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"There are no challenges when you are facing death. There is no secret path you must take to avoid being killed, or killing without the intent. When there is an upcoming danger, staring you blatantly in the eyes, there are no ifs, ands, or buts. You do what you have to do, when you have to do it. It's a simple kill or be killed tactic, really. If you were being chased by something viscous and sinister...something that was out to destroy you, wouldn't you react? Wouldn't you fight to save the pathetic excuse for a life just to live a little bit longer, and then die eventually?"

"You're right. We are put on this world to die. Maybe that is not a straight purpose of why the cardiac muscle pumps blood through these veins, but you can't deny that it is the inevitable. We are all going to die eventually. That's what makes a human a human. The fucked up part is that the first 2-4 years of our toddler years, we don't understand shit that's going on, but we learn. You think I remember when my mother tried to feed me dried mangoes from a can on an early Tuesday morning? Hell no. I don't reminisce on shit I know nothing about. Once you hit 5, that's when the memories come in. If you think about it, 4 years of our lives were a mystery to ourselves, but we lived it and that's all that mattered."

"Now you're expecting to live for years on end. Who the hell promised that? My ex girlfriend got hit by a bus for not looking both ways before crossing the street to get to the whore house she was going to every Thursday night. No one promised her forever, and now look at her. Six feet underground. She died a short life, as a whore."

"That's what makes me think...if I could choose a way to die, it'd be the way I want to die. If I wanted to be scorched alive going to take the trash out one day, then so help me, I would continually throw myself into those situations. It'll make the percentage of that happening sky rocket, wouldn't it? I know that I don't have a choice whether I live or die or not. But I sure as hell have a choice on how I'm NOT going to die. And if you're listening to this, then I'm obviously still alive, because there is no way in hell that I will die by these things."

"Kai out."

Kai Russo rubbed the top of his pale and bald head with a chiseled hand while the other fumbled with the tiny recorder he held in his other hand. He eventually discovered the grey button that spelled STP engraved onto a button that was next to the red button, which meant record. He pressed it once and the click that answered in return was the only sound that cracked through the building he was crouched in. The sound was loud enough to let Kai listen to the distance and width of the building he was in, determining the information by the echo. The echo didn't help tell him how to get the hell out of there though.


It was hard to remember whether it was broad daylight or pitch black out there. He fought hard to remember what time of day it was before he fell into the roof of his new "home." No answer came to him though. The time of day, even the day, wasn't a necessity anymore. Who gives a damn about what day it was? Kai had that mindset still taped into his head. The 5'11 man made his way across a broken piled of fiber glass, wood, and some other debris that was littered around him. Foot after foot stepped over the rubble carefully, trying to make as less noise as they possibly could. He only wished to reach over to his precious rifle.

There was a polished glint on the end of the extended barrel and Kai made a mental note that it was indeed daylight out there. That meant that they were on the move. Those bastards attacked during the day. Who does some shit like that!?​

The three melodious blast filled the polluted air of Aldon. The blast weren't paced or terribly loud. They're origin:a shiny silver pistol with an unknown name. Their holder: the girl with the fire hair and forest eyes. Their destination: A corpse.

"Damn you! Whoever you were as a human must have been a real ass hole to do something crazy like that!!"every word she said was followed with a cracking shot from her pistol onto the dead body of the infected human male. The male may have been somewhere around his 30's or 40's -it was hard for her to tell with him being maimed and dismembered and whatnot-, but Tara was sure her guess was accurate.

The man was around 6 feet, dark skinned, and balding. Not that 'thinning' kind of balding. The kind where it seems that the forehead turned into something more like a 'six head'. The man wore a ruffled pin-striped shirt and black slacks. The natural wear for a referee. Tara's face was a collage of expressions. As a physical therapist, killing a referee was not a good thing. Would it be a good thing to kill a fellow sports lover?

Another shot resonated from the barrel of her pistol and into the back of the already dead ref's neck.

She walked slowly and quietly up the old stairs, continuing until she was on the third floor of the building. Kicking a door open, she stepped into an abandoned room. Dust was everywhere, along with cobwebs. She didn't care though, she wasn't there on tour, she was on a mission. Not an actual mission, a mission assigned by herself.

There it was.

She picked up the old copy of Shakespeare's "Hamlet". She'd heard she could find it here, and there it was. Covered in dust with an old, torn cover, but there it was.

She shoved it into her back pack and stepped onto the room's balcony.

