Troopers In Armor: Vampire Virus

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    Location: TS Blaine, approximately 113 AE hours from planet Veescher

    Corbin was in the ammo stockhold, using a loading bar for an ammo loader as a pull-up bar.
    "Thirty-one...thirty-two...thirty-th...three" she dropped to the floor, exhausted. She couldn't get to thirty five like she had a few minutes ago, and her shoulders were already sore from that traumatic exercise experience.
    "Hey gurl, you over there flexin them man muscles?" Another special forces soldier said, approaching in full armor.
    "Yeah, Lukas. Why?"
    "I just like to see you getting hot and sweaty. No, in all seriousnes' I gotta get a team down there. We're going in a speed pod early. I don't know where they might be at since I wasn't given a roster"
    "Just check the mess hall- they usually have one of those old digital boards up with squad names"
    With that, her ex-comrade Lukas left the area. Corbin herself made her way to the second mess hall, eager to meet the grunts she would be with. After that, she had a spar to attend to with a Deetrit. That would be fun.
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  2. Leon Paza sat in the mess hall munching away at a Granny Smith apple. He waved companionably at the other soldiers around him before glancing over at the digital board on the wall.

    In pale blue with white font, the board read out the squad rosters and assignments for the day. It seemed he was in the same hint with Corbin Dorazo. He didn't know her very well - Paza was recon, Dorazo special forces - but he had heard of her service record on Gorath.

    "We'll speak the devils name and she appears," Paza muttered, getting up to introduce himself to his newest commanding officer as she walked into the mess.

    He snapped a quick salute. "Leon Paza, reporting for duty, ma'am. I believe I am your scout for this next mission. Pleasure to meet you."
  3. "Good morning lightweight. Not often do I see a man as short as me" she said, bringing her face close to his. Purposely letting him see her eyes- identical to someone who was recently infected.
    From behind her, a few special forces officers started giggling and covering their face, trying not to give anything away. They liked to see the new people squirm or freak out.
  4. Paza only smiled crookedly as Dorazo came in close. He was usually the shortest and leanest in any unit he was assigned to, but that never stopped him from holding his own. A recon scout who was easy to intimidate didn't survive long scouting ahead and alone of his companions.

    "From what I've heard about the Special Forces, the height requirement matters a lot less than what's in here." Paza tapped his heart with a closed fist. "You want to keep your unit alive, send me ahead of it and consider it done. That's how I roll, Commander."

    He didn't turn away from her steely gaze and it gave him an opportunity to study her eyes. Eyes that weren't entirely human. He stiffed visibly, but didn't back away. "Do you know what our objective is, Commander?" Plaza asked, hoping to hide his discomfort.
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  5. "Kill all infected. One spit at me in the study room this morning, ugly bastards" she said, just as calmly. She was still staying to get under his skin a little.
    "You're right, special forces is about what makes you special. Gotta have the head, the heart...and the grit" she said, gently smacking her biceps which were still gently flexed from the pull-ups and chin-ups she had performed moments ago.
    Suddenly, she grabbed her head...acting as if she was light headed
    "I ugh.., don't feel so good..." she said, stumbling slightly. Though it was all a fa├žade, as she was actually perfectly fine.
  6. Paza reflexively pulled out his sidearm, pointing he barrel at Dorazo's head. The action took less than a quarter second, his hands moving like lightning and as steady as a mountainside.

    He touched the barrel to the skin of her forehead. "So you are infected. I can call the medic to take you down to the infirmary, or the brig." His tone was strangely cheerful, helpful in fact, even with a gun to someone's head.
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  7. With an animalistic growl, Brahl pummeled his way through the mess hall doors, causing them to slam against the walls they were hinged to with incredible force. Bits of paint and concrete exploded outwards upon impact, scattering across the floor. Jaws curving into something akin to a smile, the large Deetrit strode directly up to Corbin and Leon. Not phased in the slightest by the drawn weapon, Brahl gripped Paza's arm with a massive hand, causing the scout to lower it. The translation device on Brahl's collar then glowed, responding to the strange clicks and rumbles that proceeded out of his maw.

