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All that is needed is a barrel, a bullet, a finger, a trigger...and a target.

All five of the necessities are in high abundance in the city of Adon. Chaos reigns and there is nothing anyone could do about it. Except kill or be killed. What is your choice?

You find yourself in possession of the gun of your choice and blood thirsty enemies. Adon can not be saved, but it can be severely compromised. The Navy has sank, The Army has fallen, and government officials have fled. I

It's up to use opposers to rid Adon of the threat of death, destruction, and conquer. By what you ask?


Your own kind.

*Phew* That was some hard ass work I just had to do. Greetings. As bad-ass as this is, it needs characters.

That's where you all help. All Genders, Personalities, and Fetishes are welcome.

TITLE:(What you call yourself. Like "Trigger Happy Bad Ass")
ATTACK STYLE:(Hotty for a Shotty? Precision Master? Grenade Happy, ect?)
ANY OTHER BACKGROUND INFO:(Anything Else We Should Know?)

~Yayy me first! :P~

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Name: Tara Bane

Age: 31

Gender: Female

Profession Before Raid: Physical Therapist...yeah.

Title: "Accurate Angel" (that failed...)

Gun Of Choice: Pistol

Attack Style: Silent Precision

Any Background Info: Don't piss me off.

Name: Kai Russo

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Profession Before Raid: Security Guard

Title: "Sharpshooter of Silence"

Gun of Choice: Any Variant Of A Sniper Rifle.

Attack Style: Long Ranged Combat

Any Background Info: Raised as a monk, he didn't believe in violence. Now that all hell has broken lose, eh. Why the hell not.

*thinks of Orion in a rp with guns*


is it okay to rage quit...? o - e
Why would me joining make you want to rage quit?

. . . If you don't want me in this don't worry about it.

I don't want to drive people away.

I'll stay out.
​I'm pretty sure it was a compliment. She was afraid of your reputation for being awesome. With guns.
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name: Archer Wilson

age: 22

gender: male

Profession Before Raid: Advanced Military Operator

Title: "Demon Assaulter"

Gun of Choice: Unknown

Attack Style: close quarter and long to mid-range

Any Background Info: Strong silent type. Last remaining operative of his unit and military.
Why would me joining make you want to rage quit?

. . . If you don't want me in this don't worry about it.

I don't want to drive people away.

I'll stay out.


*tackles Ori*

T___T Please dont! I'll never joke again!

*slaps her hand* Shame Shame Iliana!
. . . OH.

I guess I'm not as observant as I thought.

S'ok Illiana. My mistake. It was late-ish at night.

*Goes back to making a bio*

I think it is apparent that we blame Tene on this misunderstanding.

And that we thank Unanun for being so wise!

I hate you guys and hope you bring my money by tommorrow! :D Thank You Guys!! :D
I am wise indeed.
Nice Ninja. Very well accepted.
And I am looking forward to Orion's bio. With Iliana scared and all, I am sure it will be glorious.
Well I hope I live up to expectations!



NAME: Isaac Swink
AGE: 27


TITLE: Bloody Bombardier
GUN OF CHOICE: Assault Rifle with a Grenade Launcher sub-barrel.
ATTACK STYLE: Controlled bursts and a few random loud scary explosions.

ANY OTHER BACKGROUND INFO: He sometimes wears goggles that have optional night-vision capabilities with orange lenses. His eye color is a bright green and he has 20/20 vision. His hair is black. While it was not his original uniform, what he wears now is a reproduction of a military uniform that he found in an abandoned building. He enjoys the image of authority it presents to others. Also through his travels he has come to learn how to dual wield his weapon of choice when he runs across an extra assault rifle. However this does SEVERELY reduce his accuracy if he continuously fires both at once.

He enjoys opera music.

One of his hobbies is ammo scavenging. What a squirrel does with acorns he does with bullets and grenades. Even if the bullets do not work for his gun. Ammo caches he has built up are hidden in various places across the city. This gives him the means to trade for things he needs in the wasteland that the word he once knew has become since the downfall. Gang members often follow him for this reason, leading him to plan ambushes around THEIR ambushes. Then he takes their ammo & adds to the stockpiles.
The fact that he enjoys opera makes this a win.

EDIT-I am sure this is going to be Modern?