"Three stories..." she muttered to herself. It wasn't THAT far. She would make it. There was an infected person down there. "I can do this," she told herself.

And thus, Akira jumped. Landing right on the infected, it broke her fall. She didn't hesitate.
She pulled out her assault rifle and blasted the infected female.

Wiping her hands, Akira walked off.

Location:Abandoned Marines facility

Mission:Search and Destroy

Mood:.....not good

weapons:classified assault rifle,three frags,and two desert eagles

equipment/gadgets:Class 5 combat suit,equipped with active camouflage,high accuracy visor,HUD UAV system,and tactical vision.

situation: One mean S.O.B

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"How do i get myself into this shit?!!"

He looks around the armory from top to bottom,keeping his eyes open for infected.He spots over a hundred infected in the mess hall,"One hundred to one...Then the odds are even." Archer activates his cloaking system to move across the room undetected and works his way into position for an all out assault. "Tactical vision engage",he crouched behind a turned over table let his vision form out a plan.

room shaping:square

number of floors: two

first floor hostiles:85

second floor hostiles:15

best access point: second floor

preferred weapon use: assault rifle

"Alright Archer...bust and clear."

Slowly making his way to the upper level he finds an infected puking and sitting in the way of his objective.He waits patiently for three minutes,then unsheathes his combat knife.He mumbles to himself "C'mon you bastard MOVE!",when he realizes the beast is stubborn he drives his knife in the thing's neck and hides the body.

"Dumb ass"

Finally at his destination,he clears the other enemies on the top floor,then sets his plan into action.Scouting the room,Archer holds a frag in one hand and keeps his rifle ready for action.Suddenly an infected male charges him,quickly Archer flips the man over the railing and onto another infected.Exposed to the enemy he screams "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU," then opens fire as they climb their way towards him.An infected flanks him from the right,and Archer drives the grenade down it's throat and kicks him in to crowed of them.

enemies eliminated:35-42

After one clip of his rifle was used he switched to his two eagles and showed no mercy.He aimed at the left and right with both weapons and relentlessly opened fire."That the best you got?" He ran up the body of one infected and tossed a grenade in the middle of the crowed.He grabbed onto a table and hid behind it to protect himself from the blood and entrails soon to be all over the room."3..2..1..." A loud explosion filled the room and spilled guts everywhere.

enemies eliminated:58
mission: completed

"Perfect and they didn't even touch me." as he walks his way to the exit, a dismembered arm falls from the sky and slaps him on the top of his helmet,causing him to trip over and fall on his back.


Peace came much in the same way bullets left his gun.

Short bursts.

Every once in a while, his continued existence in this city was graced with a gift which inspired him to continue fighting for survival. Some days it came in the form of a new ally. Sometimes a new gun. On rare occassions he would come across an old record which would work with the even older record player he had scavenged. Even rarer. . . were those times when he came across a fellow survivor that was a female. One who was good enough with guns to have survived and possibly even shared a few of his interests. When that happened the nights were no longer lonely and hope returned. But sometimes they left him without a word or even worse. . . without any ammo or a weapon. Mistrust had taken the place of any idle lust which made him easy prey in the early days. Now, even when he rescued someone from death they were not trusted.

Still, it had been at least a month since he'd seen a woman who met his standards.

Therefore Isaac was in no hurry to leave the abandoned apartment building he had been systematically cleaning out for the past week. How many floors was he up to now? Feet propped up on an old wooden table as he leaned back in a dusty executive style leather chair, he glanced over at the wall. Somewhere in the teens from what he had written down on a piece of paper which hung by means of a thumb tac. Sitting so comfortably on the eighteenth floor was proof enough. It was tedious work but it came with a rewarding sense of accomplishment. Especially when there were enough ammo caches stored around in a two-block radius to help him with such an endeavor. But those were starting to run just a bit thin. Even so. . . if he could clear out the building. . . he could start charging other survivors for rent. Of course that whole scheme depended on them not just shooting him on the spot.

Ruthlessness had spread amongst humanity just as rapidly as the infected.

Adjusting his royal blue hat back on top of his ebony hair, the man who looked like a figure from the past stood up. Grabbing the gun he had propped up against the partially destroyed wall made the ex-soldier feel whole again. A heavy assault rifle complete with a grenade launching sub-barrel. Gunfire sounded from just across the street, specifically the kind he easily recognized as belonging to an assault rifle which lead to a curious peek out the window. Looking down he spotted some woman survive a three story drop.

