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    "Get up! Get up!"
    Keira shouted as she shook Kali awake "We've got to go!"
  2. "O-okay..." Kali groans. "What day is it again? Wha-what time is it?"
  3. She sighed in annoyance as she threw the blankets to the side."Time to get up!!" Keira was rushing around gathering things and getting ready. Lazy sister had been snoozing while she was preparing. But she always allowed Kali some leniency and relaxation being the younger sister and all. Keira had always taken responsibility she felt it was her duty, and she had to admit she enjoyed it.
  4. "OK! I'll get up. When's breakfast? What's for breakfast?" Kali asked as she sat up in bed. "It. Is. So. Cold!....why?"
  5. She groaned again at her inane questions. "Because you wont get dressed, and there is not breakfast because we have to go and have no time!" she snapped. "Maybe if you had gotten up......!" She mumbled the rest under her breath. "Now UP!"she ordered harshly, she would not take anymore nonsense.
  6. "OKAY!" Kali shouted. "No breakfast?" she mumbled herself. Kali shooed Keira away and then got dressed.
  7. Keira was reluctant to leave Kali alone, in fear she may again fall asleep, but she still had work to do outside. She saddled the horses, which came with a tasty treat for them. She then went to feed Obsidian, her beautiful beast. Her shimmering and push black-blue fur was ever so wonderful, but nothing were they to her big red eyes that stole away all pride, courage, and strength. Keira tossed a large chunk of meat to the beast, and she ate it up readily. Her hunger was hardly ever satiated, it oft made Keira wounder. Young Obsidian was also growing quite large, in size and weight. "My have you gotten fat," she teased, but Obsidian did not much appreciate it. She growled at Keira as she tore into the flesh. "And mean."
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    Kali looked outside through the window. She saw her little back/grey raccoon "washing" his hands. She quickly ran downstairs and slipped on her boots.
    "Alright, I'm pretty ready. Just have to check on Ramire." she said when she saw Keira.
  9. Keira saw Kali rushing down stairs. Finally she was ready. "Yes, yes just hurry up," she sighed. "Come on girl, we need you to protect us," she then told Obsidian. "Meet me by the horses when you're done," she called out to Kali. Obsidian was on her heels as they ran too the horses. Her elegant QuickSilver was standing proud, waiting for their departure. "Soon enough boy, just gota wait for sister," she assured by nuzzling him. "Now lets see about that saddle..."
  10. Kali patted Ramire on his head. "Ramire, you wanna come along?" she asked him. Ramire slightly nodded his head. After his "reply" Kali picked him up and walked over to her horse, Star. She put him on Star's back and then hoisted herself up.
  11. Kiera was already mounted by the time Kali arrived. "Let's get going," she commanded. She spurred Quicksilver and was off. "It's about time." Keira was much happier now they were on the road.
  12. "Okay, go, Star. Gallop and catch up." Kali commanded. Ramire bounced up and down on the way he was probably relieved when they caught up, yet Kali commanded Star to "trot" still, which was not much better. "Remind me, where are we going?" Kali asked.
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    Kiera sighed, once again annoyed. "How do you not remember? We have been planing for a week now!" Another long sigh. She had to be better about this, after all Kali was quite young, and still had some innocence left. Often would Keira wish to be care free, and "bouncy" like her sister. But young and darling Kali had not to deal with what Keira had. "Were going to town to restock on some much needed supplies." She then turned her head to look at Kali, and with a big smile said, "And get some sweets!"
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    Kali screamed in delight. Kali was often forgetful, sometimes she tried to be to annoy Keira.
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    Keira smiled at her sisters enthusiasm. It was so wonderful when sister was happy, and Keira planed to keep Kali happy and innocent, even if that meant she could not be. Money was an issue, after all they had no jobs, well, not officially. She was so glad Kali never asked where the funds came from; she hated to lie to her. They would ride on for a few more hours, and Keira's hopes were set on them having a smooth trip. Last time she was in town, a time with out Kali, she had heard some unsettling news about the war. It was spreading fast. She had to shake those thoughts out of her head, "So... Hows Ramire fairing?"
  16. "Fine. I don't think he likes the ride though! Look at 'im bouce!" Kali said, bouncing a little with him. After a moment she started giggling, yet after a few seconds Ramire turned his head and cocked it in a way that said 'It's not that funny...' but this didn't help his situation.
  17. Her girlish giggle was the light of Keira's day. She turned her face up to be showered by the sun. The crisp cool morning was beginning to warm up. The hooves of the horses were in sync as they crunched the fallen leaves underneath their feet. Fall had come and was only a foreshadowing of the winter to come. Along with the winter, the season would also bring war. So hard did Keria try to protect her young sister, but she was growing up too fast for her tastes. With age and time Kali would have to be exposed to the harshness of life. 'I will do what I can, but it seems the forces of the world wish to blow pass the wall I have built around her,' Keira sighed.
  18. Kali looked over at Keira, and for some odd reason Keira had a slight worried look. 'I wonder what's wrong... maybe I can cheer her up!' Kali thought. "Hey Keirrrra... how you dooin'?" she said, breaking all silence.
  19. "I'm riding Quicksilver to town. Can't you see," what a silly question. She shook her head, but still with a grin. "What about you, missy?"
  20. "Heee, hee! I'ma riding missa Star, Star to town! And I can see sissy! I have green eyes that see every little detail!" she said pointing to her eyes.

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    Name: Kali
    Age: 13 or 14 PALEEZ your choice though...
    Appearance: Anime girl2.jpg Imagine is a dress (I will say what color she is wearing!) she has GREEN eyes :D (She always wears those boots too... and normally wears black dress that goes to her ankles, yes I know it's not a lot like the pic but its the best I could do...
    Hobby: Hunting/fishing and carving :D
    Dislike: staying inside and hot sunny days.