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    Touch. It's a sense we all take for granted. The soft feeling of a warm blanket. The rough feeling of scratchy sandpaper. The loving embrace of another human. These are all things most can't dream of living without. But what if that ability was snatched away from you? What if you were born in such a way that touching others was a luxury you couldn't be afforded?

    For a group of kids inflicted with Touch, a newly discovered autoimmune disease, such a way of living is a reality. This new illness is unlike most autoimmune diseases in that it can be contracted simply through touching someone, hence the name. These kids live isolated in a research facility, their only companions being each other and the suited researchers claiming to be searching for a cure. The facility uses a special type of drug simply referred to as Null, which weakens the immune system so that it doesn't kill those afflicted so quickly. Even with this, however, none of the kids has ever made it to be any older than 18. Luckily for the kids in the facility, Touch kills those with stronger immune systems faster than it kills those with weaker ones, which all of the children here have.

    For this roleplay, you will take up a role as one of the many children afflicted with this illness, as you and several others seek to escape from this isolated prison, if only to get just a taste of what it means to live a normal life. It won't be easy, as the outside world doesn't readily possess the drug keeping you alive. Will you be able to experience life outside these walls, or will you become just another tragedy?

    Basic information out of the way, I don't have any character sheets or anything typed up, but I'll get right to work on them as soon as I see any interest has been garnered. Just a heads up that character death is, without saying, very likely. Even with their weak immune systems, the children can only live up to a year without having access to Null. I have it set up so that they will have a small supply of it in containers that inject it into the body like an Epipen does.

    Multiple characters are permitted, but I'd advise against playing any more than two. I'd also like to mention that the accepted age range for characters will be 6 - 16, so if you plan characters before I have the character sheets up, keep that in mind.

    If anyone has any questions about anything, feel free to ask. I know the details regarding the ailment that our characters are suffering from are vague, but the RP is less about the actual disease and more about the actions of our characters in their journey to experience normal life in a world where they can't touch anyone but those already inflicted.

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  2. What the fuck is this
  3. What the fuck is that
  4. I'm in if this is still happening
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  5. It is if I can garner more interest.~
  6. I think a lot of people have an aversion to character death.
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  8. Character death sounds lovely. Count me in! :D
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  9. Here. Here. :) As Mippu stated, I am in. :D
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  10. Wow, wow. That is a lot of interest. We can definitely make it work with this amount of people. Just let me link two of my other friends that want to join and I'll type up a character sheet.~
  11. Cool! Link us to the sign-ups thread when you're ready!
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  12. ^_^~v
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  13. Can I sneak myself in on this? xD
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  14. It depends on how many of my outside friends join. I may have to increase the number of kids if the interest keeps growing!
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  15. Just a heads up that I might change some things if I feel the need to, but everything is pretty concrete for the most part. Does anyone have any questions? I'd be happy to answer anything regarding things anyone is unsure of.
  16. Nah, I'm good so far, just, character.
  17. Hwat?
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