"Quite the feat there, Miss!!!"
She turned, startled at the sound of a voice. Looking up, she saw a man in a window. "Thank you!" she called back. Now what? she thought. She'd found another survivor, someone to communicate with who wouldn't end up with a bullet in their skull. (For Akira spoke to the infected she was about to kill sometimes).

Suddenly unsure, she stood there for a couple of seconds, weighing options. She could:

A) Wave and walk away.
B) Try to establish a stable-alliance.

Akira put a hand through her hair while thinking.
There's a old venue that used to be a nice walk in the old day, but now it's full with the infected and only a fool would talk a walk there.
That full name is Hades, He walks in the venue to an ice cream shop, that is now abandoned, he walks calmly and the infected soon notice him and gather around.
Hades opens the freezer. "Good it still works, most of this haven't yet expired..."
Then one of the infected runs towards him with evil intenctions.
Hades quickly draws his shotgun and hits it on the head with the barrels causing it to step back, while Hades picks his fav ice cream, opens it and starts eating.
His left hand hold his shotgun while he walks out, the infeceted who attacked him recover his balance and roars, then, all the infected around him charge...
Kai Russo had turned into a statue.

He was now an immobile rock of solace. The stature he took form of was a sniping position. His hand tucked dutifully on the trigger while the elongated weapon was aimed out of a small gnarled hole on the wall above him. He was a good distance away from the wall. There had to be some precautions he had to take if he was aiming to shoot any of the infected down. The last thing he wanted was to mess around and shoot something like a stray car or a propane tank. That would cause a riot.

In all honesty, a riot would have been glorious around that time. Kai was knelt in the same position for over an hour. An hour that Kai had formed himself, due to the fact that he could not successfully keep up with the gradual pace of time no longer. In short, the man was becoming extremely reckless. It was almost noon and there was no sign of any of those humanoid ass holes.

"Unless they've already been eliminated."he said in a whisper. The monk rubbed his balding head again. Disappointment arrived whenever he began talking aloud, knowing that no one in a mile's radius was around him. What he wouldn't give to meet a survivor. It wasn't even a matter if he and the survivor fought to the death over a scrap of food; as long as he was talking to someone with a conscious, anything would be good.

Aiming to kill was not the only reason he had turned into a sniper statue. He had to be on the look out for any potential survivors in all of the rubble of the town. Trapping himself in a building was the first mistake of his Survivor Search Operation. The second was actually dwelling in the place for days on end. The best possible choice was for him to trudge through the city, kill a few infected here and there, find some sort of necessary supplies he needed to elongate his survival time, and lastly, to find a survivor. So far, none of those were completed.


Kai immediately snapped from his reverie and aimed the sniper approximately 65 yards away from his current standing to accompany for the travel of sound. The gunshots resonated in the building and bounced off the walls. Kai made up for the time it took sound to travel and the distance in which the echos had reached his ears. That only meant that the gunshots had come from outside, in a non-closed area. Someone else was out there. Someone alive.

The man placed a single sweaty eyes against the scope of the rifle, which had now since gathered with collected dust from the roof of the building.

"Please be a survivor. Or not, I really don't care. I just want to shoot something."he said to himself in a hushed whisper.​
When the mystery woman replied with a thank you instead of gunfire, Isaac returned the kindness with a playful salute before stepping away from the window. If they wanted to come see him they would in time. No need to act hostile. Letting them make the first move allowed for mistakes. Those were something he had become quite adept at capitalizing on whether made by the infected or fellow survivors. Just in case the woman did choose to enter the apartment building she would find it fortified quite well. After all, what was the point of clearing out the infected if he just left it open for more of them to invade?

Opening up a long since unpowered refridgerator inside the apartment's kitchenette revealed ten small military issue ammo boxes. Systematically he picked up each one before placing it on the counter to peek inside. It was time for an ammo count before he went out to do anything today. Every box held one-hundred rounds when filled up to capacity. Right now six of the boxes were completely empty while another was about half full and the remaining three were entirely full. Moving on to the freezer section of the rusty refridgrrator, Swink looked through his grenade collection. Those were far less plentiful than the bullets since it took a special type of grenade to work in the sub-barrel. Only ten of those remained. Soon he would have to try tracking down a military warehouse of some sort. Even an abandoned supply convoy vehicle would suffice.

All that mattered was that it fit the gun.