    "So Corbin, how about that sparring session?" The large aliens eyes narrowed playfully. He was obviously oblivious to the conversation that had been transpiring between the two.
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  8. She smiled.
    "I was bit and infected- six years ago. You aren't as fun as others. Some of them I have to bite at, but some actually scream. My boys over there were waiting for a good launch, weren't you!? Stupid ass potato heads. That's our rations. We get potatoes and a slap of might as well be raw meat from a Deetrit dish" she said, brushing the barrel out of her face and greeting the Deetrit. The special forces soldiers shrugged, one looking at Paza. "You acted like you're supposed to by the book- nice reaction and good to keep yourself together. Not too good for a joke. And don't worry, she's fine. She's mildly resistant to the infection because she has a weak strain in her. She's tough as nails and doesn't back down, even when she should. That being said...she's a little brutal. Don't get on her bad side"
    "Good to see you. You know your on my roster right? Didn't know you were the one I'd be sparring with. You're much scarier than the D's I've sparred with before. But hey, if you can fight I don't care. The ring is over there, end of that corridor on the left across from the third mess hall. As for you, my lightweight friend, if you see more of my squad let them know they are free to watch me and the big guy here fight a little!"
  9. The scout slipped his sidearm into its thigh rig with a single smooth motion, never taking his eyes off either his commander or her very large sparring partner. "Seems I passed your little test, then," he said under his breath. He walked with them toward the sparring ring.

    Her large sparring companion was notably different in appearance to the typical Deerit that he had met in the past and Dorazo seemed to have a reckless head on her shoulders herself.

    Paza smirked. This sparring match would be informative. Likely the upcoming mission would be equally entertaining.
  10. Ustaga arrived rather late to the mess hall. She had wanted to do a little exploring before she arrived, to get to know her surroundings more. She didn't quite know what her mission was though. The soldier who assigned her the mission had spoken far too quick for Ustaga to catch any of what she was supposed to do. But it didn't bother her much. She figured someone would spot her and recuit her for whatever she signed up to do.

    She arrived at the big gaping hole where the mess hall doors were supposed to be, tilting her head in confusion, her narrow eyes blinking a few times. Do they not have doors here?

    Upon further inspection she saw the bits of concrete lying on the ground that were most likely the doors. Wonderful, she was going to be working with savages. She strode in quickly, her head held high, her eyes straight ahead, looking quite confident. Except she was anything but. She felt like a nervous wreck. She didn't want anyone to know how anxious the newbie was.

    She sat down on a seat near the wall at the back of the mess hall, the perfect place to observe everyone while not worrying about anyone watching herself. Her legs were crossed and her hands were neatly folded on top of them.
  11. Roy had found his way into the mess hall as well, though he wasn't particularly eating. A cigarette burning away between his two fingers, the human was simply drinking a cup of coffee along with reading a newspaper. It was dated a couple of days older, but it wasn't often that soldiers got such niceties and whatnot. He had always been pleased when he got such articles of information, knowing what was going on in the world around him was always nice.

    His sniper was positioned on his back, the strap of which was holding it from across his upper-torso. The seat at the table he was sitting at wasn't particularly comfortable, but beggers certainly couldn't be choosers there. That long, platinum-blonde hair of his was pushed back into a short ponytail. Well, as much of it as he could; some strands were too short and couldn't be pushed back.

    Bringing the smoking apparatus to his lips, he took a drag from the filter and exhaled a decent amount of smoke, which billowed from his nostrils as he blew it out of his mouth. When some of the others rose up to their feet, Roy hadn't been so quick to do so. Instead, he took his time getting to his feet, and simply stood at attention without saying anything. There was only a smirk across his face.
  12. A series of throaty gurgles spilled out of Brahl. His translator made a human chuckling sound, informing the others that he was laughing. "Of course I knew I was on your roster, Corbin. I replaced the idiot that they had originally assigned." Brahl cracked his knuckles, massive hands popping loudly. "With no small amount of persuasion." Rolling his shoulders and head, the Deetrit slapped Corbin in the back. "I'll be in the ring."

