Trouble on Ember Wings

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  1. Thunder rolled over head, bringing with it the crisp clean salt sea air. Dark foreboding storm clouds spat out lightening some distance away. However the gusty wind blowing towards the Ember Coast Dragon Rider Academy meant the storm was rolling this way. The academy was inside of a rocky cliff side a couple hundred of feet from the crashing sea below. The proper entrance was about a mile from the cliff side. The building looked of moderate size if one saw it from the ground. A symmetrical squared building with wide sandy stone arches welcome guests and visitors. But the bulk of the academy was built into the cliff wall it’s self. Traveling miles into the rock, sprawling wide tunnels led into the various rooms and caves. A massive structure hidden, it had to be large enough to house riders, students and dragons alike. Inside the passage ways were wide and lit evenly with bright sun crystals to illuminate the way. It was a life’s honor and a privilege for anyone who were deemed good enough to join the Dragon Order. Some training their children from birth to enter the order. Others simply had the calling. Those like Prince Wulfenstien Mcoy. Though for Wulf there was no honor, no pleasure in being here. For him this wasn’t a choice he would have made.

    A teenage boy of 18 moved silently though the halls. Knowing his heavy black boots could alert the trainers to his presence. Since he was supposed to be in history class, it was imperative that he kept quiet. He didn’t want to be caught skipping class… Again. He is a taller boy, his physique turning into a strong muscular man. His bronze skin almost blended with the walls, though his black robes did little to camouflage him. As he walked he passed by a mirror. He paused a moment to look at himself. Ruffling his messy shaggy hair. He tried a futile moment to smooth the wild mess of midnight black hair atop his head. His crisp blue eyes looking over the meager facial hair that he was trying to grow on his narrow but masculine face. He could hear his mother now scolding him to shave it off.

    His plan? Wulf usually didn’t have one. The young prince was brash and impulsive with little care for whether he’d get into trouble. In fact he seemed to seek it out. Trying at just about any chance he could to get kicked out of the academy. Any other student would have been, but not the prince. His royal status insured that he’d not fail at the academy simply for picking fights and skipping class. For the time being Wulf was headed for the cliffs to spend time with his dragon. But as always he didn’t get very far. “Skipping class again, Mcoy?” A deep gruff voice called from behind the boy. He paused and slumped, rolling his eyes as he groaned. Captain Urro was always one step ahead of him.

    “History is boring. What can I say?” He replied in a cocky tone as he turned to face the man. Captain Urro was a warrior, a soldier, a man forged from the fires of combat. But a fall from his dragon’s back in a past battle left his leg badly crippled. Instead of taking up a quiet life, he chose to train the cadets at the academy. His tall stature was imposing, his black hair peppered grey, his face embedded with a permanent scowl. War taught him to be compassionless and aggressive, although there was an air of wisdom in him. “But it is as important as learning your sword. Get back in class.” He growled. Wulf scoffed and crossed his arms over his chest. He paused, an action which only seemed in infuriate the Captain. “What if I say no?” Wulf replied in arrogance.

    With that the captain moved quickly towards the prince, snatching him by the back of his robes. Jerking him aggressively towards his class. “Hey!” He said in vain as he as dragged back to class. “I’ll have none of your lip today, Mcoy. I’m not in the mood.” He growled. “Your never in the mood.” Wulf retorted. Captain Urro abruptly shoved the door open, tossing in the teenage boy in the classroom full of students. The elderly man teaching the class hushed, as did the class when their class mate was tossed in. Wulf stumbled and jerked his head towards the older captain with a sneer on his face. Looking back at the class with a sheepish demeanor. “Fashionably late, as always Wulf.” The old man smirked as he shook his head. Wulf muttered under his breath as he walked to the lone open seat. Without further word the captain left the room.
  2. Ember Coast Dragon Rider Academy - one of the greatest steps in becoming an actual dragon rider, the ultimate dream of Chosovi Misae Wescott. The academy's architecture was brilliant and eminent in design, holding out in a cliff side that was just next to the ocean - which was currently brewing up a hasty storm. The academy itself had grand reputation, with only accepting those who seemed to be remarkable in their training. And Chosovi was just lucky enough to be accepted. Her family was powerful in being merchants, but they obviously were just that. Not anything like being royal. But her and her family all worked incredibly hard.

