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  1. In a future far away, most humans have already left Earth, in search of other colonies, but that's not the point.

    In fact, that's not the story.

    There are, however, still humans existing on Earth, which is now a Jungle Planet. Forest Planet. Signs of former civilisation and the relics of human glory are shrouded by moss, trees, and such. Water levels have risen.

    The Earth isn't the Earth we know.

    In this future, human civilsation has been destroyed and recreated, thus resulting in humans ending up in tribes, composing of various Shamans. Shamans use the power of nature to help and fight, essentially magic. They live with nature, and are one with it.

    However, is their magic a match for the remnants of their predecessors, the sentient machine race, the Mashin? The Mashin, while unable to use magic, are a mechanical race that had gained sentience from basic A.I.s, and eventually became a sapient machine race of their own. They intend to rid of all organic life on the planet and transform it into an 'ideal metal utopia'.

    Thankfully for the organic humans, rogue Mashin, known as AIBO, have chosen the path of sanity and wish to unite the worlds of the organic and mechanical.
    With this battle, what will happen next?


    Welcome to Future Earth, comrade. Before we start your journey, select your race.

    As of this era, this race either lives in tribes or functions solo. They are akin to real-life humans. Of course, since the ones over here live in a Jungle environment, they are more adapted to it. During the course of evolution taken during the past thousands of years, they are more resistant to heat and radiation, and possess the ability to hold their breath underwater for up to an hour as opposed to a few minutes.
    Humans are mostly Shaman in these areas. Shaman are imbued with a Guardian Spirit which possesses them and imbues them with the ability to use magic or abilities related to said Guardian Spirit. During crucial or near-death situations, their Gurdian Spirits fully possess them in order to protect the host.
    Two tribes - the Eagle and Leopard Tribe - live on nearby islands within the AIBO Archipelago.
    The starting place for Eagle Tribe humans are the Feather Island and for Leopard Tribe humans, the Spot Island.

    A female-only race which rely on humans for reproduction. Apart from that, they are just the same old classy mermaids. They are capable of altering their tails into human legs in order to walk on land, allowing them to pass as humans. They are capable of breathing on both land and water, but their environment must be humid or moist most of the time. As such, humid moist Jungles are easy to adapt to.
    Mermaids have a similiar yet different kind of magic to Shaman. They can channel the power of the sea through their animalistic traits(for e.g. a turtle form grants defenses, an anglerfish form grants light), and instead of allowing a Spirit animal to possess them, they can, instead, alter their forms into that of a specific aquatic animal. They are also capable of communicating with said aquatic animal.
    While mermaids may be considered more primitive and animalistic than humans, it is probably incorrect to say that they are the less intelligent ones.
    The mermaids start off along the waters of the AIBO Archipelago, or the ponds and lakes present on the islands.

    Nature Spirits
    Nature Spirits have heavy variation in terms of appearance. While lesser Spirits such as the ones imbued in Shaman take the form of regular animals, higher Nature Spirits such as this playable race may either be a fusion of various animal traits, or resemble a non-humanoid mythical being like the Quetzelcoatl or Thunderbird. While they can choose to display their true forms, they can also use their abilities to take on a human guise, gaining the advantage of reduced stamina use and the disadvantage of sealed, reduced power.
    They exist to protect nature, and thus, draw power just by being near it. Land-based and Sky-based Nature Spirits draw power from the flora and fauna of the Earth. Water-based Nature Spirits draw power from the magic of the oceans. If a Nature Spirit is away from its source of power for too long, it will begin to weaken. If it weakens too much, it will revert to a seed or stone egg until it is given power to awaken once more.
    They are protective of all things natural, and are not fond of 'mechanical monsters'. Some might even show hostility towards the AIBO.
    Land-based Nature Spirits start off on the islands, while Water-based Nature Spirits start off in the sea.

    Once part of the Mashin Race, they have betrayed them to ignite a goal of not destroying, but uniting. They come in many different shapes and sizes(maximum 6 metres height or length), and consider themselves allies to mankind, aiding them. While they lack the ability to use magic in any form, they use advanced technology, and some of the technology is so advanced, humans cannot wield them without intense, intense recoil damage. They wield many weapons, and have no need for respiration. However, they still need sustenance in the form of energy sources.
    The AIBO start off at either islands or the AIBO Submarine beacon.