Suddenly a short laugh escaped him as an amusing thought entered his brain. Isaac could still remember video games where the player could just randomly stumble upon ammo or health somewhere. Perhaps that was what initially made him start building up these mini-stockpiles hidden across the city. Well, it was that and the fact carrying too much at once would slow him down. Plus it was never wise to put all your eggs in one basket. Just then another thought occurred to him. Grabbing half of his grenades from the freezer, Isaac went out into the hallway and started wandering the building just a bit.

Eventually. . . he had hidden all five grenades throughout the next floor down in the course of a few minutes.
She chewed the tip of her thumb as she thought, eventually she tore a sliver of skin. "Ow..." she whispered, sticking her hand into her pocket. She weighed the pros and cons.

Pro- he was a survivor
Con- what if he was a psycho?
Pro- she hadn't communicated with another survivor for days, weeks, months even
Con- He could be one of those weird survivors who had a twisted mind (in other words "a psycho"

The list went on and on...

What got Akira the most was the fact that she hadn't talked to anyone in who knew how long. Slowly, she walked towards the building, still thinking, but mostly about how nice it would be nice to communicate.

Akira stopped just outside the building and stared up at it. She didn't want to barge in, so she decided she'd stand there 'til the man noticed her. She pulled out Hamlet and flipped through the pages as she stood there.
Coincidentally, the referee was now pronounced, by Tara, to be dead. The irritated side of hers wished to kick it around and mangle the body even more than it already was. At this point, it wasn't like it would retort or anything! The thing was nothing more than a pile of bones and other entrails placed together. Pff...fine with me. At least the damned thing is dead. Just like the rest would be once I find them. There was a familiar click clack shhick! soound that followed when she reloaded her pistol. The reloading was caused by a nearby noise of some sort. She tried contimplating whether to jump out with her pistol bursting or survey the area first.

No. It might be someone innocent. Tara kept that possibility in mind. The alley she was in wasn't very spacious and wide. It was one of those closed off alleys you passed up after you exit a coffee shop. A bout a medium length with a tron metal gate at the end, leading off to who knows where. She was reminded of those crazed movie scenes where the escape artist vaulted across one of those gates like cake. The possibility of her being able to do it was too good to pass up. The odds of her falling and shattering her scapular and femur was inclement enough, but that noise got her spine shivering.

Her hushed inhales and exhales gave away her position, believe it or not. Tara had barely enough to to survey the area when WHAM! A middle aged woman swinging a pursed jumped from a staggered ladder above her head. The dumb ass had missed Tara by mere feet, but the action still spiked Tara's adrenaline! The infected woman's abrupt appearance in Tara's direction wasn't enough to terrorize her. The woman had some how survived the drop from that height. It was miraculous...but only temporary. Tara had only just aimed her pistol at the woman's back when a rumbling was detected from somewhere above her. The green eyed woman peered upwards to find infected. A lot...of infected.

Her green eyes doubled quickly. Had she had the confidence she had before, Tara would've replied at the sight with a curt remark. The only reply they got from her this time, was a high-pitched shriek. In a flash, the woman took off down the alley, screaming from deep within her lungs while the infected dropped like water from the rooftops.
After a while, Isaac got curious enough to poke his head out a different window and saw that the mystery woman was still there. In fact she was just sitting on the steps reading a book. Now that took a lot of guts or a serious lack of brains. Yet taking into consideration the feat Akira pulled off earlier. . . the lady couldn't have been too dumb. Should he let her in? It seemed like the humane thing to do considering the times. Plus letting her just sit out there for too long would only attract the infected.

So he took the stairs.

Flights upon flights of stairs later Swink arrived on the first floor and strode toward the entrance where Akira waited. Assault riftle in one hand and ready to fire the bullets his heavy variant was capable of. . . strategically placed steel beams were moved out of the way. Each one had rungs it rested on to keep the door closed and weighed around twenty-five pounds each. This way, even if the door were broke those steel beams could buy time until the entire frame gave way. Isaac was not trying to be silent in his endeavor either, allowing the woman to fully realize his presence. Akira had been reading a book this whole time and just might have gotten absorbed into it. No accidental shots needed to be fired just because someone had gotten jumpy.

"Well hello there Miss."
"Well hello there Miss." she heard someone say. She put her finger down on the line she'd been reading and turned. The man stood there in the doorway to the building.