    The young 17-year-old girl was named due to her stunning blue eyes that were framed by thick and long eyelashes, Chosovi ( chuh-so-vee ) meaning 'blue bird'. Misae ( mih-say ), meaning 'white sun', was given to her as her middle name due to her unusual white and thick-ish hair that, even when braided, reached her lower back. Even more strangely, only the hair on top of her head was white. Her eyelashes were black, eyebrows dark as well, and the rest of her hair that covered her tanned skin was a light brown. Growing up, she really did become like a human blue bird. She had a strong jawline for a woman, just like her facial features, but they were also feminine and she was gorgeous in that badass, strong, bold, bright kind of way. A set of dimples accompanied her when she smiled her perfectly-white-and-straight-teeth smile.

    As Chosovi entered her history classroom and everybody settled in, she realized that a very specific person was not there. She hid a smirk as she opened her notebook to get ready for the lecture. That damned Wulf. She wondered if he was actually going to pull off cutting class.

    She met Prince Wulfenstien on her first day in the academy. But their friendship only started when lessons were taught and a friendly rivalry was distinguished between the two. Unlike Wulf, Chosovi was one of the happiest to be in the dragon rider academy. She wanted to become a dragon rider with a passion and she would work hard until she got what she wanted. She knew about his royal status - everybody did (( Or at least, I'm assuming? )) - and knew that it was what kept him here after getting in trouble so many times, but it didn't bother her. Use things you got to your advantage, right? The only thing that kind of bothered her was that he didn't even want to be here. But she kept it to herself.

    In the middle of the history lesson, the door was drawn open and in came, whadd'ya know? Wulf. She bit her lower lip to hide a smile, seeing that he was caught by Captain Urro, a trainer that was worn down by war and was quite the aggressive one. When he left and her friend sat down in a seat that was a couple rows away from her, she glanced over to give him a look but left it at that, waiting until the end of the lecture to try and talk to him.
  3. ((You assumed correctly. Everyone knows he's the prince.))

    Wulf dragged his feet as he made his way to his seat. Narrowing his eyes at those snickering at his misfortune. His gaze moved to the one girl fighting the smile on her face. Wulf gave Chosovi a playful sneer, as if saying 'its not funny'. He slumped into his seat win an annoyed sigh, crossing his arms over his chest as he did so. Chosovi's look was returned with a scowl, though it honestly held no weight towards her. Wulf had met the beautiful young woman on her first day at the academy. She was pretty to him but that was where his interest ended. Though he didn't make any attempts to flirt with her, he enjoyed watching the failed attempts of those who did. Truth was he admired her tenacity. She was able to give him pause when sparing and that was enough to earn his respect. Even if he didn't show it.

    The rest of the class was the old teacher calling on Wulf for every answer he asked. Resulting in a very annoyed prince. For him the end of class didn't come soon enough. The old bell tolled signaling the end of class. Wulf was quick to get out as soon as he could but he waited for his friend to exit the class. Pausing by the door until she left the door. He playfully nudged Chosovi's shoulder with his fist as her frowned. "I'm tellin' you Chosovi. I can't even pee with out Captain Urro following me." He drawled as he walked with her.
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    The young Hopi caught the playful sneer and scowl and it only made the corners of her lips twitch even more. It was certainly funny to her. Like Wulf, Chosovi's affections toward him stopped at thinking he was ruggedly handsome. She never thought of him in a more intimate way. They were just friends with mutual respect and Chosovi wouldn't have it any different.

    The history class droned on, the young woman taking notes as best she could without doodling from boredom all over. When the bell finally ringed and signaled class was over, she flipped her notebook closed and put it away in her black backpack, swinging it over one shoulder before making her way out of the classroom. She smiled when she was greeted by Wulf, his complaint making her smirk bit. "It's 'cause you weren't peeing," she said as she eyed him knowingly, a small smile on her face.
  5. Wulf rolled his eyes and scoff as a smirk took over his face when Chosovi replied to him. He moved so that he was in front of her, walking backwards as he spoke to her. "Right!" He said in exclamation as if she came up with an idea. "Next time I'll pee all the way out to the cliffs next time I skip class." He said in his usual cocky tone as he bumped into someone. It was bound to happen with him walking backwards with complete disregard for his surroundings. "Hey! Watch where you're going." Wulf snapped quickly to the innocent boy he nearly toppled over. They boys exchanged scowls and Wulf moved to walk beside Chosovi.

    "Come to the cliffs with me." He demanded of her. "And don't feed me that book worm crap that you have things to read." He said with a drawl in his voice as he tilted his head towards her.
  6. Chosovi rolled her own eyes and smiled at Wulf's response as he walked in front of her. "Yeah, okay," she replied sarcastically before the male bumped into somebody. She paused as the boys scowled and then when they continued on their way, she punched Wulf lightly in the arm. "That wasn't his fault," she said as she chuckled a little bit.