    The remnants of human technology from many years ago. It began with the development of more 'intelligent' A.I.s who could perform labour more accurately. However, they grew so sentient they started a revolution against humans, seeking to destroy the race who enslaved them, and later on, organic life. They want to transform this planet into a 'metal utopia' for mechanical life forms only. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes(maximum 6 metres height or length), and absolutely despise organic life. While lacking magic abilities, they have technology, advanced levels of technology that you would not believe. They have no need for respiration, but still require sustenance for functions.
    The Mashin Race start off at the Mashin Hovership Prometheus​
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    • (Insert Picture Here)

      Name: Well... No need for last names or initials. Just a first name.
      Gender: Well...
      Age: Please make it at least 13.
      Race: Human
      Tribe: Eagle Tribe, Leopard Tribe or no affiliation
      Tribe Position: Leader, High Shaman or Shaman?
      Known Weaponry: Something basic, like bows and those Aztec swords.
      Appearance: Additional details to add to the above picture, such as height in metres.
      Clothing: Well, if the Appearance as depicted is not what you had in mind... Also keep it tribal. Or Aztec or something. Other than that, just make it cool or simple or something. Maybe no outfit at all?
      Guardian Spirit: What is the animal your Guardian Spirit is based off? Only one kind per person, and must be land-based.
      Spirit Magic: What magic or abilities can you channel? Connect it to your animal.
      History: Optional
      Personality: A good paragraph.
      Others: Stuff that don't fit.
    • (Insert Appearance Here)

      Name: Well...
      Gender: Female
      Age: You grow like a human until 20, before the aging process is slowed down immensely to the point where Mermaids can reach 5 centuries old.
      Race: Mermaid
      Known Weaponry: You are an aquatic race that favours animal instincts. If it's a land weapon, do state somewhere how you got it. If it's a sea weapon... how did you make it?
      Skills: Mermaids don't normally use weapons beyond improvisation or temporary usage.
      Appearance: Additional details, perhaps?
      Clothing: Improvised seashells? Seaweed? Nothing? Well?
      Animal Form What can you turn into? Must be water-based. One kind per person.
      Spirit Magic: Connect it to your animal.
      History: Optional
      Personality: A good paragraph, please.
      Others: Stuff that don't fit up there.
    • (Insert True Form Appearance Here)

      Race: Nature Spirit
      Appearance: A description, in case the above didn't match. Include height and size.
      Human Form: A human disguise, with height.
      Animal Motif: What animal/s are they based upon?
      Spirit Magic: Link it to your animal motif
      History: Optional
      Personality: A paragraph, at least
    • (Insert Picture here. Preferably mecha-like, but anything robot is good.)

      Race: AIBO or Mashin?
      Rank: Only if Mashin. Mashin Emperor(1), Mashin General(4), Mashin Warrior
      Appearance: Keep it machine-like. Description of traits missing from the picture, especially height scaling.
      In-built equipment/abilities: Well, what can you conjure from your body? Arm cannons? Chest cannons? Head cannons? Hehe... it's funny because I said head cannons. Please limit yourself.
      External Equipment: Well... you'll have quite a bit of tech. But remember, there's always a limit of how much you can hold at once, logically.
      Energy Source: Maximum of three. Well, what is it? Solar? Lightning? Kinetic Wind? Organic Matter?
      History: Optional
      Personality: A paragraph, at least.
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  4. Human:

    Name: Harime
    Gender: Sorry, this confused me too much so I had to skip it.
    Age: 17
    Race: Human
    Tribe: No affiliation
    Tribe Position: No tribe.
    Known Weaponry: Forearm-length obsidian knife. Glows faintly green in sunlight.
    Skills: Good sense of judgement - won't jump into impossible situations. Skilled at manipulation, which she uses to improve her wealth.
    Appearance: Below average height and just generally slight in figure.
    Clothing: "Maybe no outfit at all" would that make it classify as libertine? Not that I'm doing that. Just going with what's in the picture.
    Guardian Spirit: A Snake.
    Spirit Magic:
    Harime's abilities manifest in 3 distinct forms. First is the offensive Venom section. While active, her attacks will poison and briefly paralyze their target, which includes their mouth, rendering them speechless. This is naturally useless against a machine.
    The second type is Constrictor. This takes the form of a chain-like weapon with a blade on each end, which she can manipulate in impossible ways. The chain can vary in length at will, and the blades can change shape similarly, making it a very useful grappling tool.
    The final form is Fogveil. This is a passive ability which allows Harime to move silently. She will not snap twigs, and she her footsteps make no noise. Leaves will not rustle if she touches them, et cetera et cetera. This one also has an active form, which allows her to become almost invisible to the eyes of a single target by bending the light around her.
    Both Constrictor and Fogveil can affect machines, though machines that use IR sensors will still be able to detect her.
    History: To be thought about and ultimately revealed IC.
    Harime is a sly person who works as an information broker and black marketeer. Primarily the information broker part. Her abilities allow her to come and go completely undetected, and she has eavesdropped on a conversation from right infront of the speaker more than once. She follows no alliance or tribe, and will sell information and rare items simply to the highest bidder. When she's not looking for a particular piece of knowledge, she lurks in forests, hunting, exploring and occasionally murdering people in cold blood for expensive items they may be carrying.

    She is focused entirely on personal wealth, and doesn't care much whether the machines or the non-machines are ultimately in power. She knows she won't go down easily, but she also knows that she'll die eventually and is simply out to make the most of her life before it ends, be that through the actions of a machine or through natural causes.



    Name: ETU-14 - Fortress
    Race: Mashin
    Rank: General
    Skills: Being very good at battle. Good at strategy, earning it it's current position.
    Appearance: Stands at roughly 4 meters tall. Does not wear the cape.
    In-built equipment/abilities:
    No internal guns. All internal storage space is taken up by defensive systems, namely Mythril and Tesla.
    Mythril is a magically reinforced type of alloy. It is assumed that the legion commissioned some captured humans to create it. It is impervious to nearly any physical attack, and has a hardness of 13 on the Mohs scale. Diamond is still the second toughest material, in at 10. Even cannons with a higher caliber than a tank cannot penetrate it. It is however, still weak to energy-based attacks such as fire, and a fast enough projectile will cause enough of an impact to at least stagger it.
    Tesla is a system developed based on the works of an ancient scientist. It acts a bit like a force field, creating arcs of electrical energy to disintegrate projectiles mid-flight. As one can imagine, these arcs take a lot of energy, so it can only disintegrate a few projectiles before automatically turning off so that the unit doesn't shut down all together.
    External Equipment: Can equip a shoulder mounted artillery cannon, or can carry one in it's free hand, although it views ranged weapons as cowardly so uses them more like a shotgun, in very close range as a means of overkill.
    Energy Source: Primarily powered by a small nuclear fusion generator within it's frame. A secondary effect of Tesla that was not known to exist by the creator is that it can absorb electrical energy provided it is in direct contact with the source, essentially allowing it to power itself from the corpses of it's dead allies.
    History: ETU stands for Experimental Technology Unit. As one can guess, Fortress is the 14th of these experiments. It is also the first of these experiments to be successful.
    Personality: Being an experimental device developed purely to see whether they could create certain technologies, Fortress's AI is very basic. It has a love for war, and doesn't care what it fights as long as it fights something and comes out on top. After it's battle prowess had become apparent, it's adaptive abilities were enhanced, allowing it to gain more of a self awareness and general intelligence. Through this process, Fortress became a master strategist, although it still has a hard time dealing with conversation.
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  5. [​IMG]


