself again and managed a smile as he looked to her,

"Thank you Ashley...I really appreciate it."

He then sat his lunch box on the table and opened it up, he pulling out his lunch as he looked to her,

"So...why are you sitting here all alone."

He said innocently as he pulled out a sandwich and started to chew on it, the other people at the table now talking more and more about what the two were doing. Rumors were spreading abound but Uunia could care less, he was getting the help he needed and thought it best to at least try and be friendly about it.
Ashley looked at him like he grew a second head. He was seriously going to start conversation now? She frowned and looked at her lunch, choosing to hold off on an answer by eating a little.

"I... prefer to eat alone," she answered after a moment. "Sometimes its just nice to sit alone and think about lectures or sometimes get ahead on homework."

It was a bullshit answer. She did those things because no one sat with her, not because that was why she sat alone.
Uunia looked to her with a raised brow, he looking at her actions and listening to her conversation and her body language didn't match up,

"Umm...that's not really it...?"

He said as he himself took a bite of his sandwich, letting his golden eyes peer through her little guise she had set up. He moved a bit of his white hair out of the way to get a better view at her,

"It's not like I know you or anything...but...your hesitation...your frown, it's all signs of dishonesty..."

He then sat his bag on the table as well and pulled out what seemed to be a college level psycology book,

"I had to do a report about body-language in our science class...remember?"

He was being very, very blunt but that's just how he was in, even in class if it was a controversial answer to a question. He then slid the book back into his bag as he looked to her wondering why she'd lie.

"If it helps, I don't sit with anyone because I can't really carry much of a conversation...I just go to school in america so I don't really know what's going on in the american world...I'm pretty out of place..."
Ashley pouted inwardly at being found out, and looked down.

"I sit with people sometimes, just... I am usually alone," she mumbled. "Just because you aren't from America doesn't mean you are the only one here out of place, you know," she added sternly. "Now, what do you need help with?"
Uunia didn't expect for her to respond so sharply. He gulped down his surprise quickly and went straight for what he was having a problem. He pulled out his notebook, last three tests, four papers and a short essay. He lined them up showing how his progress was.

" get to the point, I don't really understand how these sentences don't make sense..."

he started to point out the red marks and corrections the teacher had made. From she could see, he was making a solid B- but it was affecting his grade just enough to lower it pass the A range into the B's,

"If you could help me understand why they don't make sense I can get back to making good grades again...So, think you can help me?"
Ashley looked over the papers and read through the work. The marks were right on the spot. She picked up the essay and started there, explaining the mistakes and making sure Uunia understood them until lunch ended.

At the bell, Ashley hesitated.

"Well... we could..." She sighed. "How do you get home? We could go to the library and work some more if you'd like."
Uunia listened carefully as she pointed out a few of his mistakes he had made on his last few assighnemnts. As she explained, he took small notes in his notebook. When she asked how he usually gets home he spoke up,

"Well, I usually walk. I live about 10min away but I don't think my sponsor would mind if I stayed over. I'd just have to call her and tell her what's going on."

He then gathered his things, including his half eaten lunch and papers and smiled to her,

"I really appreciate the help so far, I'll meet you in the Library after classes are out."
Ashley nodded, grabbed her things, and started to leave before she remembered their next class was together.

"Wanna walk together?" she asked to be polite.
Uunia so no reason not to, they were in the same class afterall. He shrugged and held his things,

"Sure, why not."

He then walked ahead and opened the door for his new found tutor, he not really caring as other started to wisper even more than before, some with grins on there faces.
Deciding to ignore her peers, Ashley walked through the door proudly and then waited for Uunia before they continued walking down the hall.

"So, uh..." Ashley was horrible at making conversation, especially when she knew next to nothing about a person. What could she possibly talk about with him?
Uunia caught up with her immediatly after she went through the door way. He walked slightly ahead of her, keeping a slow pace since it wasn't that much of a rush to the next class. He looked to her as they walked, hearing her attempt to say something,

"Yes? What is it?" He asked as they started to pass a few of the other class rooms, some in the middle of class, others empty.
Ashley felt her face go hot.

"Oh, nothing. Nevermind!" she said, waving it off. She couldn't think of anything... What kind of person was she if she couldn't even strike up a simple conversation?