    When the prince demanded her to go to the cliffs, she didn't need that much time to think it over. Yes, she was a book worm and tried her best at the school, but she knew when to take a break and how to have fun. She smiled and nodded before making her way to the cliffs with him, unaware of how fast the storm was reeling in. She figured they had some time to just talk and hang out.
  7. Wulf raised his hands giving her an incredulous look as if to say he was innocent. A tiny conscience in his head told him that she was right. But that voice was quickly squashed and ignored. "You hit like a girl." He said with a playful sneer as he nudged her back. Chosivi had always been that small voice of reason when Wulf was acting up. A trait in her he both hated and liked. Wulf and Chosovi both made their way to the wide open balcony that was the cliffs.

    The cliffs more accurately was the opening to the large cave that led in deeper into the school. Although it was not what one would typically think a cave entrance to look like. No this had structure and architectural ingenuity and design. Square pillars help hold up the wide arching roof and a meager ledge was built to try and stop students from falling over the edge. The cliffs were a wide open place, plenty big enough for a few dragons and their riders to comfortably land and have space to relax. Such was the main function of the place, a calm area to spend time with one's dragon and over look the great sea.

    The sight which was normally filled with awe and beauty, now held the sight of a foreboding storm. Lightening skittered in the distant clouds as the students came to the cliffs edge. The fearless, or daft, prince was quick to swing a leg over the ledge and straddle the stone wall. "Like I was saying, I think Captain Urro is just plain following me now... Wow... Check out that storm..." His voice trailed off as he looked at the black-gray clouds. "Man... That storm better not screw out flight lessons today.." He groaned.
  8. "Ooh hoohoo," she replied lowly, holding her hands up and looking at him with eyes like, 'Really? You want to go there?'

    Once they were at the cliffs, Chosovi instantly missed her dragon. Mysterious bonds connected the dragon and its rider, and when you first came to the academy, you got to choose your dragon. Or, rather, the dragon chose you. But she said nothing of her want as she leaned up against the railing of the cliff, her arms crossing and resting on top of it as she looked out at the horizon. The young woman was about to respond to Wulf about Captain Urro and his ability to sniff out the princes, but her eyes followed the storm as she listened to him speak about it. She bent her body at the hips, her chin resting in her the nook of her crossed arms as she observed all the lightning. Wind was picking up as well.

    "I dunno, Wulf," she replied, keeping her blue eyes to the sea. "It looks bad. And it's coming in pretty fast."
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    Wulf tilted his head as he watched the storm. It was coming quick, that was for sure. Normally this wouldn't alarm the prince, or rather make him look at it so long. Freak gales were common on the seas and the coastal academy and it wasn't uncommon for one to cancel out door plans. But something about this storm seemed, unnatural. Or rather supernatural. The dark cloud rolled towards them like a river that broke free of a damn. Lightening arching, turning the clouds various shades or orange and red. Almost if it were powered by magic. "Have you ever seen a storm like that Chosovi?" Wulf said looking at her.

    The storm had attracted other on lookers. Student and teachers like stopped to watch the storm. It seemed that the clouds barreled right towards the school, with purpose. A chill ran up Wulf's spine and a cold thing grabbed his gut and would not let go. Something was wrong, this was no natural storm. His hands gripped the stone wall tighter as he stared. His eyes shot wide when he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

    Dragons riding in the storm, hundreds of them. An army. A monstrous bellow boomed from the cloud, from a great black dragon. His great black scarred wings disrupting the clouds in his wake. On his back was a rider, a man from what Wulf could tell. In fact all the dragons had riders. The beast bellowed again and it shook Wulf down to his bones, instilling a fear in the boy like he'd never felt. The roar was a battle cry. "Run Chosovi!" Wulf said as he grabbed her arm and ran from the ledge. For some, it was too late. The red hot flame breath of the other dragons spewed forth as they hovered at the cave mouth and set everything ablaze.
  10. (( Yeah, chaos! >:D
    Andd, I have a question! How do dragons act without riders? I'm assuming they just act on their own will, or do they die like in that movie Eragon? .-. Do the riders and dragons feel the same emotions and feelings? ))

    Chosovi watched the storm in amazement, eyes wide as she slowly stood straight. The same feeling her friend was experiencing left a cold pit in her stomach as well, anchoring her at the ledge as she stared at the unnatural storm, lightning making the dark charcoal clouds bright with reds and oranges in certain spots. She shook her head in response to Wulf's question.