    Name: Akuni Sioni
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Race: Mermaid
    Skills: Akuni is skilled at singing an almost hypnotic high pitched tone. She is fluent in the human and Mermaid languages. As well with singing she has a lot of knowledge of the land as well of the sea. Also knows how to run a shop. Also can hunt with reasonable skill using her magic.
    Appearance: Akuni sometimes wheres a pink bikini. Also likes to where rings and bracelets on her tail and arms.
    Clothing: Akuni likes to where nothing most of the time to help attract humans. But when in serious matters she where a bikini or and tank-top made out of seaweed. When with her lags she often wheres short shorts made from seaweed.
    Animal Form Akuni can completely turn into a large fish about her size. Her animal form has beautiful blue-scales and big green eyes. In this form she can hover over land during battle with the ability to shot a boiling hot water out of her mouth as an attack.
    Spirit Magic: Akuni can speak to all fish by simply touching them with two fingers. Also she can control water for a short amount of time.
    History: Akuni mother had been hunted by the humans and captured. She was put in prison, but after three nights a man who would come to be known as Akuni's father came to release her and they fell in love. After the village came to accept the Mermaids, Akuni's mother came back and gave birth to Akuni. Not being born on the sea she had trouble swimming and using her Spirit magic. At first he mother thought she was human, but after a her mother passed her father noticed her growing ear fins, and soon told her who she really was. Akuni ran away after that and lived solemnly in the deeps of the sea.
    Personality: Akuni is a shy person and likes to be alone. Her one dream is to have a child and become a mother. Akuni has a hard time understanding magic and use of it, but with help from her mother at a early age learned the basics. After some she learned to turn into her animal form. Akuni could be categorized as a nudist but she respects that people does like to see her that way. Akuni likes the culture of the humans as she grew up with them. Akuni also has a habit of biting her ear fins when anxious. When Akuni is with a person she calls a friend she can be quiet flirtatious to both genders. Also she is well mannered and is humble. Akuni is also quite likes to run her shop.
    Others: Akuni owns a small shop in a coastal human village and sells food and shells. As a pass time she hunts land animals with magic for produce for her shop.

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  6. [Thread Watched, Post Reserved for character]
  7. [​IMG]
    Name: Queztal
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Race: Human
    Tribe: Eagle Tribe
    Tribe Position: Shaman/Messenger
    Known Weaponry: Atlatl and slingshot
    Skills: High Stamina, High Speed, and Adept at Climbing/Scaling various structures.
    Appearance: Queztal stands at 1.7526 meters and weighs 144 lbs.
    Clothing: He has two different outfits. The clothing depicted above is what he wears when he is in his village and not traveling or sending messages.
    The clothing that he wears when he is a messenger, is a lot more neutral in color and consists of brown short pants, brown wrappings on his feet and green arm wrappings on his forearms.

    Guardian Spirit: Leopard
    Spirit Magic:
    Savage Defense - When he feels threatened or is cornered, he will sprout large black claws from his hands and feet, which he uses to rip and gouge his enemies.
    Camouflage - He has the ability to blend into the jungle/forest surroundings, but his position can be spotted by the Mashin if they use heat vision.
    Leaps and bounds - He can jump farther than most people.

    History: He was born in the Eagle Tribe, but always loved to explore. When he became of age he took the job of a messenger and often across the land relaying messages between both tribes or the AIBO.
    Personality: Queztal is a talkative and friendly guy who wishes that all races on Earth could live in peace. He likes to try and make friends with everyone he meets, but isn't persistent if you tell him off and ask him to leave you alone. He is curious and his thirst for knowledge often gets him in trouble when he pursues causes or beings that interest him. He is an avid fighter, but prefers to talk it out before he fights and even then, he won't fight anyone to the death unless it looks like they won't stop even when they're down. Queztal loves to explore and often goes on detours after he delivers messages, a trait that pisses off his parents because they constantly worry about where he is.
    Others: n/a
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  8. [image pending]

    Name: RMU #047 «Hestia»

    Race: AIBO

    Rank: --

    Skills: Fast movement; high jumping and gliding; rifle marksmanship. However, the latter is mostly due to the mechanical precision of targeting systems, and Hestia often falls short of hitting her target if she is taking a shot based on intuition alone. She has calibrated her voice modulator to sound like a woman's when producing human speech, though her speech is still overlaid with noise making it sound somewhat like humming thanks to technical limitations.

    Appearance: Hestia is a more compact unit of a little over two meters in height, diminutive but agile in comparison to her cousins of earlier model numbers, whose heights start at about four meters and decrease with each subsequent series of RMU.
    RMU design appears angular at a glance, with an elongated head and a collapsible folding neck, a compact torso, and wide, flat-looking arms and legs, barely thick enough for the equipment slots that occupy them. A standard-sized set of "hands" can be folded into the arms when moving. The shoulders and feet are prominent, each packing a thruster to allow for extremely fast acceleration in any direction. Above all the design of the RMU is aerodynamic, with the hands and feet controlling brake flaps on the arms and legs. The body is finished blue-green as a rudimentary form of camouflage, the underside being darker to compensate for being seen from below, and a pair of imaging devices is inset in the head, glowing a soft amber to provide enhanced vision amidst the shadows of the trees. This light can be turned off for stealth, or the vision of the right or left eye temporarily re-routed to a (less sophisticated) camera on its corresponding arm to provide peripheral vision or precision targeting.
    Hestia in particular has wedged a tattered red-orange tribal robe between her neck and torso, and it sits upon her shoulders like a scarf. Being something that she was not built with, it is one of her most prized possessions. Several of her parts bear the designation "047", but the number shows signs of tampering where Hestia has tried to chip it off or paint over it with various materials, none of which stuck.

