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  1. Though out the centuries, the mages of Europe have fought, forged alliances, been brought together by common foes, and have been split due to conflicting goals. One of the largest and long lasting groups however has been the magical community that was nestled within the mysterious Illuminate.

    With more organization and common purpose then most they have grown over the generations and now have influences in pockets all over the world. One of the things that unify them is their various tower wizards. These wizards both protect and utilize energy points across the world as they are found, having tall structures built in the location on land to connect earth and sky. Places like the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and then in the 60s the Space Needle in Seattle.

    The 1962 World's Fair was a great cover for the activity that surrounds establishing and attuning a new tower point, a technique relatively new to the Illuminate, and a secret they guard closely. Only the chosen tower wizard and the high council truly understand how a tower is constructed and controlled.

    So when the delayed magical backlash of the Space Needle Wizard's death finally was caught, it had been held for a considerable time and the degrade nature of the signal made it impossible to assign a means or a time, the Illuminate knew that one of their towers had been compromised. It was now time to send someone to clean up the mess.

    Welcome to Seattle in the 1980s. Hair is big and neon is everywhere. This game is set in the Elswen Universe. This is an urban fantasy. Your character is either a human with magical abilities, or a magical creature trying to blend in to human society. Someone modified in some way is also fine, but if taking the sci-fi route remember to keep in mind the 80s and magical motif of this plot. Your reasons for being in Seattle are your own, but you either are an agent for the Illuminate or will soon be recruited by the head of investigation of the Tower Take-over.

    This is a light hearted adventure. While characters can die, do not think this will be grim dark. Jokes and references to 80s culture and Seattle is highly encouraged.

    Bio Necessities. Feel free to add more information though!

    Character Name:
    Type of Magic/Special Talents:
    General Appearance (image fine):
    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    General History:
  2. Cast List and Extras

    Debbie McGraw (Human, Illuminati)
    Cat (Bakeneko, information dealer)
    Constance Beltane (Human, unwitting assistnace)
    Molly Griffiths (Human, persuaded assistnace)
    "Uncle Pleasant" (Human, Illuminati)
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  3. Character Name: Debra "Debbie" McGraw
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 27
    Occupation: Illuminate Agent, cover as a temp office worker
    Type of Magic/Special Talents: Ritualistic magic, specializing in Nercormancic spells and embedding spells into objects.
    General Appearance (image fine): standing at 5'8" Debbie is more legs then body, which she accentuates by wearing jean mini skirts often. She wears perhaps too much neon colors, except in her hair where she has it teased out and covered in tons of hair spray. She often looks like she ready to go have a good time somewhere.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Debbie enjoys working for the Illuminate, she gets to meet interesting people, go to strange locations and help keep the world a better place, as far as the organization sees it. However she misses the sense of belonging, always on the go. It might be time to ask for a permeant location.
    General Personality: Debbie is a happy go lucky, bubble gum smacking, dancing down the sidewalk, singing out to her hearts content type of girl. That is until the shit hits the fan, then she's all business. It's like a light switch, when she's serious it's hard to get her to relax or recognize a joke, but when nothing important is going on its almost impossible to nail her down for anything.
    General History: Born the middle child and only girl in the family, Debbie always felt like the odd one out. Her father was always working and her mother never connected to her. It was almost as though she was a let down by being a girl, or maybe because she wasn't like her mother. In either case Debbie was not well understood, and that wasn't even because she saw people that didn't exist walking down halls or hearing voices of the long dead. Fortunately while being the black sheep, a kind neighbor saw Debbie's plight and lead her to her first mentor, a ghost whisperer, but while she had the gift it wasn't her primary one and she soon was looked after by a second mentor and then a third. By the time she graduated high school she barely had a relationship with any of her family and when she went off to college she never returned home. Her scholarships did not come from normal institutions, but by those supported by the Illuminate so when she graduated after getting her BS in history, they brought her in as a full member not caring about her college credentials, but her other education.
  4. I am a little iffy with your bio at this point [MENTION=4534]Thomas McTavish[/MENTION]. Your picture looks more 50s then 80s. The time setting is fairly important since there will be a lot of pop culture references. Ashan sounds very busy with two jobs and if he is not part of the Illuminate, how does he know there is a problem at the "tower". Lastly, I have no issue with a shade or that he might not be good, but this is a light hearted game, is this the right character for that?
  5. ...