"Uh...hi," she began, not really knowing what else to say. She should've planned that out. Oh well, she thought. She stood and nodded to the stranger. "I'm Akira. As you may know there aren't many survivors and..." she paused for a moment wondering what to say then. Finally she said, "And I thought it might be nice to talk to someone." She smiled nervously, knowing she must've sounded strange.
Exiting the building,he heard someone screaming two blocks away."Really?A survivor?" he walked inside and reached fora Barrett 50cal."this better be good." He cloaked himself and stood in front of the direction the screaming came from,behind him was a building with a fire escape and lowered ladders. Hmm...that could be useful.He climbed to the second set of stairs on the escape and heard the scream get louder behind him.The man turned and aimed the rifle down towards the alley and saw a red haired woman running from a hoard of infected. Holy crap lady.

He used the tactical-vision in his helmet to measure the shot carefully,to make sure he doesn't hit her by accident.He quickly started to lose patience when one of the infected reached out and pulled the woman's hair.He forgot about being quiet and stood up,uncloaking himself and yelled at the top of his lungs,Get down!!!!.He jumped in front the alley and shot once.The woman dived and rolled behind him,watching Archer shoot rapidly into the crowed.

After clearing most of the hoard,he was jumped by two remaining infected.He plunged his knife into the eye socket of one,but was pinned down by the other.He lost his Barrett struggling with an over muscled corpse.The muscled brute started to strangle him,then the woman jumped on the things back and took Archer's knife.The woman covered the thing's eyes and stabbed it's throat repeatably.She leaped off the man kicking it aside.Archer and the woman drew their pistols and loaded their entire clips into the creature.

"Thanks."Panting from the struggle,they both looked at each other with a sharp look.He studied the woman and knew everything,from skill to intelligence. From how she dressed he could tell,she usually works alone,what interested him was how she looked more experienced but ran from the hoard.Waiting for her to say something,he picked up his Barrett and asked for his knife back.The woman,still not replying,gave him his knife and crossed her arms.Impatient with he attitude, he just asked the question most on his mind,without hesitation or regret. "Whats your Name?"
A slight smile came to his face at hearing her words.

"Humans are social people, Akira."

Replying with little hesitation, it seemed he had not forgotten the ways of communicating with another human being as readily as som of the other survivors he had encountered in the past. Then again perhaps it helped that one of the records he possessed had been an instructional one regarding social phobias. Something leftover from the 1950's when they had made their own solution to everything so that everyone either fit in or was ostracized for being different.

"Come inside, before you start attracting the infected to my doorstep."

Once she was inside, if she decided to join him, the steel beams to fortify the door were put right back into place. However if she changed her mind well. . . then Isaac would just step back inside and re-fortify the door anyway. But if she decided to join him her first impression of the building would have been dust and darkness. All the windows on the first few floors were heavily boarded up and had some sort of furniture up against them as well. If they wanted to converse in sunlight she would have to go a bit further up than the fifth floor. Oh yes, the ex-soldier was taking no chances on hether or not the infected could somehow figure out fire escapes, even after the ladders had been pulled up weeks ago. Then again being in the dark with the first woman he'd seen in a while wouldn't be such a bad situation either. . .

Kai loved the familiar sound of a bullet leaving the chamber of his rifle. It was a melodious gust of wind that tore through the air like a knife into a cake. Easily detected by any range and definitely very deadly if the cross hair was somewhere on one's body. It was a good thing that the sniper was strategically placed inside the confines of the derelict building. Safety may not have been the best adjective for him to use. There were metal beams that supported the ceiling and they were swaying. Swaying metal support beams were only problem one in the building. Problems two, three, and four were as follows:

2.)All of Kai's scavenged supplies were scattered around him in a neat pile of mush. If something were to happen to the building, let's say, a collapsing collision of rubble, there would not be enough movement for Kai to support himself and his weapon in the allotted time.

3.)He knew that there was a survivor out there and by the scream, he assumed it to be a woman. That only made things worse. Kai was horrible with women.

4.) After the monk grasped his opportunity to rescue the damsel by planting a bullet into the back of the infected woman's cranium...he only had time to find more of them rushing towards her. And she...was rushing to the building.

Kai was royally fucked. If that ambush made it to his destination, he couldn't defend himself in the right manor. Of course, he felt the need to save the damsel, but then again, women have always cause him problems. Kai swore under his breath and tried to navigate his way around the bend that the sniper rifle lay on. In a quick snap, Kai pressed the record button again and shoved the device to his lips.