    As more people, teachers and students alike, crowded amongst the ledge of the cliff side, something changed in the brewing storm. The Hopi's blue eyes widened even more as she saw a few dragons with riders turning into hundreds. Was that... was that really an army?? She couldn't believe it, backing up a few steps as the dragons and their riders became closer to the academy. She turned with Wulf and ran in the midst of the chaos, dragons roaring hot flames at everything in their path. Where was this army even from?? How did hundreds, possibly even a thousand dragons like this collect in an army without anybody knowing?

    As they ran, she heard the closeness of wings and a deep inhale of what could only be a dragon. She turned around quickly, pushing Wulf to the side, and jumping to the opposite of his direction as a dark blue dragon breathed fire at them. She rolled to break her landing and then looked up to see the dragon's rider look at her with eyes of hatred, a spear coming her way. Blue eyes widened before her mind took over, her hand swiftly coming up to knock the wooden handle just above the pointed knife. It was a precise but dangerously close action, the spear going above her head instead as she curled the back of her hand around the spear, making it turn in a small circle, as she twisted her wrist and grabbed onto the handle. The dragon rider hadn't expected that at all and the spear was easily taken from him as Chosovi pulled back and flipped the spear so the knife part was pointing at him. And then she quickly stabbed him before the rider or his dragon could do anything about it, Chosovi watching as he died, sot pants coming from her.
  11. ((I am so sorry for not reply yesterday when I was reply to everyone else. I some how missed getting a reply to you. D: And yes the dragons can totally act on their own, although they usually have the same intent as their rider. If the rider means to kill, so does the dragon. And I was thinking that this would be like Dragon Heart and something like Eragon yes with the dragons bonded to their rider.))

    Suddenly Wilf was shoved and he tumbled out of harms way. His head jerking back to see a great blue dragon swoop over them. The timely push got them out of the red hot dragons flame. Wulf scurried away quickly, covering his head from the flames as he heard the screams of those not so fortunate to get out of the way. It was chaos, people running everywhere and flames cutting them down. The prince looked back to see Chosovi dealing with a rider whom aimed to kill her. A smirk played on his face for a fleeting moment. His amusement of the riders poor choice in victims only lasted until his name was called.

    "Wulf!" He jerk to see Captain Urro calling to him. Even in combat this man would not leave him out of his sight! The elder captain thrust a sword towards him, the metal scraping the stone floor as it made it's way to his hands. And just in time as well. A green dragon thrust it's head down to snap him in half but a well timed swing of his sword cut the beasts mouth. It bellowed in pain and shook it's head. A moment Wulf did not waste. He leapt on the dragon, knocking the rider off.

    The rider did not expect the boy to jump on his dragon either. The two tussled on the ground a moment before Wulf shoved the sword under the helmet, killing the rider. His dragon bellowed in pain as it too dropped to the ground. He nodded in thanks to the captain before he rush to fight at Chosovi's side. "That guy didn't stand a chance against you." He smirked. But again it only lasted so long. His eyes stared at a tall man, dare he say the same six foot three that his father stood, adorned in ebony armor with held brilliant gold trim. His imposing form like death walking by as his disconcerting laughter mixed with the screams as he slew the children.

    Wulf froze as the man lifted his head and although his face was covered by his dragon like helmet, it seemed as though he were looking right at Wulf. Urro rush to Chosovi and Wulf nudging them both. "You two need to run. I know you want to fight but... No... It-it can't be..." His voice dropped and fear seeped in as he looked at the man in ebony armor was not moving with purpose towards the three of them. "Run! Both of you!" He demanded.
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    Chosovi looked over as she heard Wulf's name being called out, seeing Captain Urro throw him a sword. Then she looked all around her, seeing several of her classmates and teachers screaming and in panic. Many of them were being burned alive. It was almost enough to put the young woman in shock, but she knew she had a duty to protect the academy, herself, and Wulf.

    She looked to the prince as he came to fight by her side. She was about to say the same, but she saw his blue eyes staring at something and her own blue eyes followed their trail.

    A tall man, disguised in ebony armor with gold trim and a dragon-like helmet, seemed to be the man in charge of all of this. It also looked like he was staring at them... or, more likely, at Wulf. Chosovi looked to her friend just as Urro came to their side and tried to rush them to go elsewhere. But then the older man's expression changed into one of fear as he saw the ebony armored man, trying to urge the two kids to run.