    Good point. I might be able to use this guy in a different one, though. Gimme a little bit to make a new one.

    EDIT: Better?
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  6. Character Name: Cat (he's had many names over the years, but Cat has always seemed good enough)

    Gender: Male

    Species/Race: Bakeneko

    Age: aprox. 135, but he's lost track. When he taken human form he appears to be in his early thirties.

    Occupation: None by human standards, however he's very good at collecting information.

    Type of Magic/Special Talents: Can shape-shift between human and feline forms. Can speak human and walk on hind legs, can eat things up to three times his size, Can reanimate a corps (but hates doing so)

    General Appearance:
    Cat: Cat is a large orange tabby, with long whiskers, a long tail, and white patches above both eyebrows. in reality his size should be somewhere close to a Eurasian lynx. However, due to his shape shifting abilities Cat usually manages to pass as half that size.​

    Human: While Cat absolutely hates taking human form, he can take the form of any human. However, he does have a preferred shape. Usually he takes the form of a lean 5"9" male with green eyes and blond hair in a similar shade to his fur. His human form has high cheek bones and a bold nose. As he can not shift clothing, Cat has to keep a stockpile in a safe place in case of emergency. Cat tries to keep in touch with all the local fashions, but not always successfully. He does, however, admire the proofed curly haired look that the humans currently seem to be wearing.​

    Current Goal/Purpose: That's his business and you'll be very lucky to find out.

    General Personality: While he lacks the malicious human hating attitude of most of his brethren Cat is is not above maneuvering people into awkward situations for the sheer amusement of watching them attempt to get out of it. He enjoys giving riddles and half answers to serious questions, and will on occasion withhold information just to see how long it take another to figure out the answer them-self. that being said, once he commits to something he commits wholeheartedly.

    General History:
    Born prior to the American Civil war an ordinary orange-tabby, Cat met the requirements for becoming a Bakeneko just as the fighting started. Feeling great love an affection for an owner who had always been kind to him Cat took human form and fought beside his master, saving his life on several occasions. He lived with that master for a time, but eventually a cat who does not age as it should began to draw unwanted attention. Cat left.

    He has since wandered the world living the life span of a house-cat with various families pretending to be an ordinary cal, or taking human form and trying to live as they do. it wasn't long before he decided that Humans are indeed petty creature and he didn't particularly want to be one of them. eventually Cat made his way to Seattle where he lives his life as a street cat, and acting as an informant for anyone willing to pay his decidedly odd prices.
  7. Please excuse my messyness. D:

    Character Name: Constance Marguerite Beltane
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: Mid 20s
    Occupation: Photographer
    Type of Magic/Special Talents: Constance has the gift of capturing reality with her camera. Through the lens she can see the fantastic, the unseen, the magical, the supernatural, and the truth of what is. It's given her a perplexing view of the world.
    General Appearance (image fine): Curly brown hair and light blue eyes. Curvaceous figure, and a bohemian style of dressing.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Make a great career as a professional photographer.
    General Personality: As a first impression, Constance may seem like a prude or a snob. She doesn't like to waste her time with nonsense or things she finds stupid. If she doesn't like you or something in general, she is unafraid to state her opinion on the subject, occasionally at the risk of being rude. However, once she has decided someone can be trusted, Constance is joyful and reliable friend.
    General History: Constance is born the oldest child in a pretty average family. Her parents met at some insurance convention, had a long lengthy engagement and then a planned pregnancy. Everything always went according to plan and fit well within a box of acceptability. At least until her little sister surprised them all! That one unexpected event sent her parents in to a world of chaos. And Constance was grateful for a life no longer confined to datebooks and rigid organization. For this, she absolutely loved her baby sister. The girl made the world fun and spontaneous.

    As a teenager, Constance become strongly interested in photography. This might have been due to a very hot substitute teacher in one of her elective classes. Where this passion stemmed, doesn't really matter. What happened when she first picked up a camera and started taking pictures was. At first, she just thought it to be odd anomalies and weird coincidences. Objects, people, and strange things in her photographs. But then, she started seeing them through the lens even before snapping the picture. Things that weren't there! Or things that looked different through her lens! Constance never was sure where that ability came from. Whether she was born with it or happened over it by accident. But ever since then, photography of all kinds has been her number one love.

