Towels. (Yes, it's actually a thread about towels.)

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Your opinion on towel colors?

  1. My towels must match my bathroom decor!

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  2. My towels all have to be the same color or same spectrum of colors.

  3. I fucking love rainbow assortment of towels!

  4. God damnit, Diana. WTF.

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  1. So, when I moved in to my house I thought that I wanted to do one of those ultra matchy bathrooms with matching towels. But then I looked at all the BAZILLIONS TOWEL COLORS at walmart... and now I want one of each color. Screw matching the towels. It's not like we have stay over guests THAT often to need matching towels, right?

    And then I started to wonder if there are other Iwaku members out there as neurotic as I am about completely stupid things like towels. c____c

    So you must now vote on my towel poll.
  2. I've started with calling you out on your OCD.
  3. None of my towels match each other or anything else.

    Bachelor life ftw.
  4. I dry myself off with them then I toss them somewhere to dry. What difference does a colour make?
  5. Basically what Darkness, October, and Vay said.
  6. Di I can't find the option "You're a towel!" Please correct :)
  7. It's CDO get it right man.
  8. Epic trolling, Diana.

    Now fuck off and die.
  9. I don't care enough to use the WTF option.

    You should have added a 'meh' option.
  10. Since all the others are being snots I'll actually answer!

    I'm all for keeping the interior decor of my bathroom to a certain set of colors including the towels: HOWEVER currently our towels are all kinds of crazy colors, which I'm okay with for now...
  11. Shut up faggot. >:(
  12. What's a towel?
  13. Rory dries off by basking in the warmth of the EPIC TROLL BEAMZU.
  14. Towels are expensive! I'll take what I can get... RAINBOWS!!!
  15. As long as I know where my towel is, I don't give a damn about what color it might or might not be.
  16. I think if I was rich and had a nice enough bathroom for it to matter, I'd like towels that were in the same color range and matched the decor (but they'd all be dark colors because light colored towels bother me). Buuuut for now we have every color under the sun XD I'm more concerned with size than color, anyway. I like giant towels.
  17. When it comes to using towels, you use what you have. They usually disappear between the washing machine and wherever the hell you keep them when they're clean anyways.