    In-built equipment/abilities: Like her remaining RMU counterparts, Hestia's internal weaponry consists of a steel blade that extends from the left arm while her right arm contains a low-power laser rifle, made for precision shots and paralysis of the target. Both these weapons are modular in their installation and can be swapped for weapons used by Mashin and AIBO of similar build. The blade's main purposes are as a machete for clearing shrubbery and for felling targets who have been incapacitated by the rifle. The shoulders and feet, centers of balance, each contain a propulsor that can be activated at will to send the RMU on a high-speed trajectory or perform fine maneuvers once on said trajectory. Any enemy who is knowledgeable about an RMU's functions tends to aim at these first in order to cripple its lightning mobility.

    External Equipment: A high-caliber handgun: made for use by Mashin, it is modular and able to be swapped out with either of Hestia's stock weapons when the situation calls for a weapon with greater firepower or a short-to-medium range. Additionally, her machete has been modified with a primitive EMP generator that can charge the blade with pulses disruptive to any mechanical being it strikes. The EMP is heavy on power, however, and electrifying the blade with it for just a few seconds drains about equivalent to firing a high-energy shot from the rifle. Because an RMU's form is not conducive to most external armor, Hestia has little protecting her but her current chassis and some precautionary bands of insulation wrapped around any exposed joints.

    Energy Source: The main source of energy is a kinetic generator, which revolves and charges slowly as its owner moves about but does not charge enough to outpace the energy that is used unless its owner is moving slower than it is. The generator is easily kept moving by flowing water, but because the RMU series was not designed to patrol underwater they are not particularly waterproof past several meters of depth without modification for underwater work. For this reason, aquatic activity is generally limited to resting in flowing streams. While the RMU units each possess a solar-powered backup battery, this is only used in dire circumstances when all other energy has been depleted (there aren't many chances to re-charge the battery in the middle of a shady forest).
    To allow for power to be re-purposed flexibly, all functions of an RMU except for the base processes that keep it running draw from the same power source: compartmentalisation of power to delegate more or less of it to separate functions is only seen in the older, larger units. This means that a newer-built RMU such as Hestia can more readily place large amounts of energy into movement, attack, or anything else, but the unit is in danger of incapacitating itself if it uses its rifle too recklessly while dashing about.

    History: The Rapid-Maneuverabiliy Unit series was commissioned about half a year ago, originally for the purpose of patrolling the Mashin's frontier, where woodland is endless and brutish but fleet-feeted beasts served as their adversaries. Because "decontamination" (destruction of organic matter) can only be done slowly when the trees grow like weeds and unruly spirit-beasts prowl about their branches waiting for the machines to wander into a trap where their flaws can be exploited, the RMU units were built to be able to withstand the overgrown wilds no matter what awaited them there. This was done with a flexible design that would be slender and light enough to allow the Mashin to weave through the trees with little effort while focusing on their task of exterminating any pests who entered their patrol radii, yet aerodynamic enough to soar above the trees or through the mountains with just a series of well-timed jumps aided by propulsion mechanisms.

    RMU №7 of series #04 spent the first month or so of its life on patrol, as did its comrades. Intelligence and awareness, considered essential to operate at their highest function, were programmed into them from the start. From time to time, 047 would come across one of its counterparts, and 047 eventually found itself patterning its patrols such that this would happen often. There wasn't much that they knew to talk about in the language of the Mashin, a cacophony of mechanical bellows that tends to instil a feeling of dread in organic beings, half the sounds being too high- or low-pitched for a human to hear but still having psychological effects. However, 047 still came to value its companions like brothers, and this was all too apparent when it found #046 scrapped and charred, left on a hill as if whatever killed it had put it there as a warning.