    Feet pounding the ground heavily as he walked, Brahl strode off to the sparring room. His hulking form disappeared down the corridor.
  13. Zersephine never took her helmet off, it had belonged to her brother, the only one she had known to be alive until a few years ago. She was calm and quiet, nobody messed with her, the armor she wore intimidated most everyone away from her, probably because of the razor sharp fin-like blades attached to the arms of the armor. Zersephine just stared at the food she had taken, to eat she'd have to take her helmet off or at least lift it a little. With a sigh Zersephine takes off her helmet and sets it close to her side her big empty looking eyes watching the whole mess going on in the hall. She said nothing, just watched, quietly until a human pulled a weapon on Corbin which caused the Zerath's arm to twitch like she was about to throw one of those fins at the intruder, but she's made to stop by the arrival of a Deetrit and sighs silently. Not bothering anymore she goes to eating her food slowly with her three fingered hand.

    She was a soldier but held no interest in watching her new comrades spar; yes in the few seconds she had been looking up she had noticed that her name was also on the list with Corbin. It seemed she had been deemed necessary for whatever they had to do. Eventually when she does finish eating she puts her helmet back on, not even giving anyone a chance to really look closely at the Zerath before she got up and followed the pair into the sparring area, she had also grabbed a newbie to take her along to the sparring area. Through the holes in her helmet she watched making a comment at the new person that she had pulled along behind her. "Don't hide your nervousness. Be calm. That is your most logical option. My name is Zersephine the Bright One, and who are you new girl?"
  14. "Hey! Slick with the bitch ass hair. No smoking in my unit. If you aren't in my unit I don't give a damn. Makes my bad side come out. Now, little miss proper Vargoth over there...I'm assuming you know where to go to find our unit yes? This did functional group of retards are under my command. I'm Durazo, feel free to see if I own you or not on that board in the back of the room" her back reciprocated the 'pat' and she lurched forward. With surprising eagerness she followed him, actually looking forward to a slight brawl to loosen her up a little. She figured she's meet her team afterwards, and before leaving she set a clock. In an hour, her team was to report to her personal room (room #4,654 B) for a debriefing.
  15. Plaza noticed that the mess was getting increasingly fill. He glanced again at the digital board and approached the newcomers wi a cheerful smile. "Zersephine, Ustaga, and Roy Algonquin, right? Leon Paza. I'm the scout for our unit. I see you heard our fearless leader, Corbin Dovazo. Her large sparring partner is Bhral, according to the board. The Commander's a little on the gruff side, isn't she? Any of you know what this missions about? The commander was a little vague on the details."
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  16. A special forces soldier from a table of only special forces, chimed in to Paza.
    "We all have our different missions. Not to undermine her, but she probably doesn't even know. We got ours, but it's classified...odds are she, again, doesn't have it yet...or she does and she won't tell you all the whole story. It's our jobs to keep the little guys on a need to know basis so that the big guys don't shit on our record and paychecks"
  17. Ustaga's eyes had gazed back and forth around the mess hall, watching as people talked and ate. Her eyes darted from person to person, wondering who was going to be in her unit.

    Then she felt someone pull her up. A Zerath had spoken to her. She introduced herself, "Ustaga." Her tone was controlled, not too anxious. "Ustaga N'dinguso. You must have already figured out I'm new. I stick out like a sore thumb, don't I?"

    Her head snapped around, looking this way and that, while she was being pulled along by Zersephine. "Where exactly are you taking me?"
  18. People in the hallway scattered hurriedly to the side as the Deetrit passed, looking at him with mixtures of terror and disgust. Brahl growled. He noticed this of course. In fact, he was used to it by now. After all, ever since he had officially been given active duty status, his fellow associates had taken much pleasure in treating him like some stupid behemoth. Yet, lo and behold, he had proven himself to be one of the most valuable assets available in special forces. So they could all go to hell.

    Stripping quickly out of his hunter armor, the Deetrit clothed himself in standard issue sparring gear. Slamming his fists together with a loud boom, Brahl shook his body loosely, warming up.
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  19. Corbin followed into the ring in her 'casual wear'.
    "Try not to break me- it's a spar, no a fight" She said, doing "loose" hops that let her shake her arms about.
    She began a mineral countdown as an officer came up between them.
    "One....two....GOOOO!" he shouted, before jumping backwards out of the way of the soon to be "match"
  20. Holding up his fists, Brahl smiled. Well, at least he tried to. "I know that. We're just lettin' off steam and havin' a little fun."


    With startling quickness, the Deetrit's fist hurtled towards Corbin's mid section. Though it looked like it would be a heavy hit, Brahl eased up on it, not intending to do any real damage.
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