    "Wait, Captain, who is that?" Chosovi asked with urgency. The captain seemed to know a lot more than them.
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    "Don't question me just act! Run!" Urro said as he gripped his sword and faced the man in ebony armor, whom was now cutting a bloody path to the two young students. Wulf's heart said to stand his ground and fight, to not back down and face the danger with teeth bared. A trait which was known in the Mcoy blood line. But even Wulf knew there was no sense in standing your ground only to die with out honor or purpose. He gritted his teeth and grabbed Chosovi's hand. "What ever happens, you two, both of you must survive." Urro said as he attacked a enemy rider coming at him.

    Wulf took a few steps back as he looked at the grizzled warrior. "Fine! You're explaining this shit when we get out of this!" The boy bellowed in response. Wulf pulled his friend away and ran to enter the main part of the school. A booming voice however caught his ears. Deep and sinister. "Do not kill the Hopi and the prince! I want them alive." It was the man in the ebony armor commanding his men to capture them. Wulf jerked his head around to see the men nearest them turn and look. He ran faster as several men started to chase them.
  14. (( Yeah, seriously. :/ ))

    Chosovi gritted her teeth, unsatisfied with the captain's answer. But she had never seen the man look so urgent and everything about this situation was definitely wrong, so she let Wulf take her hand and stepped back with him. She wanted to help, wanted to stay and fight off as many riders and dragons as she could but how could she when her gut agreed with Urro and told her to run?

    As the prince began to run, so did the young woman. She dodged a few dragon's flames on the way to the main part of the academy, looking behind her a couple times just to see if they were being followed or not. And then a deep voice caught her ears as well and she looked behind her again, hearing those foreboding words as her eyes caught sight of several men chasing after them.

    "Wulf, our dragons!" she said as she continued running, wondering if their dragons were safe or not. Plus, she didn't know if being inside the school would be safer than outside for any longer because it'd probably crumble to the ground. If they could just get to their dragons...
  15. Wulf ran as fast as he could while not letting Chosovi go. He glanced back at the three men not in hot pursuit of them. His friend said something that made his heart sink. There was only two things that made Wulf sick with fear and worry. One was someone he never spoke about, his twin brother. The other was Syn, his dragon. "Syn! Chosovi we can't leave them!" He said as he looked at her. "We have to get to the rookery. C'mon." He said moving more urgently.

    Wulf knew of a secret passage in the rookery that led out to the sea. Syn had showed it to him when she was still a hatching, when she was little enough to bound through it. As they ran through the halls more and more attacking riders filled the halls. Slaughtering the students and teachers like sick cattle. As he ran by Wulf did his best to swing his sword at any he could, hitting a few and wounding them. Although this only made them target them now.
  16. Chosovi could only give Wulf a look of agreement, her mind worrying and panicking about her own dragon, Jevith. If the army of dragons and dragon riders were here to destroy their school, she hoped to God they didn't somehow get to the rookery through all the mess. Her legs matched the pace at which her companion ran, running faster when he did. But no matter how fast they were moving, it was like everything around them was in slow motion; murderous screams were heard, grunts of fighting, cruel laughter, blood splattering everywhere... it was a horrifying chaos and she felt entirely lost in it, her only anchor being Wulf's hands that was still in hers.

    But the young woman made sure to do as much as she could as well, grabbing a sword from one of the dead people - classmates or enemies, she couldn't tell - and helping strike down enemies from her school's halls. She wished she had her bow and arrows, but they were back in her room which was the opposite direction.

    Once they were close to the rookery, she looked to Wulf a bit worriedly, closed them briefly, then looked straight ahead. She hoped their dragons were safe.
  17. They paused at the rookery, Chosovi looked at Wulf and he returned the worried look. He hoped their dragons were alright but the sounds from the rookery held no comfort. There was a distinct difference between the roar of a young dragon like Jevith and Syn, and adult dragons. Both filled the enormous cavern in which the young dragons slept. Roars that made the prince grip his friends hand tighter. He ran forward with Chosovi in tow, bursting through the doors to the rookery.

    Young dragonlings littered the floor. From adolescent dragons like theirs to younglings. Even hatchlings were dead. The few surviving were attacking the huge black dragon the rider flew in on. It's scales the same dark ebony as the mans armor, speckled gold on the tips of various scales. It's amber eyes burning with the same fire it spew from it's mouth. It's four limbs planted on the ground it flapped it's wings to know away any dragons trying to slash them. But they were little more than an annoyance to the elder beast. It's thick blunt face snapped down and shook a baby dragon violently, killing it. More to his horror was the deep red adolescent dragon fiercely chewing on the elder dragon's back side.