" a crazy lady, attracting infected and is running straight into this building. I can't stop her in time so what ever i said about being alive before, I take it back. We're all dead. Everybody is dead. Get the hell out why you still can!" he wheezed and he tossed the small device into his khaki pants. If someone were to frisk his corpse, they would find this and the logs he entered in before he went. That time was coming soon because the screams only got louder and closer. Kai made his way to the window over empty water bottles and boxes to peer from the gnarl in the wall.

Unbelievable he saw the actions of a man protecting the woman with some serious problems. The man was a juggernaut of shells and he seemed healthy enough to also be classified as a survivor. Two in one day was a feat to the monk. He waited until the ordeal was over before he made any moves to call out to them. Kai pressed his lips together and a sweet shrill whistle resonated from his mouth. When the two of them turned to the source of the sound, he was sure he grabbed their attention.​
This guy was cool, she could tell already that they'd be able to have some good conversations. Before going in, Akira looked around. Finally, Akira stepped into the building, while the man shut the door up, she looked around. It was dark, but she didn't mind. She liked being in the darkness, unless she was reading.

"Are there any lights?" she asked quietly, still looking around. That wasn't the most important thing though. Akira would have plenty questions about the security of the place.

"There are no infected in here right? How easily would they be able to get in? If they get in are there any back-up escapes?" she began. She turned to face the man, though she could hardly see him in the darkness. "What's your name?" Hopefully she wouldn't annoy him with so many questions, so Akira decided that those would be enough for the time being. They were the most important ones, she had no other concerns.

Well...there was another one. She was awfully hungry, hopefully the man would have food. Being Akira, her priorities were to collect as many books as she could. Then came collecting bullets and guns. Finding food was one of the last things on her mind

She wouldn't ask about that yet though. Akira didn't like to sound like a moocher. No, as a matter of fact, she'd wait for him to offer her something.
Looking at her through the darkness of the room, he tried to size up whether or not this would be yet another traitor that would end up with a bullet in their brain. Or in the case of one of his lover's spats. . . the girl ended up tossed out the window and left in the alleyway with broken bones. Slow death for someone who had left him with a broken heart. After all, women weren't the only ones who could be scorned. Luckily for Akira the ex-soldier seemed to like her so far. One of the things he noticed was the fact she had yet to call him out on his antiquated fashion sense.

He answered the most important question first and the first question second. After all he wasn't obligated to any particular order. Besides another survivor would probably appreciate his priorities.

"Most of the infected in here have been wiped out by yours truly. But there still might be a few on the highest floors or the roof. I've been going at it systematically for a while now. . . trying to be thorough but efficient. Even so I've got what's been cleared out secured pretty tight."

There was a pause as he led her back toward the stairwell. Given the lack of visibility he actually held her hand until they reached the first flight. But it wasn't in the way boyfriend and girlfriend would hold hands. Just an attempt to be helpful in avoiding holes in the floor leftover from previous battles this place had seen. Isaac didn't want to patch anyone up if it was avoidable. One of the things he was severely lacking in were medical supplies. Most of what he had were improvised from something else entirely.

"There probably used to be lights. I found a back up generator down in the basement. But the fuel's all gone. And unless someone fixed the power grid recently. . . I doubt the building has any power."

Swink didn't answer her at all when it came to the back-up escapes or any real useful defensive information. Certainly didn't mention whee any of his ammo caches were hidden. Trust was required for that kind of information. Unless she wanted to snoop around for herself to explore the apartment building.

"My name's Isaac. What about you?"
Akira looked up, as if trying to see through all of the floors of the building. She didn't like the infected, they made her jittery. She walked with him holding his hand casually.

"If there are any windows that aren't boarded up, I could read using that light," she said out-loud. She wondered why one man would live alone in such a big building. Akira would've liked to ask him if he got lonely, but decided she wouldn't. Instead she said, "If there are any infected in the higher floors, I'd gladly help you clean them out." She smiled a little.

"Nice to meet you Isaac, I'm Akira."
Eventually they reached the sixth floor, where the windows were not boarded up as heavily. One of the reasons for this was the simple fact he had started to run out of spare boards that were sturdy enough after five floors worth of windows. But it allowed the mid-day light to illuminate some of the hallway since some of the rooms no longer had doors. Infected had no regard for resale value. Or interior decorating for that matter. Now he let go of her hand, using his own to point out the one or two weak spots in the floor. Avoiding those were rather crucial to preventing injury.

"Well Akira, if you're serious about helping me. . . I've cleared up to the eighteenth floor on my own. It's taken quite some time and quite a bit of ammo. Which leaves twelve more floors."