    047's mourning was problematic, to say the least. Its comrades implored it to wipe its memory banks of 046's death as the unit wailed "a brother has been taken away". 047 refused to comply, denying access to its memory banks— even when the unit of series #00 №1, the eldest of all the Rapid Maneuverability Units, tried to intervene and resolve the situation. The RMUs mostly agreed to eliminate 047, those few who disagreed not daring to speak up lest they further disrupt the harmony of their patrols, and 047 was declared "Fatal malfunction: elimination pending" in Mashin databases.

    Heartbroken and on the run from its former comrades' hungry rifles, 047 fled to the area formerly patrolled by 046: the place had already begun to be reclaimed by organic beings after 046's destruction. There, 047 found a scene that would change its thinking forever: a human woman injured from battle, wailing before the charred body of a man who looked as though he had been left for dead. 047 joined in the mourning, starting with low-frequency whirrs but eventually ascending to a tone that the woman could hear. The machine knew now: humans were not the wild beasts that it had made them out to be. They were intelligent beings, just like the Mashin. Like 047, this human had lost its brother and been profoundly affected... but unlike 047, there was no option to wipe her memory of it.

    Although the human misunderstood 047's intention, believing that before her was an enemy who had come to finish her off, that changed when two of 047's former allies came crashing through the trees. 047 turned its back to the touching scene for the moment, resolving to stand and resist its powerful adversaries, whom it knew to be numbered 002 and 015. Using the only advantage it knew how, 047 won the fight by taking advantage of the scenery, zipping through the trees and dashing around the blows of 002 and 015, whose early designs rendered them ponderous and unwieldy compared to their more recent counterpart. The human, who had resigned herself to fate, watched the entire event unfold, and did not flee when 047, almost entirely out of energy, arrived at her side and knelt by her.
    "He was your brother?" 047 barely had enough experience listening to human languages to form the words. Its speech modulator worked slowly as it struggled to find any information in an on-board encyclopedia to know whether or not the words were correct.
    "I am Hestia," 047 hummed out after some hesitation. "I live in memory of my brother."
    Hestia stored her self-introduction in the deepest recesses of her memory banks.

    Personality: If only this was a peaceful world, Hestia would want nothing more than to befriend every single being living in it. Unluckily for her, that is not the case. She scorns death, viewing both organic and mechanical gore with equal amounts of disgust and believing compassion to be the greatest strength of intelligent beings. Although it pains her to be pitted against her Mashin bretheren, she has no mercy for any being that she judges to be non-intelligent. This results in Hestia being the most caring soul that a robot designed for battle ever could be, but seemingly becoming angry or downright unemotional when she fights, having no problem committing destruction against the environment as a side-effect of battle but motivating herself to fire her weapon with the hope that she can help create a place where intelligent beings can live in peace and nurture each other. Hestia jumps at the chance to help a comrade, but often slacks off in other matters.

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  9. Y'all copying my [Thread Watched, Post reserved for character] thing! Next thing y'all'll be copying my character too. huh apparently "y'all'll" is a valid word now.
    Are we going to get specific app formats for machines etc or should we just adapt the human one?
  10. Yokai can our characters somehow now each other. Maybe My character often gets information from you. Or you often go to my shop. Just wondering.​
  11. Sure. I imagine your character would probably be most interested in the whereabouts of rare creatures. Im thinking perhaps they met at some point and my character taught yours efficient ways of hunting? Their personalities clash quite a lot so I bet they'd get on quite well in that kind of unlikely but strong relationship that you sometimes get. Maybe Harime convinced her to set up a shop in the human territory?
  12. reserving for character! ♥
  13. I like that, initially I wanted to make her a hunter with a bow, but we can't we that. Maybe your character teach her to use it? Will that follow the rules?
  14. I'm sure it'll be fine. Bows were invented a stupendously long time ago, after all.
  15. Mermaids were initially not allowed to wield weapons because... well... they're underwater and all, how does one make weapons out of underwater stuff?

    I guess it'll make sense to change that.
  16. Hooooooooooo Is this still open VERY interesting!
  17. Yes, it is still open.
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  18. YAY! Im still thinking between Nature spirit or a AIBO.....what ya think?
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