    Syn was a different dragon than the one slaughtering her brothers and sisters. As a canyon dragon she held a small stocky frame, her wings molded into her powerful front limbs and her back legs were designed to grip. Instead of being sleek she was like a horned lizard with deep red spiky scales over her body and deep brown horns coming from her head and back. Her gold eyes locked in rage as she jerked her head from side to side as she bit the haunches of the elder black dragon. "Bite his ass Syn!" Wulf cheered as his dragon did just that. The elder roared in annoyance as he lashed around trying to bite her. But the stocky canyon dragon was quicker than she looked and let go to bite the other limb.
  18. The young woman also heard the different pitched yells between adult and younger dragons and she bit her lower lip. That worried her even more since the school only held dragons aging from hatchlings to young adults. As she and Wulf ran through the rookery's door, they were greeted with the sight of slaughtered dragons, every age dead on the floor or suffering and just about to die. The dragons that were still able were attacking a huge black dragon - the same ebony dragon that was with the man in ebony armor. Chosovi gasped as it bit at a baby and shook it violently until it was obviously dead.

    The entire view, the entire situation, it all made her sick to her stomach. It made her angry. But Wulf's dragon was alive and well - albeit in a dangerous position - and with that, Chosovi looked around to find her own dragon. Jevith was a slender female dragon with a body of sleek white scales and smooth black horns adorning her head. Her tail was a weapon of black spikes along with her black claws. And Chosovi spotted her. But she was laying still on the ground on the farther side of a wall, her lungs swelling up and down with slow breathing and her bright blue eyes barely open.

    The female human breathed in deeply before running from Wulf and his grasp, going straight for her wounded dragon as she dodged the wingspan from the elder dragon.
  19. Wulf was enjoying the sight a little too much of his dragon gnawing on the other back side that he didn't see the white adolescent dragon laying on the ground. His attention snapped back to Chosovi as she ripped herself from his grasp. "Wait!" He said calling after her. Syn followed the elder black dragon as it moved to try and kill her, swinging a wing towards the running girl. Wulf ducked in time too before he was also knocked away.

    The motion attracted the elder dragon, the girl running to her dragon. Despite the young one attacking him he moved quickly to snap the girl in his jaws. Wulf saw the look in it's burning amber eyes and he yelled her name. "Chosovi! Watch out!" He ran fast and managed to intercept the dragon just before it reached his friend, slashing his sword at it's face. The beast bellowed as a little of it's blood spilled. The prince stood between the girl and her dragon and the beast wanting to take their life. Syn darted quickly to stand beside her rider, roaring as ferociously as she could.

    Wulf expected the dragon to try and bite him again but to his horror it raised it's head and started to take a deep breath. His blue eyes widened as it looked down at him. Suddenly that booming voice called from the entrance of the room. "Do not kill them, Kiiwan! They are mine. Especially the boy." It was the man in the ebony armor, he had followed them. Now he strode towards them with cold arrogance as Wulf and Syn backed closer to Chosovi and Jevith. "Chosovi... We need to go... Now." Wulf whispered just loud enough for her to hear him.
  20. Wulf's words went in one ear and out the other, Chosovi focusing on her wounded dragon as Jevith looked at her through the corner of her blue eyes and pawed weakly at the ground. As Chosovi drew nearer, she spotted the tear of Jevith's flesh near her neck and the woman breathed in deeply as she knelt beside her, only to look behind as Wulf yelled for her to watch out and knocked the elder dragon away from snapping at her. Quickly she turned back to Jevith and lifted her heavy neck, stroking her face as the wounded dragon let out a small growl.

    "C'mon Jevith, you can ride this out, c'mon!" the young woman said, pleading mentally as she looked into her dragon's eyes. The beast's pupils dilated into slits and she tried to stand, more willpower in her now that her rider was there. She stumbled and fell back onto her knees as her white wings splayed out and she shook her head.

    "C'mon, Jevith!" Chosovi said again, more urgently this time as she heard the booming voice and Wulf's warning following it. The dragon growled weakly before standing up, mentally trying to give herself encouragement as she wanted to badly get her rider out of the danger they were in. "Wulf, let's go!" Chosovi said just loudly enough for him to hear. Then she quickly hopped on her dragon's back and Jevith turned the ebony man and dragon, hissing and roaring very ferociously and angrily before taking off in flight.
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