    Now, here as an adult, she is in Seattle looking to start her own business. She's got a nice little apartment, is looking for space to rent for a studio, and is definitely out there taking pictures. LOTS AND LOTS OF PICTURES.
  8. Hmmm two necromancers? Can we say Thriller?
  9. I'm willing to get rid of that one if you like. I was just sticking to the traditional abilities of the Bakeneko.
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  10. Character Name: Molly Griffiths
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human/Welsh
    Age: 24
    Occupation: Historian/Witch
    Type of Magic/Special Talents: Molly has the power so summon animal spirits, creatures made of smoke and light that perform tasks for her.

    These animals are beasts mostly beyond her control beyond the command they were given while summoned. They will behave like tame versions of their natural counterparts and the type of animal summoned usually reflects the purpose of they were summoned for. An owl to act a a light source to see in the dark for example.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Make the world safe for the child she's carrying.
    General Personality: Molly comes across as friendly, yet opinionated. She has recently been though a personal tragedy involving the father of the child she is carrying and added to the hormones making her body their home leaved her with a shorter fuse than she would otherwise have.

    General History: Molly's recent history is marred by tragedy. When her childhood best friend arrived on her door asking for help to solve set of mysterious occurrences for the UK government she never expected it to culminate in a romantic affair with a secret agent, and definitely not for the agent to disappear right before she discovered she was carrying his child.

    Knowing having Zati around only remind her of the recent events she is trying to put behind her she has taken time off from the museum where she works and has decided to travel to Seattle, not realizing her vacation will not go as planned.
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  11. Falcon that is totally up to you.

    [MENTION=69]Vay[/MENTION] can't wait to see what you come up with.
  12. You mean I'm not allowed to use the previously discussed character?
  13. I forgot!
  14. Oooh....
    An retro Fantasy?
    Ochalla, you are so original!
    Expect a CS soon.
  15. So I went to look up this and this to brush up on my 80s slang.

    And then I discovered all the slang I use now is 80s slang. D:< Apparently I am not hip with the modern times. WHAT-EVS.

    I those those links would be useful for peeps, anyway. >:3
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  16. Those links are like, totally tubular! That was wicked nice of you to post that!

    *looks around suspiciously* Did I do that right?
  17. Character Name: Prospero "Uncle Pleasant" Burdon
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: Looks to be in his early 40's.
    Occupation: Illuminate Agent, undercover as... uh... What exactly does he do?
    Type of Magic/Special Talents: Warlock. Trained in classical swordplay.
    General Appearance:
    Current Goal/Purpose: Keeping an eye on his niece, Constance Beltane.
    General Personality: He's a somewhat whimsical and eccentric man, seemingly carefree and with a good sense of humor. He has a keen interest in anything out of the ordinary and has a wide range of hobbies and interests. Prone to wanderlust, he never lives in one place for any length of time. Although he takes a very genial and avuncular demeanor with almost everyone he meets, he doesn't reveal much about his motives, his thoughts, or his past- not beyond anecdotes about places he's been or things he's seen. People tend to get the very strong impression that he enjoys being mysterious.
    General History: Constance hasn't seen her uncle since she was sixteen. He visited her occasionally when she was a child, usually showing up at weddings or family reunions or birthdays or holidays. She isn't quite sure how he's her uncle, seeing as neither of her parents have ever lived in England and his British accent is quite evident. He was always treated as something of a curiosity by all of their relatives, and no one ever seemed to know precisely what he did for a living. He seemed to be affluent, however; the gifts that he brought were always rare books or antiquities, odd curios and unusual knickknacks. He'd traveled all over the world, and he told the most wonderful stories- some real and some fantastic- that always delighted Constance and the other children. But he never stayed long.

    Two weeks ago, upon Constance's arrival in Seattle, he contacted her out of the blue. It turned out that he was currently living in the area, and he insisted upon visiting and helping her as she got established in her new home.
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  18. Sniff!

    8D What if I use a picture of Ducky and build around that?
  19. From 16 Candles.
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